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Much Ado About Quidditch, Much Ado About You by cartoonheart94
Chapter 5 : Home Sweet Burrow
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 Blanca was woken up by the sun in her face and a tapping on her window. Groaning, she got out of her Harpie-green covers and opened the window for the owl to come in. She recognised it immediately as Flynn, the Weasley’s owl. The owl softly nibbled at Blanca’s hand as she untied the envelope from its leg, as soon as she was done, it gave a soft hoot and flew out into the busy street.

Blanca opened the envelope to read the letter, it was from Hermione. In her neat, tiny handwriting, the letter read:

“Good morning Blanca, hope you slept well. Harry will come over at 12:00hrs to have his broom checked, you will be picked up then. See you then dear, take care. Hermione x.”

  Blanca smiled at this, on the upside, she could spend the whole weekend with Rose! She hopped into the shower and went to the kitchen where she could smell the aroma of sausages and bacon.

“Goodmorning sleepy head,” Dean said as he pushed a plate in front of her, “sleep well?”

Blanca nodded as she sipped her tea, “Hermione sent me a letter about fifteen minutes ago, she said Harry will be here in at noon......what’s the time?”

Dean glanced at his watch, “its quarter past eleven,” he responded. “Are you packed yet? I know how notorious you are for leaving things until the last minute!”

“Don’t worry dad, my trunk is ready!”

“Splendid! I’ll send it over later in the day together with your shopping money and your new broom.”

“Okay...wait! I don’t have a new broom.”

“Well, you do now. Did you think I could let all those O.W.Ls go unawarded? Wait here.” He got up from his seat and went downstairs. A few moments later, he came up holding something wrapped in a black cloth. He let the cloth fall to the ground and allowed the broom to levitate.

It was the most beautiful thing Blanca had ever seen. The shaft was a rich golden-brown colour and it had a golden end that connected the tail to the shaft.

“It can’t be.” Blanca gasped. “Dad, this is the Firebolt Prodigy! There’s only three of them in the whole world! How?”

“I have my ways,” Dean chuckled, “I’m glad you like it.”

“Like it? I love it! Oh thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!”

“You deserve it champ, by the way, have you taken a closer look at the shaft?”

Blanca studied the golden wood and saw what her father was talking about: right there, near the middle, engraved in calligraphy were the words ‘Blanca.N.Thomas’.

“You didn’t!” she gasped, looking from him to her personalised broom.

“It’s hip right?”

“Dad,” Blanca laughed, “Nobody says ‘hip’ anymore.”

Dean smiled at his daughter. He loved to spoil her like this, at least she did not look as sad as she did yesterday. “I had it sent in early this morning while you were asleep.”

“And you left out the ‘Casa’, thanks dad!” Blanca beamed at her father; it must have cost him an arm and a leg to pay for, but she knew he wouldn’t admit it.

“Anytime mate! Now eat up quickly, Rob was beginning to think you died in your sleep.”

When Blanca got downstairs, she found everyone attending to customers, the only person that was free was Matt. He was polishing some display windows.

“Morning Matt,” Blanca said as she joined him.

“Hi B,” Matt said without looking up from his work, “Nice shirt by the way.”

“It’s just a black T-shirt,” Blanca replied.

“Yeah, I know,” Matt said.

Blanca gave him a confused look before thanking him. He looked extra handsome today, he had his dark hair tied back in a ponytail, his misty blue eyes focused on the spot he was working on, his soft pink lips pursed in concentration, yes, Leila was one lucky girl cause this guy was a real looker, he almost looked like......almost looked like James Potter.

No! She did not just think that, James Potter was not handsome, well at least not to Blanca! Blanca abruptly dropped her brush, causing a loud clang.

“What?” Matt asked.

“Nothing,” Blanca quickly replied. She quickly got up and mumbled something about her room and bolted upstairs.

Once in her room, she slumped on her bed, face down and groaned into her pillow. She reached under her pillow for her wand to feel the smooth, polished wood. “Two more days.....two more days till I can get to use you again,” she mumbled as she clutched the studded handle.

“You know, speaking to yourself is one of the first symptoms of insanity,” a voice made her spin around.

“Wha- Al!” Al dodged a pillow that came his way. “Don’t you ever knock?”

“Sorry, your dad said you’d be in here,” he laughed, he scanned the room, “I see you still have the Harpies held hostage in here.”

