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Who are you? by Ambrosia
Chapter 4 : Part 4
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Part 4

He did not know what to do.
No, that was a lie. He knew exactly what he was supposed to do, he just was not to sure how to go about it. Such an opportunaty had never arose before. Draco had Potter, a magick-less, memory-less Potter all to himself. He could do anything and blame it on the fact that he had also lost his memory. Well, almost anything. He could not use magick, that would be a dead give away, but still, any old muggle method would do.
Draco found it ironic that such luck would come out of such a big mistake on his part. Not that he would tell anyone else that. He knew he had stuffed up that charm, he heard Granger's voice screaming at him as he lit the candle, telling him he was doing it all wrong, but he had not listened. He was too busy enjoying the pain he was placing on her. It was too fun.
Still, this situation was certainly a half full one.
The thought of the fiery girl had brought Draco attention to the actual brunette standing five feet away from him. She was talking to Potter. Some things never change. Draco hated the fact that a stupid mudblood like her could have such power. More power than him, a pure blood. It frustrated him to no end. His daily attacks on her were stemmed from this he knew and it was not helped by the fact that she was friends with Mr I-save-hogwarts-at-least-once-a-year Potter and the annoying as hell Weasley. It was unfortunate that everything he did to the girl was just surface stuff, it never went any deeper than that. It never could because of her relationships, her friends and family, the support that was continually given to her no matter what she did.
Draco felt his hands clench up at the thought. She had everything he did not, a dirty mudblood. Power, friends, love... He reached up and picked up a candle, feeling the hard, cold wax under his skin and broke it in half. He knew what he had to do. He had to destroy Potter... and Granger. In everyway possible.


*Be nice, be nice, be nice.*
That is going to be hard.
*Well, you don't have much of a choice in this matter.*
Hell I don't!
*Get them to trust you, get her to trust you, and you can have what ever you want.*
What ever I want?
*Yes.. What ever you want..*
But I don't even know what I want. Not really.
*You want to destroy them, her, every part. Mind, spirit, body...*
Destroy all of them, in every way. Yes. No, I can't, no magick...
*You think that's the only way? You stupid boy! Use your mind, manipulate the world you have created around them, toy with their minds and you can do anything. Even a muggle can do that...*
I can do it! I am better than her... than a muggle! I am a pure blood...
*You will be more than that if you succeed. You will be...*
Just like Potter...

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