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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 16 : Love and Revenge
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Hi all! I hope you like this chapter. Sirius is just adorable, don't you think?! :)




I watched as Naomi suddenly stood up and left without explanation. When I thought she was out of listening range I muttered that she did care for Lulu more than we all thought. Sirius looked funny at me and warned not to say that to her again. Then, silence took over all of us again. I guess we were all confused by Naomi’s behavior. Sure, she was cold and mean and we knew it, but it didn’t mean that we wouldn’t understand her getting upset about a friend getting killed. Yet, she often reminded us that she did not have any real friends. I knew that she cared for me and Lily but I wouldn’t describe our relationship as true friendship. Yes, we relied on her and told her about our problems but it wasn’t in a “I trust you and want your support” way. It was more of a “I know you have the answer to my problems” way. That was Naomi; she always knew what the best thing to do was in any situation. However, I still expected her to show some kind of emotion at least at the funeral. She had gone through it without a single tear. She had even spoken a few words, reminding us all of how amazing Lulu was. Her voice did not tremble once.




-“What are you thinking about?”- Sirius asked me as we made our way back to Gryffindor’s common room.


-“Naomi, of course. I guess I expected her to be more… human. At least at the funeral”- I told him. He smiled at me.


-“What bothers you more, that she didn’t seem to care for Lulu or that you never know if she truly cares for you?”- he asked. The question took me by surprise. That was one of the things I liked most about Sirius, he always knew what to ask me to make me think. He kind of always knew how to point me in the right direction.


-“I guess that I want her to care for me”- I replied truthfully.


-“Why?”- he enquired. I thought about it again. Okay, I knew now.


-“Because I care for her. I mean, even though she’s a total bitch and I only joined her at first to get revenge for my sister… she’s kind of made her way into me. Which makes no sense at all because, one: she did not want me to care for her whatsoever and two: she’s the most difficult person I’ve ever met”- I explained. Sirius chuckled.


-“I think she’s made her way into all of us. We despise her for how she is, yet we all admire her courage and strength… and we kind of rely on her to give us an answer”- Sirius said. I looked at him, trying to see if he really meant what he said. It turned out that he did.


-“Does that include you? I mean the four of you?”


-“Well, I know that James is fond of her and I think she’s given him some advice Lily-wise, so yeah, James kind of likes Naomi. Remus likes everyone and Peter is fully aware that whenever he has trouble with Hannah it is Naomi who tells Hannah how to solve it, so he kind of thinks he owes her the world”- wow. I was not expecting such an answer. I knew the guys had fun around Naomi, mostly because she always put up a good show by terrorizing other girls or getting into fights; she still had that thing for hexing people who annoyed her. I did not know that she helped them, too. In her own way, of course.


-“What about you?”- I asked. He smiled.


-“I’m just crazy”- he murmured.


-“You can’t fool me. You have feelings for her, don’t you?”- I asked him. We had arrived at the common room already so we sat together on an armchair. I always felt extremely comfortable in Sirius’ arms, like a little girl in his father’s embrace.


-“We had a very similar conversation in this very same chair a month ago”- he recalled. I chuckled.


-“And I warned you about getting involved with such an Ice Queen”- I replied, half joking. Truth is, I was worried for Sirius. I had not failed to notice the way he looked at her, how he watched her every move. What really struck me though was the fact that she seemed to be comfortable around him, more than she did around anyone else. However, she did not stare at him the same way. Fortunately, Sirius had not gone back to that sulky mood he had been in when I confronted him about it a month ago so he was either not so into her or he had just gotten used to the fact that she would never return his feelings.


-“I can’t help it, Rhea”- he sighed. Oh, shit.


-“Wait, are you saying that you do have feelings for her?”


-“Yes”- he replied. Merlin’s pants! Sirius had never ever had feelings for anyone before. Trust me, I would know.


-“Sirius… have you told her?”- he looked funny at me.


-“This is Naomi we’re talking about”- he explained. Right.


-“Yeah, right. What are you going to do?”- I was beyond confused. I was usually able to come up with some good relationship advice, even before I ever had any relationships of my own. This time, however, I was clueless.


