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Rumor Has It by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 24 : Again
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Warning Sexual Content in this Chapter


There are some weeks were everything seems to just take it out of you. Weeks that just takes everything you are and contests it. The same week I have my cousin's wedding, is the exact same week we play Slytherin in the final match of the season. And also is the week I find out if I got into any of the Ministry programs I got into. Insert gulp here.

For the past three years we have lost in the final game. Before that we OWNED the field. But suddenly we started getting this streak of making it all the way to the finals and then loosing it. Fourth year, I was in the hospital wing from a injury and my sub let in thirty goals before Slytherin caught the snitch. Fifth year, our seeker lost the snitch and the Hufflepuff team caught it, causing the biggest upset ever since Hufflepuff hasn't won a championship in fifty years. Then last year Slytherin beat us in the first five minutes. No one even had time to score a single goal, but their seeker caught the snitch and there was nothing we could do about it.


This year is different. Our team has been training every day, going over Slytherin's moves extensively and we were committed. If we lose, which we won't, it would be because they were better. Not because they pulled some cheap shots like Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, but because they were legitimately better.

Three days till the game

Five days till Victoire's wedding.

Six days till I find out about my job status.

I can and will get through this. First I had to learn how to properly dance for Victoire's wedding and somehow I was having more of a problem with that than everything else. I even asked Logan to come over and help me since he was one of the very few males I knew who honestly knew how to dance. It was hopeless.

"Ugh I suck!" I groaned throwing myself at the couch.

"You'll be alright." Logan told me sympathetically. "…You can't be good at everything."

I sighed, "I'm actually rubbish at quite a few things..." I peeled myself off the couch and gave him a defeated smile. "Thanks for trying. I guess I'm just a lost cause."

"Well you still have sometime. Just practice." He snorted good naturedly before giving me a one armed hug and leaving.

I starred after him bitterly. Why couldn't I have his ability to follow a beat? Starting the music up again I tried to follow the beat on my own. After a few minutes I was about to just throw in the towel when I heard Scorpius laughing behind me. Whipping around I glowered at him.

"Something funny?"

He pointed at me with a smirk still fresh on his lips.

"Oh yes!" I drawled sarcastically. "It's hysterical that I'm going to make an idiot out of myself in front of my entire family and a hundred strangers!"

"Do you have to dance?" He was just enjoying this a little too much. "Can't you just stay in your seat?"

I scowled, "Is there a reason you came here to tease me?"

"Not really," He came over to me and wrapped his arms around the back of my waist. "Though you look cute."

"Why?...If you say it's because I'm angry I'm going to hurt you Scorpius Malfoy!" I pointed at him warningly.

He said nothing.

"UGH!" I groaned falling onto his chest, "Why is this so hard? I'm a girl, aren't I supposed to be good at this stuff?"

"Yes, but it's okay….You know I could teach you a few things." He told me suggestively.

I snorted, cracking a smile. "Oh really?"

"I honestly can."

"Well you have been taught how to be a proper human being since birth so please, instruct me in the ways of dancing."

He went over to the radio, "Well let's start off with something easy. You can slow dance right?"


"Okay," His right hand tightly secured around my waist, "Show me."

I gave him a look, "But the guy leads."

"Yes, but can you follow me?" He raised his eyebrows superiorly.

"Try me." I snapped back, my competitive edge coming into place.


He picked up the pace, but unlike with Logan I managed to keep up with him. Logan had more of a practiced flow to his dancing, whereas Scorpius's seemed to come naturally. It was like swimming really, once you got into it you had it. Afterwards I let out breath of astonishment.


"You aren't as bad as I thought…" He eyed me curiously. "I wonder why you couldn't get that before."

I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Maybe I didn't have the right partner."

"Like sex partner?" He teased me horribly.

I laughed, "You are really corny you know that?"

"I suppose so."

"Ooh!" I squealed and pulled away from him to turn up the music.

"What?" He furrowed his pale eyebrows together. "Oh hate that song!"

I snickered and turned it up, which he took as an invitation to chase me around the room. It awhile for him to catch me, but when he did he locked his arms around me so I couldn't escape.

"You're too in shape." He let out an exhausted breath as I held the music away from him.

"Okay well why don't we pick a song together?"


