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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two – Jealously Only Serves to Separate the Weak from the Strong
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 Chapter Two – Jealously Only Serves to Separate the Weak from the Strong

“Evvie?” repeated Blaise, awestruck by the girl in front of him.

“Blaise I don’t understand” whimpered Hermione/Evvie.

“I thought you were dead” he whispered.

“Blaise, who am I?” asked Hermione/Evvie.

“You’re my sister, my twin sister” said Blaise not even bothering to hide the tears rolling down his cheeks.

“But I don’t understand” said Hermione/Evvie.

“You were taken in a raid that happened after the first fall of V-Voldemort. We looked everywhere for you but you were never found. Our parents presumed the worst. Mother was inconsolable, Father died in that raid, so she lost half the family, she grieved for ages. She always kept me close after that, afraid that if she didn’t she’d lose me as well” explained Blaise.

“I’m I’m” stuttered Hermione/Evvie unable to make heads or tails of the situation.

“You’re my sister Evvie and you’re safe” whispered Blaise, slowly moving towards Hermione/Evvie so he could hug his sister.

“Evvie?” she whispered.

“That’s your name, your real name. Evvie Anna Zabini. It’s beautiful, just like you. Unless you’d prefer to be called Hermione?” said Blaise.

“The sorting hat said Zabini suited me better. Hermione Granger just means a bossy know-it-all with no friends and no family. I always wondered what life would be like after the ugly duckling transformed, perhaps it’s time to find out” she whispered, giving Blaise a small smile.

The door knocked and opened slightly.



“Can I come in?”


“Oh my dear, my poor little girl, it really is you” whispered the intruding woman.

Evvie looked at the woman before her, she was like a carbon copy of Evvie just older. It was safe to say that Evvie took after her Mother. This was all so overwhelming. Evvie had always thought it weird being Hermione Granger, being an incredibly powerful witch and being a supposed muggleborn; somehow it just didn’t make sense to her, like something was missing. Well if ever there were an opportunity to show her something that did make sense, then it was the woman now standing before her. Hermione had never called the Granger’s by Mum and Dad, something she always found a little strange but they’d insisted she call them by their first names, so she had.

“Mum?” whispered Evvie.

“Evvie” replied Mrs. Katherine Zabini pulling her daughter in for a hug, both crying in the emotional situation.

Katherine Zabini pulled her daughter back so she could study her properly, “You’re so beautiful my child. Thank you for everything you did in the war, you did so much to save the Wizarding population. I know without you that Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley wouldn’t have stood much of a chance. Thank you for survive my dear child, so that we were finally able to find you. We’ve missed you so much. Your Father would have been so proud of you my dear” Katherine sobbed.

“What will you tell your friends?” asked Katherine.

“The truth” replied Evvie.

“They don’t deserve to know” muttered Blaise.

“That doesn’t mean I should lie to them”.

Katherine Zabini stayed with her son and daughter for many hours, each relishing the opportunity to learn about each other. Blaise quickly realized how alike his Mother and sister were, they both had that glare that could silent him in a heartbeat. He’d learnt so much about his sister, he was bemused as to how he never realized how alike they were before. Then again before when it was supposed Evvie was muggleborn Hermione Granger, she wasn’t exactly a person a Slytherin would be able to socialize with.

It was late when Katherine Zabini finally took her leave, taking with her measurements for Evvie’s new size, she promised to have a full wardrobe of clothes and school robes to arrive by owl post tomorrow morning. She left her daughter in the capable hands of her son, knowing he would protect his sister at any cost.

It was decided that Evvie would tell Ron, Harry and Ginny of her new identity in the Hospital Wing as it was neutral territory and Madame Pomfrey wasn’t far away if an adult was needed. Blaise wanted to stay with his sister but she begged him to go, he told her the password to the Slytherin common room before he left. As much as he hated to leave her, it would give him a chance to explain what had happened to his friends.

It was doubtful that Harry, Ron and Ginny would have come to the Hospital Wing had they not been commanded there by Professor McGonagall. She’d told them that there was something important they needed to know about Hermione, nevertheless they were reluctant to go, Ginny especially who felt that Hermione was just monopolizing attention again.

“Well we’re here aren’t we, where is Hermione” huffed Ron.

“I don’t see why we have to be here” whined Ginny.

“Shh, did you hear that? Who’s there? Show yourself!” Harry demanded.