-“I’ve been working on it…”- he replied, vaguely.


-“What are you hiding from me!? Sirius Orion Black do not dare leave me out of this! I am your little Rhea for Merlin’s sake”- I exclaimed, annoyed. This year I had not spent that much time with them as I used to, mainly because of Naomi and the whole popularity thing. It was not that I was being left out, it was just that I did not have enough time for them as I did before; thus, I missed some of their pranks and had to catch up on their adventures later on. However, James, Remus and Peter kept me well informed on their lives. I knew James did not like Mia but he thought she was hot and therefore hooked with her every now and then, while he planned the perfect wedding with Lily and thought about their kids names. Remus did like Charlie a lot but he was planning on breaking up with her soon; Halloween was the perfect excuse for him. He always did that, break up before getting too attached. You know, because of his furry little problem. Peter was in love with Hannah. Period. Sirius, however, had been distant. I had not said anything to him because I had been a little distant, too. But, if I was completely honest with myself, it bugged me. I was afraid he’d replace me. After all, he had never had a girlfriend and I performed all the girlfriend duties except the ones that involved physical contact beyond cuddling and pillow wars. Was it possible that now that he felt something for another girl he’d forget about me?


-“RHEA!”- I snapped back to reality and looked at him.




-“What the hell is wrong with you? I’ve been talking to you for a full five minutes!”- he complained. Oops.


-“Sorry, I kind of got lost in thought”


-“What’s bothering you?”- he asked in his sweetest tone. Oh, fuck it.


-“I am afraid that now that you like Naomi you’ll replace me”- I said. He looked as if I had just slapped him.


-“Rhea, you can’t possibly be serious about that”- he said. I realized that he looked rather hurt, and I felt like shit.


-“It’s just that… you know, we haven’t had that much time alone this year… and the others have been keeping me up to date with their lives and stuff, just like we used to… but now… you know, I kind of feel like you are not talking to me that much and… oh I just miss you”- I said.


-“Hey, you will always be my little sister. Do not forget that, please”- he said. I nodded –“It is true that we haven’t talked that much, but I haven’t been talking much to anyone anyway. This whole Naomi thing is so new for me that… I kind of had to figure it out on my own before I told you. I haven’t even told Prongs yet”


-“You haven’t?”- that made me feel better immediately. The only person who found out about Sirius’ issues before I did was James. If he didn’t know, then everything was fine.


-“I haven’t. I mean, he’s asked me about it and all but… when I first realized that I… that there was something there, with Naomi I mean, I denied it. We never talked about it after that”- he explained.


-“Tell me, tell me all about it”- I encouraged him. He sighed, looking defeated.


-“It was almost a month ago. Remember the weekend we went to Hogsmeadge and she hooked up with this weirdo at the pub?”- he asked. Oh hell yeah, I remember that day. I had accidentally told her that Sirius was an animagus and failed to find out if she was one, too.


-“I do… erhm… about that… I kind of… she tricked me into telling her about… you know… the dog thing”- I muttered. He smiled.


-“I know, she told me”


-“Are you mad?”


-“No. Naomi’s an evil manipulative cow; she could have gotten it out of anyone. It’s fine”- he said. I chuckled.


-“I’m sorry anyway”


-“It’s okay, really”


-“Okay, so what happened that night?”- I asked. I was really curious to hear this story.


-“It wasn’t that night; it was the night after that. I knew she was in the library so I waited here for her to come back. It was close to midnight when she finally walked in”- I was surprised at the amount of detail he was putting into the story. I realized it was probably the first time he spoke about this out loud so I prepared myself for the shock that would surely come when he was done. He kept talking –“We talked and she said she was hungry so I offered to take her to the kitchens. We went there, had some dinner and on our way back we heard some Slytherins coming our way. We had to hide in a really… ehm… small place and… you know, one thing led to the other… we kissed”


-“Are you blushing?”


-“NO! Do you want to hear the story or not?”- he said, irritated. I had to suppress a fit of laughter. He was blushing, even though he would never admit it.


-“Yes, sorry, go on. You kissed and then?”


