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My Gorgeous Boy by Zyii
Chapter 9 : Chapter Nine
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Chapter Eight

Mild Language

As March arrived James took it upon himself to woo Hermione. He couldn’t work out how it had started but he no longer saw any girl other than Hermione. That had never happened with Evans, he’d always been aware of other girls when he was crushing and dating her. With Hermione however, she was the only one he saw anymore and she was magnificent. She seemed to be thawing to his attentions of her. He didn’t know but he had Peter to thank for that, he’d taken her aside and talked to her about James. Telling her that the Marauders had never seen James behave this way over a girl (Evans included). Peter told her he thought James was working out who Hermione was to him, he told her that James had said he felt a pull towards her, a pull from his heart. Peter’s words had enlightened Hermione. She was beginning to get tired of waiting for James to realize who she was. It was usually much easier for soulmates to identify each other but let’s just say that James and Hermione were a special case.

He started with flowers and chocolates, in his minds eyes they were the way to a girl’s heart right? Wrong! He quickly realized Hermione wasn’t like the other girls, she wasn’t persuaded by flowers or chocolates. She wasn’t into heartfelt poems or displays of love. The Marauder’s were no help, they merely laughed at his feeble attempts. James, getting desperate owled his Mother for help. Hermione sensing his distress decided to help him out, but not in the way you might expect. Instead she carefully placed a book in his bag for him to find later, it was titled The Mysteries of Soulmates: How to Please Yours.

While James was off waiting for a reply from his Mother, Hermione was studying in the library while the other Marauder’s were off executing a prank of massive proportions against the slimy Slytherin’s. Hermione was busy studying Dumbledore’s plan of attack for retrieving Helga Hufflepuff’s cup from Bellatrix’s vault. In Hermione’s time it was noted that the cup had always been in Bellatrix’s vault and that the sword of Gryffindor was only added during the war as an extra precaution – not that it helped much.

Dumbledore being a man of extraordinary power was able – unlike others – to successfully hoodwink powerful charms put in place by wizards and goblins that were supposed to detect or remove charms and glamour’s from suspecting burglars or wanted witches/wizards. Hermione had retold in detail to Dumbledore exactly how she and the others had executed retrieving and destroying the cup horcrux in her old time, so Dumbledore knew exactly what to expect. Dumbledore however wouldn’t have to take polyjuice potion or configure his appearance to fool the goblins because he wasn’t going to enter Gringotts by walking through the front door.

Dumbledore was by all accounts an exceptional wizard and all exception witches or wizards should have an equally exceptional familiar. In Dumbledore’s case, he had Fawkes. Fawkes was his ticket into Gringotts, having seen Hermione’s memory of the vault in question, he could apparate with Fawkes directly to the vault itself. Getting into the vault would usually require the help of a goblin or the blood of the person whose vault it was but Fawkes had a talent. Phoenix tears were extremely powerful, not only could they heal/cure any curse or cut but they could also melt and disintegrate any lock or charm that stood in the way. The fact that Phoenix tears could also do this was a little known fact, one that would be disastrous should anyone work it out.

In her last talk to Dumbledore Hermione had also asked him to think of someone within the Order who would be able to infiltrate Voldemort and the Death Eaters, then that person could both spy for the Order and fulfill a job for Hermione at the final hour. She didn’t elaborate on what this job would be and Dumbledore was smart enough not to question it at the present.

The Order had been questioning Dumbledore’s actions recently, they disagreed with him putting his hopes on a young girl to save the Wizarding World from Voldemort. Dumbledore was at a loss himself as to what to tell them, McGonagall urged him to talk to Hermione about it for she was sure to have an answer but so far Dumbledore hadn’t attempted to ask Hermione. He had a feeling she would approach him when the time was right.

An owl appeared in front of Hermione, rousing her from her thoughts. She was so pleased to see an owl and not an eagle, she quickly removed the letter and dropped a couple of owl treats on the table for the owl to munch on. She didn’t recognize the handwriting on the letter but opened it anyway, luckily the letter was safe – unlike all those letters filled with bubotuber pus she received during her fourth year.