“Shut up! What are you doing here? I thought your dad was coming alone.”

“Nah. Mom said the boys do their school shopping today, you know what would happen if the whole circus decided to take on Diagon Alley at the same time.”

Blanca shuddered at the thought. Putting her wand in her back jeans pocket, she followed Al downstairs. There, Harry was speaking to Dean, there was a broom that looked broken on a table between them. Blanca looked around but she could only see the unfamiliar faces of the people that had come in to buy their brooms and supplies.

“Where are the others?” she whispered to Al.

“They are still doing robe fittings at Madame Malkin's,” Albus replied, he nodded towards their fathers, “how long do you think that will take?”

“Depends on how bad it is, if it’s a hairline fracture, even a few minutes will do, but if it’s more serious, it could take the whole night- what happened?”

“James.” Al replied simply.

Blanca nodded in understanding, turning to Al, she said, “So, how’s Maxime?”

Maxime Jaime was Albus’ girlfriend, a Gryffindor a year below them. Blanca had spoken to her a few times, she was quite a sweet girl.

“She’s great- I think,” Al said uncertainly, “Well, the last time I spoke to her, she was in Brazil, and she sounded pretty happy in the letters I got from her.”

“That’s good,” Blanca observed. She noticed that Albus was looking at something in the Brooms section, “something caught your interest?”

“Yeah,” he seemed quite far away, “Yeah, I’ll be back.” And he walked towards the brooms.

Blanca walked over to where Harry was standing, her father had gone to the back room. “Hi Harry.”

“Oh, good morning Blanca, how are you today?” he beamed.

Blanca gave a smile-grimace, it was weird how grownups had to be so overly formal sometimes, “I’m good.” she replied, peering over his shoulder to get a look at the broom, she asked, “so, what’s wrong with it?”

“The neck’s broken, but, luckily, your father says he has something that can heal her in a few minutes.”

“No.” She said once she had taken a closer look at the broom.

“But he told me it won’t take long, what’s wrong?” Harry asked, also peering over to look at his broom.

“No, no! I didn’t mean it like that!” Blanca quickly corrected, “This is the.....this is the Firebolt! Like the original Firebolt itself! There’s only one in the world, and it’s this one! I know that they discontinued the line shortly after it was released and only one broom survived......... I had no clue it was this one!” she gasped, “This is so awesome.”

Harry gave her a puzzled look, she was one funny girl sometimes, she always found even the simplest of things to be special.

“She must be really special eh?” she asked.

Before he could respond, the bell rang and in walked James. Blanca suppressed a groan as he walked towards them, it was bad enough that she couldn’t stand him, now she was beginning to think he was attractive. James gave Blanca a once over before turning to his father.

“You done?” Harry asked. James grunted something like a yes. Harry said, “Good, you can take Blanca to the Burrow.” Blanca choked on her own spit; James looked at his father like he had just grown an extra head. Harry just shrugged and said, “well, you’re a Seventh year, you are allowed to use magic, side-along apparition will be good for your practice.”

Practice? Blanca gasped.

“Don’t worry Blanca,” Harry replied, “You’re just the right size, even if James tried, you wouldn’t be splinched........unless he wanted to.”

“That’s what I’m worried about,” Blanca said in a small voice.

“Don’t worry,” Harry gave his son a pointed look, “he won’t.”

“Fine. Let me just say goodbye to my dad.” She said, then under her breath, so no one could hear her, she added, “it just might be the last time I get to see him.”

Blanca quickly found her way to the Store room, where her father was rummaging through boxes.

“You could just wave your wand,” Blanca suggested.

“Thestral-skin oil does not respond to magic,” he replied.

“Oh, okay. Anyway, just came to say I’m leaving now.”

Dean turned around, “But I’m about to heal the broom, I thought Harry wanted to wait,” Dean said, looking confused.

“He is, I’m going with James Potter,” Blanca mumbled.

Dean’s face looked comical, “Are you sure you two will make it in one piece?”

“Pray for me.” Blanca whispered as she gave her father a hug, “See you at Christmas.”

“Goodbye sweetheart, good luck with school......and everything else.” She turned to leave when he said, “Wait! There is something I wanted to tell you......about Christmas.”

Blanca turned on her heel, “What? You won’t make it again this year?” She said, betrayal and disappointment tinted in her voice.

“No, no! I’ll be there this time, I promise,” he said hastily, “It’s just that.....never mind!” he gave her a bright smile.