"No…" I frowned and turned it to the next song, "No…"

He scoffed at the next one, "Hell no."

"What you don't like pop songs?" I mocked him knowingly.

"Just as much as you like the other two songs before it…Why don't we just...?" His voice trailed off as I turned it to another song.

I turned upward, "What do you think?"

"I like it."

"Me too," I put it down and switched around to face him.

My head went to his shoulder and my arms wrapped around his stomach. His jaw rested against my temple as we swayed to the beat of the song. I fit perfectly against his body and melted in with mine. His scent calmed me instantly and I found myself snuggling up into the crook of his neck as our lower halves moved rhythmically with the music.

At first it was really sweet and I couldn't be more content. But as the moments grew on I realized I needed to do something I really didn't want to.

"Scorpius?" I whispered regretfully.

"Hmm?" He murmured softly against my ear.

"After today we should probably stay away from each other…I mean it's not exactly professional for the two opposing captain's to be snogging and holding hands right before they go off to battle is it?"

He frowned, but didn't disagree. "I understand. You're right."

Suddenly I felt a rush of guilt as I thought he might be misunderstanding my intention. "I want to make it clear that I don't want to. It's more I feel like however this ends-"

"With Slytherin winning." He finished for me arrogantly.

I gave him a glare. "….You're making this easier all the time!"

"I'm just kidding!" He snorted grabbing me closer so I couldn't leave even if I wanted to.

"Sometimes you aren't so funny you know."

"You love me." He insisted not taking me seriously.

I rolled my eyes dismissively. "I guess."

"You know I love you right?" His gray eyes dilated making my heart rate increase ever so slightly as the tension between us suddenly became serious.

"Yes, but I do like hearing it." I replied, cupping his face gently. His face looked a little paler than usual and I could see dark circles above his triangle of freckles. "You okay?"

He nodded his eyes betraying him, "I just have a lot on my mind."

I could have said something. I could have asked him what was on his mind. But I didn't. Because if he wanted me to know he would have said what it was. He was the type that liked to work out his problems on his own and then talk to me afterwards. And for once I didn't feel like beating it out of him. If it had nothing to do with me, I was perfectly okay with him doing it.

So I leaned up and kissed him, it stirred something inside of me like every kiss I've ever had with, something dark and forbidden, but perfectly accessible somehow. It felt he was lighting every single part of me on fire with just the simplest touch. Somehow we made it onto the couch, I suppose I shouldn't say somehow when I was the one on top of him, but I don't remember consciously moving. We just kind of floated over there. And at some point it went from light, tingle kisses to charged passionate kissing. My skin flushed as I flattened against him and his hand went up the back of my shirt. If we weren't in the middle of the common room and if fifteen different people weren't privy to the password we probably would have done it right then and there. But I realized were we were and I stopped.

He was dazed, "What?"

"Can we move somewhere else?" I laughed gesturing to the easily accesible portrait hole.

Without another word he rose to his feet, scooped me up in his arms and rushed up to his room.

"Can't wait a single second can you?" I doubled over in his arms chuckling.

"Nope," He eyed me longingly as he lowered me onto his bed.


He slowly lifted my shirt over my head and watched me while he took off his own. It was like he couldn't bear to miss even a second of my reaction. I knew he was muscular, I'd seen him shirtless dozens of times, but this was different because the content was entirely different. One by one we stripped off our remaining clothing. My breathing became uneven as I gazed up at him anxiously. He was the second male to ever see me fully naked and I was glad to see he wasn't immune. Carefully he lowered his body down on mine and then left a trail of butterfly kisses along my neck.


An hour later, I laid on his chest and felt it rise and fall. We were both entirely naked and I was beginning to wonder where exactly he threw my underwear so I could crawl back into them. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the activity we just partook in. I did…twice, but I felt entirely too vulnerable with nothing covering me but his olive sheets. So I finally just sucked it up and asked him.


"Where did you put my underwear?"

"Why?" He snickered evilly. "I like you naked."

I glared at him, with a dry voice, "That's great and all." I drawled sarcastically. "But I don't."

"I think they fell under the bed."

Under my breath I scoffed, "Fell, my ass…"

"Well why don't you go get them?"

