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Who are you? by Ambrosia
Chapter 3 : Who are you? Part 3
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Note; if you have already read part 3 of this read it again, I have changed it, I had not realised that I had already wrote a part three so here is the new ( and better) one. :)

If anyone is actually still reading this I am sorry about taking so long to undate. I had a slump. No probs, back now! r/r please!

Part 3

“I... I am..,” he began but he realised that he does not have an answer. He shook his head slightly and took a step away from the girl. Turning his toward the rest of the room, he answers her but at the same time, seems to be talking to himself.
“I don't know.”
There is a slight amount of panic in his voice, which would turn slowly into hysteria if he did stop and sit down. Reaching down to pick up a chair some other student had knocked over, he sat down and placed his face in his hands. The girl just watched him dothis in silence.
Even if she did want to say something she did not know what. What could she say? 'Hi! My name is... well, thats the problem, I don't know but hey, lets trust each other in this emense situation.' Yeah, he would take that well. The funny thing was, she did trust him. She must be losing her mind. She does not even know her own name let alone his!
A voice broke her thoughts and as she lifted her head up, she realised it was the older man, the only adult in the room.
“Well, since I seem to be the only adult here, I would assume that it was my duty to... deal with this matter,” he faltered at these last words, letting the children know that he really knew about as much as the children did. Which was nothing.
“I am going to assume again that no one knows who they are so I think the best thing to do know is go to a hospital. Such an extreme case of amnesia can not be good.”
He turned from the group and went back to the place where he woke up. His desk he supposed, which would mean...
“A classroom!” a voice shouted. Unfortunately for the older man, it was not him who said it. He turned and saw the brown headed boy stalking around the classroom. It reminded him of a detective. He came to a conclusion he did not like that boy.
“We're in a classroom! Which would make sense. Desks, chairs, an older man with loads of youger kids...” He turned to face the older man “You're our teacher.”
“How astute of you. Now sit down and be quiet!”
The boy looked shocked at this and took his seat again, shooking wary glances at their supposed teacher. No, he was their teacher, it was the only plausable explaination. Now, if they could only figure out who they were...
“Snape. Professor Severus Snape. What a funny name...”
“Wait. How..?”
“ID. With a photo. Well, I'm not very good looking am I... It's a license for...”
He stopped before he finished the sentence and looked at the card with disbelief. Those who were paying attention to him, namely the brown headed boy and girl, leaned forward slightly in anticipation. But nothing was forthcoming.
“Well?” another voice said from the back of the room. It was the blonde headed boy, the one who broke the chair in a fit of anger earlier. His voice demanded the answer, letting everyone know in the room that this boy thought very highly of himself. The brown boy found this slightly amusing since he did not actually know who he was thinking highly of.
“This is a license that allows me to use magic...”
“What a bunch of balony! There's no such thing as magic!” The blonde boy again.
Before anyone could answer him, they finally took notice of the room that they were in. Everyone was shocked to silence. Cauldrons, candles, herbs...
“None of this makes sense!” the blonde boy screamed again.
“But it does... We are in a school for magic...”
“That is bull! There's no such thing! It has to be some government experiment, taking away our memories and putting us in an unrealistic situation...”
The boy ran from the wall and picked up a candle, holding it close to his mouth.
“You can't fool me! I'm on to you, with your government experiments! You can't fool Dr...” At these words the boy dropped the candle and took two steps back. A look of confusion had clouded his face. Everyone seemed to shocked to move, knowing what he had almost said. His name.
At last someone spoke. The brown headed girl.
“What is it? Do you remember something?”
“Y... yes. My name. I remember my name...”
“Well?” The girl asked excitedly. “What is it?”
“Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.”
The girl smiled a wide smile. This was something they all needed. A glimmer of hope in the darkness that surrounded them.
The boy with the scar jump off his seat and went up to Draco.
“Draco? Do you remember anything else?”
Draco opened his eyes, which he hadn't even realised were shut and tilted his head to stare at the boy. But instead of meeting his eyes he meet his scar, the flash of lightning across his forehead. An awful feeling filled him and he shook his head. There was almost an audible sigh of disappiontment filled the air. The other boy just walked away, not sure what to do.
Draco just closed his eyes again and took a deep breathe. He didn't tell them. He couldn't. When he looked at that scar he remembered... everything his father had taught him. He knew a chance when he saw one.
It was time for Harry Potter to meet his end because Draco remembered everything...


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