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As Time Goes On by TheBrightestOfHerAge
Chapter 5 : Hormone Filled Memories (Part Two)
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I get up and see that Uncle Harry, Uncle George, and Aunt Ginny They all smile at me.
How embarrassing. Here I am in my care bear pajamas with my red hair up in a messy bun and a green facial mask on.

“Good morning Rose!” Uncle Harry says. I remember when I was five I had a big crush on him, despite him being my uncle.
“Ummmmm,” I quickly turn around and run up to my room. Crush or not, I still am embarrassed. I probably look like a troll.  “MOM!” I scream
She walks out of her room, also in embarrassing jim jams and a tired look on her face. She didn’t get any sleep last night. AGAIN.
“What?” She asks annoyed.
“Uncle Harry, Uncle George, and Aunt Ginny are downstairs so you might want to change into something less embarrassing.”
“I know they’re here.” She says as she walks down.
“Aren’t you going to change?!” I say walking behind her as she makes her way down the steps. 
“No! They came last night, we’re going to the Burrow so pack your things.” She turns around and looks at me again. “What is Merlin’s name is on your face?!”
“A face mask.” I say. I follow behind her. If Mum was going down in her pjs, it must be fine.
“Good morning.” Mum says walking into the kitchen. They four answer her back.
“We’re leaving at exactly 11:30 with a portkey set out in the backyard to the Burrow.” Harry explains. Since when were we going to the Burrow?
“Rose. Go wake up your brother and both of you pack your things, we’re going to the Burrow for the rest of Christmas break.”
I nod my head and make my way up to Hugo’s room. I grab a bullhorn that Uncle George got me for Christmas last year, it still works. I walk in and blow it until it ran out of juice.
“Bloody hell!” Hugo says sitting up and looking at me. “What was that for!?!?”
“Get up and get packed,” It’s almost 11. I laugh at my brother. He is the heaviest sleeper (well, other than Dad) that I’ve ever seen. His hair is all messed up and he has so many sleep marks on his face.  “We’re leaving."

"Where are we going?" 

“The Burrow,” I grab my pink bag and stuff it with street clothes and then grab my trunk with Hogwarts stuff. “Don’t forget your Hogwarts stuff too.”
Hugo gets up immediately once I said Burrow. He always loved going to the burrow. Nana and Grandad would always spoil us there.

Once we’re packed we head downstairs to see Mum already packed and standing by the door. “George is checking if the portkey is still there,” Hugo’s face goes white. “What’s wrong Hugo?” Mum asks.

“I’ve never been on a portkey before,” He whispers.

“It’ll be fine,” She reassures hugging him. “I’ll stand next to you. It’s not as messy as floo powder. And soon you can apparate!” She rubs his arm. 

We head out to the garden that Mum built when Hugo was born. Since then Merlin knows how many gnomes are out there.


An old baseball mitt sits in front of us. “Here we go!” Ginny says. “On the count of three. One. Two. THREE!”


The seven of us grab on to the old mitt and fly off. I see Hugo’s face, it looks like he’s about to pass out. The mitt spins and spins and spins.


We fall instantly and I can smell cranberries and spice from the backyard. I pull up Hugo and we dizzily walk to the front door.


“Rose! Hugo!” Nana says as she runs to the door and hugs us with kisses on the cheeks.


“How are you? Hugo, you’ve gotten so big! Rose, what a beautiful young lady you’ve become! Come inside before you freeze to death!” She shoos us inside and slams the door.


“The others are in the living room,” I knew instantly that there were more than 10 people in the living room because Nana would never say the others.


She was so true though. Uncle Percy,  Aunt Audrey, Molly, Lucy, Teddy, Dominique, Victiore, Louis, Fred jr, Roxanne, Albus, Lily, James, and Uncle Charlie were all squished in couches, chairs, and some were sitting on the floor. Roxanne gets up and walks toward me.


“What’s new Suzie Q?” She asked me. I don’t even know why she calls me that, she thinks it’s hilarious though.