“Who’s there, someone whose giving you one last chance” replied Evvie from the shadows she was standing in.

“Hermione? Stop playing around”.

“Whose playing Harry” replied Evvie stepping from the shadows.

“Who are you? Where is Hermione?”

“Is this some kind of joke” said Ron angrily.

“No it’s simply a chance for you to see the truth” replied Evvie.

Harry and Ron took out their wands, “I wouldn’t if I were you, Madame Pomfrey is in her office. I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble”.

“Who are you?” demanded Harry.

“I am Hermione, or rather I was. I have another name now” she said.

“What is that supposed to mean” said Ginny.

“Didn’t you ever wonder why I returned from Australia so sad, why I started to lose weight?” asked Evvie.

Harry shifted from foot to foot guiltily.

“No of course you didn’t, you didn’t want anything to penetrate your happy little world. You just decided to assume the worse instead of giving me the opportunity to explain. I’d like to thank you though Ronald for making a mess of a very simplistic potion today, otherwise I wouldn’t have known who I really was” said Evvie.

“I’ll ask you one more time, who are you?” said Harry shaking with anger.

“My parents died in Australia, I was too late to save them. They perished without even knowing they had a daughter. The potion that exploded on me unlocked wards that were placed on me, you see I never was a Granger, they never even adopted me, they only found me. Today I found my real family, so I’m not Hermione Granger anymore. I’m Evvie Anna Zabini, Blaise is my twin brother” replied Evvie.

“Urgh that’s disgusting Hermione”

“Is this some kind of sick joke?”

“She’s just trying to get attention” said Ginny.

“No Ginny I’m not. I’m trying to tell you the truth, it’s not my fault you are too blind to see it”.

“What, so just overnight you become a Slytherin?” questioned Harry.

“Yes. Blaise is my brother and I was resorted into Slytherin. I won’t lie I was a little scared when the hat called out Slytherin”.

“You’re a traitor” yelled Ron, “I knew you couldn’t be trusted”.

“Stop being a stupid git. You lot still see the world in black and white, the wars over, the old prejudices are gone. It is no longer just good and evil, the world is made up of grey. Everyone and everything deserves a second chance” said Evvie.

“No bloody way am I calling you Evvie. You’ll always be the bossy know-it-all Hermione Granger” said Ginny.

“Yeah this is just a cry for attention, what potion did you take Hermione, you always were an ugly duckling. Always jealous of people like me, you could never be gorgeous like me” shouted Ginny.

Evvie sighed, this was going if not worse than Evvie had expected.

Ginny took a threatening step towards Evvie.

“Hermione you make me sick. Evvie sounds like a whore’s name, fits you perfectly then. Always have to be the center of attention don’t you. Well you belong in Slytherin. At least in Slytherin you won’t be able to corrupt my brother or Harry anymore. The day you go will be better for us all” she drew her hand back and struck it across Evvie’s face. The force of the impact split open Evvie’s lip and her cheek had the makings of a bruise.

Evvie had never been hit before, not even when she was being tortured by Bellatrix.

“You had your chance” said Evvie walking away from her ex-friends.

Meanwhile in the Slytherin Common Room

“What do you mean you have a sister?” asked Adrian.

“I mean what I said” said Blaise.

“But I never knew you had a sister” said Draco.

“My Mother hid it. You remember the raids that took place after the first fall of Voldemort?” they all nodded.

“Well in the raid that killed my Father, my sister was also taken. My Mother searched everywhere for her but she was never found so she presumed the worst”.

“But she isn’t dead?” questioned Marcus.

“No she’s alive”.

“What happened to Granger after we took her to the Hospital Wing?” asked Pansy.

“Well that’s it. The potion reacted with wards that were placed on her. Hermione is my sister, Hermione is Evvie” explained Blaise.

“No, are you sure?” whispered Draco.

“Positive, I was there all afternoon with my Mother. It’s her”.

“What’s going to happen to her?” asked Marcus.

“She was resorted into Slytherin. She’s in the Hospital Wing now telling Potter and the Weasels what has happened” said Blaise disgustedly.

“But we treated her so badly” whispered Pansy.

“I know but Evvie is a special person. She doesn’t see the world as black and white like others do. She won’t lie and say she wasn’t hurt by our behavior towards her but she knows most of it was a defense to protect yourselves against a higher power”.

“Why is she telling them, they don’t deserve to know, I didn’t think they were friends anymore” said Marcus.

