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What is love? by megthechef43
Chapter 13 : Aftermath
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A/N: Dark Whisper, hopefully this isn’t too horrible for you. J To all my readers I hope you enjoy it.





Hermione’s head was pounding to the beat of her heartbeat. She wondered if there was a way to quiet down the thudding but knew her options were limited in that department. She reached out to the other side of the bed and found it was empty. Her next move was to check for the potion bottle she knew he would have place on her bedside table. Her hands fumbled over the surface and she felt her wand and a sheet of paper but no bottle. Damn Malfoy! She unrolled the parchment and squinted to read the elegant writing that could be Draco’s and no one else’s.






We currently out of your supply. I have sent a house elf to purchase another batch. If you would care to join me for breakfast it should have arrived by then.






Damn that man. She knew they weren’t out of potion. He was being passive aggressive about what had happened at the club the night before. Hermione swished her wand and changed the parchment to a pair of dark sunglasses and placed them on her face before she dared to step out in the brightly lit corridor. She looked down to see he had changed her clothes and she was wearing a pair of her pajamas and she felt violated by the blond haired fellow. She stepped out of the room and cursed at the brightness despite the dark sunglasses perched on her nose. She grumbled to herself all the way to the dining room.



Hermione entered the dining room and resisted the urge to slam the door but knew it would only cause her pain and be ineffective on Draco. She shuffled her end of the table and noticed her plate had been moved to Draco’s right side. She let out a good stream of profanities as she walked over to the place setting besides Draco. His passive aggression was wearing her out. As she sat down Draco finally spoke to her.



“Aren’t we a ray of sunshine this morning?” Draco sneered. His anger from the previous evening had not been erased by the night. In fact his anger multiplied through the night and increased when she hobbled in to the dining hall this morning. Last night had been the same thing that had happened over and over in his life. Seth would sweep through his life and ensnare any woman in his life and take them from him. It had happened with Pansy, before he realized what a twit she was. Then it was a bit more painful when he took Astoria. He had been serious about her. Of course when Seth dumped her as he always did and she came running back to him. It wasn’t easy to gain his trust and Astoria did the one thing her could never forgive her for. Eventually she settled for Blaise. So seeing Seth move in on Hermione when she was at her weakest set him on fire. It didn’t help seeing Hermione falling for his trap. He knew Seth was charming and actually felt bad for Hermione because she had not been in her right mind to defend herself from his attacks. He would never let her know. Still his anger was being placed on the person at hand and unfortunately it was not Seth.



“I will be if you relinquish the sacred potion.” She knew she was being melodramatic but she could help it. Her head was pounding.



Draco rolled his eyes at her and handed the potion vile to her. Then he continued to read the Daily Prophet. Hermione was put off by his attitude this morning. He was being the old Draco, she thought to herself. Hermione thought on it for a few more minutes now that her head was clear thanks to the potion she had just consumed. She heard the doors open behind her and it signaled breakfast was finally going to be served. She sighed in relief because she was starving this morning. She listened to the little patter of feet approach the table to serve she saw a little hand extend around her chair and place a plate in front of her. Hermione started seeing red. It was a plate full of pancakes, rabbit shaped pancakes. Apparently he has moved past being passive aggressive. Draco started eating his pancakes as if nothing was wrong. Hermione was going to have to remove the elephant from the room. She shoved the plate in Draco’s direction.



“Can you explain this to me?” She asked, and if he missed the fact that she was pissed from her statement her voice and her face let him know exactly what she was talking about. Draco slowly put down the paper in way that did nothing to help with Hermione’s anger.



“Is there something wrong with your pancakes?” Draco drawled. She could she a smirk playing at the corner of his lips but upon seeing her face he refrained from using it.



“The pancakes are fine. I’m referring to the shape they are in.” Hermione queried.



“I figured you would enjoy the reminder of your night. You seemed to have a great night from what I saw.” He spoke in a level voice so to betray no emotion from what he saw.



“What exactly did you see?” She asked so violently. He needed to get this out of his system. She knew she almost messed up everything.



“I saw you drink a lot and we all know that is your favorite past time.” Draco spoke with venom. Hermione gasped that he had brought that up. “Oh yeah, and you were going to kiss Seth if I hadn’t walked up at the right time.” His eyes blazed with fury and hint of something else. Hermione didn’t know how to respond to the accusation. What should she say? Her first reaction was to defend herself.