“Oh you have no idea!” I scoff as I sit down on a bed in one of the many guest rooms. I rub my temples.


“Oh come on you can tell me!” Dom says sitting down.


“You have time? It’s a long story.”


“I said I would listen!”


“But it’s not that easy.”


“Please. Just shut up and start talking!” Roxanne says. Her brown hair is always in perfect curls, and it’s natural! She’s one of the only Weasley cousins who doesn’t have red hair. She’s so lucky, she has no idea. I wish my hair was that stylishly chic, mine just sits there like a dead broom. It takes me over an hour to do in the morning with all the hair spells I put on it. I'm surprised that I'm not bald at the moment.  


I explain the whole pregnancy thing to her and she stands there with a serious face on. The thing I like about Roxanne is that she listens to my vents and lets me finished before speaking her mind.


“So you’re Mum is pregnant?” She asks.




“And she was going to tell you later.”




“And your Dad found out.”


“Uh huh.”


“And they got in a fight and he left and isn’t heard from since then.”




“Your dad is so thick!”


“That’s what I said!”


Dominique knocks on the door and peeks her head in. “Do you mind if I hide in here, the parents are now at the point of their conversation where they reminisce embarrassing children stories. And they’re about to get to me!” 


I laugh and nod. Right as Dom walks in, Roxanne explodes in telling the drama about my family. 


Dom’s eyes gradually get wider and wider with each detail of the story. After the story was finished, she sighs and slumps down on the bed. “What is with men now a days?”


“You’ve had personal experience?” I ask laughing.


She sighs. “Teddy broke up with Victoire. I’ve been hearing about it for days. Dad and Mom are trying to do something about it, but both of them won’t hear for it. Especially Victoire. Teddy’s come around the house 4 times a day and Victoire ignores it every time. She’s driving the whole family insane.”


I slump down on the bed next to her, the three of us are all looking up at the ceiling. “I say we just give up on boys all together,” I sigh.


“I’m with you there. But you can’t!” Dom says.




“Scorpius!” Roxanne exclaims. 


I make a gross face. “You’re joking, right?”


“He fancies you SO much Rose! I don’t know why you hate him!” Roxanne says.
“Hmmm maybe he’s the son of Draco Malfoy? Does that not say anything? Besides his father hates me because I’m a Weasley.”


“So? That’s Mr. Malfoy. What about Scorpius?” Dom says. 


“He’s the same as his father!” I snap. “And his grandfather. It’ll never work out.”


Dom sighs and sits up again. Her eyes go really big. “Does Nana and Grandad know that your Mum has a bun in the oven?”


“Why must you say it that way?” I groan. “It sounds so gross!” 


“She hasn’t told them yet?!” Roxanne squeals. 


“No. At least I don’t think so.”


Dom stands up quickly and grabs me by the arm. “She’s probably going to tell them now!”




I squeeze in between Fred and Louis who are sucked into the tv of the Quidditch game.


“Who’s it against?” I ask as I try to make myself comfortable.


“England vs the Irish,” Fred says with his eyes glued on the screen. “England’s losing badly.” The Irish score another ten points and Fred cusses loudly. 


“Fred!” Uncle George shouts from the kitchen. “Who’s winning!” 


“The Irish!” Fred shouts to his father. 


“Fuck!” Uncle George shouts. 


“George!” Nana screams from the living room. 


“There’s so much screaming in this bloody house,” Louis says grimly. I laugh because it’s so true. 


“Can everyone come into the living room?” Mum’s voice rings out through the house. 


I spot Mum walking into the living room with the rest of the family. The others sit down as Mum stands in front of the room. I notice Rose and Dom came back down too. Mum takes a deep breath.


Nana quickly knew that something was wrong with Mum. She sits up quickly. “What’s wrong, love?”


Mum takes a deep breath again. “I’m pregnant,” She blurts.