"I will!" Then I grabbed all of the sheets in a flash and wrapped them around myself leaving him entirely naked.

At first he was shocked, but then he put his arms behind his neck and smirked. "I have nothing to hide."

"Ah huh," I pulled on my underwear, "How would you like it if I plastered Hogwarts's walls with pictures of you like that?"

"I don't think that would be fair to them," He boosted, "I mean they would probably all suffer from concussions from all that fainting."

I rolled my eyes and threw a pillow at him. "Your ego is ridiculous."

"Don't try and act like you didn't have a good time."

"I'm not." I snorted giving him a dirty look as I dragged on my pants and shirt. "I'm just not applauding my work like you are."

He hoped over, and grabbed my arms to stop me from changing. "Where do you think you're going?"

"I have practice!" I laughed as gave me pleading eyes. "You have homework I'm sure!"

"Yes, but that's no fun."

Letting out an exaggerated sigh, I kissed him intently. "We can do this again after the game."

"No," He corrected me with a mischievous smile; "We will have sex after the game."

"You're insufferable," I laughed again, bringing my lips down on his.

"Yes, but you love me." He reminded me as if I had forgotten, as if I possibly could.

He tugged on his boxers right before I slid onto his lap. I straddled his waist, and his arms linked loosely around my back. I kissed him once, twice, three times even, giggling the whole time. I'd never seen him smile so much and I absolutely loved it.

"You love me?" He asked rhetorically, "So then you will forgive me when Slytherin, wipes the floor with Gryffindor this week."

I lowered my lips to his, but I didn't touch his lips, I lingered there for a minute and then whispered. "I'll still love you when Gryffindor, kills Slytherin."

Then before he could retort, I grabbed my shirt, the last piece of clothing I wasn't wearing, slid off his lap and swaggered out of the room.


For the next two days I hardly ever saw Scorpius. I ate with the team, I practiced with the team and I even walked to class with them. We were seven parts of an inseparable unit and we were working well. I'd never been in such good shape. It almost distracted me from all the pressure from the week. That's why when I ran into Albus's I wasn't fazed until I saw who it was.


I immediately, moved out of the way and kept walking, but then he stopped me. "Look," He started with an unnerving amount of emotion in his face. "I'm sorry."

I was taken aback. "Excuse me?"

"I know it took me long enough…" He sighed, his bloodshot eyes downcast in guilt. "But I mean it….I finally get why you were so mad…and why it was wrong."

"Fine," I snapped evenly.

"Fine?" He breathed in surprise. He was expecting a fight.

I nodded and crossed my arms. "If you go publically apologize to Scorpius I will forgive you."

His face was instantly incensed. "What?"

"Relationship or no relationship what you did to him was completely and totally wrong. Own up to it and I will forgive you. Until then you should expect no change from me."


Albus's bright green eyes were wide in absolute shock as he ran a hand threw his hair. I didn't wait for a response. I gave him an ultimatum. Now was his chance to pick a team. Either he supported me and was no longer on the team to take me down or he would always be against me. I was done waiting for him to just be the bigger person and act the way he should have acted all along. I had things to do and I wasn't wasting my time on him. We hadn't properly spoken in months; it was going to take more than a few sincere words to reverse what he's done.


On my way back to my dormitory, I was surprised to hear a lot of noise coming from it. Scorpius rarely had people and nobody would hang around the common room unless they were waiting for me. So why would so many people be waiting for me?


I walked in and the minute I took a step, I saw the banner and everything clicked…It was my birthday party. The weird thing was my birthday was last week…Scorpius gave me a cup cake from the kitchens and got an assortment of other presents, but it wasn't a big thing. I let out a laugh as Lauren and Kelly walked over with my cake, which was in the shape of a Quaffle.


"You guys…my birthday was last week." I snorted in confusion.

"Which is exactly why you wouldn't expect us to throw you a birthday party this week!" Kelly revealed excitedly, clearly this had been her brainchild.

"You didn't have to do this!" I laughed in shock.

Kelly waved that aside, her hand intertwined with her boyfriends as she gestured to my presents. "Open them!"


