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Rolling Stone by Janner
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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Chapter 7

“Come and make me even happier.” Draco was lying on the couch with Hermione in his arms. Soft feathery kisses had become something altogether more searching and urgent. Her words were echoing in his head. Did they mean what he hoped or were they totally innocent. Was he misconstruing again? He was mildly confused, not sure where to go from here. He could only think of one way to find out.

His hand stroked slowly down her back to her waist, and after a short pause up her front. Hearing a sharp intake of breath he retreated to her waist again. “Draco…”

“I’m sorry love.”

“No… you… you caught me a little by surprise is all.” She took his hand and put it back where it had been. “I didn’t tell you to stop, did I?” she whispered in, what she hoped, was a seductive tone of voice.

“No but…”

“Exactly! No ‘but’s’. Now where were we…” she was feeling a sudden confidence as she kissed him once more. Only one other person had touched her in this way. Except that Ron’s pawing bore no comparison to this, this was so different and so much better. Two or three more minutes passed before she spoke again, “Draco, I have to get up.” He moved, but she stopped him. “You stay there, I’ll climb over.” She lifted one leg over his body; and lying on top of him, paused for a kiss and then had to force herself to stand up. As she looked down at him, she bent, hooked one arm under his knees and the other under his shoulders.

“What on earth are you doing? Hermione stop. You’re going to hurt yourself.” He stood and easily picked her up in his arms. Harry had been correct. The answer to his unspoken question was right there in her eyes. “Where to?”

“To my bed Draco. This is the ‘happy time’ you talked about. I want you to make love to me. I want to sleep in your arms.” He didn’t reply. He set off for her bedroom.


At the side of the bed he lowered her to her feet again. His hands lightly took hold of the lapels of her robe and he looked into her eyes, asking the question without words. Her eyes responded; the robe slid softly down her arms and onto the floor, followed moments later by her nightie. The fabric fell away to reveal the smooth curves and gentle swells of her upper torso. Her eyes closed, and her breath shortened, as Draco’s fingers traced fluttering patterns over her skin. “You feel so incredible,” he whispered, the huskiness of his voice was infused with his desire and gave the lie to his outwardly calm appearance.  

By touch alone she began to unbutton his shirt. Skin touched skin, soft and warm, and the power of their need seemed to explode. Moving on impulse, Draco’s hands traced down the curve of her back, sending a shiver to the tips of her toes. When he reached the base of her spine, he ground their bodies together in a torturous, but wonderful combination of heat and friction. “Draco, please… I want…” his mouth on hers silenced her speech. By the time he had removed his clothing Hermione had laid down on the bed. She had no uncertainties now, no doubts. I want this, I want this so much. Nervous, she admitted, telling herself to relax. As though it was that simple. He fell eagerly into the arms that she held out to him. Remembering Harry's advice, he noticed a look of apprehension in her eyes. Gently boy, gently, he thought. A whisper,

“Hermione, isn’t there something you have to do?” she placed a finger on his lips. 

“Shhh, Draco, it’s already done, don’t say anything else, just show me.” The sensual whisper penetrated deep into Draco’s brain.


Hermione lay contentedly in Draco’s arms. She had just experienced something she would not have believed possible. Making love with him had brought on so many sensations, especially the last one, that her brain hadn’t known which ones to process first. Her mind was calmer now, but still busy filing away memories of the evening. Laying beside him with her head on his left shoulder she could feel his hand entwining her hair in his fingers and then letting it slide free. “Draco.”

“Yes love.”

“Thank you for being so gentle, so patient. You weren’t disappointed…”

“Now you stop right there, Hermione. There are questions you should never ask, and that’s one of them. Was it good? Was I good? Never ask, Hermione. The other person will always tell you what they think you want to hear. Just this once, I’ll tell you that I thought it, and you, were fantastic. Sweetheart, I know it’s second nature to you, but don’t over-analyse it. You’ll only take the wonder out of it.”

“I’m sorry. You’re right of course. It’s a habit I’ll have to break.”