“What dad?”

“Just make sure you don’t get into trouble this year,” he said.

Blanca nodded, she knew that was not what he wanted to say initially but she decided it was wiser not to press because the more you pushed Dean, then more he would shut you out, she gave him a quick kiss and ran out of the storage room to meet James.

“See you soon,” Harry said as she walked out. “I hope,” he said below his breath.

She found James waiting for her in the Alley behind the shop. “Done with your goodbyes?” he asked sarcastically.

“Shut up Potter, just get us to the Burrow.”

He walked over to Blanca and snaked an arm around her waist, Blanca jumped away like she had just been burned.

“What?” James asked.

“I’ve done side-along apparition before, and if my memory serves me right, holding hands works just perfectly.” She snapped.

“That’s because the people you’ve apparated with have probably done it millions of times before, I’m still new to this thing.”

“Oh, that’s comforting,” Blanca said sarcastically.

“Look, Thomas, unless you want to get splinched big time, which I’d be glad to help you with, shut your gob and let me do what I’m most comfortable with.”

“Fondling girls’ bodies?” it was not a question.

“Trust me Thomas, when I say this, your body is the last I’d want to touch, let alone fondle. So, are you coming or not?”

Blanca was ready to whip out her wand and curse him right there, but seeing as she did not want to get expelled and thrown into Azkaban, she instead took a deep breath and begrudgingly let him take her by the waist. In an instant, they turned on the spot and Blanca got that familiar tugging in the pit of her stomach.



James had lied: ever since the previous night at the Leaky Cauldron, all he could think of was what he would do with Blanca’s body. She had grown so much over the summer- too much, actually, for James to take in and process properly, and the shorts and tank top that she wore that night only made it harder to ignore. Her rich, dark hair, which she usually kept in a 70’s afro style, was now straightened and cut right at the collar-bone, and even though James preferred long hair, this was just too sexy! She had grown into her face, her buck teeth had taken shape and her previously freakishly large eyes had taken on a smouldering quality.

Now, here she was, all alone in an alley with him, accusing him of only being comfortable with fondling girls’ bodies, which was true, because the only thing James loved more than girls was Quidditch. He was ready to take her on right there, push her against a wall and ravish every inch of her, but instead, he turned and said, “Trust me Thomas, when I say this, your body is the last I’d want to touch, let alone fondle.”

Straight lie, but he was not going to let her see this. She was teasing him and had no clue of it at all, this made him hate her even more.

They apparated just a few meters away from the Burrow, he could see the tall, lopsided building as they appeared. James quickly let go of her waist and hurriedly walked ahead of her. He dodged the chickens that were in his way and practically ran into the house.


Blanca could hear Nanny Weasley’s voice as she approached the kitchen door, “Where is she James? Harry sent me a patronus saying you two would be together.......oh my! You didn’t kill her did you?”

“Relax nan,” James said in an exasperated voice, “she just lagged behind,” Blanca opened the door, “there she is.” And he disappeared up the stairs.

Blanca hardly said anything before she was attacked by Mrs. Weasley’s bear hug. “Oh, my baby!” she yelled, “How was your summer?” she did not even wait for Blanca to respond before looking her up and down and saying, “You and Rosie have just turned into young beautiful women! But my! What happened? You have lost weight! You are just too thin! Have you not been eating? Whatever is wrong with you teenagers these days, always losing weight and going on ridiculous diets....wait here, I’ll fix you something to eat,” and she walked away, mumbling something about the skinny models in the Witch Weekly influencing young girls these days.

Before Blanca could respond, she was attacked by another hug, this one was from Rose. “You’re finally here! I thought I was going to die, Dom’s chatting my ear off about this boy she met in Nice or something...” she made a gagging noise.

“That’s not very nice Rosie,” Mrs. Weasley said as waved her wand over a few pots and pans, instantly, they started to warm the food. “Now come sit down the both of you and have some proper lunch, it just might add some flesh to your little bones.”

Blanca turned to Rose and mouthed, “Skinny? Us?”

Rose giggled, obviously Nanny Weasley did not know what skinny meant, she leant closer to Blanca and whispered, “Just let her come to Hogwarts.”

Blanca shook her head, “She just might take over the kitchen and stand behind everyone’s shoulder until the tables are empty!” she half-whispered, half-giggled back.

