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Building Dollhouses In The Sand by daliha
Chapter 8 : Chapter Seven
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Chapter Seven

                It wasn't until Halloween morning that Katherine would receive an answer. She sat at the Gryffindor table Angelina (whose moodiness had faded) and Alicia whom kept giving her advice for her 'date' with Michael.

                “Remember just smile even if the joke's pathetic” said Alicia fixing Katherine's neat ponytail.

                “Alicia!” snapped Angelina removing her hand from Katherine's hair. “Honestly she looks fine!” Katherine though had a faint green tinge on her cheeks as she nodded.

                “Now remember when you get back we want details!”

                Lee snorted “I don't” he pointed at the three girls with his fork “now please I'm trying to finish this delicious meal that the house-elves have slaved over!” The twins nodded on either side of him.

                “Now Katherine behave yourself!”

                “Shut up Fred!” Katherine was already pink causing Fred to smile at his own comment, and before she could retort a large barn owl swooped over her dropping a sealed envelope. She felt her hands become numb as she saw the handwriting on the envelope:

To Katherine L. Rowle

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Great Hall, Gryffindor Table

                “I've got to go!” Katherine stood up her as if someone had set her seat on fire “if Michael comes I'm in the Entrance Hall!” She shot out of the hall causing for some people to give her weird stare or even giggle as she ran by.

                Once in the sanctity of the Entrance Hall she ripped the letter open her heart thumping against her chest loudly. Her hands began to shake slightly as she read the letter.

Dear Katherine,

I am quite delighted that you have written me, if I do say so it took you quite a while.

But on to more pressing manners. I have heard you have a Hogsmeade weekend and I believe you do know where the Three Broomsticks is located. Meet me there at four, just ask Madam Rosmerta for the private parlor R.S.V.P by Pierre Delacroix or just say the Frenchmen.

I look forward to meeting you,

Pierre Delacroix

                Katherine felt her heart sink.  How would she explain this to Michael? Better yet how was she supposed to escape from him?

 “I suppose I'll wing it” she thought shaking her head in defeat her eyes scanned the paper over various times. Finally someone would answer her questions; maybe just maybe...he'd even have a picture of her. Just the thought was enough to make her smile.

                “Katherine!” she turned now facing Michael who a smile, behind him were Roger Davies and their keeper Matthew Clarke each of them holding a girls hand. Roger whistled with a smile tugging at his lips “well Michael I still can't believe it.” She glared at him as his new 'girlfriend' giggled; Katherine stuffed the letter into her pocket.

                “Shut up Roger” said Michael placing a sloppy kiss on her forehead causing. “Let's go the carriages are outside” he pulled Katherine with him holding her hand as she smiled. 

After they went through Filch's inspection (which was done by eying them suspiciously and sniffing them which causing Matthew Clarke's girlfriend to almost run away) the couples boarded the horseless carriage. “Well I think it's time for introductions” began Roger lifting his girlfriend’s hand.

                “This is Caitlin Jones” the girl had short curly brown hair, brown eyes and lightly freckled skin. She waved as Roger turned to Matthew.

                “Well, this is Andrea Pratt” the blonde smiled politely at Katherine as her blue eyes turned to Michael.

                “Your turn.”

                “I'm Katherine Rowle” said Katherine tucking a piece of her black hair behind her ear, Micheal smiled at her.

                “Well now we all know each other-”

                “You're a Gryffindor right?”

                Katherine turned to Caitlin and gave her a small nod “wow...weird with that last-”

                “Yes, weird. I know” snapped Katherine before the girl could finish her sentence; she probably had family in the ministry that knew of her father still that gave her no right to bring up the subject. Despite the outburst the rest of the ride went by pleasantly, they even had a good laugh courtesy of Roger Davies.

                Katherine couldn't help but smile even though she knew later during the day she'd have to disappoint Michael.

                “Well here we are!” he said helping get out of the carriage, surprisingly Roger and Matthew had already run off with their dates towards the opposite direction. “Well I guess Roger's just dying to screw her.”

                Katherine scoffed “Michael that's disgusting actually no it's revolting” he laughed causing her to slap him on the shoulder.

                “Oh Kat it was just a joke, c'mon let's go to Honeydukes I heard they were trying out a new kind of fudge” he looked as if he was savoring the taste of it already.  

She smiled as they walked towards the sweet shop. Inside the crowded shop the couple bought a couple of sweets and walked out again wandering down the roads of the village. Michael pulled out a small piece of fudge “this is good fudge.”