“Don’t worry about it, think about something else.” They talked quietly for an hour, about everything and nothing. He raised himself on one elbow and looked down at her. Dropping his voice to a whisper, he said, “Want to see if we can improve on ‘fantastic’?” She did. They did. They weren’t disappointed.


Hermione awoke in her normal calm fashion, thinking about the day ahead, before remembering the events of the day, and then the night before. Had it really happened? She was still naked. Of course it had happened. She had made love with Draco. She rolled slowly onto her back and looked at the other body in the bed. My lover, she thought, I have a lover. Gosh. Looking the other way she saw her alarm clock. 9.30. Oh shit, 9.30, we’re late. She shook Draco awake. “Draco, it’s half past nine, we have to go.”


“What do you mean, why? We’re missing classes, come on.”

“What classes would they be, O fellow holder of a Magical Diploma?” She stopped short,

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Can you believe that? I guess there’s no hurry then. I’m going for a shower.” She reached for her robe and then changed her mind. Their second round of lovemaking had started with them exploring each other with eyes, hands, fingers and tongues. He knew pretty much all there was to know about her body. Walking to the bathroom door she was conscious of his eyes on her, opening the door she paused, gave a little wiggle of her backside and went in. Draco chuckled and stood up. He heard the shower running. I need a shower too; he decided and grinning to himself, headed for the bathroom. Hermione didn’t kick him out of the shower, but insisted on keeping the fooling around to a minimum. She wanted to go and see Dumbledore.

Dumbledore was delighted to see them. As they sat down he said, “I was going to send for you later today. It seems ludicrous to refer to two people who hold the Magical Diploma, as students. Therefore from today you are Assistant Professors and de facto temporary members of staff. Sadly the positions are unpaid. I will need to consult the board of governors about granting you a salary until graduation. Congratulations Professors. I’ll make the announcement at dinner this evening. Now why did you want to see me?”

“Well Headmaster, I was wondering; as Draco, er… Professor Malfoy and I no longer have classes to attend, could we leave early for the holiday? There’s only two days to go and…”

“Yes, go ahead Professor. Have a good Christmas and I’ll see you next term.” They were just leaving when Dumbledore added. “Hermione you are looking particularly bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning.”

“After what happened to me last ni… I mean, yesterday, who wouldn’t be. See you in January sir. Thank you.” 


After spending lunchtime saying goodbye to their friends they walked to Hogsmeade and apparated to the Granger’s living room. Frank and Jean were still at work. Hermione called her mother. It being a Friday, Jean had dealt with her last patient of the day and set off for home immediately.

Arriving home she found the downstairs area deserted. Hearing movement upstairs, she went up. The door to the guest room was open and she saw Draco unpacking his bag. “Hello Draco. Nice to see you again.”

“Hello Mrs Granger, you too. Herm… I mean Professor Granger’s in her room unpacking.”


“Hermione will explain, Mrs Granger.” Jean went to Hermione’s room. 

“Hi Mum.” Hermione greeted her. They hugged and sat on the bed.

“Why did Draco refer to you as Professor? What’s happened?” Hermione began to explain, after a few minutes Draco tapped on the door and came into the room. Jean instantly noticed the change in her girl. Hermione’s eyes lit up as she looked at him and her smile broadened. My girl is in love, she thought. It wasn’t her place to approve or disapprove; Hermione was an adult after all. From her limited experience of Draco, polite, respectful and attractive, Hermione could do worse.

“I’m done unpacking, may I make coffee for us?” he said. “By the way Mrs Granger, I must thank you for allowing me to stay. It’s very generous of you.”

“You’re welcome Draco. You make the coffee, Hermione and I will finish catching up and then we’ll come down.” Draco left and Hermione looked at her mother.

“We’re just about done with catching up Mum.”

“No, we’re not. It’s serious isn’t it?”

“What is?”

“You and Draco. You were never very good at concealing your feelings Hermione, especially from me. It was obvious as soon as he walked in. You love him.” Hermione sighed,

“Yes Mum; and he loves me.” She replied quietly, almost shyly.

