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Pumped Up Kicks by Veritaserum_Girl
Chapter 1 : ~Prologue:When the Sun Goes Down~
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~When the Sun Goes Down~

My eyes crept slowly around the woods, trying to take in everything around me; slowing everything down just in case I miss some sort of important detail that could risk our lives. But, there was nothing. So, I sat down next to Logan, leaning against the large tree that we were using as a shelter.

I know I shouldn’t have, but I turned my attention to Logan for just a second. He was sleeping peacefully, as he always did. Not a care in the world for Logan Underwood. You see, he’s not right in the head. I’ve concluded that he’s a psychopath. Yeah.

How I ended up on the run from world-domination, blood-craving Wizards with a teenage psychopath is beyond me.

You’d never expect something like this to happen in the suburbs...except maybe you would. Except I’m not in the suburbs anymore. Logan won’t tell me where we are, but I’m guessing somewhere near Britain.

Odd things seem to happen to me all the time. It’s like I’m a ‘weird’ magnet or something like that.

But, here I am, in the middle of the night in some dark creepy woods keeping look out. And my only defense? A bow and arrow.

Does this get any more cliche? Can this get any more cliche?

I mean, I don't even get a machine gun like Logan, no. I get a bow and arrow. I’ve never been good at archery, so I don’t understand why I’ve got this thing in the first place.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but this is not in any way, shape, or form the beginning. I repeat: not the beginning. I’d say that this is just only the end of the beginning. Because this war has only just begun.

You see, my friends. The world’s changed in the last month or two. You have no idea how serious I am. Before, we thought that there were just...people. Or ‘muggles’ as the Wizards call them. And that’s all we knew.

That was, until the Wizards pretty much attacked us blind-sided. That’s when we found out about the Wizards. But, it’s not just muggles and Wizards. Nope. Doesn’t stop there.

There’s mutants mixed in here, as well. I just happen to be one of them.

So, in this war there are mutants, Wizards, and muggles in between. Let’s just say that the muggles aren’t doing too good in this war. Now, don’t get this whole idea about mutants. They’re not genetically mutated lab experiments. We’re basically kids with powers that we can’t explain.

Oh, yes. There’s one more thing I forgot to mention: When the Wizards attacked, they killed every muggle and mutant adult on the planet. Every single one. Crazy, right?

So now there’s only kids. The muggle ones and the mutant ones. You’d think we’d be on the same side, but the muggles don ‘t exactly want anything to do with the mutants. So, they’re fending for themselves, and failing miserably. But, the mutants still defend the muggles.

Logan, is a muggle. But, he’s crazy as hell. I’m serious. The dude’s nuts. Remember how I said he has a machine gun? He will show no mercy, and feel nothing. That’s why I hope any mutant or muggle stays out of his way.

We’ve already had an encounter with the Wizards. Actually, it’s the lunatic who called war upon us. He’s terrible and gruesome. I can’t even tell you what he is, but he’s got the face of a snake. His eyes are gleaming red, so red that if his eyes were to look into your soul it’d burn in flames. His skin, a pearly grey tone that reminds me of ice. He called himself Voldemort.

It was scary how much he reminded me of Logan. So eager to gain power. Merciless. Cold.

My body still aches from the torture that he set upon me with that red light. He claims the only reason he let me live, is because I was a mutant, and nothing more. He let Logan live, as well, but I can’t for the life of me remember why.

He promised that we could both live after the war, as long as we stayed out of his way. Of course, Logan agreed, and I had no say.

That man--creature--whatever he was--held me captive in a dungeon for two weeks. The only person who ever came down to see me was Draco Malfoy. I didn’t like him much at first, but a soft spot grew on me. I hope I get to see that boy again one day.

So here I am. I flickered my eyes back to Logan, and he was still sound asleep. I sighed to myself. Even if Logan was kind of crazy, I kind of liked him. I mean, we’d made out a few times. But, only ‘cause he has an odd sexual tension, I guess. I know that he doesn’t actually like me. But, it’s probably just gonna be me and him forever. He would never let me leave, and I probably wouldn’t want to. I don’t trust anyone else. So, this is my only will of survival. To stay with Logan Underwood.

It’s too bad we lost Will along the way. He’d probably would have been nice enough to stay up with me, even if he wasn’t aware of his surroundings and sketching in one of his sketchbooks. He was actually kind of my friend before all of this happened anyways. I really miss him.

Logan was my enemy. I pretty much hated him all through elementary and middle school. Then high school came around, and this happened. And somehow in all of this drama, action, and adventure, I developed some sort of love/hate feelings for him. Yep. I know, I’m sort of in love with a psychopath, but it’s alright. He’s got some odd attachment to me, so even if it isn’t exactly requited, it’s enough for me.

“You’re not even keeping lookout, are you?” Logan asked, opening his eyes.

“I am too,” I muttered, turning my attention back to the woods. My eyes scanned around, trying to avoid those piercing hazel eyes.

“You were too busy watching me sleep,” he muttered, straightening himself up. “Go ahead and sleep,” he sighed. “I’m already up.”


“No arguing,” he said firmly. “Sleep,” he said, pushing his brown hair from his eyes, sending me a threatening look.

“Alright,” I muttered, setting down the stupid bow and arrows, and leaning against the tree. I closed my eyes, and tried relaxing.

“Come here,” he muttered in his serious tone.

I opened my eyes and sent him an irritable look, before scooting closer to him to see what he wanted. “What?” I murmured. He placed a hand on my chin and kissed me on the lips, before gently setting my head in his lap.

“Go to sleep, Mona,” he muttered, as he stroked my hair.

“Okay, Logan,” I muttered, closing my eyes, hoping that I’d reach relaxation and eventually fell asleep.  


Author's Note:

So, this is the Prologue to my second FanFic :D  Not much has happened yet, but there's so much to come! :D

I'm extremely excited about this story, too! ^w^

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Pumped Up Kicks : ~Prologue:When the Sun Goes Down~


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