-“When the Slytherins left we kind of broke apart and walked awkwardly back to our rooms… then I realized that I wanted to have her. You must know that at this point I had no idea I had a thing for her, I just thought that… well, it was lust ‘cause she’s hot”


-“Yeah, that makes sense”- it truly did. I mean, Sirius had never felt anything so how would he know? I bet he was damn sure it was just hormones pulling him to Naomi or else he would have avoided her at all costs.


-“So I ran back to the common room determined to go to your room and find her… but it wasn’t necessary ‘cause she’d come back down, too”- he said.


-“She came back down for you?”- that was unexpected. He looked funny at me.


-“Yes, she did”- he replied, slowly.


-“What did she say?”- why did Naomi come back looking for Sirius? I mean, sure she lusted after him, too. Everyone did but… I never thought of Naomi as the type to give up her pride for a shag.


-“She said “this is ridiculous”- he replied. I chuckled.


-“What did you reply?”


-“Makes no sense”


-“Oh my God. You two deserve each other”- I laughed. I could see it in my mind.


-“What’s that supposed to mean?”- he asked, pretending to be hurt.


-“Never mind, you just told me you slept with her but I want to know how you realized you fancied her”- I told him. He sighed.


-“Right, so yeah, it was when she said my name at the end of it. I just… knew. It makes no sense and I’m still not sure of how it happened. Hell I don’t even know if I will ever fully understand it, I don’t know what it is about her but… when she said my name and I was there, and she was so… vulnerable and… mine you know? And I felt this thing inside me that I had never felt before… and it never went away after that night. I… I need to know where she is, make sure she’s okay all the time and I feel intrigued by her and I want to know more about her and talk to her and understand her… and then she annoys me beyond reason and we fight but it’s always okay ‘cause I know we will make up eventually and… this is just confusing, Rhea. I trust her for some odd reason, I feel it’s all right to talk to her and when we do have our moments the world stops turning… and then, I don’t know, have you ever felt like your heart skips a beat? That’s what happens to me if she smiles, which doesn’t happen very often anyway. And… whenever I touch her the world shifts… oh this is so corny and stupid. Never tell anyone I said that”- holy crap. This is worst than I thought. This is catastrophic. SHIT.


-“Sirius… you don’t fancy Naomi”- I said, slowly. I had no idea how he was going to react to this.


-“What do you mean?”- he asked, clearly confused.


-“I… well… you don’t fancy her. You are in love with her”- I whispered. He looked at me for a second, and then lowered his eyes. And then, Sirius Black said the one thing I never thought I would hear from him.


-“Yes, I am in love with her”








I could not believe my luck. The one time, the only time that I had been that close to James Potter in my life and, one, Lewis showed up, two, I liked it. Not Lewis showing up, but being… ehm… tangled up in James’ arms. What the hell was wrong with me? I had a boyfriend for crying out loud! A really stupid, arrogant and annoying one at that, but this was new. Lewis wasn’t like this. At least not that I knew of. Well, now I did so I had to break up with him. Because I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t. Firstly, because I never gave James a chance because he was stupid, arrogant and annoying so I couldn’t just date someone else with those attributes. Secondly, because I did not really like Lewis. Merlin’s pants, Naomi had been right all along. I did fancy James Potter. How had this happened? I mean, I had spent the second and third years of school annoying him purposely, childish thing to do, yes but I was bloody thirteen so I was allowed to be immature. Then, fourth and fifth years I had made a point of avoiding him as much as I could. When that failed, I took a habit of yelling at him. Sixth year had been a mixture of yelling, glaring and some hexing, too. We were two months and one week into Seventh year and I had not only been friendly with him, played chess with him one night and sat at the Three Broomsticks with him (and more people, of course) but I fancied him.