“So it’s serious then. How serious?

“Sorry?” her puzzled expression matched the tone of her question.

“How serious? Have you…” Jean’s expression was giving nothing away.

“Mum! That’s…”

“None of my business. I know, Hermione, but that answer tells me all I need to know.”

“Mum, will you please stop being so damned perceptive? No more now, you’re embarrassing me.”

“I’ve been there, Hermione. Your grandmother once caught your father and me… at least you are still fully clothed, I was only wearing knickers; now that was embarrassing. Relax; it’s nothing to get uptight about.”

“You mean you don’t mind?” Hermione still wasn’t sure where this conversation was going.

“Why should I mind? You haven’t done anything I haven’t done. You are a sensible girl and we trust you. What you do in this room, including sex, is entirely up to you. I’m not going to lecture you about contraception. You are too smart for that. Though it might be better if you used that silencing thing. Right let’s go have some coffee.”

“Mum…” Hermione leaned over and kissed Jean, “thank you. What about Dad?”

“Oh I think you can safely leave him to me, Hermione.”


That evening they went to a local pub for a meal. On their return they sat and talked. Jean was a bit giggly. Frank had tried to dissuade her from her fourth large glass of wine, without success. It was difficult to stop her talking. “Frank, I was telling Hermione earlier about the time my Mum caught us, you remember, I only had my knickers on…”

“MOTHER! Stop it! You are embarrassing me again. I don’t want that vision in my head; of you two doing... that. It’s… it’s yucky. Stop it.” the anger was faked and Hermione was smiling as she spoke. Jean replied sarcastically,

“Yucky? Of course Hermione, I was forgetting, your conception was immaculate.” Frank grinned at his wife,

“Thanks for the compliment, Jean. I thought it was pretty good myself.” Now Draco laughed as well.

“Will you lot please stop it before I scream.”

“Okay, Hermione, let’s get serious for a minute.” Draco had an uneasy feeling that something was coming. He was right. “Hermione, Draco there’s something we wanted to say to you both. We are aware of your relationship and we don’t have a problem or want to interfere in it. So, if you want to share a room while you are here, we have no objection. You are both mature sensible people so whatever you decide is okay. Think about it tonight and let us know in the morning.” The elder Grangers went to bed, leaving two slightly embarrassed youngsters behind.

So far Hermione and Draco had restricted themselves to holding hands. Now alone, she leaned into his arms and for several minutes the only sounds were an occasional soft moan from Hermione. Breaking off, she settled back with her head on his shoulder. “What do you want to do, Draco? Would you like to move into my room with me?”

“Yes I would, but I’ve said from the start that you are driving that bus, Hermione. It’s your home, it’s your parents, and therefore it’s your decision.”

“I love you Draco. I’ll sleep on it tonight. I’ll miss sleeping in your arms though. I slept really well last night. I think I’d like to try it again.”

“I have to say, Hermione, your folks are amazing. I could never have had a conversation like that with my parents. I envy you.” The two said a prolonged goodnight and went to bed. In her bed Hermione pondered her dilemma. They would have to swap her single bed for the double that Draco was sleeping in tonight. The single had been her bed since she was five years old, she would miss it. She was sure there would be some embarrassment for a couple of days but it would soon pass. She made her decision and slept. Draco was also considering the embarrassment factor. It might be uncomfortable, but he was prepared to tough it out.


At breakfast the next morning, Hermione questioned her Mum. “Are you absolutely certain about the offer you made yesterday, Mum? Because if you are, we’d like to do it.”

“Okay Hermione, go ahead.”

“On one condition Mum, no embarrassing comments or making fun of us. It’s going to be bad enough without all that.”

“Spoilsport!” Jean laughed.