The muffled whispers turned into a shocked silence. They all stare at Mum and her face turns red. She begins to mess with the bottom of her shirt. She stares at everyone. “Well?” She snaps.


“That’s great!” Nana cries as she stands up and hugs Mum. “This is great! I’m so happy for you! Where’s Ron? I want to congratulate him!”


I can see Mum choke for a second as she swallows hard. “He’s, he’s not coming.” She says looking down.


“What do you mean?” Nana says as Uncle George, Harry, Aunt Ginny, and Ginny look down. She looks back at them too.


Mum explains the story to the umpteenth time. Nana stands there and her face gets redder and redder. “He just left.” Mum says as tears begin to form in her eyes and she looks down again. “I haven’t seen him since.”


“That dummy!” Nana shouts. “That boy is the most ignorant kid I’ve seen!” She begins to rustle around the house. “Honestly if I see Ron, he’s gonna wish he was never born!” She walks toward my mum, aunts, and uncles. “Get up.” She orders.


“What?” Asks Uncle George.


“Get up!” She says again. “Get your coats.”


“Where are we going?” Aunt Ginny asks.


“I’m not going anywhere!” Nana snaps. “You guys are taking Hermione and finding Ron!” She looks away as if she was trying to hide her face. “That kid needs to get his head straight!” She snaps back and looks at Harry. “Go! Why are you standing here?” She grabs Mum’s arm. “Do be safe dear,” She cautions.


“Of course.” She smiles. She walks towards me and Rose. She hugs both of us as if she was going to die. “Please don’t cause any trouble you too? The last thing Nana needs is more stress,” She kisses me on the head and then did the same to Rose. “Don’t worry everything is going to be okay,” She runs out the door leaving me and Rose looking at each other.


“She and Dad are going to get back together right?” I ask looking to Rose.


“I don’t know.” She quivers. She was just as scared as I was. She looks at me distressed.


“I’m so nervous Hugo!”


I was set back a bit, I’m usually the one that is scared and freaking out and Rose is the one there to comfort me. Now it was the other way around, and I didn’t know what to do with it! I awkwardly hug Rose as I say. “I know me too.”


She sniffles and let’s go. “I think we should get everyone together and play monopoly,” She declares.  “To keep me distracted.” She says. I laugh, only Rose would come up with something as silly as a muggle board game to keep her distracted.


I nod as I scramble to get the board and the other cousins down.


The game went great. We played it for a long time. I was almost close to winning the whole game, ‘til I landed on Fred’s Pennsylvania Ave with over four hotels on it and caused me to lose all my money. A cold front sweeps in through the living room and a snow cover Harry, George, Ginny, and Mum step in. Their red noses dripping with snot and their cheeks as red as apples.


Nana stands up from her chair. “Anything?” She asks.


Mum breaks down crying as George shakes his head. Ginny grabs Mum before she falls to the floor. “Come on,” She whispers to Hermione as George follows. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”


“Do you need any help Ginny?” Harry asks.


“No,” She says to her husband. “I got it. You just go off to bed. I don’t want you to get sick.” She kisses Uncle Harry. “Goodnight,” She smiles.


The cousins asked around to the others wondering what was happening but no one was getting answers. Rose and I kind of awkwardly stood in the middle of this gossip storm, holding on to each other for dear life.


“I can’t take it!” Rose hisses to me. “Our parents are acting like a bunch of twelve year olds!” She grabs me by the arm and pulls me away from the others. She drags me to the other living room which was magically extended for the amount of people staying over. She grabs a handful of floo and throws it into the raging fire. The fire instantly turns green. She steps in and looks at me. “Well? Are you coming?”


“Coming where?” I ask as I stare at my sister.


“We’re going to find Dad!” Rose says. “These two are being so thick about this fight that they have  no idea that the other is crazy about them!”


I nod and follow Rose into the fireplace. She grabs a handful of floo powder. “Ron Weasley’s house!” Rose says clearly.