I groaned and launched myself on the bed. I shut my eyes and prayed that I’d fall asleep but after a full ten minutes I realized this was absolutely pointless. My mind was a complete chaos and I wouldn’t be able to sleep unless I got some help. I knew I couldn’t talk to Jo and Meg about this, Naomi was right about them, too. They were nice and really good friends of mine but they were not the brightest people alive. Rhea was James’ little sister, I couldn’t tell her. Not yet. I couldn’t risk her telling him; I trusted Rhea but she had helped him kidnap me a couple times. I groaned again upon realization that the only person I could really talk to was Naomi. Furthermore, not only was she the only one capable or rational and logic thought about James Potter, but also the only one I actually felt like talking to. When had this happened? God, the universe had a hell of a sense of humor. I was infatuated with the idiotic arrogant bastard I’d spent the past six years of my life hating and I wanted to talk about it to a girl who did not believe in love. Scratch that last bit; I wanted to talk about it to a girl who did not have a freaking heart!




I stood up and left the room, determined to find Naomi and put an end to this confusion. However, just when I was about to step in the common room I heard Rhea talking to someone.


-“I… well… you don’t fancy her. You are in love with her”- she whispered. I knew that eavesdropping on people wasn’t right, but curiosity took the best of me. I stayed where I was and listened. 


-“Yes, I am in love with her”- Sirius Black said.


-“Sirius… Sirius… Oh!”- Rhea murmured. I had no idea what was going on, but I was sure of one thing. If Sirius Black was in love it could only mean that the world had definitely turned upside down.


-“I know, right?”- I couldn’t see them from where I was standing but my mind created the picture for me. I saw Sirius’ face contorted in a half smile that was too sad for me to just stay there still.


-“I’m so sorry… I was coming down…”- I said, walking in the common room. Both their heads turned immediately. Sirius paled considerably.


-“Did you hear us?”- he asked, anxiously.


-“Yeah… not much though… I… I don’t know who you were talking about”- I could have lied and said that I did not hear them, but if I was going to become friends with The Marauders, and yes, I had to if I wanted to make things work between James and I, honesty was in order.


-“Lily, you can’t tell anyone”- Rhea told me. I sat on a couch in front of them.


-“You know I won’t”- I said, solemnly. Sirius looked doubtful.


-“Promise?”- he asked. Wow, he was really worried. Lost. I thought Sirius Black was the only person in the world who could not lose his pose. Ugh, no, that’s not true. Sirius and Naomi were the only two people who… who… Oh My God.


-“Merlin’s pants, it’s Naomi, isn’t it?”- I whispered. If the situation wasn’t as dramatic as it was I would have laughed at Sirius’ eyes popping out of their orbs so much he looked like the cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid.


-“You said you didn’t hear much”- he said, bitterly. I looked at him in the eye.


-“Hey, I know we’ve never really been friends but you should know that Lily Evans doesn’t like lying”- I told him. Rhea nodded.


-“How do you know, then?”- he enquired. Rhea sighed.


-“It is not that hard, if you think about it, Sirius”- she said. I smiled sweetly at him.


-“I just put two and two together, Sirius. You and Naomi keep annoying each other, you seem to get along pretty well despite all the hating each other charade and…”- I realized that all I had said in that sentence was a lie. I mean, it wasn’t a lie; it was all true but that wasn’t how I had known, so I corrected myself –“Actually no, I mean, that’s true but… I knew because you two are perfect for each other. If there was a girl in the world who could tame the untamable Sirius Black that would be the equally untamable Naomi Ivy”


-“Great”- he groaned. I looked at Rhea pleading for her to step in and help me here. I really did not know Sirius at a personal level.


-“It will be all right, Sirius”- she said, vaguely.


-“That is so not true”- he complained. I sighed.


-“Have you told her?”- I asked. Rhea looked funny at me; Sirius just threw his arms up in the air in desperation.


-“Of course, and then she started dancing and singing and said she loved me too”- he replied, sardonically.


-“Okay, wrong question. Sorry”- I apologized. Come to think about it, this was Naomi we were talking about, after all.


-“No, I’m sorry”- he said, dramatically.


-“I… Sirius I don’t know what to say”- Rhea muttered, defeated. Sirius looked terribly troubled so I did the only thing I could do. I gave him the truth. Brutal, cruel and irrefutable truth.


