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It Was Supposed to Be... by Sairahi
Chapter 29 : What to do next?
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A/N: Thanks for reading my fic. This chapter is a bit on the long side. Lots of action and answers coming up, though. Enjoy and again thank you. This is the first thing I have ever wrote. I am very grateful that you have enjoyed it and three of you made my fic your favorite. Thank you all so much. Being beta'ed thanks for hanging in with me.










"When people are the most lost they are the closes to being found."








 What to do next?



       After the last one of Jugson’s men were taken away the Harry, Draco and Justice started to talk about Ron and his case.



“I just don’t know what to do?” Harry said as he ran a hand through hair for the countless time that day.



            Draco and Justice looked at each other, both knowing that there wasn’t much anyone could do. There was a strong case against Ron.



“Maybe, we’ll figure something out?” Draco said trying to reassure Harry with a friendly pat on the back.



“Right, now I need a strong drink. We have to figure that one out later. The only good new I don’t have to report anything to the council till Draco reports to your ministry.”  Justice said while he took his pack of cigarettes out and lit one.



“That’s good to know at least?” Harry looked to Draco to which he gave smile and replied.



“Don’t worry mate we’ll figure out something. I won’t file anything without you.”



            With that they aparated to the leaky caldron where Ron and Sari was waiting for them.






            Ron and Sari stood outside the leaky caldron just holding each other for quite a while before going in. Ron wished he could do something about Sari’s injuries, but he was afraid of causing more harm than good. So, they walked in the dimly lit pub. Ron walked straight to the bar and Sari went right to the loo to fix her appearance.



            Once in the safety of the bathroom she could finally see what had happened to her. “Look at the state of me” she said aloud to herself as she looked in the mirror.



            She did the best she could to fix her hair and cover up her bruises. She tried to heal herself, but the dark spells that were used on her were too strong to fix alone. She need Draco or Justice’s help. They were the only ones that knew the spells from America she had learned in school for healing. She felt relieved that Ron and her was out in the open, but it had be a hard twenty four hours. She conjured her shirt to have long sleeves and magically fix the rips in her pants. Then she tied her hair back, lifting it off her shoulders, took a deep breath, before going back out to with Ron.



            Ron ordered one fire whiskey after another while waiting for Sari to come out of the loo. He had just finished his third when she came out.



“Can we just have the bottle” Ron asked the barmaid not looking at her.



            She nodded her head and gave him the bottle with no words being said.



“Could you also bring me three more glasses?”



            Again she only nodded as he started to walk with Sari to a booth in the back. Once in the booth Sari grabbed the bottle and drank right out of it till she felt the warm liquid hit her belly then throughout her entire body. They sat there in silence for a bit, but once the fire whisky settled in, they began to realize how scared they were for each other. She again apologized for taking him to Draco’s. Ron didn’t care anymore though. He was still upset at Hermione choice of men, but he was kind of relieved that she shared some of the guilt. They sat there and talked for over an hour before Harry, Draco and Justice showed up.



            Soon as Ron saw the three of them walk through the door, he started to pour them drinks. Sari walked over to the jukebox to give the boys a moment to talk privately.



“So, how did it go?” Ron asked as he gave each one a drink.



“It went pretty well actually.” Harry said giving his friend a nudge in the ribs with his elbow.



“We got Jugson.” Justice said as he took down his drink in one gulp. Ron was ready and poured him another without him asking.



            Draco was feeling a little uncomfortable knowing that he was sitting having a drink with Hermione’s husband and his girlfriend. Ron was engrossed in Justice’s story about capturing Jugson. Ron went pale after hearing that Harry called the auror’s office for back- up.



“Don’t worry, mate. We covered for you. The aurors didn’t know anything about you or Sari being there.” Harry said when he noticed Ron’s already pale face going paler.



“Thanks, thank you all of you? Ron said just as Sari joined them. “You too Draco” he said looking Draco in the eyes for the first time.



Draco was taken back, but smiled at him nonetheless.



            Sari took over poured another round “a toast” she said raising her glass.



 “Thank you, all of you. This almost went down real bad. It was the first time I was completely helpless. They were going to kill me. I heard Jugson tell his men that he was going to kill me as soon as my Godfather got there.”



            With that, they clinked their glasses. Her words didn’t go pass Harry and Draco unnoticed. She said that as soon as Randolphus got there. That means he was coming there and he now knew the aurors were at one of his proprieties. Draco and Harry shared looks of concern, but continued to drink their drinks without saying anything to the rest of table.



