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The Princess and Me. by XxDarkXXAngelxX
Chapter 1 : chapter one:
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 It had been a while since he had gone into the muggle world, a place where he had grown to enjoy he thought to himself as He looked to see if any car was coming before quickly crossing the street to the house that his mother had bought when the war had ended and knocked on the door.

"Draco, finally you made it. Now hurry up and get ready, you only have half an hour before we have to leave"


"Hello mother."


I said sullenly, to be honest I wasn't looking forward to this party that we had been invited to. Princess, she's going to be as bad as Pansy I thought as I quickly made my way to my room to get ready. Which didn't really take long once I had a quick shower. I looked at my reflection to make sure that everything was in place before I walked back out again and to the kitchen to get a drink.


"Now Draco, Roselynn..."


"Yes I know, its her birthday, play nice."


I said rolling my eyes.


"Draco she's lovely, you'll see for yourself when you meet her."


I couldn't stop myself from snorting at this comment, but bit back any snarky comments when my mother shot me a look. 


"Well we better get going."


I downed my drink and followed her out the front door and into the waiting limo. The drive to the venue was quiet and once we arrived at the rather fancy hall I couldn't help but smirk at all the giggling girls that looked his way as he walked passed.








"Hurry up Rose, or you are going to miss your own party."


I looked up at my mother as she walked into the room. I sighed. I really don't understand why I couldn't just have a normal party like any other girl my age. But I put on a smile as I followed her out to the car. Ignoring the look that she was giving me as I got in. I was taking the car alone, something I didn't mind as I could let my mind wander. Like why on earth was my mother giving me that look again, she was up to something, and I was very much Hoping that it wasn't another of her plans to find me a husband. I looked out the window as the car drew up ouside the hall. That's when I saw her. My jaw fell open but I quickly closed it again as everyone turned to see me get out the car, I smiled at the people that greeted me, but I just carried on walking. She can't be here, she said she couldn't make it. When I saw that it was really her, I ran up a huge smile on my face a I hug her with all my might, tears filling up my eyes.


"You made it?"


"Course I would! Wouldn't miss my best friend's birthday for the world!"


Kath laughed as I hugged her again, but then I pulled back, a scowl on my face as I turned to face my mother.


"You knew!?"


She only had time to nod before I engulfed her into a hug.


"Thank you."


I whispered pulling back and giving her an kiss on the cheek. I turned to the waiting crowd, my arm slung through Kath's arm.


"So what you'all waiting for? The party's inside."


I turned round and walked through the doors, a big smile on my face. 


"So what is new with you?"


"Rosie! we spoke yesterday!"


She laughed.


"Yes I know, but there's only so much you can say over the telphone, now spill!"


I said pulling her to the drinks table, nearly bumping into someone. After quickly mumbling sorry I carried on walking. 




I said my eyebrow raised as we waited for our drinks. 


"Well I met someone."


She said shly. I nearlly choked on my drink when I got it.


"Oooh, who, what, where, and most importantly, how!?"


I asked as we walked up to the head table and taking our seats.


"Mark, he's a student at my uni, he's studying engineering."


"Nice. So how'd you meet?"


"Well at a bar, not an interesting story really. What about you? Anything you've managed to get youself into since yesterday?"


She laughed when I pulled a face.


"Don't even ask. Though I'm loving uni, the clas..."


"And there we go, ever the book worm!"


She said as she took a sip of her drink. 




I looked up at who was speaking.


"Sean!? Wow, you really do clean up well."


I said standing up to give him a hug. He just blushed making me laugh even more.


"Where's the rest of the gang?"


"Oh around here somewhere."


He said waving his arm around vaguely in the direction of the bar. 




"Yes mother?"


"There is somebody I would like you to meet. And you need to start making your rounds. We have two hours until everyone must be seated."


"Alright, but Kath's coming with me."


I waved goodbye to Sean and followed my mother into the crowd.




The woman kissed my mother's cheek in greeting before turning to us. I gave her a quick hug, she had become like a member of the family over the past few months.


"Oh, how rude of me, this is my son, Draco."


It was only then that I noticed the other person standing there. I took in his pale hair and complextion before looking into his pale eyes, noticing the swirls of grey among the blue, reminding me a bit like a storm.


