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Lost In Magic by WildFlower
Chapter 30 : Chapter Thirty: Lost in Magic
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It's the last day on earth
In my dreams, in my dreams
It's the end of the world
And you've come back to me
In my dreams 

Last Day on Earth: Kate Miller-Heidke





“Sophie, sweetie, wake up...”

Sirius? Mum? 

I heard the sound of beeping and an air pump being pushed up and down. My eyes fluttered open; the light blinded me instantly, it stung like I hadn't had my eyes open for a couple of days. I turned my head slightly and saw I was surrounded by loads of flowers, cards and balloons.

“S-Siri...” I tried to choke out, my throat was dry. I tried to move, but I felt weak, and my hip blasted with pain.

“Honey, it's ok, I'm here,” I heard a familiar voice sob.


Feeling someone stroke my hair, I smiled.

“She'll come right in a couple of minutes once the medication wears off,” A man's voice spoke with authority.

“Thank you, Doctor Martin - for everything.”

Wait doctor? Wait, my mum!

“Freddie, darling, ring your dad and tell him she's awake.”

Freddie! No that meant, it couldn't be?! I began to panic, I tried to move, but there was something wrapped around me, I had to get up.

“Sophie, calm down! Doctor! Someone help!”

“No, no, no, no!” I repeated over and over, my brain was spinning, what was happening? Where were Sirius and the others? What was going on?

“No! Where are they?!” I heard my hoarse voice cry, I tried to sit up. “Where - Sirius! Dom!”

“Shhh, its ok sweetie, do something please!” I heard Mum cry out.

I felt arms go around my shoulders and try to pin me down; I thrashed around trying to get out of their grasp, my eyes blurred in and out.

“Noooo!” I screamed, my words were slurred. “Geroff me! Where are they?! Where are they?!”

It all went black. When I awoke the second time, I wished I had never woken up. It felt like I was going through some sort of reverse culture shock. I was more aware, and when I opened my eyes, they met my mother's worried ones. Uncontrollable tears ran down my cheeks, my mum watched helplessly as my body shook with emotion. My one and only true love was a fictional character in a fictional world, and I was never to see him again, nor any of the friends I had made, Matthew, James, Lily, Remus, one ever again. It pained me so much, I cried for hours, and not only that they told me news that finished me off, it had killed me; I was nothing but a hollow shell.

The scene replayed over and over in my mind. I wondered if it would ever stop. 


“God, Sophie I missed you sooo much!” she wept, as she wrapped me up in a tight hug. She pulled away, and held onto my hand as she sat down, her face twisted up when I manage to force a weak smile.

“Where's Dom? Is she ok?” I asked softly, resting back into my pillows, I knew she'd be just as upset as me, and seeing her would at least give me peace of mind.

“Honey, there's something I need to tell you...” Mum paused.

I looked at her confused. “What?”

“Soph, you've been in a coma...” Mum began.

My mouth dropped open in shock, “I-I have?!”

“For three months.”

I just couldn't comprehend this at all, so Hogwarts, Sirius and everything I had experienced was all in my head, made up by my unconscious state. “W-why?”

Mum took a deep breath, a few tears escaped her eyes, “You and Dom where on your way to Toni's sleepover, remember?”

I nodded and my mum continued.

“Well, you were crossing the road, and a drunken man in his Jeep was speeding, he didn't see you until the last minute and he hit you and Dom...”

I gasped, as the day came rushing back to me in full force. Every single cell in my body felt like it exploded.

“Bloody heat makes the road melt!” Dom said picking up her sandal. “Naw, now I have tar on my shoe!”

I laughed, that's when I heard the loud beeping of a car, gasping I looking up to see a Jeep coming at full speed towards us.

“Quick, Dom, move!”

Dom let out a small squeal and pushed me, causing my dress to get caught in the bike chains, I struggled to move.

“DOM!” I screamed, I felt arms go around my waist and push me again, I felt something hard smack against the side of my body, my eyes went blurry as my head came in contact with the concrete path and instead off Dom falling on top of me, it was my bike, the handle bar landed on my neck, I let out a strangled gasp as the air felt like it left my lungs.

The taste of blood filled my mouth, and all I heard was the sound of screeching breaks, before it all went black.

“Oh no, no,” I murmured tears spilling down my cheeks, as I remembered. “No..."

Mum's grasp on my hand tightened. “Sweetie, Dom saved your life; she pushed you away from the car and took the full blow.”

“No!” I said a little louder, my chest heaved my tears grew heavy, I didn't want to hear it, I didn't want it to be true!