I don’t think Rose knew where she was going but thankfully we end up in a dirty flat. No one was in the house. 


“Daddy?” Rose calls out. There was no answer.


“Are you sure we’re at the right house?” 


“No.” Rose says. My stomach drops. Could we really be in a stranger’s house? “DAD!” She shouts.


“I’ll get you the fucking rent later!” We hear a slurred voice from within the kitchen. He staggers in. He has dark circles under his eyes and a that muggle drink is in his hand. 


“Hi Daddy,” She says quietly. We look around the room. This place is a pig sty. There’s empty muggle beer cans all over the place and clothes are just strewn everywhere. If Mum would have been here, she would have flipped and cleaned it up.


“Oh iz jus you an ‘Ugo,” He slurs. He slumps down onto a mangy couch. 


“What’s wrong with him?” I ask Rose. 


“Whaddya doin ‘ere anyways? You’re ssposed to be with your mother,” He says. 


“Daddy!” Rose cries. “You’re drunk!” 


Dad snaps back to himself and rubs his temples. He obviously has been drinking a lot. “Rose, Hugo. What are you doing here.” He asks.


“Here to see you,” I say.


“You guys need to understand that you can’t just show up to people’s houses whenever you want,” Dad explains. “Does your mother know that you’re here.”


Dad has always called Mum, Mum. Why was he now saying ‘your mother?’. Rose and I stay silent.


“We wanted to see you and find out what happened,” I say quietly after minutes of silence.


“What do you mean find out what happened?” Asked Dad.


“Well,” Rose starts. “Mum and the others just came back from going to visit you. Mum began to break down crying. We wanted to know what happened,” She explains.


“She was crying?” Dad asks. Rose and I nod. He sighs and looks at his socks, one of them had a hole in the big toe. “Your Uncles and Aunts came around to my flat,” I guess that’s what he’s calling this dump. “They wanted to come in. I then spotted your mother’s hair. They were trying to smuggle her in so the two of us could talk. I told them that I didn’t want to talk to her unless she was duct taped in the mouth and tied to chair so then she would let me speak my mind,” Rose gasps at the harshness. He rubs his temples again. “Rose. Hugo,” He says desperately. “You guys can’t be here,” He says.


“No Dad!” Rose cries. “You shouldn’t be here! You need to be with Mum!” Tears begin to stream down her face. Why is my whole family so emotional and dysfunctional?


Dad stands up and hugs Rose. He wasn’t comfortable doing this, Mum would usually be responsible to stopping the tears. Rose sniffles into Dads armpit which makes Dad look more uncomfortable. “Rose. It’s okay.”


“No it’s not!” She wails into his arm. “You need to be together! You were made for each other! Without each other, you guys are so lost! Get back together!”


“That isn’t going to happen Rosie.” Dad says softly.


“Why not?” She cries.


“Because your mother is being stubborn about this whole thing!” Dad argues.


“No!” I say. I was quiet for much too long. “You guys are both being stubborn about the whole thing! Just hug and make up?”


“I wish it was that easy, mate,” Dad says and sighs.


“It could be easy though!” Rose sniffles. “Just go and say you’re sorry!”


“She won’t accept it,” Dad says.


“It doesn’t hurt to try though,” I say.


Rose looks at me. “We should go,” She says quietly. We walk to the fireplace. Rose grabs a handful of floo. “The Burrow!” She shouts and the fire starts up. We’re back at the Burrow in an instance.




“Have a good rest of the school year!” Mom says hugging me tightly. “Be safe, you’re a prefect after all,” She smiles at me and kisses me on the forehead. “Have fun too.”

Dad grabs my stuff and hands it to me while I’m getting on the train. He smiles as I say bye and get on the train. “Take care of Mom please?” I ask.

He laughs. “You’re just like your mother. Always worried about everyone but yourself. Have fun!” He says as he steps back to Mom. He puts an arm around her waist. 


“Send letters!” I say yelling out the window. “Keep me in the loop!”