Katherine nodded in a couple of hours  she’d have to meet up with Pierre. Now that she thought about it, she was about to meet up with a complete stranger. “He’s not a stranger” she thought as Michael pulled her into another shop. “Selina’s interviewed him before…”

“So what do you think?” he held up two quills. One was an elegant black quill, while the second one was a short electric blue quill with white tips.  He held them up moving them around as if they were floating.

“Well I like the blue one” said Katherine forced out of her own thoughts. “Even though it’s a bit flashy” she took the black one from Michael.

“This one looks like the kind of quill our grandfathers used.”

Michael put the blue quill back in its place. “It’s settled then, I’m getting you the black one-” Before Katherine could protest he walked away towards the counter.  She smiled, Angelina was right, Michael was sweet.

She entertained herself with the quills near the window. Outside students walked up and down the streets in small groups. One of the small groups stood in the middle of the street, they spoke to a tall, handsome man. He wore dark green robes and spoke to the students in what looked like a kind manner.

“Pierre?” she whispered to herself. It had to be him, his gestures were so familiar. His presence was just another reminder that she’d soon have to leave Michael.

“Sorry for the wait” he grabbed her hand holding up the bag that contained the quill “but here it is…how about we take a walk?”

Katherine nodded as they left the shop she took one last glance at the Healer.  

                They walked down the streets of Hogsmeade weaving in and out of the crowd. Michael only smiled as he lead Katherine down a streets where the crowd was pretty thin. “This way” he whispered pulling her into a small alleyway. Katherine felt the heat rise up onto her cheeks.


He pushed against a wall an impish smiling tugging at his lips, she looked up at him her hands playing with the collar of his shirt. “I love it when you do that” he whispered leaning towards her pulling her as close as their bodies would allow them.


                “Really?” asked Katherine playfully now standing one her toes leaving only inches between their faces, Michael laid his forehead against hers his hands playing with her back. Katherine closed her eyes. It felt strange the sudden shivers that caused her hairs to stand the warm touch of his lips against her neck.

                Strange...but exciting...his hands crept their way down her back and his lips met hers. Katherine couldn't help but feel anxious as the rhythm of his kissing intensified along with his hands.

                “Michael...stop” she whispered opening her eyes as he kissed her neck only grunting in response. “Michael!” she said in a higher tone this time catching his attention. His face was a rosy sort of color “Michael?”

                “Katherine, sorry got caught up” he smirked pressing himself onto to her “it's you know it's what a girl like you does to a guy like me.”

                She blushed but brought her brows together “Michael...please stop it” her voice was low. “Katherine be normal just kiss's alright” thought the raven-haired witch as her boyfriend took a step back.

                 “Sorry it's just-”

                “No Michael I'm sorry it's just you and I-”

                “It's been too short a time I know” he began taking her hand giving her a weak smile “but I promise I'll be gentle when the time comes.” She nodded turning from him unable to explain her sudden fear. 

                “I've got to go I promised Angie I'd help her get a new robe” whispered Katherine lying through her teeth. The truth was she needed to get away from him now. It was all too confusing to deal with. Wasn't she supposed to like having him against her? Wasn't she supposed to egg him on?

                “Really but why today I thought-” his voice sounded disappointed.

                “Sorry but I...I'll make up to you” she smiled at him slowly backing away from the alley. He rolled his eyes as she gave him a weak smile turning her back on him running down the road hoping not find anyone she knew. 

                “Katherine!” he called but she ignored it knowing the second she turned back it would all be over.


                The Three Broomsticks came into view as she stood fixing her before going in. As usual the place was crowded with Hogwarts students having Butterbeer and chatting away with their friends. She pushed through the crowd going up a tall beautiful who was currently taking a student’s order.

                “Er...Madam Rosemerta?”  She said the witch turned facing her with a small booklet in hand.

                “I'm looking for Mr. Delacroix” began Katherine feeling foolish for asking though Madam Rosemerta smiled, and pointed to a door in the back.

                “Open that door dear and up the stairs first door to your left.”

                Katherine nodded, and muttered a small thank you before head towards the door. Her heart felt as if had crawled up into her throat, each step got harder than the last. Finally she'd get answers...she'd ask the question that she could never ask Egil.

                She opened the door slowly revealing a small room. It had one round table which contained two chairs a fireplace and from what Katherine saw a window with and nice view towards the mountains.

                “Katherine its pleasure to see you cheri, you're early.”

                She blinked there was the handsome Frenchman holding a glass with a red bubbling liquid. Katherine walked and shut the door behind her simply staring at him. He signaled her with his hand to sit “it's alright,” Pierre smiled kindly as Katherine sat down nervously looking around the room.

                “You've grown up a bit.”

                Katherine nodded “um...Monsieur-”

                Pierre coughed almost choking on his drink “heavens no Katherine! J-just Pierre” he shook his head “I’m tired of titles, besides Egil and I were friends. It would be an insult to his memory.”