I was so out of place it took me a minute to get into the moment. I was so into my extra curricular activities this month that I barely noticed that it was my birthday. But I wasn't upset when they didn't make a big thing about it. I just assumed we would celebrate more during the summer when we had fewer commitments. I didn't expect this. But I was thankful it was a nice little stress reliever before the big game.


Pike sat next to me on the couch as we both took bites of my birthday cake. He looked worried as ever. "How good do you think our odds are tomorrow?"

"I think we have a good chance." I told him, as I leaned forward. "Look all we can do is our best. If we fail, we fail. But at least we can say we did everything we could."

"Are you still dating Malfoy?"

I nodded, "We aren't this week, but we will be next week."

He gave me an odd look as people chatted around us. "What does that mean?"

"Luke," I told him with a smile. "I'm going to do everything in my power to destroy Slytherin. My boyfriends the captain and the teams leading chaser, I have to distance myself. So that way when I win, and I throw it in his face. It's not because I don't love him, it's because we were that much better."

He starred at me and I was glad to see that I relieved some of his worries. I couldn't have my seeker worried right before the big game. That would just be wrong. We spent the rest of the night talking about anything, but Quidditch. Tomorrow we would be forced throw ourselves in thick of it. But for one night we allowed ourselves to laugh at the gag gifts my cousins had bought me and throw cake in Mike's face.


Game day.

I never went to sleep. Instead I just stayed up and cleaned the remains from my party. We had worked so hard and I didn't want to see it go to waste. I wanted to win. I needed to win. Apparently the rest of the team didn't sleep much either because when I went down to breakfast they all were already done there. Unlike the night before when we were rowdy and slipping pieces of cake into Mike's pants, we were all silent. All that was heard was the slurping of our hot chocolate, the scraping of our eggs and bacon from our plates. Eventually other students filed in. And then the Slytherin team came in, much like we did. Wordlessly we all looked up at them. None of them held an expression and neither did we. Today we were equals; competition for the same prize that we both deemed was already ours.


After sitting for nearly two hours I gestured for everyone to get up. We all walked from the Great Hall and paused before going out onto the grounds. Lily and a few of the other sixth year girls came and painted our faces gold and scarlet. They did this for every championship game. It should have made me more nervous, but it didn't. Instead it made me more focused and alive.


They all finished before me, so they headed to the locker room where I said I would meet them. I trailed behind them only a few yards. I was about to go into the locker room, but I stopped when I saw Scorpius's dad stand a few feet away from me, starring right at me.

"Hello," I smiled weakly, completely and entirely unsure of his perception of me.

"Ms. Weasley," He addressed me formally, but his eyes glittered at me with a refined form of hatred.

I shifted my weight awkwardly. "Well …"

"He's going to America you know." He informed me sharply as if this was specifically because of me.

"Excuse me?"

He sneer grew and I found I hated it. "Scorpius received an offer from the American Ministry.

"What?" He had to be lying, but I saw from his certainty that he wasn't.

"He's leaving in August."

"No I didn't know that." I answered blindsided.

He raised his pointed chin up ever so slightly. "He's going to be an Auror and you will never see him again."

"I love your son Mr. Malfoy." I told him bluntly and unashamedly, "But if you have a problem with your son seeing me you need to take that up with him, because I'm not going to stop seeing him."

He looked shocked that I dared to speak to him this way, but he regained his composure quickly. "What, I wonder, do you expect to come from your relationship? Do you imagine it having a fairytale ending?"

"No, I expect that we will either break up or stay together. But however this relationship continues is between us. There's nothing fairytale about it, because we have a real relationship." I scowled, "Have a nice day Mr. Malfoy."


Then I walked into the locker room and put away any doubt or discouragement and got the boys ready for the game.


I said nothing to them at first. We had fifteen minutes to give a pep talk and get out there. I said absolutely nothing. The wind howled through the room and they all starred as I straddled a chair. Then just before my last minute was up, I stood before all of them.

"I want to thank all of you. I've been on this team for six years and I've loved each and every minute of it."

My eyes seared into each and every single one of theirs, "I want you to make them hurt. I want them to remember that they lost to Gryffindor, the team that busted their Asses to kick theirs." My voice lowered so they would have to fight to hear me, but they didn't have any trouble doing that. They hung onto every word I was saying like it was my last breath.