"Pleasure to meet you Roselynn."


He said taking my hand and kissing it lightly.


"Please, call me Rose."




"Are you enjoying the evening so far?"


I asked him politely, rather bored and wanted to go talking to my friends.


"Well, so far, yes, I guess, don't know anyone really."


"Well this is Kath."


I said looking at my friend who seemed to go into shock when he took her hand and kissed it. After that there was a very awkward silence.


"Right, well I have to make that dreaded round now. Bye Draco, see you round yea?"


I said giving him a smile.


"Thank you, and happy birthday."


"Thanks. Ouch, what the fuck was that for?"


I said before I could stop myself. Kath had pinched my arm.






"Tim is here."


I couldn't hold back the shock that flashed across, before the anger took over.


"What the HELL is he doing here?"


I didn't take notice of the blonde man, standing there awkwardly watching the whole thing.


"Oh, no no no, he's coming over here."


I said taking a step back. I tried to turn to leave but it was to late.




I growled, closing my eyes, before pasting a fake smile on my face and turning to look at him.


"Tim, what a surprise seeing you here."


I said not returning the hug that he forced on me.


"Woldnt miss the party of the century for the world. Honestly, stop being so rude, people will start to think that you no longer care about me."


This made me scowl. Folding my arms I let a smirk fall onto my lips as a plan began to form in my head.


"Oh, you are so right daarling, wouldn't that be disasterous. Be a babe and save me a dance, wouldn't want to miss that for the world."


"I'm holding you to that."


He said a smug look on his face before he turning to leave.


"Oh, you won't be saying that once you find out what I have planned for your pigfaced attitude."


I growled. I didn't hear the cough behind me. Kath and I managed to make our way around the room and were just making small talk with some people when we were told to be seated as dinner was to be served soon. 


"Bloody hell. My feet hurt already, and my face is burning from smiling so much."


I groaned, though I was secretly happy that the formal stuff was kind of over. Just the dance and the speeches left. Kath and I sat down at our table. Looking round I saw the blonde guy from earlier sitting quietly at his table, ignoring the girl sitting next to him who was not being subtle in letting the world know what she wanted. I saw him down his drink and shove his hand through his hair in a frustrated way. This made me fell sorry for him, I looked around the rest of the room to see everyone happy and settling down. I spotted Tim at the table next to the blonde guy's, and a new plan formulated in my mind. Two birds, one stone. At this thought I started eating.








The was a soft tinkle of crystal as a man, assumidly the girls father stood up to speak, I turned to listen, along with everyone else in the room.


"Well, I can't be happier for my daughter who haS turned into a fine young woman. She's never one to let something to get the better of her, if something ever went wrong, she would always work it out someway, so I stand here, as a proud father, to ask you to raise your glasses in celebration of this wonderful young lady as she starts a new year of her life."


Everyone raised their glasses and she smiled a small shy smile, before standing up to kiss her father and then sitting back down. I looked at her properly then, she was very pretty, her dark hair up in a very elegant and simple knot and her dress suited her very well, very well indeed. I had been suprised earlier when I met her. At first she had seemed so proper, but when the sheilds were down, she was just like everyone else, normal. I ignored the nagging girl next to and turned to face the man I was talking to earlier and carried on the conversation.


"...we all know who she's going to have the first dance with, she already promised me."


I choked on my drink, and shoving the girl's hand off my arm I turned to see who had said that, only to see the boy from earlier, Tim I think she said his name was. He was looking smug as he said it. I ignored the urge to laugh out loud at the boys idiocy and then turned back to Mr Law. Once the dinner was finished her father stood back up, a big smile on his face.


"We all know what time it is, Roselynn?"


He said holding his hand out for her to take and he lead her to the dance floor. A waltz started up and they gracefully moved around the floor for a little, she kissed his cheek as they finished and he went off to dance with his wife, Rose then turned to everyone, and walked towards us. My face paled, maybe that guy was right. 


"Mr Malfoy?"