“You had a broken hip, brain and neck injuries you were induced into a coma so you could heal. Unfortunately Dom was in a more critical condition, the doctor's did all they could, she was put on life support for a few weeks, but sadly we all knew she was never to wake up again.”

By now my cries were echoing off the bear hospital walls, I was so broken. I had lost her, my best friend - my everything. “No, no I don't want to hear - Dom!"

“She passed on the 13th of October...” Mum finished gently, before pulling me into another tight hug.

The exact day she stopped being my friend back at Hogwarts. She must have found out, she must have … what she said about learning to let go and to walk on my own, was her trying to tell me she wasn't going to be by my side anymore. Dom knowing must have cut her so bad, but her love and friendship for me was strong, and knowing, she prepared me.

“I told you when you were sleeping, because I didn't want to see the devastated look on your face … but you probably didn't hear me,” Mum said gently as she cradled me.

I probably did, my unconscious state was to blame when Dom stopped becoming my friend, Dom wasn't with me at Hogwarts at all, I just believed she was in my coma state, she was gone already … and when my mum told me when I was sleeping my brain comprehended it and took her away.

Everything was just so messed up.

And like everyone else I'd left behind, I was never to see her again also. 

*** *** ***

The school bell rang for the end of the day, and I walked out of the exit of the school with Toni and Soo-Yin. Summer was nearing its end, and it had been almost a month since I had woken up, and a lot had happened since then. I'd been to numerous counseling sessions that always began with the same beginning and ended with the same answers.

“So the story begins the day Dom and I were sucked into the world of Harry Potter. Although the luckiest girls alive, there was a twist. A life changing twist that I wish with all my heart I knew of, so I could have stopped it.” 

“It seems in order to block out a traumatizing experience, your mind sent you into a place where you'd be peaceful and happy – what us psychiatrists would call a 'Happy Zone'.”

“A happy zone,” I whispered. “But it was so real, everything, the feelings, the touching.”

“It is very real to you, it is amazing what the brain can do when you want to block out unhappiness. Maybe you saw what had happened to Dominique.”

“I don't remember seeing what had happened, only when I was at Hogwarts.”

“In order to forget what had happened in reality, you sent yourself to a world when you were comatose, where you know that Dom and you would be truly happy. Unfortunately it happens very rarely, only a few cases have been reported, Miss Adams you seem fine, you should be very lucky.”

Lucky - yeah right. I hated Physical therapy; it took so long to walk on my hip and legs again. It had been tough; the only way I got through was from all the support people gave me. In everything I did, I wished with all my heart Dom was with me, beside me in counseling, holding my hand in therapy. I could be surrounded by a sea of people, but without Dom, I felt all alone. Nothing was going to be the same again, not even my smile, not even my laugh … and my words were all empty. My parents and Dom's parents had been beside me all through the healing process, Freddie tried to comfort me like before, but he remained distant. It was hard to adjust to family life again, they felt alien to me and they treaded carefully around me - mostly because they were afraid they might hurt me even more.

“Here you go! Your favourite drink, Coke, remember?” Freddie said beaming.

It had been two days since I'd been released from Hospital. I sat up and placed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix aside along with the others. Freddie eyed them, a twisted look upon his face.

“What are you doing Sophie?” He asked picking up the fourth book that I had booked marked on several pages.

“They are all the pages where Sirius and the Marauders are mentioned,” I replied weakly, as I sipped my drink. “You would have loved Sirius, Fred, he was so unbelievable,” I took another drink, but I wasn't satisfied.

“Butterbeer is my fave drink now...”

I placed the Coke aside and picked up the fifth book, the page was on Snape’s Worst Memory and I smiled. “Oh, Sirius, God I miss you...”

“Sophie, he is fake.” Freddie choked. “He is a fictional character.”

I nodded. “But I miss him, I really love him.”

Freddie sat down and took my free hand. “Sophie, stop this! It's crazy!”

“Freddie, he was real to me!” I tried to explain, as tears filled my eyes. “If Dom were here, she'd understand!”

I let out a gasp when he ripped the book out of my hands and gathering up the other books he stood to his feet.

“Sophie, I'm sorry.”

He walked out, and I began to cry. I didn't want to be here, I wanted to go back!

I decided to disobey and watch the movies instead, but Freddie was already one step ahead and he’d hidden them too.

I knew everyone was being nice to me despite what they knew of my accident, I knew they only stuck around because they thought it they left me by myself I'd hurt myself, in case I went completely mental. I knew I was fragile, but I was definitely sane - I think.

