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All The Wild Things by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 2 : The Heaven Hotel
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 Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter.

Authors Note: Hi! How are you all? Still trying to find my footing and Chandlers voice, but I’m really enjoying writing the story so far. I hope you like this chapter and I hope you have a great day. Please excuse any mistakes, this chapter has not been beta’ed. Comments and opinions are welcomed.


Chapter Two –
The Heaven Hotel

“This is a doss hole.” Scorpius eyed the building I had been staying at for the past couple of months. “I didn’t think places like this still existed.” He looked at me. “It’s like something from a horror movie.”  I was starting to regret asking the guys to come and help me collect my stuff so I could move in properly.

James tried to be optimistic. “It’s not that bad.”  He grinned awkwardly at me and I stuck my tongue out at him.

Scorpius raised his eyebrow. “Are you being serious?” He gestured to the building. “Look at it! I mean, it’s called The Heaven Hotel, but seriously, who are they trying to fool really?”  Scorpius ran his fingers through his hair as Albus laughed at him. “The owners should have called it Hell Hole and have been done with it!”

 I would have defended my home of the past couple of months if it wasn’t for the fact that Scorpius was right. The Heaven Hotel was situated on a dirty corner in the middle of London. The street was littered with rubbish and the grime on the windows had been there for years. The old brickwork showed years of neglect and the roof had one too many tiles missing. Even the hotels sign was crooked and missing an n, so the sign actually spelt out The Heave Hotel. I think heave actually suited it better. It was actually surprising that the hotel got any business at all really, but it was a perfect place for shady characters to hide out. It was used to putting up with the worst kind of guests, yet I, somehow had managed to get evicted for not paying. It wasn’t like I didn’t have the rent, I did…I just preferred spending it down the pub.  Even the fact that the rent was really cheap didn’t stop me from not paying, the cheapness is why I ended up there in the first place. 

I fumbled for my key inside my bag as I stared at all the stuff I had accumulated throughout the night, numbers of random strangers I would never see again, chip forks, bar mats and a bottle of shampoo. I just stared at it all before shrugging. I finally found my key, I inserted it into the door and prayed the landlord wouldn’t be in today. He was often out doing ‘business’ though I wasn’t sure what that was. People had always fascinated me, muggle and wizard folk alike.

I was in luck for once. No one was around, not even the man who thought he was an alien. He was my favourite from all the weird guests I had seen coming and going. I was always tempted to show him magic, though I never got round to it and now I realized I never would. Plus there was a wizarding law against showing muggles magic but who really cares about that? I wasn’t a fan of abiding by the rules.

“Eugh.” Scorpius whined as James elbowed him in the ribs. “The inside isn’t better either.”  This was also true. The old frayed carpet smelled like foot, the flowery wallpaper had seen better days and was peeling from the walls. Thick cobwebs hung in the corners of each room and dust covered every surface it could. There was some complementary mints in a bowl in the hallway, but after trying one once, I realized that they had been there for a good couple of years.

I sighed; I was really going to miss this place.

“Just follow me.” I ordered as I strolled up old stairs that never stopped creaking. My room was the last crumbling door on the second floor. I opened it up before pushing the door with force; it was old and had a habit of jamming on me.  I strolled in my room and the boys slowly followed me in.

“It’s…nice.” James lied as he surveyed the room. It wasn’t anything special; it just had three boxes of my crap, a bed side table, a single bed, a wardrobe, a rug of questionable taste and a door that led to the bathroom. I shoved the pictures that littered my bedside table into one of my boxes.

“Do you only have three boxes of stuff?” Albus questioned me.

“I have everything I need.” I shrugged grinning at him as I ripped the double sized patchwork quilt off my bed and folded it up. “Grab a box and let’s go.” I laughed trying to ease the awkwardness of the situation.

“With pleasure.” Scorpius muttered. “I need to get out of here, I feel like I can’t breathe! The air tastes funny.”  He grabbed a box and strolled out the room; James grabbed a box and followed him out. Albus sighed before picking up the last box. He walked with me out of the room but I couldn’t help but stand there for a moment leaning up against the door frames as I took one last glance of the place that had sheltered me when I had nothing. I almost laughed; I still had nothing so not much had changed.