“I can hear you,” Mrs Weasley said in a sing song voice, “And if you don’t come to the table this instant.......” she left the threat hanging in the air for the girls’ imagination to fill.

The two obligingly went and sat down at the table, Merlin knows what would happen if anyone disputed Molly Prewett-Weasley. “Where’s everybody else?” Blanca asked, “I know the boys had their thing today but......?”

“All the moms went to Shell cottage,” Rose replied, “Aunt Fleur is throwing a tea party, it’s a ‘Welcome back’ thingy of some sort.”

“Quite conceited if you ask me,” Mrs. Weasley muttered to herself. The girls giggled but said nothing to comment, everybody knew her love-hate relationship with Fleur.

“Well,” Rose continued, “Lily is spending the night at Sarah’s, Roxy is with her boyfriend somewhere in Hogsmeade, Luce and Molls are upstairs and Dom is in our room. Plus, all the dads are at work, well except for Uncle Harry who took the boys out.”

“Well, your cousin Roxanne really needs to settle down, she’s nearly twenty three! And why doesn’t she let us meet her boyfriend?” Mrs. Weasley said as she pushed two plates laden with mashed potato and gravy in front of them, turning round to get the chicken, she continued, “Well at least Victoire is finally engaged to Teddy Lupin now! I wonder what they had been waiting for all these years.....” she sighed as she looked into space. Then, suddenly, her face brightened as she turned to Blanca and beamed, “Well, at least with you, I have nothing to worry about, you and Albus are just perfect for each other! If only Rosie here could find someone of her own....”

Blanca choked on her mashed potato, Rose, in an attempt to relieve her, accidentally knocked over her plate of mash which went to land flat on Mrs. Weasley’s head.

“Scourgify,” Mrs. Weasley pointed her wand at her head, and pointing it at Blanca, she said, “Anapneo.” And immediately, Blanca’s airway cleared.

“Al and I,” she gasped, “Al and I are just friends......just friends Gran,” she managed.

Mrs. Weasley gave her a funny look, then she shrugged, “Well, you had me fooled, you should see the way he looks at you sometimes, but......anyway, if you say so dear. What about you Rose, anyone special, yet?”

Rose turned a brilliant shade of red and immediately started stuffing her face with chicken. Mrs. Weasley did not notice this as she turned around and started to charm the dishes to wash themselves, “I hope you find someone soon love, Arthur and I fell in love at Hogwarts, your parents did the same, though they were too stubborn to see it in the beginning, you know, the quicker you find someone special the better it is. That way, you have enough time to get to know each other.....” she continued to mumble some things about why divorce rates these days were high was because the couples did not have time to know each other, and talked of broken homes. Blanca marvelled at the woman that was walking around the kitchen, waving her wand at this and that, and talking nonstop about goodness knew what. She reminded her of her own grandmother, Grandma Thomas, the only difference was that Gran Thomas was a muggle.

Mrs. Weasley’s face suddenly darkened as she turned to face the girls, “.......though Brenda from knitting club said she thought she saw you with that Malfoy boy Rosie, but I dismissed her idle gossip! I know you’re smarter than that!” she turned around again before she saw Rose turn an even deeper shade of red. But Blanca did, and she quickly got up from her seat and hastily excused herself from the table as she dragged Rose with her. Once in their room, Rose collapsed on her bed and drew a deep breath.

“You have some explaining to do young lady,” Blanca said in a mock Mrs. Weasley’s voice.

“Later.” Rose replied, “I honestly don’t know what I have gotten myself into.”

“Who’s gotten themselves in a pickle?” Dom asked in a sing-song voice, Blanca closed her eyes, she had forgotten that Dom was in the room. Dominique Weasley could be quite sweet, but she was not the easiest person to live with; her Primadonna antics were enough to make somebody’s skin crawl.

Blanca turned around and smiled, “Hi Dom!”

“Hello Blanca, I like your hair, it’s very.....nice!”

 “Thankyou Dom,” Blanca said honestly.

Rose looked at her cousin in shock, Dominique Weasley rarely passed out compliments like that, there was always something she had to critique.

“Yeah, it’s very cute, but boys like longer hair you know, at least that’s what the stat in the Witch Weekly currently says,” Dom said.

“And we’re back,” Rose mumbled.