Dear Miss Granger,

I do so hope you are well. I really would like to apologize for what happened at our Christmas Dinner. I never did like that Evans girl and I was most surprised when she appeared at our house that day – James had never told us she was coming.

She had no right to accuse you of all those terrible things – she definitely has a problem with jealousy, perhaps it comes from being a muggle born (I don’t mean anything horrid by that – just that perhaps she feels she has to be the best at everything to feel like she’s earnt her place). It wasn’t just you that she insulted that day my dear, neither my husband nor I can stand people calling us Lord and Lady Potter we prefer Dorea and Charlus but we can both spot a gold digger and Miss Evans is most certainly one of those.

We are so sorry for what you had to put up with while our idiot son was brainwashed by that appalling girl. We heard about the things that had happened from the other boys once you had departed. You have a fine group of man by your side my dear girl.

Now we must get down to business my dear. I made my own theories that day – which were accompanied by the whispers of a little birdie. You have been waiting for my son for such a long time haven’t you. How long have you known I wonder, well it doesn’t matter now. From the letter I received from my son this morning, I know that though he might be a little confused and lost right now, he cares for you very deeply. He is sorry for what he did and I believe he is close to understanding what you are to each other.

Give him time my dear. He mentioned that flowers and chocolates hadn’t worked on you (they wouldn’t work on me either) but James likes to gift people. He doesn’t do it for himself, he simply enjoys making others happy. Just keep that in mind if he starts buying you gifts.

Oh and we wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done with Peter. He was always such a shy boy and we were ashamed of the way James and Sirius treated him – though they never listened to reasoning from us – I hear you have helped Peter a lot this year and as I feel like a surrogate Mother towards him, I thank you also.

My dear, I feel we should be getting to know each other better. With your Grandfather’s approval I’d like to invite you to lunch next Sunday to get to know you more (and as a way to apologize for the Christmas Dinner you missed out on). Oh and I’m sure James would accompany you should you ask him!

Kind regards,

Dorea Potter.

Hermione giggled, she was going to get along with this woman she could tell.

James’s response from his Mother was much shorter, it just read:


Be yourself, none of this arrogant egotistic stuff I hear from your teachers. Don’t be a showoff. Find out what she likes and listen to her.



James sighed, his Mother was of course correct, Hermione cared not for him when he was boasting or gloating. Being a good listener was probably important to Hermione. He took out his books to do some homework and noticed he’d somehow acquired another book: The Mysteries of Soulmates: How to Please Yours. Funny, he didn’t remember picking up this book, it was like someone else wanted him to read it. He’d never set much in store for true love and soulmates, sure he’d boasted about having it with Evans but that was really just fake.

He opened the book and started reading, the more he read the more he understood and the more he understood the more he realized what a complete idiot he’d been and the more he realized that the more he understood exactly what he wanted and who exactly he wanted it with. The last page he read stayed in his mind as he jumped up to find Hermione.

On finding your soulmate

Chances are if you’re reading this then your soulmate has already recognized who you are and is just waiting for you to also figure it out. The concept of soulmates come from the old magic. Soulmates are rare now as not many people are pure of heart. If you find yourself soulmated to someone congratulations. If you are a girl you have been chosen because you are pure of heart. If you are a boy you have been chosen for your mind, loyalty and love. Soulmates are the perfect complement to each other.

If you are reading this then your soulmate has given up waiting for you. You must identify your soulmate for yourself. Strong feelings of protection, jealousy, love, friendship and concern will fill your body as you look at the person you are mated with. These feelings won’t die down until you accept your mate. Your mate will be someone you unconsciously think of as yours, someone who you will keep away from the opposite sex, making poor excuses as to why.

Your soulmate is someone who draws your heart. Your heart already belongs to them and you already have their heart. You just need to work out who it is. You will know you have found your soulmate when you take them into your arms and name them as your mate. Here the magic will wind around you binding you together, the colour of the magic depends on the witch or wizard.

Soulmates are not like a ritual. Once you claim your mate as your own the ceremony is complete and you will be bonded eternally. There is no consummation or blood involved. The bond of Soulmates is after all a pure one.