“Are you coming?” Albus snapped as a moment turned into minutes. “Don’t tell me, you aren’t actually getting sentimental about this place?”  He teased.

“No.” I snapped as I slammed the door shut.

Albus just smirked before he started walking down the old corridor. As I walked, I took one last look at everything. The stairs creaked as Albus heavy foot steps thudded down on them. I left my key on the side next to the stale mints, with a note that was said ‘IOU - Chandler’. I was never one for heartbreaking good byes.

I closed the door to The Heaven Hotel behind me quietly. I was ready to kick my past to the curb and embrace my hopefully better future. The Heaven Hotel was only a thirty minutes walk from my new home. We all decided to walk it as the weather was decent and Scorpius hated apparating. I had ended up walking barefoot there as I couldn’t cope with the crippling pain that my heels had caused me. It was alright though, I was quite used to taking off my shoes in the middle of a heavy night and walking around like nothing was different. I still had my glittery dress on from the night before though, I must have looked fairly odd.

It didn’t take long to get home. Home was a large Victorian house with high ceilings, all it’s original fittings, a working fireplace with solid oak floors and beams. For a house that was over a hundred years old, it had been looked after perfectly…well, until the boys moved in that is. There was a price to pay though for a beautiful home like this, the rent was a little bit expensive and for three boys who were determined to ’make it on their own’ too much. 

“You’ll get your own key eventually.” Scorpius said as he pushed open the door to the house. “Once you know, we’ve decided you’re not a crazy axe murderer-”

“-Saws are much my weapon of choice.” I interrupted before giving Scorpius a creepy smile.

Scorpius gaze darkened. “-And you’re not a crazy member of anyone’s fan club or something.”

I laughed. “You wish Malfoy. Me taking off my shoes earlier wasn‘t a come on just in case you were wondering, it was just a simple case of my feet hurting.” Scorpius swore at me and I laughed at him. “So, when am I going to get the tour?” I asked as we all stood there in the hallway feeling like idiots.

“Well,” James started. “To your left, you have living room which is connected to the kitchen. On the right is the junk room…we haven’t decided what to do with it yet, it’s supposed to be a reception room but I have no idea what that is….that door over there is the bottom floor toilet. There is also a cupboard under the stairs and the kitchen has a pantry, though we don‘t really use that either.” James shrugged, clearly organization was something that was lost in this household but I kind of liked it that way. James walked up the stairs and we all clambered behind him. Malfoy was still glaring at me while Albus just looked amused.  “This is the first floor, which has mine and Scorpius room on, along with the main bathroom.” We then walked up the second flight of stairs which lead to the second floor which had two rooms on it. “The furthest door is Albus’, yours is this one.” He pointed to the door that was closest. “After you.”

I scrambled towards the door and opened it happily. It was a fairly decent sized room with a beautiful bay window that gave me a view of the park that was close by. It had a wardrobe, a double bed, bedside tables, a chest of drawers and a vanity table shoved in the corner. The walls were plain but it didn’t matter because I instantly fell in love with it.

It was perfect. It may be because I was used to living in a shoebox, but there was something about this room. I felt almost at ease and I hadn’t experienced that since my Hogwarts days.

“It’s not much,” James started, “Most of the furniture was already here and-”

“-I love it.” I interrupted as I twirled around in the room.  “It’s better than what I expected.”  I didn’t know what I was expecting really but I was a really simple girl to please. If you gave me the last cookie, I’d be pretty happy.

James smiled warmly at me. “I’m glad you like it.” He placed the box of my stuff on my bed. “I’ll go and sort you out some sheets and pillows.”  He left the room but I didn’t pay much attention.

Scorpius dumped the box on my bed before walking out. It was clear to see that he wasn’t a fan of me, but it wasn’t like I cared.

Albus just stared at me for a moment before shaking his head. “I’ll let you unpack.” He placed the box on the floor before walking out and shutting the door behind him.

For some reason, I actually liked it here and I believed I could be happy. So all I had to do was not screw up too badly and hopefully I’d be alright.

But some things are easier said that done because old habits die hard. 

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All The Wild Things: The Heaven Hotel


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