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Safe and Sound by Emilyinlove
Chapter 1 : After The War
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, series, characters, movies, or anything else you may recognize.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! First chapter! EEK! This short story collection is only seven chapters long because the next story starts (which is about the next generation), and so I'm really excited to get that started. That being the case, I'm going to try to post two of these chapters a week, one on the weekend (whatever day I get my lazy butt around to doing it), and one mid-week on Tuesday or Wednesday. So read, enjoy, review and favorite!

Chapter One: After The War

The war was over.

It seemed like I had been waiting forever to hear those four words, and now that they were here, it was a little strange. To think there had actually been a time before the war, a time where I didn't even know what I was, was an even stranger feeling. It had only been a week since the war had officially ended with Voldemort's death, but I felt like I wasn't doing anything of any real importance. Maybe I had just spent too long with the others trying to plan Voldemort's demise that I had forgotten what living a normal life was like.

It was weird.

But I'm guessing you want to know what happened to us after the war ended. I couldn't just leave all of you wondering what happened to me and everyone else. I mean, our lives and stories didn't end with the war and why should they?

So I guess it's time you know some of the things that happened after the war.

The first couple of days were spent just piecing our lives back together. And as simple as that may sound, it wasn't. It was like putting together a puzzle, only to discover there were pieces missing and pieces that you never expected would fit where they do.

One of the main things was that the Ministry was still in shambles. Complete and utter chaos. It was agreed upon that Kingsley Shacklebolt would take over the role as Minister of Magic, seeing as it seemed to be tradition for the Head Auror to take the place of Minister. Even if he hadn't been the head of the Auror department, I was sure he would've gotten the job anyways - there wasn't many Aurors left with as much experience as he had.

Or that wasn't going to kill everyone.

Hermione, Lindsay, Emilie, Harry, the twins and I were all staying at the Burrow while we tried to figure our own lives out. Where we were going to go now that we knew we would live that long. What to do in the immediate future. It was a lot of thinking, and a lot of the time, we ended up just sitting in silence. We had spent the better part of our teen years fighting in this war, whether it was obvious or not. How were we supposed to know what to do now?

I definitely didn't know. I was still trying to accept everything that had happened and how much I had grown in just the two days of the battle.

We were sitting at lunch one day when I happened to glance out the window and see a few dots in the distance, quickly making their way to the Burrow. As the owls got closer, Ginny got up to let them in the house. They gracefully landed in the middle of the table, bearing letters for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Emilie, Lindsay and I.

We all looked at each other in confusion before opening the envelopes.

Dear Emily,

The Ministry of Magic has received intelligence from multiple sources - including my own personal account - that you are one of the many fighters and survivors of the Second Wizarding World War. Every one of these sources has noted your bravery and skill while fighting, and we, the Ministry, have taken note of this.

We would like to invite you to come to the Ministry of Magic at 9 a.m. on May 15 to discuss the many options available to you.

Hoping you are well,

Yours sincerely,

Kingsley Shacklebolt
Minister of Magic

"'Options available to me'?" I repeated. "What does that mean?"

No one seemed to know the answer, but the letters seemed to spark the motivation to get our lives back together. If the Ministry, now under the control of someone we knew and trusted, was getting itself back together this quickly, we should all do the same.

Harry and I decided that no matter what we did, we need to have our own house. Preferably one farther away so that people wouldn't be able to find it, one by the ocean (that was my preference), lots of acreage to roam, and plenty of rooms for guests. Because let's face it, even though we weren't related by blood, we were practically Weasleys.

Fortunately for us, we were able to find that exact house in Bournemouth. It was a smaller town but seemed to be popular with families, senior citizens and young people, but had all sorts of fun things for people of every age.

The house had a winding driveway showing the way to the house on the twenty-five acre lot. The house itself was three levels, the first floor containing the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the laundry room, and all the other main rooms. We decided the second floor would be for our kids and younger guests. The third floor would have our room and more guest rooms. Out back there was a long stretch of lawn, and a two-story boat house that had stairs leading down to our own private dock in the ocean.

It was absolutely perfect.

So we started moving the few things we had in so that we could start living there, at least part-time. Everything else we knew we were going to have to buy, but because I'm freakishly obsessive about how things are arranged and colored, everything had to be perfectly designed. In other words, we weren't moving in until I had at least drawn all the designs and bought the main furniture.

May 15 came up a lot sooner than we had thought it would so everyone got dressed up to go to the Ministry, as we had no idea what this "meeting" was going to be about. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley offered to watch Nadia and Aidan for us, and Andromeda would be watching Teddy, seeing as he was her grandson.

We all Apparated to the Ministry and when we arrived, the Atrium was filled with most, if not everyone, who we had fought alongside in the war that had been in their seventh year or recently graduated.

I smoothed out my high-waisted skirt and took Harry's hand in mine before joining the crowd.

"Thank you everyone for coming," Kingsley said after a few minutes, holding his wand to his neck to amplify his already booming voice. "You have all been invited here to discuss your options as veterans of the war. Being one myself, I saw how most, if not all of you, found so admirably to defend Hogwarts and everyone in it. This is why I am offering you all jobs in our Auror department. Each one of you has different skills and qualities that would make a strong force, and one that this Ministry has not seen for a long time.