“They aren’t.” replied Blaise getting angry, “You know she dumped Ron, Potter thinks she did it because she’d cheated because when she came back from Australia she was withdrawn and quiet”.

“But she didn’t cheat?” asked Adrian.

“Please Hermione, sorry Evvie, isn’t capable of cheating” replied Pansy.

“You’re right, she didn’t cheat. She went to Australia in search of her parents. Did you know she obliviated them and sent them to Australia during the war to save them?” the others shook their heads, they didn’t know that, “Well when she found them in Australia, she found them dead. She didn’t get there in time to save her parents, they died not knowing they had a daughter. She blames herself for it” replied Blaise.

“But that’s horrid, it wasn’t her fault” whispered Pansy actually looking quite concerned.

“Does she still look like Hermione?” asked Draco.

“No. She looks like a younger version of Mother. She has pin straight blonde hair and pinkish eyes. They’re gorgeous her eyes. She’s grown a little taller and her skin has tanned a little, and she’s filled out in all the right places” replied Blaise.

“Will she forgive us for the way we’ve treated her? No doubt people will be warning her against us” said Pansy.

“She will forgive us, Evvie’s a very forgiving, compassionate person. When I was talking to her earlier she said she was scared about coming to Slytherin but that there was nothing left for her in Gryffindor. She just didn’t feel like she belonged. Don’t worry about people warning her against us, the only ones who would do that are Potter and the Weasels and my guess is they really aren’t her friends” he replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on, we’ve all seen it, they’ve treated her like shit over the years. Potter always believes Weasley over her. They always teased her for wanting to learn, they criticized her the first time a boy took any interest in her. Weasley was forgiven the moment he returned after leaving the others while on the run yet they both didn’t talk to Evvie for months when she reported the mysterious broom Potter had received in third year to McGonagall. And that she-weasel, she’s a bitch if ever there was. I constantly overheard her belittling and slagging off Evvie, that girl is jealous and would do anything to see Evvie out of the picture” muttered Blaise.

“But what, wait, who is that?” said Pansy pointing to the common room door.

It had opened and closed letting in a blonde haired person. She had her head bend and her hand placed to on the side of her face.

“Evvie?” called Blaise.

She stopped before him like a deer caught in headlights.

“Evvie, look at me” pleaded Blaise.

Evvie slowly lifted her head to look at Blaise, her hand stained with the blood falling from her lip, the flesh under her eye turning the brownish green of a bruise.

“Oh my Cara, my Cara, what happened” whispered Blaise carefully caressing his sister’s cheek.

“You were right, they didn’t want me” she said between sobs.

“Shh Cara, they don’t deserve you” whispered Blaise.

“It hurts Blaise, it really hurts” she whimpered.

Blaise led her to the couch and sat her down next to Pansy, Blaise sitting on her other side.

Pansy took a brave step, placing her hand over Evvie’s. “Who did this to you?” she asked.

Evvie turned her head momentarily surprised, “Ginny, she said the ugly duckling wasn’t allowed to transform. She said, she said…” mumbled Evvie.

“What did she say Cara?” asked Blaise.

Evvie turned to look at her brother with fear and anguish in her eyes, “That no one would ever want a –sob- ugly duckling” she cried.

Pansy was furious that the She-Weasley would say something like that to Evvie, though she hate to admit it, it was easier to imagine those words if they were spoken to Hermione Granger but Evvie Zabini was gorgeous, if Pansy hadn’t been so sure of her pureness of heart she might be jealous of her beauty herself. As it was Pansy was under the impression that she and Evvie would become the best of friends and now that Evvie was a Slytherin and the sister of Blaise, the dice had been rolled and revenge had to be taken.

“That girl did this to you” said Adrian.

Evvie nodded her head, she felt unreal. Her hands were shaking, her face hurt. Was it strange to feel so secure around a bunch of Slytherin’s who had previously bullied her? But she was one of them now wasn’t she.

“Pansy, can you take Cara up to her room and heal her please” requested Blaise.

So many years with the same boys taught Pansy not to ask questions, they were obviously waiting for the girls to depart so they could leave and exact revenge upon the Weaselette who had unwittingly sealed her fate.

From the next chapter on Hermione will always be called Evvie

Ahh Slytherin's are so much more fun than Gryffindorks :) In other news, I booked my holiday and my nightmare of a dissertation is almost over!! There is light at the end of the tunnel!! :D ~ Zyii

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