"Now everyone huddle together," I wrapped my arms around Hugo and Mike, "WHO ARE WE?"

"GRYFFINDOR!" They roared and then we swarmed together screaming our lungs hoarse.


The day was purely May. The grass was fresh; the trees were just starting to regain their leaves. The temperature was a perfect 60 degrees with a breeze that would work in our favor. My team assembled behind me and we all joined hands as we waited for the gate to raise. Once it did, we separated and they followed me single filed onto the field.

Scorpius and his team did the same and we met at the center with our brooms at our feet.

"Captains, shake hands." The referee announced clearly.

I steeped forward and promptly crushed Scorpius's hand. He smirked at me, his eyes twinkling. He knew it must be killing me to stay so indifferent, but I managed it.

"Good Luck." He told me arrogantly.

"You're the one that's going to need it." I told him cockily before I released his hand and jumped onto my broom.


Once the whistle was blown, all hell broke loose. Every single player was playing their hardest. The seekers had to duck every minute from the vicious rounds of beater attacks inquired by each team. The chaser's body checked each other so aggressively I could swear I could hear their ribs fracturing. And me? For once, I was the one that was fairing pretty easily. They came by six times in the first twenty minutes, but each time I deflected it and moved on. I had a bruise growing on my knee from one of the shots, but other than that I was fine.


The game headed into an hour and we were pretty even. Slytherin had gotten two past me, and we had gotten three past them. Luke was searching around the field endlessly for the snitch to no avail. We were stuck at a stalemate and I could see not only my players getting restless, but their player's too. The beaters, starred at my hungrily and I had a feeling they were holding back. And then…they weren't. The beater's who were playing ping-pong previously, were no hot on my ass. Every time the Slytherin chaser's came my way. I let it two goals before I called a time out. The Slytherin beater's were much tougher than either the Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff beaters, it was a good thing I had trained all month for this because otherwise I would have dropped already.


"Thoughts anyone?" I asked breathlessly wiping the sweat from my forehead as I hunched over my broom exhausted.

"Find the snitch." Hugo offered pointlessly. "There's nothing else we really can do."

I shrugged angrily and cracked my aching back. "Well, let's just hold on boys. We've made it this far haven't we?...Okay hands in!"

"GRYFFINDOR!" We yelled with slightly less enthusiasm than earlier.


The second the game started up again Luke shot off to the side of the stadium. At first I thought he was just feigning, but then I saw how fast he was going and I was shocked. He saw the snitch. The Slythern's saw this and used a different plan. Their seeker went after Luke all right, but their chaser's were invincible. They refused to lose. They came at me with the quaffle all the damn time. I think I counted 3 more goals went in out of the twenty they shot at me. I was running out of fuel, but they just kept gunning for me. I guess they figured if they couldn't catch the snitch they might get enough points manually to win. Scorpius was the main offender he came at me with everything he had and almost accomplished his target, but not close enough ten sweaty minutes later I was about to collapse when I heard the whistle go off. The score was 200 Gryffindor, 120 Slytherin. We won. Arms of people came rushing over to me as I flew to the grounds and tears of happiness flew down my cheeks as I dropped helplessly into my brother's arms. My team lifted me up and carried me into the castle. I was literally high off the euphoria; it felt like a very vivid dream full of noise, color and excitement. We couldn't have won. But we did. And it was everything I thought it could be.


I couldn't keep the smile off my face as every Gryffindor congratulated us on our win. My team passed the cup around the room as streamers went off every ten seconds. I kept shutting my eyes and opening them expecting to wake in the hospital wing, but it didn't happen. This was real.


After all the hoopla died down, I looked for Scorpius. I knew I should give him some space, but I couldn't. I needed to see him. Although I'd never admit it these past days without him had been awful. Not the actual days but from the fact that I had to stay away from him. So I left the Gryffindor common room and slumped back to my dorm exhaustedly. As I opened the portrait hole, I felt a rush of guilt. I should be happy I won, but I should also check on Scorpius since it was his team that just lost.


I carefully stumbled up to his room. My body was heavier than it had been hours ago, but I didn't slow down. If he wanted to be alone I would understand. If the roles were reversed I'm not sure I would want to see him either.