She smiled lightly as she held out her hand. I had to stop myself from letting my mouth fall open. I suppose I must of sat there for a while because a look of uncertainty flickered across her face, it left soon after as I took her hand and lead her to the dancefloor. I placed my hand on her back and she placed hers on my shoulder lightly. It felt like I was leading a feather, she was so light and moved with such ease that I led her with just the slightest of movements. And that was when I felt it, a little ridge on her side. I had to stop myself from stumbling with shock.


"Are you okay?"


She asked concerned.




"No need to be nervous you were doing fine until it looked like you hit a brick wall."


She laughed lightly, I wasn't insulted, I just looked at her thinking fast.


"Are you..."


"May I take over."


I turned to see the same boy from earlier, a scowl on my face, but before I could say anything she moved away and took his had, a determined look on her face, mixed with a very slight smirk. Oh I think I was starting to like this girl. I walked back to my table and watched, waiting to see what was happening. But all I could see was her looking frustrated as her partner kept tripping and standing on her feet. All of a sudden she let out a big yelp, which made everyone turn to look at them as she massaged her foot which had been a cause of the pain. The boy was blushing furiosly and trying to appologise, but she was just ignoring him after she waved her hand for him to leave her alone. 


"I don't understand, I take classes. What the hell is wrong with me? Such rooky mistakes to, I don't even know how I kept on standing on her feet."


He mumbled as he walked passed, then it hit me, she was doing it on purpose, thuis made me smirk and look back the dance floor where she was dancing, unscathed. She would have fitted in so well in Slytherin, wait, what? This confused me, if she didn't go to Hogwarts then then she must have gone to.. Then I remembered her accent it had a small trace of an American accent. So she must have gone to Salem, this amused me. Enough for me to go and ask a woman to dance just so that I could hear what she was so aminatedly talking about with her partner.


"...I know but he is just so foul I couldn't help it..."


She twirled out of earshot, but then I heard her again.


"...back in June, you know? I can't wait."


Well that's helpful. I thought as the song ended. I tapped the guy on the shoulder as my partner got whisked off by another guy.


"Draco, this is Sean, my best friend from school."


I shook his hand before taking Rose and turning her so that her dressed flared out elegantly.


"So. Salem."


She stopped dancing and just looked at me, an uncertain look in her eyes, I took her hand and walked out onto the terrace.


"Don't worry, honestly, I felt your wand earlier so all I had to do was figure out where you went to school, because you definately didn't go to Hogwarts."


"No, I got asked to go, but I wanted to go overseas, somewhere where I could just be me, made life a lot easier."


"I can imagine."




I looked at her amused. A slight smile on my face as I watched her fidget with her dress.


"Its a lovely party by the way."


"Thanks, this isn't the real one though, the proper thing takes place much later. Trust me, this is just a formal do that my parents wanted, basically for all the people who won't be where the party really is later."


I raised my eyebrows at this, she just smirked at my face.


"Yes Draco, I'm not a prissy princess all the time."


This made me laugh.


"I never thought you were, well maybe before when my mother told me we were coming, but I was pleasantly surprised that you weren't."


This made her smile. She had such a perfect smile, her teeth straight and pearly white...huh? What was I thinking?


"You know, you can come to the after party if you want?"




She just nodded.


"Thanks, I would like that."


"Good good. We leave here at twelve, make sure you are at the entrance by then."


"Oh, and thanks from saving me from that girl."


I said just as she was about to go back inside.


"Sure, the girl would be the death of anyone, I wouldn't even have the heart to put her onto Tim, and that's saying a lot."


She sniggered, I was left outside to my own thoughts, well for a little while anyway.


"I want you to stay away from my girl."


I turned to see who spoke.


"Tim right?"


"Timothy, only my friends can call me Tim."


"Timothy. Quite a show you put on back there on the dancefloor mate."


I said with a smirk as I turned to go back inside, but he grabbed my arm.


"I mean it, stay away from her she's mine."


"She has a name, its Rose, and Rose is a humanbeing, she is nobody's property, so let her live her own life."


I said pulling my arm away, seriously stuggling to keep myself from hexing him. He glared at me as I walked away. Idiot, I thought to myself as I asked another girl to dance. I looked around to see my mother laughing as she was dancing with Rose's father and smiled. Tonight was going to be a good night after all.







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