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Cold as you. by EnchantedToMeetYou
Chapter 17 : Safe and Sound
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“Everybody's waiting,

Everybody's Watching,

Even when you're sleeping, keep your eyes open,"

-Taylor Swift - Eyes Open.



I stood there in shock.


Evie was speaking rapidly, but I couldn’t hear a word she spoke, I just saw her mouth opening and closing.


Rose looked livid, her cheeks stained a blotchy red, and her usually wide blue eyes, were narrowed.


Dom, after hearing what Roxanne had to say, swiftly burst out into fresh tears.


Roxanne surveyed me coolly, her brown masked eyes, boring into mine.


And I just stood there.


I felt someone pull me back onto a bed and hand me a glass of water, I carefully took a sip before handing it back.


How on earth could a person hate me that much, to almost kill me?, don’t get me wrong. I know I’m a bitch, okay, and fine if I’d done something so terrible and awful that someone wanted to punish me, but to get my friends involved, that’s what I cant believe, and her, the girl that I knew hated me, who I absolutely despised, I underestimated her, after all how was I supposed know she would go as far as using unforgivable curses on people.


I glanced at Dom, she was a wreck, her cheeks were tear stained and red, her hair was knotted and her head was rested on Rose’s shoulder,


Cassie McMillan is a mean, self-centred, malicious bitch.


And she was going down.




 After gathering all our friends and explaining what had happened, we had a lot of different reactions.


“Well we have to report her.” A furious looking Albus exclaimed, shock evident in his green eyes.


“It’s her word against ours. Plus it was only me and Roxanne that saw her there, and everyone knows we hate her anyway.” I murmured quietly, giving Al a pointed look before shrugging my shoulders.


“Grass on her? I say we kill the bitch.”


Everyone’s eyes shot up to find Hugo, the normally quiet boy, was flustered and looked to be on the verge of murder.


“Er, thanks Hugo, but we don’t want to go to Azkaban anytime soon.” A worried looking Evie said, slowly surveying Hugo.


“Right.” He mumbled, and I watched his brown eyes fly back the floor.


“We could torture her, my dad knows a few people-“ An angered looking Scorpius started, his icy blue eyes narrowed.


“Er, that’s okay Scorp.” Louis muttered quickly, patting the Slytherin on back awkwardly.


“We don’t need to torture her, just you know, ruffle her up abit.” A sly looking Lucy added, her brown eyes wide with excitement,


I worry about that girl.


Then I smiled a little, thinking back to when Dom said the exact line.


With a shock my eyes shot around our group of friends.


“Shit, where’s Dom.?” I shouted, jumping forward as my voice was on the verge of hysteria.


Then all hell broke loose.




Its funny really the last time we went on a manhunt was because Dom was going to kill Cassie, now where in the exact same position.


Only this time we knew exactly where they’d be.


Ironic was the word circling through my head as me, Ayden and the rest of the Weasley family raced to the Quidditch pitch.


I stopped suddenly, and then fell face first into to grass as every piled to a stop into me.


I heard a round of apology’s, as I took James’s extended hand, as he helped me up, I smiled a little, before realising why I’d stopped.



There in the middle of the pitch was Cassie on her knees, tears rolling from her icy eyes, I glanced a little further away from her and spotted Dom.


She was enraged, I could hear her shouting, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying.


We stepped closer, cautiously.


“- Your pathetic.” I heard Dom’s voice tremble and watched as her hand that was clasped around her wand twitched.


“I’m sorr…ry.” A broken Cassie croaked out.


“But your not are you, how dare you, how dare you get me to do something against my will, you’re a coward, constantly getting other people to do your work, well I’ve had it, because not only did you take away my will, you got me to almost kill my best friend, you psychotic bitch.” Dom spat, her voice getting louder towards the end.


“I wa..s mad, I di..didn’t under…stand why Ja….James didn’t love me.” She croaked out pathetically.


I felt James stiffen, and before I could turn and reassure him, it wasn’t his fault, he was already walking up behind his cousin.


I watched as he carefully reached out and touched her shoulder, I saw Dom flinch a little, her arm trembling even more.