"I would like to meet with each of you separately to discuss this further, and see whether you would like to go ahead with the training or not. The first people I'd like to see in my office are Emily Williams and Harry Potter."

We followed Kingsley to his office, leaving behind everyone else to wait for their turn. We sat down in the plush chairs in front of his desk.

"Good to see you both again. How are you?" Kingsley asked.

I looked at Harry and smiled a little. "We're getting better. It's hard to get used to living a 'normal' life, not that we're complaining."

Kingsley smiled. "I know the feeling," he said. "Emily ,we already knew you were going to become an Auror, so if you still want the job, it's yours."

"What, no training?" I asked playfully.

He gave me a look that clearly told me not to be such a smart-ass. We both knew I already had all the knowledge and training I need. "What about you, Harry?"

Harry was stunned. I have little never seen him go so still and look so shocked. The fact that he was practically being handed his dream job seemed to be blowing his mind beyond all comprehension. It made me happy. "S-seriously?"

"Actually, being an Auror would be much too easy for you," Kingsley said, and for a moment Harry looked crushed. Just for a moment though, because Kingsley added, "so I want you to be the Head of the Auror Department."

If I thought Harry was speechless before, I was so wrong.

"Can I expect to see you both at work next Monday morning?"

"Why me?" Harry asked. "Aren't there still other Aurors left who are more qualified?"

"Of course there are other Aurors," Kingsley said. "But none of them have the leadership qualities that you do. When everything started getting bad, you stuck to your guns and even started training the students of Hogwarts to defend themselves. And quite well, might I add. I don't think there's anyone more qualified for the position than you."

We waited for Ron, Hermione to get out of their meeting, and they had both declined for now. Hermione had decided she was going to go back to Hogwarts for a year and look into a career furthering her efforts with S.P.E.W. Ron said he definitely wanted to, but his family had to come first right now. So he was going to help Fred with Weasley's Wizard Wheezes for awhile, just to make sure Fred was okay. Lindsay was going to join him, but also planned on joining the Aurors in the near future. Emilie joined immediately, like us.

We went back to the Burrow, we had decided we were going to relax for a bit before going to do some room painting, but those plans were interrupted when I was who was standing in the living room.

My parents. And it looked like they remembered me.

"Mom! Dad!" I cried, running over to hug them both. Tears were streaming down my face. I hadn't seen them in almost a year now and I had been through so much, so it felt good to hug my mom and dad again.

And I'll be honest - I had been putting off giving them their memories back because I didn't know how to tell them about Nadia and Aidan. Or how to explain why I took their memory in the first place.

When I pulled back and looked at their faces, I knew I was in big trouble.

"I couldn't let you keep putting it off," Adelaide said. "You can't be setting that kind of example for your people - you have responsibilities." And then she Apparated away.

That would be the last time I trusted her with something as important as this.

"Emily. Larissa. Williams," my mother said through gritted teeth. Harry slowly backed out of the room, mumbling some lame excuse about being hungry. I made a rude hand gesture behind my back. "How dare you use your magic against your own family!"

"I was trying to protect you," I said quietly, staring at the ground. "I didn't want to lose any of you in the war and if you didn't remember me, you couldn't be hurt by Voldemort and you wouldn't be sad if I died. Which did happen, by the way, so you should actually be grateful that I'm still alive and well."

"We are your parents, we're supposed to be the ones who take care of you," my dad said in that quiet voice that told me he was livid. "You had no right to make that decision for us."

"If I didn't send you all away, you wouldn't have let me help Harry, and you probably would've been killed," I tried to explain. "This way, we're all alive and now we can put this all in the past and move on."

"Oh no, you're not getting off that easy -"

"Em!" Harry interrupted, walking over with the twins in his arms. "I'm really sorry for interrupting, but Aidan's having a right fit." I took Aidan out of Harry's hands and held him, rocking him back and forth and talking to him in Fairy, which always seemed to calm him down. And today was no exception.

"Emily, whose kids are those?" my dad asked. I glanced over at Harry who grimaced a little, knowing the time to talk had come. The look in my dad's eyes told me he already knew, but didn't want to believe his princess would've been so irresponsible and careless. You could with just one look that these kids were mine because they looked exactly like I did at that age, except for the eyes.

"Mine," I said. "I didn't find out until after I had cast the spell on you guys and by then there was nothing I could do. And I'm not going to apologize because I have nothing to be sorry for. I did what I thought was best and that's all that matters now. Harry and I aren't kids anymore and I don't think we have been for a long time. I mean, we're getting married in less than a year and a half, I'm getting coronated to be a queen before that, and we have our own house now."

It took a lot of convincing but my parents finally gave in and started to grasp the idea that I wasn't a child anymore. This war had changed everyone, and I was no exception. I was no longer just a daughter and a sister. I was a fiancée, a princess, a leader, and most importantly, a mom. And now they had grandchildren they could spoil! A win-win situation if you ask me.

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