-“Look, Sirius… I know you think you’re screwed and I’m not gonna lie to you; you are screwed because this is Naomi we’re talking about. But there is still hope, and I mean it. You thought you would never fall in love and you have…”- I said.


-“Right…”- he wasn’t buying it. Oh, to hell.


-“This year I’ve seen more incredible things happen than in my entire life! Narcissa Black is a nobody in Hogwarts, Rhea has gone out with two people, no offense”


-“None taken”- she replied, pleading me to go on with her eyes. Sirius actually looked like he really was listening to me, so I went on.


-“The school’s society rules changed dramatically in two weeks, we’ve been recruited by the Order of Phoenix… you have fallen in love when even you thought that impossible… and I’ve just recently come to terms with the fact that I… well…”- I hesitated. Did I really need to help this bloke out so badly to voice my oh so terrible secret? Was he so desperate? Was it really worth it?


-“None of that is that impossible. Maybe the last bit about me falling for someone but… you know, I was never as bad a lost cause as Naomi is”- he replied. I looked at him and, for once, I understood why all girls in the school were crazy about him. There was something about his deep, grey eyes that got me. More than that, it was how much he could transmit with a simple look. Yes, he was that hurt. He was that lost, that desperate. He had lost hope and me, being the ridiculously good hearted girl that I was, had to give some hope back to him.


-“Look, if I can fancy the crap out of James Potter sure as hell Naomi can fancy you”- there, I said it. And, much to my surprise, it did not feel so bad. Not at all.


-“What did you just say?”- Rhea looked at me as if I had slapped her. Sirius just stared at me so intently I thought I would spontaneously combust.


-“I fancy James”- I repeated, slowly. The more I said it, the better it felt.


-“You are not saying that just to make me feel better right?”- Sirius asked rather anxiously.


-“I’m saying it because I mean it. Actually, the reason I was coming down the stairs and accidentally heard you is that I was looking for Naomi to tell her I had just realized I really like James”- I confessed. I could feel my cheeks burning as I watched Rhea’s face light up in the brightest smile she’d ever given. However, that was not nearly as touching as what happened next. Sirius Black stood up and ran to me, lifted me and hugged me.


-“Thank you. Thank you Lily Evans. Thank you! I love you!”- he yelled. I started laughing and Rhea joined in, too.


-“I guess this makes us friends”- I ventured as he put me down again. He grinned at me.


-“More than that! I’m gonna be your best man at the wedding!”- he said. I laughed. Okay, that scared me a little bit but to hell with fear, I was a Gryffindor, after all, wasn’t I?




We sat there for two more hours, and I was surprised to learn that Sirius was much more than pranks, detentions and arrogance. Yes, he did have a huge ego but nobody’s perfect. We talked about Naomi and James, and planned things. In the end, I went to bed feeling rather happy. Rhea climbed on to hers and smiled at me before shutting her curtains. My last thought before I fell asleep was that I could not waste more time. I had to break up with Lewis and make things right. Something told me that me getting with James was going to give Sirius some courage to confront Naomi about his feelings. It would be all right.




I woke up feeling strangely happy. I got in the shower and, for once, I felt like really taking care of myself the way Naomi did.


-“Naomi?”- I called her after I was dressed. She came in the bathroom.


-“What’s up?”- she asked.


-“I need your help”- I said. She looked at me funny.


-“With what?”


-“I need to look really good today”- I said, grinning. She raised an eyebrow but said nothing. She took a couple creams and handed them to me.


-“This is for the area below your eyes, this you apply to the rest of your face. This one is for your hands”- she explained. I smiled and began to apply them as instructed. She stayed there, watching me.


-“Well, are you not going to ask me why I’m using your creams?”- I teased her. The smirk that appeared in her lips scared me.


-“I know”- she replied somewhat arrogantly. It annoyed me.


-“How would you know?”


-“I am very perceptive. Too much, sometimes”- she replied. Merlin, this girl was way too confident for her own good.


-“Really? So? Enlighten me”- I said.


-“You have finally accepted what I’ve been telling you all along”- she replied, simply. I smiled.


-“Any bitter comments?”- I asked.