“Well, If you hadn’t been so disgusted with me after I kissed you on the dance floor maybe this would never have happened. You didn’t even respond to me. At least he paid attention to me.” Hermione finished and she realized that she was standing and her voice had risen to a yell. She knew she was being slightly unfair to what had really happened but she had been hurt by how he reacted to her kiss. She watched as he face contorted from anger to rage.  



Draco slowly rose from his chair and left the room. She wasn’t going to let him get off so easily. She ran into the hall and saw him vanish around a corner and she took off after him. He was not going to run away from a fight that he had started. She ran around the corner and it took a few seconds of run to match his stride and catch up with the infuriated infuriating man. She grabbed his arm as she called his name. He shrugged off her hand and ignored her. Finally in a last ditch effort she jumped in front of him and held her hands out to brace her for the collision that was going to happen. Bam! The breath had been knocked out of her chest and she flailed backwards. She felt a hand close around her wrist to keep her from falling. She looked up and say his steel colored eyes piercing her.



“Draco! You walk away from this.” She told him. He dropped her wrist and growled.



“Watch me!” He tried to push around her and Hermione tried everything in her power to stop him. She didn’t know why she cared so much but she didn’t really want Draco to be mad at her. Too late, she thought to herself. He pushed her away and grasped at the hair on his head.



“Fine! You want me to respond to you.” He yelled as he shoved a finger in her face. “First off, I spent the whole DAMN night paying attention to you and you ran in to the arms of my cousin.” Draco paused to take a breath. Hermione started to try and say something but Draco cut her off and continued yelling at her in a way that made her feel about 3 inches high.



“Second, You made it very clear when we arranged this little marriage that you DID NOT want that type of a relationship with me. And third, You didn’t give me the chance to respond to your kiss. You took off and I couldn’t find you and when I finally did you were about to jump into the arms of another man! Not just any man either, it would be the sole beneficiary of the will if our marriage fails!” Draco finished. Hermione’s eyes brimmed with tears as Draco stared at her. She could tell he wanted her to answer but she could find the right words.



She was shocked that everything that Draco had said had been true about what had happened. She ran off and she remembered he had chased her down.  Then the last statement ran through her head.



“So this is about the money?” She stated. A questioning look passed over Draco’s face as he comprehended her statement.



“No, You silly woman. Is that the only thing you picked up from that? If it is you are denser than I originally thought.” He stated and was slightly uncomfortable because he had bared himself to the one person who could rip him down to nothing. This time it was Hermione’s turn to be confused. She stared at him blank for a few moments. Then recognition past through her features and Hermione came out of her stupor.



“I’m pretty sure you made you intentions with me very clear when we started this marriage.” She told him.



“Things change.” He stated simply. His feeling towards her had changed since she arrived at the Manor. He wasn’t sure why. He felt the need to make her whole again and protect her. But why what had she done to encourage the feelings. Besides the kiss at the club she had done nothing. She went into shock at the mention of her ex-boyfriend. She was clearly not over him and it seemed apparent she wasn’t going to move on anytime soon. So, why was he bashing his head against the wall in hopes that she will maybe tolerate him in return? He didn’t wait for her to answer he strode off down the corridor because he was weak and unable to face the rejection. One kiss was not proof enough for him. She had been overwhelmed in the club and she had drunk way more than a person her size should. He wanted to run away. He didn’t want to face her. He heard her calling to him but he didn’t want to listen. Despite his efforts to block her out, one statement slipped past his mental blocks and literally shocked him.



“Draco, you’re right. Things change!” She yelled trying to get his attention and was slightly angry that she was chasing after him for the second time in one day. She knew he had heard what she was saying because his steps slowed and slowly came to a stop as he processed what she was saying. He turned to face her so she continued.



“I don’t know what is going on or what I want but I don’t want you mad at me and my feelings towards you have changed since I moved here. I wanted to kiss you and so I did. I would do it all over again. But, unfortunately I may not be ready for that. I may not be ready for anything more than close friends, but I need you right now, to be in my life in a good way.” She exclaimed before he could leave again.



“I’ll take it.” Was the only thing Draco said. Hermione couldn’t help herself but she found herself placing a hand on his pale cheek and brushing her lips softly across his lips. It was demanding or anything really it was her expressing gratitude that he understood.  








A/N: So, What did you think? I need some constructive criticism!



Thank you for reading!!

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