I watched him whisper in her ear, before stepping back.


I watched as her eyes widened slightly, before she dropped her arm and flung her self into James’s arms, where he just held her.


I felt someone push past me, my head snapped to the side as I watched professor Mcgonaglle stride across the pitch.


“Finally, someone take this psycho away from me.” Cassie cried, relief flooding across her face.


 “Miss McMillan, You are to come with me and gather your things, Then you will taken to the Ministry and will be prosecuted for using an Unforgivable curse against another student.” Professor Mcgonaglle said, her voice shaking with anger.


I watched as two Aura’s took Cassie by the Arm, Cassie froze with shock as she comprehended what was happening, upon closer inspection I saw that the Aura’s where in fact My own mum and dad, who looked livid.


I saw Mr Potter approach James and Dom, and whisper something, and then all three of them made there way over to us.


“Miss Weasley, Mr Potter and Miss Chase, I’d like you to come with me and answer a few questions.” Mr Potter ordered formally.


I felt myself being pulled by James after his Dad, who had a comforting arm around his niece.



First to be questioned was Dom.


“She’s been in there a while.” James observed.


I nodded a little.


I felt James take me hand and pull me into a hug.


The door opened and we jumped apart.


“Okay Elladora, now you.” Mr Potter said stiffly.


Again I nodded, before standing up, and following him in, I turned to James before I entered the room and gave him a small smile.


Entering the small, study like room, I noticed a desk, and chair in front of it.


“Take a seat.” He said, nodding to the chair.


Again I just nodded, before sitting down.


Then he smiled, and the Mr Potter I knew came out.


“I’m sorry to hear about your accident.” I said softly.


“Thank you, I’m fine now.” I replied politely.


Then I remembered Dom hadn’t come out.


“Where is Dom?.” I said quietly, thinking the worst, that shed been carted off as well.


“Dom’s fine, she’s gone home for a couple of days.” He responded softly.


“Okay, Elle, Can you explain to me what happened.” He said questionably.


“I remember in the locker rooms, Dom wasn’t herself, she was glaring at me, but we hadn’t fallen out, then on the pitch, her face sort of contorted into anger, and she flew straight for me, then I fell I guess, when I woke up, I noticed someone stood in the stands, just watching, and I thought that was abit odd, but Roxanne saw them too, and I guess she followed whoever it was, and it turned out to be Cassie.” I said quietly, replaying the memory’s in my head, I glanced up and Mr Potter nervously, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind my ear.

I watched as he wrote something down,. Frowning slightly.


“Okay, well obviously your parents have been informed and they wish you to go home for a couple of days.” He said quietly, looking at me.


I don’t want to go home.


That was the first thought that entered my head.


I opened my mouth the protest, but Mr Potter beat me to it.


“Or there is an alternative, Fleur has expressed that if you wish, you could return the shell cottage and be with Dom for a few day’s.” he said.


“I’d like that very much.” I murmured.


He nodded slightly.


“Okay, this portkey will take you to shell cottage in 5 minuets, Summon your stuff and then you’re all set.” He finished.


I summoned my things, and took my position in front of the rusty watering can, watching as it began to glow.


“Bye Mr Potter.” I said quietly, waving my hand lamely.


“Bye Elle, See you at Vic and Teddy’s Wedding, Oh, and it’s Harry dear.” He replied, giving me a smile.


I didn’t have time to smile back as I was sucked into the portkey, and roughly thrown about for a couple of seconds.


I landed in a heap on the floor.


“Elle, thank god, your okay, Oui?” Said the familiar warm voice of Fleur.


I stood up and shook my self off, Fleur pulled me into a hug, before pulling my hair back out of my face to get a better look at me.


I saw her eyes, pity, I didn’t need pity.


Then I forgot about that, my eyes settled on another blonde that had just entered the room.


I ran up to Dom and hugged her


We stayed like that for several minuets, before the door flew open with a bang.


James Potter was here.






Sorry for the incredibly long up-date.

Please forgive me?

I’m going to ask who is your favourite character and why?

And who I should include more in this story?.

Thanks for reading.

Rates and Reviews are appreciated. 


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