He was leaning against his bed, still in his dirty Quidditch uniform, bitterly drinking from his flash. I grimaced and made a noise to make sure he knew I was there. His eyes floated up to me and he let out a scoff.


"Now," He said in between sips of alcohol, "Would not be the time to gloat."

I walked over and scooted into the space next to him. "I'm not going to gloat. You guys tried hard."

"Yeah, not hard enough it seems." He scowled detachedly.

I brushed his askew hair from his face gingerly. "You want to be alone?"

"No, it's okay. I had a feeling you were going to win."

"Well you guys didn't make it easy." I admitted freely, I showed him the bruises. "I'm going to be bed ridden for the rest of the week."

He discarded his flash and pulled me into him. "You smell horrible."

I laughed, "So do you."

"We should shower."

I let out a strained groan. "I don't think I can even get back up."

He sighed and let out a yawn. "What are your plans for this weekend?"

I inhaled and cozied into his sweat-ridden neck. I didn't care. "Victoire's wedding."

"Aren't you maid of honor?"

"Ah huh." I murmured as my eyes closed.

He frowned, "Don't you need a date?"

"I didn't put plus one." I added, "Though she did tell me to invite you."

That surprised him. "Really?"


"Too bad I can't."

I frowned, "Well you could. I just didn't think you'd want to."

"Come on Rose," His voice darkened as it grew serious. "You know that wouldn't end well."

Sitting away from him I starred at him. "Why not? You could just come to the reception. You wouldn't even have to come to the whole wedding. It would be fun-"

He stopped me with a blunt glare. "Don't be ridiculous. You know that would never work."

"I'm not being ridiculous." I replied, hurt by his sharpness. "I think it would be fine."

"Of course you do." He scoffed to himself bitterly. "Because you think everything will work out if you want it to. That only works for you Rose."


I scowled and shook my head. He wanted a fight. He knew his words would upset me. I tried to remember that he was drunk and angry that the result of the game. He had trained just as hard as we did and we won. That had to cut deep especially since he was the captain. But I wasn't going to apologize for that. I earned my win, as did my team. We had a lot of setbacks and we managed to power through. It may look easy to him, but my life wasn't as simple as he made it. Before I said something I'd regret, I forced myself to my feet.


"I'll see you on Sunday then." I told him quietly, not bothering to look at him.

He said nothing and let me leave.

The next morning I was still upset, but I didn't let it bother me. I had to focus on Victoire. She picked me up from the Headmaster's office around 10 and we went to breakfast. During which time we double and triple checked to make sure everything was on schedule for the next day.

Victoire's bright blonde hair was piled on her head as we went over the guest list. "Hey Rose?"

"Hmm?" I asked as I took a bite of my pancakes.

"Didn't you invite Scorpius?"

My face darkened and I lied, "No."

"Why not?"

"I mentioned it to him, and he said it probably wouldn't be a good idea." I told her simply as I pretended to busy myself with time schedule.

Her face looked troubled, but she didn't say anything more about it.


For the rest of the day we were at her house making last minute alterations to our dresses. Victoire looked drop dead gorgeous when she slipped on her dress. She looked absolutely flawless; the dress complimented her so well that I told her she should wear it everyday. Then I spent the rest of the day going back and forth between Uncle Harry's house and Uncle Bill's house. I had to pass messages back and forth and make sure the groomsmen were acting right. Of course they weren't, but after a few stern words and a few dirty looks from Grandma Molly they got it together.


The night before Lily, Roxanne and I hung out with Victoire in the living room. We ate candy and junk food and watched old movies all night until we all fell asleep. We tried to get a stripper, but considering we were staying at Uncle Bill's that idea died quickly.


I was the last one to fall asleep and I couldn't help feeling slightly raw. Selfishly I wished Scorpius hadn't reacted the way he did. I knew he was right, but it still made it clear that no matter what had changed between us the real rules of the world hadn't changed in the slightest. Which made me question were did that leave us long term. We hadn't been together long, but school was ending in three weeks. What were we going to do after that? He was going to America and whether he told me about it or not I knew he had already taken it. He wouldn't give up such an opportunity and I wouldn't want him to. Biting my lip, I turned over and looked and Victoire's angelic sleeping face. Sometimes I wish I had her certainty. She always knew exactly what she wanted and then went out to get it. Why couldn't I be more like that?