“Anyway,” she flipped her long blonde hair, “how was your summer? Travelled with your dad I bet? Or maybe not so much? Mine was wonderful, I met this really super cute boy, Jean-Luc is his name and.......oh my! Blanca I’m so sorry!” Blanca was clearly shocked by the sudden change of topic, and the even more shocking thing was that she looked really sorry.

“Huh?” Rose, who was also shocked, asked.

“I mean.........about what I said about boys and hair and stuff! Especially after what happened between you and Lance, and my bringing up Jean-Luc wasn’t much help either....oh do forgive me. I didn’t mean it like that!”

Blanca raised an eyebrow at Rose, who shook her head. Dom spoke up, “Rhiannon owled me, she said she heard from Marsha who had been told by Carrie that Lance had dumped you over the summer. I’m so sorry.”

It all started to make sense, Marsha and Rhiannon were part of Dom’s group of friends, and Carrie was Lexi’s younger sister. They were all in the year below Blanca and these girls seemed to know everything about everything in the latest Hogwarts gossip.

“Oh,” Blanca’s voice was thick, “so she said he dumped me?”

“Uh-huh, she didn’t mention why, but she said he’s now with Lexi Prince.”

Blanca looked mortified, if Dom, who was in the South of France, already knew this version of the story, how many other people knew?

Rose scoffed, “So you were told that Blanca was dumped?”

“Well yeah.”

“That’s so-”

“True,” Blanca chipped in. She had enough drama for the day. Rose glanced at her friend, who looked like she had just kissed a Dementor.

“D’you want to go to the treehouse?” she asked. Blanca nodded and followed her friend downstairs.

Blanca could smell roast beef cooking once downstairs. “She’s trying to fatten us up before we go to Hogwarts,” Rose whispered, which made Blanca giggle.

“Hey girls, where off to?” Mrs. Weasley asked, not taking her head out of her cookbook.

“Treehouse,” Rose yelled as they got out into the yard. They trekked round the house to the back yard which was full of peach trees. There was a small clearing where a small Quidditch pitch stood and further ahead was the treehouse, it sat on a high branch in a large oak tree.

“Here we are,” Rose said as they got on top, “the coven of our deepest darkest secrets.” She added in a dramatic voice.

Blanca nodded. “Yep, here it is.”

“So, do you want to talk about what happened? You know, between you and Lance?” Rose asked hesitantly.

Blanca sighed and begun from the beginning.


It was a Friday, early August when Blanca and her father had returned from their trip to Prague. There had been a vintage broom convention and Dean had been invited to be an expert consultant.

“I guess we’re back pal,” Dean said as he drew the curtains in their home.
“Yeah, it was fun while it lasted.” Blanca smiled dreamily.

“So, what’s your plan for today? Do you want to owl Rose and Mel, or do you want to come to Cork with me to see Seamus, or, do you want to kick back and rest?”

“I think I’ll just rest a bit today. The sun is still out, if there is some daylight left, I might go out, but don’t worry, I’ll be back before nightfall.”

“All right,” he gave her a pat on the head, “have fun champ.” And with that, he left for Cork.

Blanca wandered around the little apartment, she went down to the shop, which was closed for the day, and studied every broom that was on display. She went up to her room to try and sleep but to no avail, Blanca glanced at her clock by her bedside table, it was nearly 14:00hrs. Right next to the clock stood four picture frames, one had her and her father standing at King’s Cross the first time she was going to Hogwarts, the other was taken about a year before her mother had passed away, it was of her smiling parents holding her between them. The third was taken during her third year, it was of her, Rose and Melanie standing in front of the Hogwarts castle and finally, the fourth, was of her boyfriend Lance, his deep chocolatey eyes seemed to go on forever, Blanca smiled as she looked at his smiling face that kept winking at her.

 Getting up from her bed, she decided to pay him a visit; she went to her wardrobe and pulled out a short, bright-blue strapless baby-doll dress, one that she had never worn before- Blanca was not really a dress girl. She walked over to her mirror and studied her reflection, the blue matched her complexion perfectly and her new hair cut gave her a new edge. Satisfied, she found a pair of ballet flats, and getting some Muggle money that she kept in a drawer, she went downstairs and left through the back door, which Dean charmed to only let him, his daughter and the four assistants in. Once she was out of Diagon Alley, Blanca wove her way through muggle London and hailed a taxi. She gave him the address and calmly waited for him to weave his way through the busy streets.

