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Chapter 3 : Choking James Potter
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In the wee early hours once the large amount of booze wears off and the hangover starts to sink in, if I am still awake, the why's of life are always on my mind. Why does my mother have the personality of a troll? Why does Cassandra insist on a tight dress when she is like a cupcake? Why my life is in shambles. Why the sky is blue. Why Albus Potter is the only one with green eyes. Why Rose Weasley has an insanely crush on that Malfoy Prat. Why Bulgarian Chaser Valdnir Notgella was utterly beautiful. Why my father left. Why Holland irks me. Why I haven't painted my toe nails in almost a year. You know, life's biggest questions.

Only as I laid here, my pillow over my head, in my favorite bunny slippers, only one why ran through my head. Why her. Clemtine. I know I'm not one to judge when it comes to names, but hers sucked. Buy I wasn't wondering about her name. Did James kiss her like he used to kiss me. Does her heart flutter at the sound of his voice. Does she read muggle comics with him. Did she cry after their first time together like I did. Did he come up with some sweet name for her like he did me. Did she sketch him with a head six times his actual size and title it James & his ego. Did he kiss her hand?

Ugh. I'd rather be hungover for ever before I drove myself crazy thinking about him... and her. But one daunting thought lingered on. He replaced me quickly. I think that hurt the most. I hadn't moved on, hell, I hadn't spent more then seven hours sober, while moarning him. But he ran off and proposed to her. It stung. But I didn't dwell on it long before sleep took me as it's victim.

Being with someone for years has it's ups. Like I know where James likes to hang, so I can avoid those locations until he and flower-girl return to wherever it was they came from. So, most of my usual places were now off-limits. The down of being with someone for years? You share usual spots. And that is how I wound up at Clock, some weird bar. It wasn't a bad place, just Quidditch obsessed. I saw pictures of Quidditch players all over the wall, including James Potter.

"Scout?" A voice I never heard ask. I spun around to see a short guy with little hair on top of his head. I must have had a look on my face cause he extended his hand. "Tyson."

Tyson. Tyson. Where the bloody hell do I know a Tyson.

"I wrote you about your ad. You are much prettier then your picture led on."

Ugh. I was going to strangle Holland. Again.

"Tyson, yes." I spoke, looking around, for an out, anything to get me away from him.

"You never wrote back." He accused, finally lowering his hand after I didn't shake it. I wanted to say he should hold his breath and waist-high but the wanker looked so desperate. was this what Holland wanted. Was this better then my mourning?

"Oh, sorry. Been so busy." I said, then I sslaw my escape, even if it was just as bad. Clementine stood at the bar, her long hair over her slender shoulders.

"Clem!" I shouted, taking my out. "Sorry Tyson, my friend is waiting on me. So nice to meet you." I didn't wait for a response. I just rushed over to Clementine. Now who was the desperate one.

"Uh, Scout? You are a friend of James from school, right?" I just nodded. Friend wasn't quite the right term. It was then I noticed it. The big rock on her finger, the same ring that would have been mine. The same ring. The same ring.

"Where is James?" I asked. "I just wanted to finish our conversation from last night. You know, catch up." More like choking him to death.

"Hogs Head. Ironically, he was looking for you." Oh. Really. Was he now. Here to gloat that his new fling was wearing the ring for me.

I took a deep breath. I knew my jealousy was showing, and I wouldn't give either of them the satisfaction.

"Scout?" I looked up at Clementine, she looked over her shoulder then continued, "Do you know who James' ex is? I have heard about her, well the damage she caused him. She really ripped him apart, and did a lot more damage. He could barely function his first week. He drank all the time, was temperamental, and a wreck. I really want to protect him from her now that we are here."

I wanted to laugh, or cry, or anything. I just stood there, looking at her. "She too is hurt. She drinks, all the time. She can't stand the loss. I know it hurts her, daily. Every breath hurts, every thought. He hurt her just as much, but he has you. She is alone, wallowing in self pity. I think James is safe." Yep, that wall of bricks sure hit me. It was all true though. I wasn't taking it the best. Hell, I came to some weird shortend bar to get drunk and avoid him. I hated seeing the light. I liked it better when I was drunk and in the dark.
"So, you are close to her?" She had no idea.

"Something like that." I said, she just nodded. Without another word, I left. I was off to Hogs Head. My revelation hadn't surpassed my anger. As soon as I walked in I saw him. He was at the table we always sat at. The one I just sat at with Lily the other night.

"You!" I accused sitting down. He looked up, his smirk on his face. Oh, I wanted to slap it off.

"Hey Scout. I see you are still alive." He joked.

Do not choke James Potter. Do not choke James Potter. Love was resisitng the urge to choke James Potter.

"You won't be for long." I challenged. That got rid of the smirk.

"Is that so?" He asked.

"I just ran into Clementine. I saw her finger. I saw the ring."

"So? You said no. You didn't want me or the ring. Why do you care now."

Ouch. That was a verbal slap across the face.

"I don't." He raised an eyebrow. "Okay. So I do. You had to use that ring?"

"She loves it." He said, then looked at me. I really wanted to grab him and scream. The ring wasn't the problem. I too loved the ring. I hated her for getting everything that I was supposed to have.

"I really want to choke you." I said. He just smiled. Honestly, it wouldn't have been the first time. I always had an urge to choke people. To me it was more effective then hexing.

"Want a butterbeer?" He asked. I just nodded. In seconds a mug was in front of me.

"Why is Clementine at Clock?" I asked.

"She is the manager of the team. She is getting us sponsers for next season. Why were you at Clock?"

"Me? Pffft. I am always at Clock. It's like my spot." Leave it to James to make me act like aan idiot.

He grinned. "You were avoiding me." He accused. I just shrugged.

"Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't. You'll never know."

"Oh I know. You are a book Scout. O can read you."

"You can't even read." I said, with a small laugh. I found some comfort in the awkwardness of it all.

"One potion. Will you ever let me forget it." He said, then paused. "Actually, don't. Do not let me forget that one potion."


"If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have gotten to know you. And through all the bad, I am still glad.we had our years. I don't regret it, Scout. I hope you don't."

Just like James to make my heart skip a beat when I am trying to hate him. "I don't." I finally added. Not until the end. I regret that night, but only my actions. My decision. My mistake.

"Good." He said, we clanked glasses and drank together without another word. Half of me wanted to pretend it was like old times, but the other half just enjoyed the time with James.

A/N: chapter 3. I liked it. It took me three hours to work out, but I feel as if it's good. So, Tyson. Haha. It took me ages to write him in. But I did. So. You like? Remember. To review. It makes my day.

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