                “It's alright dear” Pierre laid down his glass waiting for Katherine to speak.

                “Pierre who were the Prewetts?” she asked placed her hands on the table.

                He titled his head curiously “well they were brothers, twins actually” he said “though I wonder where you heard that name?”

                “Read it” Katherine spoke quickly “it was in her journal, Egil left to me though there a bunch of ripped out pages” she looked up into Pierre's calm face “in the front of the journal it said it was given to her by the Prewetts.”

                He looked like he had an internal debate though he spoke as calmly as ever “those boys were Gideon and Fabian Prewett” he took a sip from his glass “both of them extremely talented wizards and Quidditch players.” Pierre put down the glass “they had a sister named Molly, but yes they were best friends with your mother.”

                Katherine couldn't help but smile a bit as he went on “the three of them were always together,  I never knew how Gideon made it to Head Boy status the three of the were pretty troublesome especially young Elizabeth.”

                She laughed smiling excited “my mother was a troublemaker? Really Pierre?” she shook her head “you're kidding.”

                Pierre chuckled “yes she liked to prowl around the castle at night, and usually got caught by Filch, and lovely Mrs..Norris” he watched Katherine whose eyes who solely focused on him like a child when being told a bed time story “ but besides that she got top grades except in Potions and Astronomy”  he sighed “I met her through Potions I used to tutor her for it.” 

                Pierre watched Katherine wearing a thoughtful look. “What else have you read in your mother's journal?”

                “Nothing just that...and that she wasn't too fond of my father” Katherine put her on her legs “but they managed to fall in love didn't they?” She watched him press his lips together “I mean at some point beyond Hogwarts of course...”

                Pierre's elegant features suddenly melted away replaced by a look of disgust “ahh yes...Katherine I'm afraid that I can't talk to you about that...”

                “Why not?” yelled Katherine standing “something must have happened between them otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here!”  She clenched her fists “you're hiding something aren't you?! I'm not stupid!”

                “Now Katherine that thought has never crossed my mind” he spoke calmly “I imagine you know your parents never married.”

                Katherine nodded her features relaxed as she slowly took her seat. 

                “Good” he said finishing his firewhiskey “would like some Butterbeer?”

                She shook her head pressing on “why didn't they marry?”

                “The war was going” responded Pierre “hardly anyone married, I didn't though I had my son Antoine” his hazel eyes lost their spark for a moment as he stared into his glass.

                Katherine stared at the man he smiled weakly at the glass she opened her mouth to speak but kept quiet instead. “Her name was Lenore Patterson she was half French like myself, beautiful young woman” he said with a smile “she always was with young Egil.”

                “I'm sorry Pierre..”

                “Don't be my dear child, what's important is that I have Antoine” he smiled suddenly brightly “he looks just like her too, bless him. He's about your age though he attends Beauxbatons.”

                “The French school?”


                Pierre turned to the window the sun had begun to set “it's getting late Katherine, dementors will be stationed soon” he said standing “I'll walk you back to school.”

                Katherine stood shaking her head “I can walk myself it's alright Pierre...but thank-”

                “Nonsense, besides it'll give us time to talk after all you asked me questions but I haven't asked you anything” she stared at him curiously as he walked towards the door. Katherine smiled walking outside with the man.

                Their walk was pleasant as Katherine expected though she never thought such a well-respected figure could be fun. He spoke of anecdotes from his Hogwarts days, of his son (whom he was already planning to have Katherine meet over the summer) and was often stopped by different witches and wizards.

                They stopped at the school gates “well Katherine it was a pleasure” he said pulling her in to a hug. For a moment it felt awkward but once she got used to the warm feeling Katherine couldn't help but hug him back though only briefly.

                “Er..It was nice to see you too Pierre.”

                “If you need anything owl me” he said with a hand on her shoulder “and I won't hesitate to come.”  Nodding she waved a good-bye as he walked off the grounds back towards the village.

                Back inside the castle the students had begun to prepare for the Halloween feast though it was at least an hour away. Katherine made her way back to the Gryffindor Tower in hopes of changing out of the dress into something a bit more comfortable.

                She felt something against her leg and looking down she noticed a squashed faced cat. It fur was sort of yellow and its tail fluffy. “You're Hermione's cat the one George's brother is always moaning about” said Katherine as the cat looked up at her “you know you're one weird looking cat...”


                “Fortuna Major”

                The portrait swung open allowing her in the cat at her feet “go away” said Katherine turning towards it though the cat just stood still. Katherine walked away deciding to leave the odd cat if that 'thing' was a cat at least to Katherine it looked like an over grown fluff ball.

