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Letters to L.C. by ScarletRoses
Chapter 14 : Hang Overs
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My head was pounding. I could barely feel my face. I was pretty sure I was on the brink of death. Death would be welcome right now. Death could consume me whole and I wouldn’t mind. Anything would be better than this sinking feeling in my stomach. I felt as though my insides were going to fall out. I felt as though every part of my body was going to collapse. I could feel something stirring in my stomach.


Then suddenly, I threw up. Very violently. It was projectile and I’d rather not describe it any better than that. I was covered in my own throw up now. I groaned at the disgusting smell. I couldn’t breathe through my nose, since I’m pretty sure I had gotten vomit stuck up there. I felt as though I could still smell the sick, even with breathing though my mouth. Something was very wrong with that.




“Shut UP, Crowley!” I heard someone whine. I immediately felt my head pound again at the voice. It was loud and echoed in my ears.


“All three of you need to get up!” I heard Lily’s cheerful voice. Was she that loud on purpose? Bloody hell, ouch! Was it necessary to slam her feet that loud on the ground? Was it necessary for her to breathe that loud?! She was doing this on purpose.

“Evans, I have sick all over me.” I moaned. Lily drew back my curtains and immediately cringed. I mimicked her, but that was from the light that shone into my bed.



“Disgusting, Lenny!” Lily tutted, waving her wand. The sick went away, but the feeling sure didn’t.


“Who’s got hang over potion?” Alice asked, sitting up in her bed. Lily went over towards the mirror and began to brush her hair. The shine off of her hair was hurting my head.


“Probably the boys.” Mary mumbled, pushing herself up as well. Suddenly, she made a mad dash for the bathroom, slamming the door shut. I groaned, moaned and did everything I could to show my distaste for the loud noises.


“Well, start making the trek, girls!” Lily called. Alice came towards me, rubbing her eyes sleepily.


“What you want?” I mumbled, shoving the pillow over my head. Maybe that would get rid of the hangover… nope. Still hung over.


“Let’s go get that potion, Lenny. I think they only carry two extras and Mary doesn’t deserve the other one.” Alice told me. I peeked out at her. She was still in her costume from the night before, her make up falling down her face.


“Not that I don’t disagree…but why doesn’t she deserve it?” I asked, slowly getting up as though not to upset my stomach. I started to slip into some sweats and a sweatshirt before we would leave.


“She’s a slag, that’s why.” Alice answered, pushing her way past me as she pulled on her own appropriate clothing. The sudden movement made me peel over and vomit in the nearest open thing.


As I straightened up, Lily was smirking at me. Frowning, I turned around to what I had thrown up in. “That’s Mary’s trunk.” She told me. “I won’t tell."


“Be cautious. They may not be wearing clothing.” Alice warned me. I covered my eyes while she pushed open the door. “Boys? Are you alive in here? More importantly, are you clothed?”


“Yeah, we’re all dressed, Alice.” Remus’s voice came from within. I uncovered my eyes with a sigh of relief, only to gasp. I thought my area of the room was messy! It didn’t even compare to the boys’ dorm.


There were clothes everywhere. I didn’t even have that many clothes. Bras were hanging off of a few beds. All the beds were unmade and it even looked as though there were large stains of something on their curtains. There was only one bed untouched. I could see wrappers from a variety of candies skewed all over. I was sure there were rats beneath the clothing. I was actually curious if their floor was the same wood as our own. Alice grimaced, but made her way through the clothing and over towards the middle of the room.


“Can I step on this stuff?” I asked skeptically. Remus nodded, making what could only be his bed. I followed Alice skittishly into the middle of the room.


”Where’s my clean boxers?” I heard Sirius ask from the other side of the room, peering under a bed. My face reddened at his voice. I had made a fool of myself in front of him the night before (not that this was a first).


“Do you have clean boxers?” Potter asked, ruffling his hair in front of the mirror. Sirius peeked over his bed, sending James a glare.


Yes!” He hissed at him. James turned, a smirk on his face.

“No, you steal my clean boxers.” James proclaimed. Sirius threw a shoe directly across the room, nearly hitting James in the face if he didn’t duck. It shattered the mirror.


Boys, we have company!” Remus growled. Both boys turned towards Alice and I, grinning ear to ear.


“Hello!” James bellowed. We both cringed at the volume.

”Hung over?!” Sirius shouted. Alice nodded, gritting her teeth. I was starting to see white dots in front of my eyes. I could barely see James and Sirius high fiving each other.


“Please tell me you have two spare hang over potions?” Alice asked, rubbing her temples.