Brian Zambini comes up to me giving me a hive five. “Man how you been mate?” He says laughing.


I shake his hand back. “Nothing but goods Brian!” I laugh. “Where are the others?”


“In the compartment over there. Saved you a seat!” He says as I follow him.


Adam Flint, Penelope Parkinson, and Micheal Goyle are already sitting in the compartment already. We began to hear about each other’s Christmas experiences. But I doubt any of them could top mine.


“I got a Cleansweep third generation!” Adam boasts. “Gryffindor will have no idea what’s going to come to them!”


“Yeah well I got an iBroom! I heard it’s better than the manky old Cleansweep third generation!” Michael says. “Gryffindor better start training hard! Not like they’ll have a chance.”


“You guys are so lucky!” Penelope says sighing. “I had to stay with my Uncle and Aunt for New Years. What they did for fun was clean the house! I’m afraid I’ll never get the smell of lemon off my hands ever!”


“What about you Scopius?” Adam asks.


I sigh and run a hand through my blonde hair. “Well my Mom told me she was pregnant.”


“Aw Scorpius! That’s wonderful! You’re going to be a big brother!” Penelope squeaks. “When’s she due?”


“In August, at least I think so,” I think. “Right around her birthday! How cool is that?”


As the train slows to a stop, it’s 3 PM which is right around the time that I would have Transfiguration. Head girl Quinn Wood comes around to the compartments. “Hey guys,” She smiles. “Headmistress McGonagall says that after you get off the train, please go straight to your next class. It’s almost three PM. Leave your trunks on the train. The game keeper will take care of it for you.” She smiles and her perfect teeth shine through. “See you at dinner then!” She giggles and skips off to the other compartments.


Michael grimaces. “Ugh Transfiguration,” He groans.


“Of course we have to go to our least favorite class!” Penelope says. “It’s with Gryffindor! I think they’re trying to get Gryffindor and Slytherin to be friends.”


We find our seats in Transfiguration class and the Gryffindors file in and fill in the empty seats. I sat behind Penelope and Brian and I was sitting next to Adam and Micheal was sitting behind me by himself. Rose Weasley walks in with her weird friend Piper and takes a seat next to Micheal.


Micheal scowls at her and she rolls her eyes. Headmistress McGonagall walks in. “Please turn to page 476 in the books provided in front of you. Don’t forget to take avid notes,” She says sternly as she begins to walk to aisles of the desks.


Adam turns to me. “I feel bad for Michael. Having to sit next to that halfblood,” He whispers.


Adam raises his hand. “Professor? Can we work in groups.”


She nods. “Quietly please,” She orders.


We turn around and work with Michael. “Wanna work for us? We felt bad for you,” Asks Adam darting his eyes to Rose.


“Thanks,” Michael says grimly.


Rose slams down her books. “You know I’m right here?” She snaps.


“Yeah, we were thinking you were going to get the hint that we were dropping for you,” I say slyly.


“What hint?” She snaps.


“Move?” I say.


“There are no other seats,” She says. I’ve never noticed how straight her red hair was. And how red her face gets when she would get mad.


“What about next to Jimmy Macmillan?” I ask


“I’m not sitting next to that huge ego!”


“Ok well there’s a seat next to Jenna Pucey?”


“Nope, she hates me and is a super slut,” She looks down at begins writing notes. “You might as well stop asking me to move ‘cuz it’s not going to happen,” She snaps.


“Not enjoying your attitude there Miss Weasley.” I smirk.


“Not enjoying your personality you spoiled dick!” She hisses.  


I laugh at the weak joke. “Is that all you got really?” I sigh and look down. “Whew you could have done better than that!”


Her face gets redder. “I can too! Now shush before we get in trouble,” She warns.


I laugh. She was scared. “I knew she couldn’t do anything.” I say to Michael. “She’s a filthy halfblood Weasley too stupid to come up with a better joke,” I say cunningly.