-“Not this time. James and you are meant to be together”- the sincerity of that statement struck me so strongly that I dropped the cream jar I was holding. That was so not Naomi-like.




-“I know. If you ever tell anyone I’ve been this nice to you Snape’s tentacles last week will look like a joke compared to what I’ll do to you”- there is was, the Naomi I knew again. How could she do it? It was a total mystery how she managed to go from all sweet and nice to Ice Queen in a second. Actually no, she never went to all sweet and nice. Come to think about it, even when she said nice things, that is, once in a century, her eyes were still cold as the Antarctica.


-“I won’t tell anyone. But thanks”- I replied. She nodded.


-“You better make it work”- she said.


-“I’ll do my best”- I promised. And I meant it.




We sat at our usual spot at Gryffindor table. I looked around nervously but the Marauders were not in yet. Meg and Jo sat across me, Naomi to my side and Rhea next to Naomi. I noticed Meg had not sat where she was supposed to, which was extremely rare.


-“Meg, what’s up?”- I asked her. She looked at me, slightly pale.


-“Nothing, nothing why?”- she replied a little too quickly.


-“You’re not sitting where you should”- Naomi said. Meg looked positively terrified.


-“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry I was lost in thought”- she apologized profusely.


-“What did Dom do?”- Naomi asked. I looked at her. This girl had definitely not idea what subtleness was about.


-“Nothing, he’s fine”- Meg replied, vaguely. She raised an eyebrow.


-“Don’t try to lie to me”- she spat, irritated.


-“I don’t wanna talk about it, okay?”- we all stared at her in shock as she stood up and stormed out of the Hall. No one, and I mean, no one but Sirius had ever spoken to Naomi like that ever. She looked beyond murderous.


-“Jo, you better give me a good explanation or else Meg is facing a death sentence”- she said bitterly. Jo looked appalled.


-“She won’t talk about it. Not even to me. I don’t know what’s wrong with her but she’s spent the last two nights crying herself to sleep in her bed. And no, it’s not Dom. I’ve talked to him and they are still dating and happy. He’s even taking her to his house to meet his parents over Christmas”- she explained.


-“Has anything… you know… happened to anyone in her family?”- Rhea asked. I felt nauseated. I could not take another loss so soon. Not two days after Lucinda’s funeral. I did not really know the girl but I was too empathic and it had affected me more than I would have thought.


-“Find out, soon”- Naomi commanded. Jo nodded and left after Meg. I bit my lip.


-“Naomi… you know Meg worships you. She must have a very, very good reason to say that to you”- I told her. She glared at me.


-“Don’t forget she’s a minion. I can dispose of her whenever I want and for whatever reason I find suitable”- she said, coldly.


-“Morning!”- we looked up at the same time to see all four Marauders take a seat where our two friends had been a few seconds ago.


-“Hello!”- Rhea replied enthusiastically, trying to disguise the gloomy mood we were all in.


-“What’s wrong with you?”- Sirius asked Naomi. Oh, now that I knew I couldn’t help but notice the way he looked at her. He did love her, no doubt.


-“Nothing”- she replied flatly.


-“Right”- he retorted. She glared at him.


-“I’m not in the mood for your idiotic behavior”- she spat. He chuckled.


-“When are you ever in the mood for anything?”- he teased her. She raised an eyebrow.


-“Don’t start it”- James cut in. I looked at him, surprised. Usually he enjoyed Naomi and Sirius fights more than anyone. He found them incredibly amusing.


-“What’s wrong?”- I asked him. He looked at me. I felt Rhea’s and Sirius’ gaze on me and the heat on my cheeks that told me I was about to blush. Shit.


-“There’s a Quidditch match tonight, in case you have all forgotten. I need my players to save their energies”- he replied, matter of factly. Right, we had forgotten. With all the Lucinda thing going on I had not had time to think about Quidditch. Not that I thought much about it anyway.


-“Oh, I had totally forgotten about that”- Hannah said, sitting next to us.


-“Morning honey”- Peter greeted her. She smiled sweetly at him.


-“You will be there, right? I mean, to cheer for us?”- James asked.


-“Of course we will”- Naomi replied. I smiled.