I’d managed to summon the courage to visit Dom’s room; her mother had said that I could keep a few of Dom’s most loved items. So I took her guitar, a friendship bracelet and a picture of us two at the beach. I was going to take some of her favourite Harry Potter items, but decided against it. They were the only things that looked like they had been cared for each day, so clean and bright and so painfully fragile. 

When I was leaving, her mother asked if I would like to visit her grave.

But I couldn’t face that. 

School was when I felt the reverse culture shock most. It sucked. It was mainly a breeze, just because the teachers didn't pressure me, but without Dom there, school was just school, it wasn't exciting, and getting back to normal lessons was hard, I'd rather Potions than maths any day. I just walked around aimlessly, like a Zombie trying to ignore the talking.

“I heard she woke up with a Jamaican accent.”

“I heard it was a Scottish one.”

“Poor thing and Dominique was such a lovely girl.”

“I heard when she woke up she went crazy because she was living in a magical land.”

I was beginning to miss all the questions about me being a hippie or who the hell I was. Altogether, I preferred the Harry Potter world and it was hard to re-adjust, I was sort of grateful Freddie had hidden my books just so I wasn't constantly reminded.

“So do you wanna come to like, study with us at Soo-Yin's?” Toni asked me as we stood outside of the school.

I forced a smile. “Actually I might go home, I'm tired and Freddie wanted to watch a movie.”

Toni and Soo-Yin exchanged worried glances; I had to force myself not to roll my eyes.

“Err; do you want us to come with?” Soo-Yin asked. “We don't mind walking home with you.”

I shook my head. “Na its cool, you two go study, I don't mind.

“Are you tot's sure?” Toni and Soo-Yin asked in unison.

I forced a laugh. “Yes, tot's sure,” I reassured. “Now go, I'll see you two tomorrow.”

“Okay, holla if you need anything.” Toni said.

“Will do. Bye girls.”

We hugged and finally departed. On my way home, I usually took the short-cut, just to avoid the road in which the accident occurred, and to avoid the white cross that was there, reminding me of the fatal day. But today I walked right past the short-cut. I took a deep breath as I neared the street. My legs grew heavy, trying to be brave, I walked faster. My breath caught in my throat as I spied it, the simple white cross, covered in flowers and faded letters worn from the outdoors. Black bold letter's stood out from the white.

Dominique Serena Austin

June 14 1992 – October 13th 2009

May she rest in peace

That's when I saw her, Dom standing there smiling at me. No it couldn't be! I closed my eyes and reopened them, she was still there, her smile grew wider, and she pointed to my street.

“Dom!” I called, I ran towards her, but she grew further and further away. She disappeared when I reached her cross. Frustration and anger pulsated through me; hot tears filled my eyes and ran down my cheeks.

“Why Dom, why did you leave me?!” I cried at her cross. “WHY COULDN'T YOU HAVE JUST LET ME DIE WITH YOU! WHY?!” I fell to my knees and sobbed, “It's just not the same without you Dom. I don't want to be here … I miss everyone, no one seems to understand! I miss you...”

“Get up Sophie, go home!” I heard a faint voice whisper. “Go home, they're coming...”

I looked around, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, I banged my head against my palm, and sniffing I got to my feet, and trying to swallow the lump in my throat, I walked on.

When I arrived on my street, I walked towards my driveway when the next door neighbour's cat came to greet me.

“Hey there kitty.” I placed down my bag and knelt down to pet the cat, at that moment a huge removal truck came around the corner, followed by a huge black Hummer. I watched as it pulled into the biggest and nicest looking house on my street, and that was across from mine.

New neighbours. I thought. Probably some old snobby rich people.

Sighing I picked up my bag and got to my feet, I went to turn around until the car door opened and the first person to jump out made my heart stop.


No way! It couldn't be! I'd lost my mind!

Yet he looked identical.

I felt my feet move forward a little. I felt I had definitely lost my mind when another boy jumped out...


“Naw, come on! I won't break anything!”

“No, J, no!”

The only way I could tell they weren't the real thing was 'James' glasses were thick square-rimmed sophisticated glasses and he had an Australian accent and ‘Sirius’s’ hair was slightly shorter, but he had a British accent. That, and they were both were dressed in what a normal 21st century boy would dress.

“Come on boys!” A lady, also with a British accent said getting out of the passenger side along with a man. “Get moving!”