Lance lived in suburban London with his parents, his father, Lee Jordan, was a world famous Quidditch announcer who had his own radio station in the wizarding world, while his mother, Alicia Spinnet, worked in the muggle world as a judge on a popular talent show. So, due to Alicia's muggle fame, they had to settle in muggle London act like muggles for the most time. The taxi stopped right in front of the gates.

“Fancy place yeah?” the driver observed, nodding towards the house, “That will be 15 quid doll,” he said. Blanca fished out the money from her purse and gave it to him. Hastily coming out of the car, she straightened her dress and drew in a deep breath, this was a surprise visit and Blanca wanted it to be perfect. She pushed the gate open and timidly walked the driveway to the Jordan's front door. She rang the bell and it was answered by the housekeeper who let her in. Blanca made her way to the kitchen and found Alicia taking a tray of cookies out of the oven.

“Blanca!” she exclaimed, pulling her into a hug, “how are you? How was Prague? Lance didn’t say you were coming over, I would have prepared something more special for you-”

“Oh no, thanks anyway! I’m great, Prague was lovely. Actually, I decided only twenty minutes ago that I was going to come over- I hope you don’t mind though.”

“Oh, no no sweetie! You’re welcome here anytime! By the way, you look good.”


“Lance is at his place, you know where to find him,” she smiled.

Lance lived in the pool house behind the house, it had been his idea that he learned to live on his own by the time he was in Fourth year, but everybody knew that he just wanted a place that his mother wouldn’t visit every day to come and redecorate. Blanca skipped on the cobble-stoned path that led to the pool house and stopped at the door. There was music playing inside so Blanca knew that there was no point in knocking, so taking a deep breath and plastering a smile on her face, she swung the door open.

Blanca froze on the spot, she wished she hadn’t opened the door, she wished she hadn’t taken that cab, she wished she hadn’t seen his picture in her room, she wished she hadn’t returned from Prague, she wished she hadn’t been locked in a storage cabinet with Lance for an hour back in March, she wished she hadn’t been born!

There, on his bed, Lance had Lexi straddling him, topless, they were tangled in his sheets and she had her tongue in his mouth, his tongue in her mouth, Blanca didn’t know who’s was in who’s. Blanca heard a faraway scream; it couldn’t have been hers because she had never felt herself open her mouth.

Lance jumped like he had been burned, Lexi screamed and covered herself up. Blanca’s eyes were wide open, she was frozen to the spot, her hand still stuck on the handle.

Blanca!” Lance looked like he had seen a ghost.

“How,” she croaked. She glanced behind him, where Lexi stood, the smug grin on her face swiftly turned the shock to anger. “Lexi Prince! Really Lance?”

Lance walked over to Blanca, cupped her face in his hands and said in a tone that only she could hear, “B, baby, I’m so sorry,” he whispered, “I honestly don’t know what came over me, she......she means nothing to me!  It’s you I love!”

Blanca’s voice was shriller than she thought it would sound, “Do you think I’m stupid!!!! I know what I saw Jordan!”

“But B!”

“Don’t call me that,” her tone was dangerously low, “goodbye Lance,” she croaked out the last part. She peered over his shoulder once more, and Lexi had a small smile on her face.

Blanca ran past the little path and burst into the kitchen. This caused Alicia, who had been sipping her tea to jump, “Blanca, dear, what’s going on?” she asked, eyes full of concern.

Blanca only just realised that tears had actually been streaming down her face all this while, “It’s not important,” whimpered, “I need to go.” And before Alicia could stop her, she ran out of the kitchen, out of the house and out into the street where, luckily for her, a taxi had just been from dropping someone off, she quickly stopped it and got in.

Once back home, Blanca rushed up the stairs and shut herself in her room, lucky for her-again, her father was not back yet so she wailed her heart out. It took her a few days to recover from the shock of the breakup, but in the end, she managed to overcome the initial shock.


“What an arse!” Rose said when Blanca was done telling her.

“And then someone, obviously Lexi, has been telling everyone I was the one who was dumped! Like I didn’t find them on third base!” Blanca wailed.

“The little skank!” Rose hissed.

“Yeah, and then he showed up at the Leaky C yesterday and then your blasted cousin invited them over and then-”

“I know,” Rose said sympathetically, “James is quite the douche if I may say so myself!” she added in a mock-pompous voice.

Blanca laughed, “So true. I don’t want to imagine how my first days back will be,” she sighed.