-“But we have practice with Walter”- I remembered all of a sudden.


-“I’ll take care of that”- Naomi said.


-“Thanks”- I muttered. James looked at me funny.


-“Who is it against?”- Hannah asked.


-“Ravenclaw”- Rhea replied, drinking from her juice –“Easy”


-“You better make it worth it”- Naomi said. Sirius looked at her as if he’d just slapped her.


-“Right, because you know so much about Quidditch”- he said, sardonically. James rolled his eyes.


-“As a matter of fact, I do”- she replied nonchalantly. We all stared at her.


-“Are you serious?”- James asked her. And then, for some odd reason, the world went even crazier that it had already. Naomi Ivy, the very same person who’d spoken of Meg as a tissue she could dispose of any time, made a joke. A JOKE.


-“No. He is”- she said. There were a two seconds of silence before everyone burst out laughing. Yeah, it was a pretty old joke and it wasn’t that funny anymore but hearing Naomi say it was too surrealistic to keep it quiet.


-“That’s a hundred years old”- Sirius complained when he managed to stop laughing.


-“I know”- she replied, flatly. I whipped away the tears of laughter and stood up. It was time for class and I still was Head Girl.


-“We’re going to be late”- I announced.






I had a free period that first hour so I went to see Walter and tell him we wouldn’t be there that evening. I knocked on the door and waited for him to invite me in. He was busy with some paper work, so I sat and waited for him to be finished. As I sat there, I thought about the morning. I was slightly annoyed and I had no idea why. I should be happy. I mean, Rhea was dating Mark and it seemed to be going rather well. And Lily had, finally, accepted the fact that she liked the crap out of James. The Meg thing did not affect me at all. She was a minion, I did not care for her whatsoever. What was it that was bugging me? No matter how much I tried to figure it out, I had no idea so I dropped and, instead, I recalled the past two months. It was the sixth of November, which meant that I had been at Hogwarts for two months and a week. Many things had happened in that time, the most important of all me becoming attached to Lily and Rhea and, well, Sirius. Actually, that wasn’t completely true. I was fond of the Marauders. All four of them. Sure I did not care for them that much but it was nice to have them around. Then I thought about Lulu and how sick I had got when I considered the possibility of something happened to my two girl friends. It sucked. It sucked because it was too late for me to not care about them and that meant that losing any of them would mess me up more than losing Lulu had. Fortunately, I did not have much time to dwell on such dark thoughts as Walter finally spoke to me.

-“Naomi, I was wondering when you’d show up in my office”- he said.

-“Well, I had nothing to say to you before”- I replied. He smiled.

-“How are you doing?”- he asked.


-“Good to hear”- he nodded.

-“I am here to inform you that we won’t be coming to practice tonight”- I told him. He smiled.

-“Quidditch match, huh?”


-“I figured. Don’t worry; I was planning on cancelling anyway. I need to go to York this afternoon”- he told me. I looked at him. His eyes narrowed slightly and I caught a glimpse of concern in them. My gut cringed and I knew.

-“You found them, didn’t you?”- I said. He nodded, solemnly.

-“There’ll be in Azkaban before the sun’s down”- he promised.

-“I want to come with you”- I proclaimed. He paled considerably.

-“You can’t”- his statement was firm, but so was my determination.

-“You’ve made the mistake of telling me where you’re going. I’m coming, whether you allow me to or not”- I spat.

-“Your father won’t be happy”- he replied. I took in a deep breath to try and calm myself. My palms were sweaty and I could feel the anger building up in my body. I was getting my revenge and there was nothing, absolutely nothing Walter could do to stop me.

-“I don’t give a shit”- I snarled. He stood up.

-“You’re under age!”- he tried. I smirked.

-“I’m not. And even if I was, you know I could do magic outside the school. It was you who got me the permission”- I reminded him. His shoulders shrugged and his arms fell to the floor. He looked defeated.

-“Naomi, it’s dangerous. You are not prepared and you know better than anyone that we never let aurors come to missions when there are personal reasons involved”- he told me. He was right. I knew. Dad had not been allowed to go after the ones who killed mom. He had never forgiven himself for not taking them down with his own hands and I knew it.

