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Be My Lover by TheOnlyAngel787
Chapter 12 : Patching Hearts
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Ginny’s Point of view.

Hermione was heaving with sobs, still. It’s been 5 days! She was ok for the last 3 but suddenly we were in the middle of Charms and Draco answered a question and she just ran out crying her eyes out!

“Hermione, please talk to me.” She was in her dorm still crying.


“Hermione have you even spoken to Draco yet.”

“No! Why the fuck would I want to do that? He’s a jerk who broke my heart.”

“I know but, wait here, I’ll be back soon.”

“Blaise please, you have to get Draco to talk to Hermione.”

“He has put charms on the whole Slytherin boy’s dorms. Not even McGonagall can get in. It is dark magic.”

“Well Hermione isn’t even speaking to me so, he needs to do something. I know he loved her with all his heart, so do you. They are perfect for each other.”

“Ok I’ll do what I can. I’ll would never do that to you, you know that right?” He put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer.

“Of course. I love you.” I put my arms around his neck.

“Dito.” He pulled me even closer so we were one.

Draco’s View.

 “Draco please let me in!” I heard Blaise scream. I head him try to take down my charms again.

“You know that you’ll never be able to get in!” I yelled at him.

“Please, Draco, I’m your best friend.” I don’t reply.

“Draco, please.” I hear him plead. I flick my wand, take down the charms, and open the door.

Blaise’s view.

I walk into the room. As soon as I’m in the charms are put straight back up. I look around for Draco. I see him curled up on the couch that sat in the corner.

“What do you want?” He demands.

“You have to talk to Mione, mate. She’s just crying in her room. She’s not even talking to Ginny. And that’s killing Ginny, and I hate seeing her cry.”

“Hermione won’t even look at me.” His voice is softer now.

“Then make her.” I walked over to him. Once his face was in view I saw that he had tear stains on his cheeks.

“How? I can’t even look at her without feeling like my heart if being ripped out of my chest and just wanting to start crying.”

“The only time she comes out of her room is for Lunch. If she is in public she will believe anything you say cause it shows you’re not afraid to show you love her.” I saw something flash across his face. Like he had an idea. And with that he smiled.

Draco’s view. The next day.

I was sitting at the Slytherin table waiting for Hermione to come. Everyone was in the Great Hall around me at lunch. “This better work, if Blaise didn’t get Ginny to get Hermione to come then he’s dead.”  I thought to myself. I hd everything planned out in my head. I looked around and saw Ginny half in the door pulling someone in. There she was. As beautiful as ever. She finally gave in to Ginny and went and sat at the Gryffindor table. I waited 3 minutes then stood up walked to the podium. The whole room suddenly looked at me. Everyone except Hermione. I felt my heart break a little bit more. I took a deep breath. “It’s now or never.”

“Hermione Granger.” I said.  She looked up shocked. Everyone quickly looked at her then back at me. “Hear me out.”

“Why should I?” She snapped.

“Because since our first kiss I knew you were the one. I knew you wouldn’t be just a fling. I knew I would do anything to make you mine. And I know it was hard to be with me in public and at the dance, you looked absolutely stunning! That night was also the first time I told you I loved you. You have no clue how nervous I was. Do you remember in third grade when you punched me clean in the face. When you touched me I felt sparks. When you hugged me for calling you Hermione, I felt fireworks that I never wanted to end. I never wanted to hurt you. The only reason I kissed Pug face was because, I have become so used to you lips being the only ones on mine that I immediately thought she was you. Did you know I’ve already planned our wedding.” I chucked to myself. “Our honeymoon, where we will live, if I’m going to sell the Manor.” She looked even more shocked.

“Yes, I’m planning on selling my Manor.” I said to everyone this time. I started talking to Hermione again. She was walking towards me.

“Our first child, How I know you’ll come up with the craziest name in the whole world and I’ll hate it to bits but I’ll agree just make you happy. Second child. Watching them grow up. Sending them to Hogwarts. Watching them have their first boyfriend or girlfriend. Giving our daughter away at her wedding. Growing old with you. I’ve thought about all of this. Planning how each thing is going to happen. I do have a heart. I may not show it but I do. And you’re the only person I’m ever going to let have it. Well you already stolen it and locked up in a deep dark hole where on-one will ever find it.” She was a metre away from me. “I only want you, because…… I Love You. I’ve fallen in love with a muggle born, and I want the whole world to know you’re mine. Because, I truly love you.” I said looking her right in the eye. Hermione was now standing an arm’s length away from me. She quickly closed the gap between us, pressing her lips to mine. I felt the whole world stop. It was just the two of us. The way we were meant to be, one. I heard the whole hall cheer. I pulled away smiling like a total fool.

“I love you too.” She whispered against my lips. I just smiled wider. I leaded down and kissed her once more.

A/N: Hey tanks to all who reviewed the other chapters. I saw them on my birthday, aka the day I put this up, And it just made my day! So please review! I love them! Tanks for sticking with me all this time! Hoped you liked this one! The other is one its way! Oh and if you bother to read this far, thank you it means ur a dedicated reader, and I love u more! Kidding guys! I love you all the same! Calm your farm! Well I’m rambling so good night, or whatever! I love you! Xoxox

P.s. I just want to recommend a band. They are called ‘The Wanted’, check em out!! 

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