The next day went according to plan. We had a few hiccups, a few groomsmen sneaking some booze and a few of the seating arrangements were off, but I fixed it all before anyone was the wiser. Right before the ceremony, I went in to see Victoire. She stood in front of a full-length gold mirror. Her hair was swept up into an elegant do, and her face was sprinkled with the lightest make-up. She didn't need anymore than that. She was stunning.

"You…You look…" I astonished looping my hand around her waist with tearful eyes. "Wow…He's going to eat his heart out."

She beamed. "I hope so."

I heard a double knock on the door. "That's our cue. You ready?"


"No turning back, you sure?"

She laughed softly. "Of course."

"Well then let's get you hitched!"


The wedding took about twenty minutes and it was actually quite moving. I never expected myself to be the type to cry at wedding, but I couldn't help myself. They're vow's were so heartfelt, especially Teddy's. I never asked him the moment that he knew he was in love with her, but he told a churchful of people all about it. By the time they were legally married, I was full on crying and so was Roxanne, even Lily was getting a little misty.


Roxanne and I left for the reception together and had to collect ourselves in the bathroom. We fixed each other's make-up laughing the whole time. Then we went into the reception. It was just as we hoped it would be. It was a giant tent like area, held up by huge, strong pillars with simple twinkle lights on top for when it grew dark. I sat at the head table and laughed as James gave his toast, and I gave a very sappy one to accommodate it. After everyone was done eating their meals everyone started to let loose. I went over to Victoire and gave her a big hug.


"Jesus Victoire," I grabbed her hand with a laugh, "Can your hand breathe under all those diamonds?"

"Oh it's managing just fine," She grinned brightly, wiggling her fingers.

I was in awe, "Ted must be making dough as an Auror."

"It was his grandmothers." She told me before the man of hour came over.

Ted curtsied to me mockingly. "Cousin!"

"I guess we are now." I snorted good naturedly before tugging him over into a hug. "You take care of her." I told him sternly.

He saluted me, and then swept Victoire onto the dance floor.


My face broke out into an unbreakable smile as I watched the pair dance. They looked so incredibly happy, that even Satan himself would be a little amused by the sight. James came over to see with a smirk.

"You know it's a rule that the maid of honor and the best man are expected to dance together." He told me arrogantly.

I rolled my eyes and laughed at him.

"Well favorite cousin have you gotten over you aversion to dancing?"

"It's not an aversion. I just can't follow a beat." I put my hand over my heart feigning sincerity. "I just don't want to slow you down."

He pulled me into a waltz stance all majestically. He look handsome in his tux, it accented his flowing jet-black hair and wide brown eyes. I could see the tableful of girls eyeing him longingly. "Cuz, nothing can slow me down."


James then proceeded to whip me around the dance floor like I was rag doll. I couldn't stop laughing and by the time he dropped me into an overdramatic dip, the whole room was spinning. He ushered me to a table with wide set grin.

"You okay Rosie?"

I nodded clutching the table for reassurance. "Go, be with your women! I must rest…"


It took five minutes for my brain to stop spinning. By the time that happened, I noticed everyone was on the dance floor. I wasn't sad. I was more in a general sentimental mood. I wanted Scorpius to be here, but he couldn't and I had to learn to understand that. Maybe it would be better for us to break up now. I didn't want to think about it. But if it was impossible to convince him to just come with me to a wedding how could we continue a cross continental relationship? He wasn't being ridiculous. It was unrealistic for me to force him to come here, but it was also unrealistic for him to not realize what not coming would mean.


Instead of sulking though I watched as my family overpowered the dance floor with a smile. My mother came over at some point and gave me a kiss before going onto the dance floor with Uncle Charlie. The sight was hysterical, poor Uncle Charlie couldn't follow a beat either. I couldn't tell if it was were I genetically got it from or if he was just so broken from following dragons his whole life that he couldn't move properly.


I got up from my chair, adjusted my yellow dress and walked over to my dad when I stopped dead in my tracks. I was expecting to find my dad, my Uncle Harry and maybe a few other of the male members of the family, I didn't not expect to see Scorpius standing in front of them. I hid behind a pillar, in disbelief. He couldn't be here...This wasn't possible. But he was and listened eagerly.