Both the lady and the man grabbed some boxes and fussing over the removalists, went inside. Before I could stop myself, I'd dropped my bag and was already crossing the road towards them.

“The quicker we unpack the PlayStation, the sooner we get to play.” 'Sirius' was saying his voice was exactly like his, it sent shivers down my spine hearing it again.

“Fine, but I bags first go on Tekken 3,” 'James' said, he sounded weird with an Australian accent, but it suited him nonetheless. “Any-” he paused when he noticed me standing there. “Oh, heya!”

I blinked away tears that had come up, reminding myself they weren't the fictional characters I'd left behind. Regaining my composure, I stepped forward, both of the boys stared at me with smiling faces.

“Hi, my name is Sophie Adams; I live across the way,” I pointed to my house. “Um, yeah...”

'James' beamed. “Awesome! See that S, you live just across the street from a hot babe!”

I blushed, and 'Sirius' rolled his eyes.

“God, J, Lillian won't like that and the least you can do is introduce yourself properly.” 'Sirius' winked at me and smiled warmly, making my legs go weak. “My name is Scott Blake, nice to meet you Sophie.” He shook my hand and I couldn't help but want to hold it just a little longer, for his touch sent my skin prickling with pleasure. Scott's smile widened, and I felt a smile come to my lips, a smile that felt unfamiliar.

“And I'm Jamie Porter.”

This was just too weird! I'd slipped back into a coma, I was sure! Smiling, I shook his hand too, standing back my whole entire self being filled with warmth again, I smiled wider, and Scott and Jamie smiled with me, a look in their eyes of pure happiness.

“Err, so welcome to the neighbourhood!” I said happily.

“Thanks Sophie,” Scott said kindly.

Jamie nodded to himself, before taking a deep breath. “I thought I recognized the name and face, I err saw you in the newspaper … um ...”

My face fell; I knew exactly what he was talking about. Seeing this, Scott's face suddenly dropped and he looked as though he wanted to punch Jamie. “J, shut up...”

“S, I just wanted to tell her that I feel sorry for her,” Jamie murmured sadly.

I felt the lump growing back in my throat again, so the only reason they were nice is because they knew about my accident. I took a deep breath and went to leave.

“Wait!” Scott's voice cried and I turned back around; I could feel tears coming on as Scott came up to me. “Hey, ignore Jamie, he's like that, but he doesn’t mean it … hey its okay I know how you feel...” He trailed off and took a deep breath. “My brother, Ray, died in a car accident over a year ago. All part of the move to Australia I guess … he and I were close.” He took my hand and smiled. “It's hard, I know, but it's going to be okay.”

I felt so light on my feet, I was completely blown away. “Scott...” I cleared my throat, “Err, so need any help with the unpacking of the PlayStation? I'm quite good at Tekken."

“Hell yeah!” Jamie's voice boomed. “Hurry S, let's do it!”

We smiled and I followed them towards the boxes, “And I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind some extras for dinner tonight, if your parents are interested … Jamie can come too.”

“That'll be awesome, thanks!” Scott said happily.

“Yahoooo! Mrs. Blake, Mr. Blake, we have a free meal invitation!”

I laughed as Jamie picked up a box and raced inside.

“So what character do you like to play with on Tekken?” Scott asked. “Please don't tell me Jin.”

I laughed. “No actually I like to play with that break dancing dude, because my friends and I think he's hilarious.”

“I'm going to kick your butt.”

“Oh yeah? I'll like to see you try!”

Scott laughed as he lifted up a box. “Come; let's get it set up, yeah.”

Smiling I took a deep breath and picked up a box too and followed Scott towards the house. I looked up at the sky and smiled brightly, another page had turned and new adventures were to come and Dom was with me, she was kept safe within my heart and she was the sun that chased all the darkness away – just like she'd always been.

It seemed only yesterday that we were both walking to Toni's sleepover, laughing about nothing...

...and it seemed only yesterday, that we were both Lost in Magic.





Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and/or related characters, they belong to the lovely J.K Rowling! I also don't own PlayStation or Tekken 3 - that belongs to it's respective owner. And the song at the beginning, I do not own.

First of all I'd like to say thank you! Thank you to everyone who read, reviewed and supported and made this story a success until the very end! This story is my first novel and it was two-years in the making! Seriously, without everyone's loyal support this story, my baby (lol) would have been nothing. No words can explain how grateful I am. So thank you!

I have another story in the making and so I hope to see all your wonderful...erm...usernames again in the future!

Your fellow HPFF bestie, over and out!

XOXO WildFlower!

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