She slams her hands down on the desk and pulls out her wand. “You better take that one back before I turn you into a toadstool you pathetic arse!” Her eyes narrow as she leans foreward, jabbing her wand in my chest. “You’re a rotten git you know that? No wonder you’re a Malfoy! You’re going to end up just like you’re Grandfather, scared and in Azakban. Or worse! You could become the next You-Know-Who seeing how evil and cunning you are!” She spits.


“Miss Weasley!” Professor McGonagall says behind Rose. “And Mister Malfoy 20 points from Slytherin and Gryffindor and I will see both of you in detention this afternoon!” She sternly looks at the both of us and walks away. You know McGonagall is pissed when she takes points off her own house. 


“Thanks,” She hisses. “We weren’t even back for two hours and we’re already in trouble. You’re a prat you know that? A real prat.” She spits at me.


I roll my eyes and continue working in silence.


After class, Rose and I stay back. “For your punishments, you are to clean out the supplies closet without using magic,” Professor points to the huge dusty closet, big enough to have two giants live in them. “I’ll be back in a little while, no shenanigans whatsoever.”


The door slams and I look to Rose. I’ve never noticed that her cheeks are naturally rosy. Or that she has a pearly white perfect smile. Or that - okay Scorpius focus!


She sighs “Let’s begin,” She says rolling up her sleeves and staring at the closet grimly.


We silently go through a couple of boxes. It was an awkward silence and I could tell we both uncomfortable about the whole thing.


She looks at me and looks away. “I’m sorry,” She whispers loud enough for it to be audible.


I’m shocked for a minute. “What?” I ask.


“I’m sorry I got us in trouble,” I could tell she was regretting to do this, but she couldn’t help her self. “It was really dumb for me to say that. I guess anger got the best of me.”


There were so many things I could’ve said to her at this very moment. Like how angry she was matched her red hair. Or that all Weasley’s are the same in their anger management. Or that her parents were too poor to get her in anger management class. Stuff like that, but I couldn’t say them to her. She was so ..... nice. She was like a Rose, innocent, honest, pretty, nice. Wait Scorpius! What are you thinking? This is a Weasley you’re talking about! But I couldn’t help myself, she was just so.... Rose.


“Why are you apologizing?” I laugh as I nudge her. Careful Scorpius. Don’t want to seem creepy.


She sighs and looks up at me. Her blue eyes seemed brighter when she smiles, but there were dark circles under each of them. Her straight red hair flowing gracefully down her back. “I feel bad I guess. And also I’m the daughter of Hermione Granger. Who has more sympathy than anyone I know. She always apologizes to me and my brother when she yells at us. I’m worried now she hasn’t done it to my Dad yet,” She says.


“What happened with your dad?” I ask.


“Oh you don’t want to hear my drama,” She laughs embarrassingly.


“But I do!” I say. I wasn’t lying either.


“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” She says grabbing another box to go through. “You don’t want to hear anything I have to say,” She smiles. “You’re just too nice to say it,” She looks back down.


“Rose,” I lightly touch the bottom of her chin and bring her head to look at mine. I hope this isn’t awkward to Rose. “I’m not lying. If you want to talk about it, I won’t judge,” I smile nicely at her. Maybe it was when she said she was sorry, but I’m beginning to like this Rose.


“It’s a long story though.”


“Uh, Rose? We’re in detention. What else do we have better to do?”


She shrugs as she takes a deep breath and starts. “Well my mom is pregnant and my dad’s mad at her for not telling us. He kinda found out before she was able to tell him. Now they aren’t talking and I’m afraid they’re going to split up,” She sighs and throws the now empty box to the side. “That’s my life in a nut shell right now.”


I let her finish and my eyes get wide. “You’re mom’s pregnant?!” I ask.




“So’s mine!”


“Nuh uh, really?” She says also excited.


“Yeah! When’s she due?”


“I think in August,” She says.


“I can’t believe it! I say brushing my hair back. “Mine too!” I say laughing. This couldn’t be really happening. “Thank goodness! I thought I was going to have to go through this awkward moment alone.”