Frank and Jean went to work. Jean left a shopping list and some money, asking Hermione to save her a trip to the supermarket on her way home. They both went in Frank’s car leaving Jean’s car for the youngsters. To Hermione’s great surprise, Draco had a muggle driving licence. A legitimate muggle driving licence. “I had to have something to do during the summer holidays, so I took driving lessons, passed the test, and bought a car. It’s at the Manor. Actually of course, the demolition must be quite advanced by now, so there is no Manor anymore.” Hermione brushed the hair off his forehead,

“Ahh, my poor little homeless stray. Come to Mummy, she’ll make it better.” She kissed him softly. His hand reached her and she stood up. “Naughty Draco. Work first, play later. Let’s go sort the bedrooms out.” They changed the beds around, and of course, having made their bed, they had to lay on it. With one arm around Hermione he said,

“This is great.” 

Hermione sat up. “No. This is weird. This is so weird. This is the room where I grew up till I was eleven. I was a little girl and now I’m here on a bed, with a boy. The only sexual activity this room has seen has been in my imagination during school holidays; and now…”

“Who else was there in your imagination?”

“Who else? Um… there was Ron, Harry, Victor Krum and… you won’t believe it… and Ginny. Lately, of course, there was you.”

“You and Red. That paints an interesting picture.”

“For you maybe. Come on we have to go shopping.”

While shopping, Draco brought up the subject of Christmas presents for her and her parents. The holiday was ten days away. “There’s no need for that Draco, really I appreciate it but…”

“If you won’t help me, I’ll have to decide on my own, but there will be presents. I’d feel like an idiot otherwise.”

“Okay, but don’t spend a lot. The thought counts more than the cost.”


That night Hermione and Draco slept together in her room. Try as she might, Hermione could not relax enough to make love. Despite the silencing spell, every little sound of any description made her twitch. She became worried that Draco might become upset. He had soothed her, “There’s no rule that says we have to do it every night, Hermione. We do it when we want to. The world isn’t going to end if we don’t make love. There’s no timetable. Once a week, once a month it doesn’t matter. I love you regardless. Listen, I’ve had an idea about solving the embarrassment problem.”

“I love you too, Draco. I’m listening.”

“Here’s what I think we should do…”


The embarrassment factor disappeared the next morning. Hermione and Draco appeared in the kitchen for breakfast. Frank was out in the garden smoking a cigarette. “Good morning you two,” said Jean with a knowing smile, almost a smirk, on her face, “did you sleep alright?”

Hermione and Draco gave false yawns and, stretching her arms wide Hermione said, “Eventually Mum, we were busy for a while but, eventually we got to sleep.” The smile/smirk vanished from Jean’s face, which took on a definite reddish flush.

“Oh… Oh… I see… well, that’s good.”


Struggling to find an excuse to go shopping alone, Draco was relieved when Hermione announced that she was going alone and would also be getting her hair done for Christmas. He would have an afternoon to himself the next day. That evening when Hermione went for a shower he took the opportunity to speak to Frank and Jean.

“I’ve been hoping for an opportunity to speak to you alone, Mr and Mrs Granger, if you can spare a couple of minutes.”

“Certainly Draco, go ahead.” Jean replied.

“It concerns Hermione, I take it.”

“Yes it does. In the past, I’m ashamed to say, I have treated her abominably. I hope that in the last couple of months I have persuaded her that I am not the same person I was then. To be frank, I love Hermione with all my heart. She tells me she feels the same way. Therefore on her eighteenth birthday in March I intend to ask her to marry me. I hope you will not object.” It was Frank, who answered,

“Why are you waiting for her birthday? Is it because you fear we would not approve? You don’t need to wait for her birthday, Draco. We are very, very proud of our girl. I should really stop calling her that. She is a young woman now. She is sensible and she knows her own mind. Her decision to marry you, or not, will be hers and hers alone. So you can feel free to ask her whenever you like. Might make a nice Christmas present, don’t you think?”

“Don’t push the boy, Frank. You do it when you are ready, Draco. Personally, if she accepts I’ll be very pleased, if she doesn’t I’ll have her committed to a mental institution. Change the subject now; she’s coming down the stairs.”


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