“Draco, is it still alright to stay with you?” Sari asked as she shuffled next to Draco out of Ron’s arms.



“Of course” Draco answered still not looking up from the table



“Is Ron welcome too? They are going to be after him also.” Sari asked afraid of his answer



“That’s up to him?” Draco said avoiding everyone’s eyes around the table and shrugging his shoulders. 



Ron fidgeted in his seat, but answered “Malfoy is it alright?”



“It’s fine. I just don’t want Hermione to be hurt. She’s been through enough already.” Draco said looking up from his drink.



            Harry and Justice were feeling like they weren’t supposed to be listening and started talking among their selves.



“Malfoy my intentions have and are never to hurt Hermione. I do still love her you know, just not in love with her anymore.”



“Ron, I was just saying, but it’s cool anyhow.” Draco looked at Justice and Harry who took the hint to come back in the conversation. “Maybe, we should get back then?” he said to the table as a whole.



            Draco went to pull out his wallet, but before he could the barmaid came up to them to collect the now empty bottle. “That isn’t necessary. I know who you three are” she said pointing to Harry, Ron, and Draco “Your money isn’t good here.”



She turned to Harry “You saved my brother a few years ago. Thank you.” The barmaid gave him a big smile and hurried away, before anyone could say anything.



            Harry didn’t know what to say he always felt weird when people said things like that to him. The five of them aparated to Draco village. Draco had to walk ahead to undo the protection charms that he had set up before they left, so the girls would be safe.  Justice walked with his cigarette in his mouth, Ron and Sari were arm and arm. Harry could felt how tense Draco was so he quickened his step to catch up and walk with him.



“How are you doing with all of this?” Harry asked Draco in a low voice so the conversation could be kept between them.



            Draco had no answer for Harry, so he just shrugged, he was still processing his thoughts. 



            The five of them walked up Draco’s front steps then into his house. Draco yelled for Hermione, but got no answer. Harry did the same for Ginny, but still they received no answer. Both of their stomachs dropped in fear that something bad had happened. They looked to each other. Ron and Sari were oblivious of their surroundings. Justice noticed that Draco and Harry were worried. Draco started to call out for Hermione with panic in his voice. Harry and Draco ran into each room looking for Ginny and Hermione. They were about to panic for real when Draco saw there was a fire made outside when he looked from an upstairs window.



“Harry, I think I know where they are?” Draco said clutching his knees catching his breath from running upstairs, meeting Harry in the downstairs hallway.






            “They should be back by now?” Hermione said as Ginny was pouring herself a glass of wine and refilling Ginny’s.



“Yeah you’re right? Ginny said with haft of a smile. She took a sip of her wine and looked up into the starry night.






            Both Hermione and Ginny were lost in thought as they looked up to the starry night. The night turned slightly chilly and the fire began to die down while they waited for the boys to return home. Both girls were starting to think about turning in when they heard footsteps behind them. Both Ginny and Hermione stood up slowly, turned around one hand on their wands, the other still holding their wine glasses. First all they could hear was footsteps, and then they could see shadows coming closer to them. Just as they were about to get frighten, too much relief they saw the outline of Harry coming through the arch in front of the garden followed closely by Draco. Ginny dropped her wine glass as Harry hurried to her, picking her up to give her a well-deserved hug. Draco did the same, but Hermione didn’t spill a drop of her drink or put down her wand. Draco placed a soft kiss of her lips as she squeezed him tightly.



             A few moment passed by until they released from their kiss. Hermione looked at Draco and went over mental check list that he looked ok and unharmed. Once she was assured that he was ok, she saw Ron standing behind him a few steps away. She had forgotten about Ron even having a chance of being there at. Hermione stepped away from Draco, feeling a little ashamed that she was more worried about Draco and not Ron her husband.  Draco saw Hermione’s demeanor changed and looked behind him and saw Ron standing there watching them with and awful look on his face. Harry and Ginny saw this too and started to walk back inside. As Ginny passed her brother she said



“Be nice Ron, she’s not the only one who has done something wrong here.” Ginny and Harry walked inside where they met Justice who was eating a quick dinner that Margo the house elf had laid out for them.



            Draco could feel the air getting thick as her stood there in-between Ron and Hermione.



“You two should talk for a bit. We are all are right inside if you need anything.” Draco said as he picked up Hermione’s hand, gave it a sweet kiss, and walked pass Ron who couldn’t help to glare at him. Just as Draco reached the end of the garden path, before entering the kitchen he came face to face with Sari.