                She opened her trunk and pulled off the dress throwing it onto her bed, Katherine pulled out a pair of dark trousers and a matching jumper. “I can't believe I wore that ridiculous dress” she whispered pulling on her trousers and jumper deciding she'd leave the dress on Angelina's bed after all she was its rightful owner.  “Now where are those trainers...” Katherine was on her knees looking under her bed, she saw a pair reaching for them she heard something scratch the door.

                Annoyed she stood up and walked towards the door, it was once again that awful cat. “You know I'm really starting to like Mrs. Norris” Katherine picked up the cat which surprisingly stayed in her arms as she walked down the spiral steps her curtain like hair catching the cat attention. “Don't you dare you stupid hairball! You hear me, now off you go!”  She released the cat at the bottom of the steps and walked out of the common room.  The Halloween feast had probably started or at least Katherine thought, it had taken her a while to deal with Hermione's cat.

                The Great Hall was decorated as usual the candles floating above the four tables and the orange confetti that floated above them. The students sat at their respective tables though it seemed that the feast had only just begun, Katherine walked between the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor tables hoping to find her friends.

                “Oi Kitty!”

                Sighing she turned, they were the Weasley twins their arms hanging over each other’s shoulders.  “Hullo Fred, hullo George” she said sitting at the first empty spot she found at the Gryffindor table. 

                “So how was your romantic-”

                She turned towards Fred with a glare “shut your gob.”

                To her right sat George snickering “she's right Fred no one can stand the sound of your voice.”


                George smiled shrugging now pulling Katherine towards him bringing their heads together “but you do you know Katherine you can be honest with Georgie right?”

                Her face had become red as she turned to her best friend; Katherine blinked realizing how many freckles George had on his nose. “To be honest Georgie either you release me or I'll hex your southern region.”

                Immediately he backed away. “Why Katherine don't you think that a bit-”

                “Save it. Where are the girls?” she asked looking around.

                “Look they just entered the hall Katherine relax,” said Fred.

                Katherine shook her head waving at Angelina, Alicia and weirdly enough Lee Jordan was with them.

                They all sat down across from them putting their bags on the floor.

                “Well seems someone went shopping.”

                “Just as observant as always Fred” said Angelina rolling her eyes as food finally appeared on the table. Alicia waved her hand in front of Katherine's face “so how was everything with Michael?”

                Katherine swallowed “wonderful actually” she said with a small smile, she felt George step on her foot lightly.

                “Liar” he whispered taking a gulp for his pumpkin juice. Katherine stepped back on his foot causing him to almost drop the goblet and went on with her conversation.

                “Michael’s romantic” began Katherine she felt George glare at her “we had Butterbeer at Madam Pudmifoot's really sweet of him” she filled her fork with potatoes and stuck in her mouth. Alicia tilted her head though it was Angelina who spoke.

                “Odd we were around the area and we didn't see you.”

                George turned to Katherine as she coughed into her hand.

                “Fred and I saw Kitty though” he turned to Fred who looked at him with a bewildered look but nodded. Suddenly George regretted his idea knowing he'd have to give Fred an explanation soon. 

                Katherine smiled “see Fred and George don't lie.”

                Lee snorted into his dinner “shure” Angelina glared at him annoyed.

                “Don't talk with your mouth full!” she snapped causing Fred to smile at her. George would never know why they didn't just go ahead and snog.

                The rest of the feast went on with the usual talks about what they bought. Fred and George (along with Lee)  as always were guilty of buying Zonko's products. Alicia and Angelina had bought themselves Honeydukes sweets now spread on the table all of them enjoying the different kinds of chocolate. 

                George held up the last piece of fudge with a wicked smile playing on his lips until he turned and watched Katherine look through the wrappers.

                “Is the fudge gone?” she asked looking around.

                “George has the last piece” pointed out Lee who took a licorice wand away from a distracted Katherine.

                George sighed he knew she loved fudge, probably more than she loved flying. “Take it” he said causing her to turn surprised “I'm full.”  She smiled taking the fudge from him.

                “To what do I owe such kindness?”

                George smiled “well to the fact that I love you, and you my favorite person in the world.”

                She snorted “George you should work on your lines.”

                The fifth years stood all of them full and ready to go straight to bed. They walked up the stairs towards the Gryffindor Tower chatting happily about the upcoming match with Slytherin. Until they reached the stairs where all the Gryffindors were gathered.

                “What's going on?” George heard Alicia ask a first who shrugged. He turned towards the portrait surely everyone couldn't have forgotten the password...

                “George what is it?” asked Katherine when she saw his mouth form a 'o'. The Fat Lady was gone.

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