-“You know my father never forgave himself or you for not letting him go after them”- I spat.

-“He could have been killed! And then what? You would have been an orphan”- he attacked me. I stood up. The rage took the best of me and I completely lost it.




-“Naomi, calm down”- he tried to steady himself, realizing that this was hurting me. However, I was past the point of no return.


-“GETTING THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT BRING YOUR MOTHER BACK DAMN IT!”- his eyes widened in shock upon realization of what he had just said. I stared blankly at him, all my rage gone, vanished, evaporated.

-“You know, that was not a nice thing to say”- I slowly turned around. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was Sirius standing there, given that he’d grown a habit of following me around. However, I sure as hell did not expect Remus Lupin to be there, looking at me with an apologetic look in his eyes and shooting murderous glares in Walter’s direction.

-“What are you doing here?”- Walter asked him.

-“I was going to the library and heard you yelling, I had no idea who it was and I’m a prefect”- he explained. I wanted to die. Literally. I had never told anyone about this, I did not want anyone to know.

-“I am sorry, Naomi. I really shouldn’t have said that”- Walter apologized. I glared at him.

-“Don’t, just don’t”- I said, standing up and walking towards the door. Remus moved away and I exited.

-“Naomi, wait”- he called after me after a few steps. I did not stop but, of course, he caught up with me and walked beside me.

-“If you ever tell anyone about what you just heard I will murder you. And believe me, I will”- I told him.

-“I am really good at keeping secrets”- he replied. I looked at him.

-“You better be”- I spat.

-“Listen, I will not tell anyone, I promise… but if you need to talk…”- he ventured. I snorted.

-“Ha, like it will make me feel any better”- I said. Thank Merlin he did not pick up on the fact that I had just admitted I was feeling something. But again, this was my mother we were talking about. The whole reason I stopped feeling in the first place.

-“Sometimes, it does”- he said.

-“Drop it”- I warned him. He shrugged.

-“Where did you want to go, anyway?”- he asked.

-“Remus, listen, you’re kind of a nice bloke and I don’t really feel like hexing you but if you don’t leave me alone this very second, I will”- I said. He sighed and when I turned the next corner he did not follow me. Wise move.


I let my feet take me to the only place I wanted to be. The music room was empty, thank Merlin. I locked the door and almost ran to the piano. I sat, opened it and played. I had not planned or thought about what I wanted to play, it just came to me. I lost myself in the music. I forgot the world, forgot about my icy cocoon, about my new found friends, about my confusing feelings, about absolutely everything. And I thought about my mother. As I played the songs she had thought me so long ago the memories of her filled my mind. I had made a point of keeping only the good ones. We had had our fights; she had given me detention for being a naughty child, just like any mother did. Those were good memories too. The only ones I had banned from my brain were the last ones. The ones of her bloody, still body lying on our living room’s floor. Those did not come. All I thought about was her smile, her singing voice, her amazing cooking skills, her warmth. I played until I lost track of time. Then I played until I ran out of songs. Then I played until I had replayed ever song I knew. Then I played more, improvising. I played until my fingers refused to respond to me anymore.


-“Naomi, are you coming?”- Lily asked rather anxiously.

-“Go ahead, I really fancy a cigarette. I’ll join you down there”- I told her. She nodded and left. Everyone had already gone down to the grounds to watch the Quidditch match. I, however, did not take said cigarette. Instead, I took my cloak and checked that I had my wand in my pocket.

I made my way up to the boy’s room in silence, making sure that there was no one there before I took another step up. I pushed open the door to the Marauder’s room and felt revolted. These boys lived in a true mess. I had no time for such nonsense though. I conjured James’ invisibility cloak but it did not come to me. I groaned and began searching for it manually. I found it at the very bottom of his trunk. I put it over me and left Gryffindor Tower. I ran past the Quidditch pitch and towards the edge of the grounds. I knew that apparating in and out of Hogwarts grounds was impossible so I had to make sure I was out of bounds before I did it. Once I felt confident that I was far away enough, I drew my wand out.




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