“Yeah. But as for now, we are safe up here, away from James, away from Lance and his trollop Lexi, right now, it’s just you, me and this tree mate!”

Blanca laughed, “I’d so die if I found out this place was bugged.”

“Me too!” Rose said “I can’t believe nan thought you and Al......”

“Yeah!” Blanca laughed, “ridiculous huh?”

“Although you two did kiss at the Yule ball back in fourth year!” Rose said with a mischievous grin.

“I thought we swore never to speak of it! We both had never kissed anyone before, so we just did it to do it you know!” Blanca gasped, “Besides, he already has a girlfriend; I thought that she would have known by now! Seeing as there are no secrets in your family! And speaking of secrets, I think someone is keeping something.” She gave Rose a pointed look.

Rose turned red once more and whispered, “Blanca, I have done something really outrageous.”

“What is it?” Blanca leaned closer, “is it bad? Is it a boy?” then remembering the events of the previous night, and at lunch time, she whispered, “does it have to do with Malfoy?”

Rose looked down and started to pick imaginary lint from her jersey, Blanca gasped, “Oh my God! Rose, you like him? You like Malfoy!” she yelled.

“Shhhhhhh! You’re on anti Malfoy territory remember?” then she sighed dreamily, “I wish it was that easy............Blanca, I’m seeing Scorpius Malfoy!” she whispered.

“Rose Weasley! Are you out of your fucking mind? You know that Malfoy Is bad news.......what about your parents! Rose, what about your father! Do you want to die? What! How did it happen?”

“Well,” Rose took a deep breath, “we once found each other in a muggle bookstore in Cardiff, I know, why so far away? But sometimes this family can get a little smothersome. So, knowing that I had discovered his secret love for muggle literature, he made me swear to never tell anyone- well, I’m telling you right now, but you’re my best friend so it doesn’t count right? Anyway, we started bumping into each other more and more often and eventually, we decided to start a two people book club- ”

“You and him being members.”

“Yes. From there, we discovered we had so much more in common and one thing led to another and until one day, he kissed me.”

Blanca gasped. “How good was it? On a scale of 1 to 10?”

“Eleven!” Rose squealed, “Anyway, I kissed him back and well......the secret visits continued and we’d read a little, snog a little.....” she giggled.

“Oh bloody Merlin!” Blanca gasped, “But on a serious note, what if you get caught? Your father will murder Scorpius!”

“I honestly don’t care Blanca, I like him so much that I think,” she shifted from the position in which she lay, “I think I might be falling in love with him.”

“People don’t fall in love within two months!” Blanca scoffed.

Rose simply looked at her friend with her dreamy blue eyes, “Oh, B, love is a funny thing, you never know when it gets you!” she sighed, “yeah, love does crazy things to people.”

“But you really need to be careful Rose, you know that this is Scorpius Malfoy the Slytherin Sex god we are talking about! The only person more notorious than him happens to be your cousin! What if, oh God! Have you two......” she raised her eyebrows and nodded at her friend.

“What! No, we haven’t done it yet! But I plan to lose my V-card to him this term.”

Blanca had her eyebrows raised, “Wow, law-abiding Rosie breaking the rules and taking a chance at forbidden love. Heavy stuff. ”

“Imagine that..........” Rose was on cloud nine, “so, what do you think about us? You know, Scorpius and I being together?”

“It’s shit,” Blanca replied honestly, “but as long as you promise me these things, be careful, learn a good contraceptive spell and when you sense something wrong in your relationship, run! Promise me these things.”

“I promise,” Rose whispered.

“Then if you’re happy, I’m happy too!”

At this, Rose beamed, “I love you B!” and attacked her with a Weasley bear hug.

“Okay! Okay! Enough already,” Blanca laughed, “I’m starting to think you and Mel have switched brains. Which, judging by the decisions you’ve made recently, may not be so difficult to believe.”

Rose shyly let go. They went to the furthest end of the treehouse and watched the sun set behind the peach trees, it was a lovely sight, but it also reminded Blanca that the day was over, and only one more remained before she could brave the gossip. She silently prayed that there was even bigger gossip when she got there so that everyone could forget about her and Lance.

“I’m hungry, let’s go get some supper,” Rose suggested.


“I think we could even bring some blankets up here, yes! That’s a brilliant idea, that way, we can spend the night here and not hear Dom speak about her Jean-Paul or whoever he is!”

Blanca smiled as she followed her friend down the ladder.


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