“NOPE!” Sirius screamed. I could be wrong, but I think I heard his voice crack.


“Yes, we do.” Remus said, sending Sirius a scolding look. He smirked at his friend, crossing the room towards his trunk, starting to dig through it. Remus dug through a drawer (it was a pretty random pick) and pulled out two vials with blue potion in them. He handed us each one.


“Oh thank Merlin…or should I say Remus.” I said, downing the small vial. It was a disgusting taste, but immediately cured my pounding headache. I smiled at Alice, who sighed as color returned to her face.


“Thank you, Remus.” Alice sent Remus a smile of her own. He nodded, turning to see Sirius half in his trunk, half sticking out.


“What the bloody hell are you doing, Padfoot?” Remus asked Sirius. I had to admit, I was wondering the same exact thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if his trunk was trying to swallow him. My bag has tried to do that to me a fair few times.


“I found it!” Sirius emerged from his trunk, holding a letter in his hand, brandishing it around.


“DID THE POTION WORK YET?!” James shouted from the bathroom door where he had emerged.


“Yes.” Alice answered, turning away from our captain.




“What’s that, Sirius?” Alice asked, watching Sirius scribble a few things on it, his tongue sticking out of his tongue in concentration.


“Did their room swallow you, yet?” I heard Lily from the door. She peered in, wrinkling her nose at the sight. Lily was a clean freak. She refused to place her bed next to mine every year because of the way my area got. I had come into the room to see she had cleaned my section, only for me to mess it up a few days later after I couldn’t find where she places my socks.


“Where’s my owl?” Sirius wondered aloud, looking around.


“Your room probably ate it.” I answered him, shifting awkwardly. I had made a small clean area for my feet to rest, but felt the clothes slowly sinking over my feet.


“You’re probably right.” Sirius mumbled, taking to peeking out the window. I let my eyes wander to his bottom. Wait, what?! Did I just think that? Did I just look at his butt?! Oh Merlin, let this room swallow me whole. My cheeks turned red as I searched for anyone who could’ve seen me do that. Remus was smirking at me. Hell.


“Can I use your owl, Moony?” Sirius asked, crawling over a bed to reach a brown barn owl. Remus nodded at him, elbowing me lightly as he walked past me.


Yes, Remus. I’m aware I just looked at Sirius Black’s arse. It’s not my fault. He basically stuck it in my face!


In my defense, he has a nice arse. He does play Quidditch. I probably have a nice one too. I wouldn’t blame people if they were looking at my bottom. It must be pretty nice to look at. Quidditch buttocks are the best around, I’m telling you. I’m sure if I looked at Potter’s, it would be pretty nice as well. Not that I plan on it, I’m just defending myself here.


“Shoo! Go on then!” Sirius was calling at Remus’s owl. It hooted at Sirius, not moving from its perch. “You lazy sod!”


“Who are you trying to send a letter to?” Peter asked, stuffing two socks on his feet. Sirius’s face visibly reddened.


“Mfffggh,” he mumbled. I looked at Lily who seemed to be just as confused as I was. Sirius was staring at the bird, his eyes wide, willing it to fly away.


“Well, that was descriptive.” Lily said sarcastically, crossing her arms.


“L.C!” Sirius sighed, crumbling up his nose as having had admitted it. My eyes widened.


“No wonder the bird won’t fly off.” Lily mumbled. She looked pointedly at me. My eyes widened in realization. The bird was already in the presence of who it would be sending the letter to.


“Oh look at the time!” I said, far too loudly. “Time to go…err… water my…house elf!”


I took off at a sprint out of the room. Bloody hell, keeping this a secret was far too hard than I had anticipated. What if I were to tell Sirius that it was me? Would he care? Probably. He would probably think I was crazy. Hell, I was crazy for still writing to him. Needless to say, the bloody bird beat me to my room. It was tapping its beak on the window and its eyes widened upon spotting me.


“Bloody bird,” I mumbled, crossing the room and cursing the whole way. I opened the door, snatching the letter from the bird.




I’m just interested in you. I mean, you are different from what I know. Girls who are around me try to be perfect, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I want a girl who is real and isn’t pretending to be something they’re not. Eventually, people’s true colors show and I’m sick of being so disappointed after a relationship is over.


Pumpkin pie? I’ll buy you a whole pie if you ever let me see you. Christmas is my favorite holiday (mainly because of the presents; both giving and receiving). Do you play Quidditch? Maybe we could go flying some time. I bet I could beat you!