“That’s right you’re an only child!” She says gasping and covering her mouth. “Gosh you must have felt horrible.”


“Not really,” I shrug looking away. “Just, weird.”


“I know what you mean.” She says sighing. “I mean I was so .... scared and nervous and excited all at the same time.”


We began to talk about a lot of stuff. Mostly how I felt about the whole thing. Then somehow, her father came into this conversation and it became grim very quickly. She talked about her mother and father’s fight and how miserable they were without each other. You could tell by the way she was talking that she wasn’t too happy about the whole thing and neither was her brother. By the way her face turned dark and depressing, you could see that she just wanted her life to be back to normal and to just get off the crazy roller coaster ride called her life.


“Wow,” I say after she vents for a while. I sigh. “I doubt I can top that,” I chuckle. I pause and think. “Wait. Didn’t your Mum and my Mum used to be friends at work?”


Her eyes get wide again. “I think so!” She looks down and dusts the now empty shelf. “But I think they haven’t talked since,” She stops herself and shakes her head. “Oh nevermind.”


I was confused. “What?”


“Your Mum didn’t tell you?”




Rose sighs and tries to look for something to do, but can’t find anything so she’s forced to look me in the eyes. “Scorpius, my Mum and your Mum had a big fight and haven’t talked for over 17 years.”


“What? Why?”


“I think it was when your parents got married. Something dramatic or something at the wedding. But whenever I would try to get Mum to talk about it. She would say some not nice things.”


“Like what?” I say smiling.


“Oh no, I couldn’t say them. They’re so rude,” She says.


“Entertain me,” I wink.


“Promise you won’t tell your Mum?”




“Well, she called her a po-face trollop who needed to not marry an uphill gardener who’s off his onion and other things that involved “bloody” and “bullocks” and everything in between.” I could tell she felt bad for telling me that. “But that was at New Year’s Eve last year where I think she got too many sips of Firewhisky. She didn’t mean them at all. She said that the next morning at breakfast,” She laughs to herself and sighs. "Whenever she yells, she gets so like my dad." 


“Wow,” I whistle. “Harsh.”


“Your Mum said anything about my Mum?”


“Well, when your Mom would come up in a conversation, she would brush it off. But she basically said the same thing your Mum said when she was really peeved with about as much bullocks and bloody too.”


I don’t know why, but that instantly cracked me up. Which made Rose laugh too. We laughed for a good five minutes at almost nothing. The time showed that we were let off from our detention. We begin to walk outside in the chilling January air to our common rooms. Rose shivers.


“You cold?” I ask.


“No. Not at all,” She shivers.


“Stop lying,” I take my robe and wrap it around her.


She stops in her tracks. “So Scropius Hyperion Malfoy,” She says grinning. “Why are you being so nice to me.”


“How do you know my middle name?”


“Answer my question first,” She says laughing.


“Can’t a Slytherin go out of the stereotype and be nice once in a while?” I say grinning.


“But you hate me.”


“Well things can change. Didn’t things change between your Mum and my Mum?”


“Touche. But still. You loathe me, I loathe you,” She shakes her head. “It doesn’t add up.”


“Well,” I start. “Let’s just say when you apologized, things might have changed on how I look at you.”


She smiles as she squeezes the robe for warmth. “Thanks for the robe.”


“Thanks for listening to my problems,” I say in return.


“No Scorp,” She says. I usually hate when people call me Scorp. But when Rose says it, it sounds differently. It sounded cute and nice. “Thank you for listening to my problems,” She says.


I nudge her. “Hey I’m always here to talk. I’m serious.” I say.


“I’m going to hold that against you,” She says half laughing. “Seriously, I cannot trust a lot of people at this school. You seem to be the only person I can trust now a days.”


I smile to myself and laugh. “Well I’ll always be here,” I smile at her.


