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The Astronomy Tower by MissLizet
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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After this first Saturday, Blaise started to observe Draco more closely. He noticed how often his eyes would wander when that Granger girl was in the same room. How sometimes Draco seemed completely at ease watching her and other times he seemed so distant in an almost angry way. He could understand Draco’s conflict and understood that Draco must really care for the girl. Blaise was never raised with the prejudices Draco had. His father died when he was young and his mother never really cared for the, in her words, ‘pure-blood’ nonsense. Of course he was a pureblood and attended the right parties, but his mother always taught him that blood didn’t matter. You should judge people by their abilities, decisions and friends. So when he looked at Granger, all he saw was an amazing young woman with whom he just never really had anything. For Draco however she was forbidden fruit, something to be looked at but never to be in any contact with. Blaise knew how much Draco had already changed. His father being dead and his mother not really caring he could practically do whatever he wanted, but of course with his upbringing and their past he could never just approach Granger. And knowing Draco, he probably had some other moral dilemmas as well. On Tuesday Blaise decided he would help Draco get the girl or at least do something else than this moping around he did most of the time.


Hermione was becoming more and more obsessed by Draco’s behaviour. She knew him to be a sensible thinker, though apparently not so much under stress, and wondered what would drive him to such a lonely place. A place with so many memories, bad memories, for him. She could do little more than guess. On Thursday she thought of a new theory. Maybe he had something hidden there that he was working on, or a diary or just something. After lunch she had a free period and headed up to the tower. She knew Draco was still with Blaise in the Great hall. They entered just seconds before she left. That should give her time enough.

While walking she remembered how he looked. He didn’t have that hollow look he had last week anymore, but still seemed unhealthy. Still something was alive in his eyes again, she had noticed when he looked at her when he entered the Great hall as she was leaving. For the first time she wondered whether Draco’s problems were to private for her to find out. However her curiosity and sense won over this feeling. Now she had nothing to fear anymore, well nothing more than her nightmares, her curiosity had increased enormously and now she really wanted to know what made Malfoy look so bad. Besides last time he looked this bad it had disastrous consequences so she felt well in her right to investigate.

She reached the top of the Astronomy Tower and started searching around. She started where he had sat the first time she saw him here. He had sat next to an alcove so she investigated that firstly. She examined it with her eyes, her hands, her wand and when nothing had happened she tried tapping and listening. Nothing seemed unusual so she looked around. Besides the other alcoves she couldn’t think of any places to make a secret compartment. He repeated her actions for the five other alcoves with no results. Disappointed Hermione leaned on the balustrade and looked over the grounds. After all it was quite a view. After a few minutes however, Hermione noticed she was looking down at the place where Dumbledore had fallen and resolutely left the Astronomy Tower, overwhelmed with memories. For her the death of Dumbledore had been the real start of the war. Of course for most this was either with the revival of Voldemort or the fall of the ministry, bur Dumbledore’s had the biggest impact on her. She never really knew him, but he had been their protector, their leader, and after his death she had fallen into despair. This despair had lifted when she and Ron found a purpose in helping Harry, but it had been there and that was enough.

Walking lost in memories, Hermione returned to the head dorms to pick up her bad for her next lesson. He gathered the right books in her room and was just about to leave when she saw a white spot on her red pillowcase. She turned to see what it was and there, on her pillow, laid a white sort of plant. She had no idea how it got here and curiously she picked it up. The plant was not really so special and she thought it was muggle. So how had it gotten in her room she wondered. She remembered that Neville was in her next class and that he had started to study muggle plants as well, so she picked up the brush and put it in her bag. When she picked it up a note fell out. Hermione smiled, so someone had placed it here. She opened the note.

If there is something to desire,
There will be something to regret.

The note said. She wondered what this could mean and lost in thought walked towards her next class. She arrived early and saw Neville was there already as well.

‘Neville’ Hermione asked, while she pulled the brush from her bag.

‘Do you know what kind of plant this is?’ Neville took the brush and examined it.

‘I think it’s wormwood.’ Neville said after a few minutes.

‘But that would be weird, since it doesn’t grow much around here. It’s native to North America and since it isn’t really a beautiful plant its barely used at all. I think it’s only purpose is with muggles in bouquets.’ Hermione frowned when he said this.

‘So why would anyone dump it in my room with a note?’ She asked frustrated. She saw Neville frown as well.

‘I have heard that muggles have certain meanings for plants. For example a rose stands for love. Maybe it has some meaning like that as well.’ Hermione brightened at that though.

‘Maybe.’ She said, but her mind was racing again. Her mum could look it up for her. One of her new friends in Australia was a florist, so if she didn’t know so herself she could ask it.

‘Thanks Neville. You really helped.’ Hermione was beaming at the challenge of unravelling this little mystery. So much that when Ginny joined Hermione and Neville, she had forgotten all about the note she was holding. Ginny however didn’t miss it and snatched it from her hands without Hermione noticing.

‘Hermione.’ Ginny asked. ‘Why do you have this note in your hands?’

‘Oh it came with the wormwood.’ Hermione said casually. When she noticed Ginny’s baffled face, Hermione started to explain, but at that moment professor Jones showed up and muggle studies started.

Ginny made Hermione tell everything during dinner and promptly decided that Hermione had a secret admirer. Who else would send a note saying something about desire right? Hermione blushed at the thought, but of course the main topic during dinner was trying to guess who was Hermione’s secret admirer.


So that was another chapter. I just wanted to tell that the part I wrote about Terry and Hermione didn't work out. I pretty much hated it, so it won't be coming in this story. And just for those curious, Hermione and Draco will be together in like 3 chapters at max :p
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