Sirius Black


I sighed, falling backwards onto my bed. Black was trying. He had spent a bloody week being nice to not only me, but Slytherins. He had gone out of his way, just to prove himself to L.C. If he found out about who I really was, he would be sincerely disappointed. I was different, just not in a way he would like. I wasn’t a good different. The only person who was attracted to me was bloody crazy Ludo Bagman.


That sure is a bloody accomplishment (please don’t take me serious. I’m crazy, remember?). Lily was in the doorway, smiling widely at me. She pranced (when I say that, I mean it) over towards my bed, hopping onto it like an excited child on Christmas morning. She stared at the letter, then back up at me, then back down at the letter again with raised eyebrows. Her grin only grew.


“So?” she asked me, nearly ready to explode with excitement.


“So?” I responded. She smacked my arm. “Ow!”


“That did not hurt!” She rolled her eyes at me. Well, it kind of did hurt!


“Kinda!” I told her, rubbing my shoulder. It was a bit sore.


“You’re smitten with him, Lenny.” Lily said with a dramatic sigh, falling back onto my bed in the same fashion I had. I snorted at her unattractively.


“You’re the loony one, not me.” I told her, falling back as I did before. She rolled over onto her side, the grin returning to her face.


“Oh come on, Lenny. You two are meant to be. Why not give it a shot?” Lily asked me. I rolled over, studying her excited face.


“I’ll give Sirius a chance when you give Potter one.” I told her. “Plus, it’s not like he wants to give me a chance. He wants to give L.C. a chance.”


“Same thing!” Lily cheered, laughing as she rolled onto her back. “And James isn’t that horrible. A bit big headed, but isn’t everyone?”


“When did Potter become James?” I asked her, a smirk forming on my face. I hadn’t heard her call him James since our first year. She visibly blushed.


“When did Black become Sirius?” She asked. I felt my own face burn in embarrassment.




“So, what are you writing back?”


“I dunno. Probably tell him to get the nargles out of his head. I’m pretty sure that’s why he’s been so nice lately.” This was a possibly, you know. Nargles are nasty little buggers.








“I’m being serious.”


”No you’re not. You’re being Lily. Sirius is being Sirius.”


I felt Lily roll over and sigh, pushing off my bed. She walked towards her own bed, pulling her bag out from beneath it and coming out with a piece of crisp parchment and a bottle of ink. I began to bite my fingernails (nervous habit). She began to search her bedside table for a quill. Was she going to make me do homework on a Saturday? Really? I didn’t think Lily was that horrible. Until now.


“I don’t want to do homework!” I whined, pulling my curtains shut around me. She’d be lucky if she could make me do homework on a good day.


“I’m not going to make you do homework; I’m going to make you write back!” Lily yanked my curtains open.


“Even worse!” I whined again, trying to pull it shut, but she wouldn’t budge. She handed me the items and I reluctantly obliged.


S.B. (I feel this is called for),


People tend to say I’m different, but never in a good way. You could be meaning this in a bad way, now that I think about it. You’re also saying I’m not perfect, based on the fact that we are supposed to be “destined” and all that nonsense. Not an insult, I brush all that off out of habit. I have a bad habit of biting. My nails, my quill, my tongue, or anything that is too close to my mouth. If pie was by my mouth, I’d bite it…eat it, I should say. I don’t want your pie, though. Not because your pie wouldn’t taste good, it would, but that means meeting you. I’ve met you, that’s good enough. I do play Quidditch, but whether I play it on a team or not is kept with me…and other people who know.




“Why won’t you meet him?!” Lily cried as I sealed the letter.


“Lily, I’ve known him for quite some time.” I told her, sending the letter with the owl that I had kept waiting.


“You know what I mean, Lenny.” Lily tutted. I sighed, running a hand through my hair. I felt the knots curl around my fingers. I immediately began to pull them apart.


“I’m the loopy Lenny Crowley….no one wants to meet that.” And it’s true. No one does. Not even S.B.



I moaned into my pillow. Bloody hell, how long does it take sleep to take over? I think I’ve been tossing and turning far too long for my liking. It must have been days since I fell asleep. I rolled over and squinted my eyes at the small glowing alarm clock next to my bed. 2:54 A.M. I groaned into my pillow again. There was no way I was going to be able to fall asleep. I’d probably end up dreaming about Bagman attacking my feet. I had that dream last night too.