“Give them a few minutes, let them work it out. I think you rushed it enough for one night.”



            Sari was about to say something when Draco took his cousin by her hand and lead her back into the kitchen. Draco made her sit down at one of the seats that wasn’t facing the back garden window and made her a plate. Draco did the same for himself and tried to busy himself with his food. Ginny lost her appetite and shot Sari some looks of disdain while the boys sat there unnoticing of the girl’s silent convocation. Sari did her best to pick at the food in front of her, but was worried about the events taken place outside. No matter how many times she tried to tell herself it will be alright. There was a nagging feeling that the two of them out will reconnect and she would lose Ron forever.






            “Oh, Ronald” was the only thing Hermione could say as she crossing her arms over her chest and taking a seat looking into the roaring fire.



            Ron slowly edged closer to where she was sat, hanging his head low. “I don’t know what to say.”



“How about, sorry” came out of Hermione’s mouth briskly.



            Ron took the seat next to her sheepishly. He looked up at her with wide wet eyes. “Hermione you know I am.”



“Well, it’s a long way from words to actions” Hermione was doing her best to try to keep her emotions in check, but having a hard time.



            Ron turned to Hermione took both of her hands “I am so sorry. I just wish I could’ve been the guy that would have been good enough for you.”



“Ron, that’s all in your head, it was my choice to be with you. I have always supported you. If there were any problems you could of came and told me.”



“I could have told you. HA! Really Hermione, it just would have been another time when you told me what to do or what I could have done better.”



“I wouldn’t have” She crossed her arms tighter around her petite frame and blew a lose curl from her face



“Really?” Ron said with raised eyebrows and a half smile.



“Well, maybe a little? She gave him a small smile of defeat, before returning her gaze to the fire in front of them. “You could have told me that you were unhappy.”



“Hermione, it wasn’t like that. I wasn’t unhappy. It was more like I wanted to prove that I could be the man you wanted me to be. The man I wanted to be…… Oh, I don’t know.” Ron picked up a leaf and began to rip it up with frustration. “Everything just happened so fast and went wrong even faster. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you.”



“What do you mean?” Hermione said as she looked to him from the fire.



“I heard that Sari kind of drugged you and stuff.” Ron ran his fingers through his hair a few times.



“Oh, you heard about that.” Her tone dropped as she wished to herself that he didn’t know.  The whole situation made her feel weak.



“Er, yeah, I knew she had a bad streak, but never thought she would have hurt you.” Ron said.



“She didn’t hurt me. Yeah, she was the reason that I was kidnapped, but she is also the reason I was saved by Harry and Draco.”



 “Yeah, heard it was them who saved you.” Ron said bitterly



“Ronald Weasley, don’t be like that?”



“Why him, Moine? Him out of all people, really?” He looked up at her meeting her gaze met. His watery blue eyes met her equally tear filled cinnamon ones.



“It wasn’t planned or expected. He came to warn me about the case.”



But, before she could finish Ron interrupted “You know about the case too? Shit, I really must look like a pile dragon dung to you now.”



“Ron, no, I can’t say that I understand why you what you did, but I know you Ronald Weasley and I know you are good man. I just wish you saw it in yourself.” Hermione turned to Ron and placed her hands on each of his cheeks and made him look up at her.



His blue eyes met her brown one again and she said “Ron you are a great man. The only thing you are lacking is confidence in yourself. You have always been your own worst enemy. If you weren’t a great man I would never have married you”



“You only married me, because it was what you thought you were supposed to do. You can’t tell me you that you are in love with me. I know you love me and I know you know that I love you. Can you look me in the eye and tell me that you are in love with me. I mean real love….. Do you love me so much it hurts?”



“Wow, Ron that’s deep?” She let go of him and let her arms drop to her sides giving herself a moment to think. Hermione knew the answer, but didn’t want to say it out loud.



“Don’t dance around the question. If you really are in love with me, then we can leave here together, and fight for us?” Ron squeezed her arms, he didn’t know if he hoped that she would go for the idea or not.



            Hermione was silent. She was at a loss of words for the second time in her life. She knew that he was right, but still had pangs of guilt about saying it out loud. Also a part of her didn’t want to admit that part of her life was over.



“Hermione” Ron broke into her thoughts and making her look back at him. Ron had let his hand reach for hers and had taken it unbeknownst to himself.  “It’s ok, you know, I think I’m feeling the same way. How do you end half your life. I’ve been with you for more years then without. This is scary.”