She giggles quietly as I walk her to the portrait of the fat lady. She looks at me smiling. She looks behind her to the fat lady. “Well I better be going,” She says. “I don’t want you to get in trouble for being out of bed,” She smiles. “Thank you Scorpius. For everything.” She says sweetly.


She begins to turn around and walk into the painting. That’s it, a heart to heart conversation and I fear now that things will go back to the way they were before. I couldn’t let Rose walk away, she was too special. There was something about her. Something different from all the other girls. She wasn’t too girly like the others, she would actually let you speak to them without ending up in a ball of giggles and shrills. She wouldn’t play with her hair incessantly and worry about her makeup and the way she looked. She didn’t judge you on how nerdy you were or whether you could make a feather rise. Suddenly, Rose’s face makes me want to kiss her square on the lips. I would trade my new broom just to see her smile and giggle my name.She was different, and something about her made my completely mad for her!I would go to the end of the world for her to be my girlfriend. Am I falling in love with Rose Weasley? I think I am...


“Wait,” I say grabbing Rose’s arm. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I stare into her crystal blue eyes and her distinct freckles on her nose. Her pink lips in a perfect smile.


“Scorpius?” She says. “You’ve been holding my arm for a long time. Can I go?” She giggles.


“No! You can’t!”


“Scorpius? You’ve gone bonkers.”


“Yes! For you!”




“Rose, we have so much in common.”


“Our mother’s are just pregnant. That’s not a lot.”


“There’s so much more though! We’re both funny, we have the same interest in a lot of things! We’re like meant for each other.”


“Scorpius. I think you’re going crazy.”


“Yes. Crazy for you!”


“Scorpius. At 3 PM today, you were hating me. Now you’re crazy about me?”


“Yes! Rose you are the nicest, sweetest, funniest, prettiest, most beautiful girl I have met.”


She looks around weirdly. “Scorpius, what are you talking about?!” 


“I’m in love with you!”


She laughs nervously. “Oh my gosh.” She gasps.


“And it’s not just after our talk, I’ve been crazy about you since our first year at Hogwarts.”


“Scorpius I don’t know what to say.”


“Say yes?”


“To what?”


“Being my girlfriend,” I say as I get on one knee.


“Gosh it’s like you’re proposing!” She gasps.


“I am! Be my girlfriend?”


She laughs. “I might be going insane. So are you! Our parents hate each one another. You’re Dad wants to kill my Dad. What will they think about this?”


“I don’t care what they think. I’m in love with you Rose! Just answer!”


 She looks at me. “Scorpius, you’re going insane,” She giggles. “Just four hours ago you and I hated each other. Now you want to be my boyfriend? I think things may be going too fast.”


My face falls, Rose notices. “But we could just be friends first?” She laughs. “Who knows what could happen later. But I think right now, you’re head over heels in crazy love right now. I don’t even think you know what you’re saying,” She laughs again. She leans in and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Let’s just stay friends okay?” She turns around and heads back into the door. “Goodnight Scorpius.”


“Goodnight Rose,” I say back. I turn around and it feels like I’ve been punched in the gut. Was I just turned down? Was I dumped? Was I told that someone as pretty as Rose Weasley said she didn’t want to be my girlfriend? Something like this never happened to me before in a situation like this. Instead of crying and throwing a big temper tantrum, I hold my head up high and begin to sprint down to the Slytherin Dungeon.


I’m going to have Rose Weasley as my girlfriend, not matter how long or how hard it takes. She’s going to be mine.

A/N - Sorry about splitting this chapter. I never knew I could write in such detail! Thank you so much for reading this! I'm trying to update with new chapters as soon as I can. But sadly, I'm really busy with "muggle stuff" so I doubt the next chapter will be up as quickly. But don't worry, I'll try my best!  But I promise you, after March 19, I'll be back on track! So keep checking back for new chapters! Leave a review on comments, suggestions, and predictions on what you think is going to happen next! I try to read and respond to every single one! Thank you for reading and reviewing! 


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