"Be nice," Harry warned his brother in law sternly, "Hear him out."

"Sir," Scorpius started nervously, "I know what you're nephew has told you and what you've come to believe about me. And I'm not here to tell you that they're all lies. I'm here to tell you that I'm in love with your daughter. And although we both know I'm not even close to being good enough for her." He paused to clear his throat and interlock his trembling fingers. "I want to be with her. If she decides she doesn't want me or doesn't want to be with me that's her choice. I'm not asking for your permission or your approval. I'm just asking that you don't stop us."

Ron Weasley's aging face-hardened as he starred up the much younger man. "What makes you think my opinion would have any weight? My daughter is her own person and has made it clear how she feels about you."

"Yeah," Scorpius laughed under his breath, "But she does value your opinion and I don't want this to come between us. Rose likes to think of relationships in terms of investments-"

"Investment?" His voice cracked slightly. "What do you mean by investment?"

Scorpius raised his hands defensively. "I'm not talking marriage. We're only eighteen."

"I was engaged when I was eighteen." Ron cut him down quickly.

"I …was not aware of that." Scorpius breathed anxiously. "But Rose wouldn't want to get married this young…. My point is, I just want to be able to date her without any interference."

My father hesitated.

"Please sir. I…I don't have that much time left with her."

Then, my uncle gave my dad a dirty look and sighed. Uncle Harry then said, "He's just being difficult. Go find her."

Scorpius's eyes lingered determinedly on my father, willing him to agree.

Eventually my father conceded, "Alright…go."

"Thank you sir!"


Scorpius stepped away from him and then I saw him look around. Looking for me. I leaned against a pillar and crossed my arms.

"Looking for me?" I let out a loud laugh as his arms around way around me like they always did. "Well hello…I don't recall seeing your name on the RSVP list!"

"Yeah, I'm gate crashing."

"You look handsome." I admired his tux slightly impressed.

He grinned, "Well I wouldn't kick you out of bed either Red."

"Why thank you!" I breathed and then glanced at him in amazement. "I'm sorry I'm just ...shocked."

"Why don't we dance?"

I eyed the dance floor. "You sure?"



He locked hands with me and headed me over to the dance floor. I heard a stir among my relatives, but nobody said anything to us. Scorpius wrapped his arms around me formally and I busted out in a fit of laughter. Eventually he joined me, not knowing what the reason for the laughter, but going along with it.


As our laughing calmed down we swayed to the music. I couldn't believe he did that. He stood up to my father and asked his permission. Was that real? Was this real? I couldn't believe it. For a few minutes I just glided gleefully in his arms. I wasn't going to mention the other night, we both silently agreed to let that go and just move on.


The problem was I couldn't move on from what his father had said to me. It was nagging me so incessantly that it was killing me. How could I waste this time? But on the other hand how could I go on another moment without knowing where this was going?


Suddenly the song went slow and I recognized it. No longer could I ignore it. After what he just did with my father "Scorpius?" I wondered aloud.


"I know about your offer," I admitted guiltily.

Scorpius pulled back slowly, his bangs askew. "What offer?"

"The one saying you got into the American Ministry." I revealed quietly. "Your father told me."

He face tightened, but then seconds later it loosened. "… I wasn't sure how to tell you."

"What are we going to do?" I asked in a quiet voice that barely carried over the music. "Is that what's been bugging you?"

"A bit..." His expression grew serious. "What do you want to do?"

"I want to be with you."

"Then," He tugged me closer, pressing his forehead against mine. "Fuck the rest."


Scorpius put a finger to my lips, his eyes agonized. "Let's just worry about that later. Alright?"

I smiled. "Alright."

"I'm sorry for you know…"

I nodded. "Me too."

And then we spent the rest of the night dancing and said nothing more of the future, but only focused purely on the present.


Authors Note:


I know this chapter was a monster, but I'm not mad, because this is exactly what I wanted for the second to last chapter and I hope it was what you wanted! The song in the summary and in the title is Again By: Bruno Mars. Although I listen to the version with him and Natasha Beddingfield. THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! I honestly wouldn't have written this far if it hadn't been for your unwavering support. PLEASE REVIEW!

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