I pushed myself up out of my bed. If I wasn’t going to be able to sleep, the least I could do was give myself some exercise. I was getting fat. Potter would kill me if a broom couldn’t hold me up for the finals. I’d be off of the team before long. Potter would probably get Mary to replace me. Then he’d realize how horrible she is, beg me to get on a diet, and bring me back on the team. I probably still wouldn’t be thin enough to be able to balance on a broom and Gryffindor would lose the final because they wouldn’t have a keeper.


Maybe I should start jogging. I skipped a few steps, letting my feet slap against the stairs. This was probably good exercise, right? At least I wasn’t lying in bed, which was a true waste of my time! I could already picture a ballooned Lenny lying in bed, commanding Lily to get me more canary creams. Mmmm, those are good. That might be an option. I’d have to keep that in mind.


I jumped to the last step, except I lost my balance. I went tumbling off of it and onto the common room floor. I rolled, smacking my head on a chair leg. I felt my elbow bend awkwardly beneath me. I lay there for an extra few seconds, to see if I had done significant damage. When I was sure I didn’t, I sat up, rubbing a bump I was sure was forming on my head. I think the fairies tripped me. Bloody bastards.


“You okay, Crowley?” I heard someone say. I nearly jumped out of my skin at the voice. I looked up to see Sirius peering over the maroon couch at me with raised eyebrows. I could see the dark circles under his eyes and the droop to his face. Was he crying? Oh wait, nope. A trick of the light.


“Mmm’fine.” I mumbled, pulling myself up. I felt the need to brush off my pajamas. “Are you all right?”


He looked far from all right. Who was I to judge, though? I probably looked like I had gotten into a fight with a few pixies and lost. In all fairness, those pixies are nutters. They’ll eat you if you’re not careful. Sirius probably had encountered a few pixies. That’d give him fair reasoning as to why he was awake at three in the morning.


“Yeah…I suppose.” He answered me. “Sit down, Crowley.”


I took the cushion open next to him, making sure I sat far enough away. I felt oddly uncomfortable. Even as disheveled as Black looked, he still looked like he had taken a good half hour to get ready to just sit here. Bloody hell, did he always look good? I’m sure he could come back from the most severe duels and probably still look good. I glanced down at myself. I probably looked like a monster from under a bed.


I shifted uncomfortably. Merlin, I just didn’t feel all right sitting next to him! Maybe it was because I checked out his butt earlier today. That was just wrong. I cursed my eyes afterwards. I was going crazy. Now would be the time to put me in the nutter house.


“What’s up?” I asked awkwardly, not sure if I should even be sitting here. Sirius was staring at the fire, his eyebrows creased together. Even looking distraught, he seemed to hold an arrogance to him.


“Tell me,” Sirius said suddenly, turning towards me. I jumped slightly, “Am I as repulsive as you say I am?”


Was he serious? Did he really want my opinion on that? This was a trick, wasn’t it. Someone was going to hear me say something mean to him and then tell the whole school how much of a jerk I was. Yet, when I looked back at Sirius, he was staring at me so intently, that I felt he need to answer him.


“No, you’re not…horrible…all the time.” I answered as truthfully as I could. I saw his face fall as he stared down at his hands guiltily. “You’re getting better though!”


“You don’t need to sugar coat it, Crowley.” He mumbled. I pursed my lips and tore my gaze away from him. I felt guilty for causing him to feel so down. “You know about L.C., right?”


“Uh…yeah.” I told him. Course I did, Black. I am L.C.


“I thought this would be an easy way to find another girl….I seemingly dated a mass majority of the people here.” He wasn’t looking at me, but talking to his hands. “With L.C she-“ he let out a deep sigh. “-I just don’t know with her. She’s….different. But a good kind of different. I don’t even know her! She doesn’t even know me!”


“Err…yeah, I suppose you’re right.” I said. Surprisingly, he was right. I may have known him for the last seven years, but I never knew him personally. We argued, yelled at one another, sat far away from each other in class, and played on the same Quidditch team. That didn’t mean we knew each other.


“I’m sorry, I don’t meant to throw all this on you.”




He looked at me quizzically. All I said was okay. Was that wrong? Probably. It seemed everything I said was wrong. Sirius chuckled under his breath, shaking his head at me.


You’re different, you know that?” He told me. I shrugged. Of course I was different. I was Lenny Crowley. “Well, I’m going to try to sleep. It’s late; I suggest you do that too.”


He got up and stretched, his shirt pulling up. I could see the muscle forming a very distinct “V” going beneath his trousers. I cringed, looking away. What he bloody hell was getting into me? I can’t look at Sirius-sodding-Black that way! It is just not right.


“G’night,” was all I said as he made his way to the staircase. I was staring at this arse. Again. Loony bin, here I come.


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