“This is scary. I have never been more scared in my whole life. Not even during the war. I never have thought about a life without you.” Hermione tried to hold back the tears, but let one slip when the words left her mouth.



“It doesn’t have to be without me, Hermione. No one can throw away what we have. Maybe, we can just define it differently.”



“Who are you and what have you done with the Ron I know?”



“Hermione, I am right in front of you. Maybe, you’re seeing me for the first time, but I’m here. I am just not the boy you once knew in school.”



“I certainly say not. When did you get so smart?” Hermione sat down and looked to the fire.



“As always a tone of surprise.” Ron said as Hermione realize he had her hand for the first time



            Ron pulled her into an embrace; an embrace that was filled with a million unspoken things. They held each other for a few moments till the moment left them feeling satisfied. Before, they broke Ron whisper in her ear



“Do you love him?”



She looked up at him, still in his arms, and answered the best she could. “You know, I think so. What about you do you love her?” Hermione said with a gentle voice



They pulled apart, so they could face each other, but still held on to each other. Ron thought about it for a second then said “Yes, I do.”



            They pulled each other in for one more embrace before turning and walking inside. Just as they reached the door Ron stopped abruptly and grabbed Hermione’s hand



“I just want to let you know if he hurts you. I am going to kill him.”



“Ron, I wouldn’t expect anything else.” Hermione smiled at Ron as she turned to knob of the door and they walk in the elegant kitchen. All eyes were on them.  



Harry looked up from his plate “How did it go?”



            Both Ron and Hermione took their seats and Hermione filled Ron plate before turning to Draco who looked up at her with anxiety in his eyes.



“I think I have had enough excitement for one night. I think it is time for me to go to bed.” Hermione stood up and held out her hand to Draco. He took her hand a slight bit of apprehension in his grasp. “Good night everyone, see you in the morning.” With that Hermione lead Draco out of the kitchen, never looking back at the looks on everyone faces in the kitchen.



 The only one who didn’t take notice was Ron who was too busy eating his belly full.



After, they left Ginny turned to her brother “Are you alright?”



            Everyone was sitting in anticipation waiting for Ron’s reply. “Yeah, Gin we are good. I too tired right now, would you mind if we talk about this another time.”



“Yeah, no problem.” Ginny turned to Harry with a look on her face saying, did that really happen.



“Yeah maybe we should get to bed too. Who know what’s in store for us tomorrow.” Harry said while standing up and leading Ginny up the stairs. “So, I bet you can’t wait to show me the room you choose.” He said to Ginny to which she just replied with a smile as they walked up the stairs.



            Ron held out his hand for Sari and she took it. She took him to guest room on the ground floor. Thinking it would be best to be as far away from Hermione as possible.



            Justice was sitting alone at the kitchen table when the house elf appeared. “Can I get you anything else? Master Justice.”



“No, I’m good I’m going to Draco’s office I have some paperwork to do.” He took out a cigarette and lit it, but before he walked out the room he turned to the house elf who was clearing the table “You know what I would like something. Can you send up a pot of strong coffee?”



With a low bow the elf answered “Of course sir, at once. ”



            Justice didn’t wait for a reply though. He walked right into Draco’s office and sat behind his mahogany desk. He stretched out his arms over his head and leaned back on the black leather high back chair think about the recent events. He picked up a quill and began to write the start of his report. He wrote about his meeting s with Draco and Hermione documenting the entire journey to the point of where they were now. He knew that with Jugson arrest that his superiors were going to anxious on the case against Ron and Randolphus’ imports. Justice knew it was a matter of time before Randolphus planned on getting revenge for Ron messing with his plans and turning his goddaughter against him.



            So, he wrote his report to cover his and everyone asses. He knew it was only a matter of time, before everything blew up around them. Justice wrote in his report that Ron was misguided in working with Randolphus. He could only pray that it was enough to give them a little more time, before the American Council was bearing down on them in full force. He felt bad that he went behind Draco’s back did this without him, but figured it would be the best to leave him out of it for now. In the end Draco will have to testify about Ron in court and Justice wanted to try and proctect him for as long as he could, knowing full well how his sister and Hermione are going to react.



            Justice wiped his sleepy eyes and moved to the leather bound sofa on the other side of the room where he fell asleep before he knew it, without sending his report. Margo the house elf found him not too long after he fell asleep, conjured a blanket and tucked him in for the night. Before, she returned to her nightly routine of locking up the house.



So, what did you think? Ron and Hermione had the break-up convo. Thanks for the read and leave a review if you can. XOXOXOXO

Lot's of answers and action coming up......

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