Once you are bonded together you will become one. You will always be able to sense the whereabouts of your mate and communicate through the mind to each other. You will also become more protective of each other, if your mate is injured you will become incomparable until you have made certain that your mate is unharmed and alright. If any person of the opposite sex to your mate approaches while you are in this frame of mind that person may get injured as your primal mind to protect your mate will take over.

Hermione had long since left the library, becoming frustrated at the studying she’d done there. She made sure to avoid all corridors that the Slytherin’s were known to hang around in after seeing a Slytherin walk through the library with their hair and face the colours of Gryffindor house. No doubt this was the prank the Marauder’s were working on and Hermione didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire as Head Girl.

She wasn’t particularly looking where she was going – head in the clouds and all that – and neither was the person she bumped into – he having been running around the castle in a panic to find the girl he’d just fallen on top of.

“Hermione” he whispered breathlessly.

“James” she replied as he helped her up.

He pushed her into a near alcove that was hidden behind an old tapestry.

“Hermione” he whispered pulling her into an intimate embrace.

He looked deeply into her eyes as her chocolate brown orbs looked back into his. Before he’d even said the words he felt the magic swell up between them. “Hermione” he repeated, “My mate!” he growled. Her eyes shone with magic, desire and love. The alcove they stood in suddenly seemed too hot, the magic sizzled and flared around them turning a deep rich purple before cooling to a light pink. They stayed still for a long time, their eyes burning into each other, their breathing hitched as the magic worked its way around them. Lost in each other the small burning sensation they felt was nothing but if they were to look later they’d find that James now had a small otter imprinted on the left side of his chest, wrapped in the feathers of a dove, while Hermione had a small stag imprinted just above her left breast, that was also wrapped in the feathers of a dove, thus signifying their bond together and the purity of their union.

The magic died around them as the bonding completed itself. Each lost in each other’s eyes it took them a while to realize they only had five minutes to get to their charms class. With a passionate fiery kiss to seal the deal, they emerged from the enclosed alcove and walked hand in hand to class.

They were late, the Marauder’s were already there, Sirius lounging on the back legs of his chair chatting up some giggly headed Ravenclaw’s. Remus as usual had already gotten out his stuff in preparation for class and Peter was making doe eyes at a pretty little Hufflepuff who didn’t realize she had the attention of a Marauder.

Remus spotted James and Hermione first, giving Sirius a nudge that almost sent him tumbling to the floor. They grinned at the sight before them, the magic that had swirled around James and Hermione when they bonded have left a residual impact that was rolling off in small waves. To those who knew them well, you could tell something was different, their eyes glowed with something otherworldly, their postures stood protective and loving, their magic had settle into a balanced state.

“YOU!” screamed Evans, realizing what was happening.

James growled in response, shielding Hermione from the screeching noise.

“Already back to your whore James?” taunted Evans, “Are you sure you’re the only one she has”, Evans smirked.

People felt the shift almost immediately, the desks began to rattle, book’s began to move. Both James and Hermione’s eyes started to glow, James purple, Hermione’s pink, their magic combined and engulfed the room in a spazam of erratic magic.

“Stop!” commanded a voice, shaking James and Hermione from their angered states. They saw the room clearly again, noting that everyone else had gone. Before them stood Dumbledore and McGonagall. James growled, pushing Dumbledore away with his eyes.

He stood protectively in front of Hermione, looking her over and sniffing her occasionally.

“James I’m fine, I’m fine” she told him – he growled, louder this time.

“James” she took his head in her hands and kissed him gently, “I’m fine” she whispered in his ear. He wrapped his arms protectively around her, drawing her close, he buried his head in the crook of her neck, inhaling the vanilla scent of her hair.

Behind them, Dumbledore and McGonagall shared identical looks and Minerva secretly handed over twenty gallons to Dumbledore. They had had a bet going that Dumbledore had just won. Soulmates were such a wondrous thing, they were like Werewolf mates or Veela mates. Complete, absolute and forever.

You might think that now Hermione has James her mission is over but it most certainly isn’t. They still had Voldemort to defeat. N.E.W.Ts to take. A world to save. A bully to beat. A child to create. An order to run. If anything, things just got more complicated, and worst of all Hermione couldn’t admit any of the secrets she was hiding till after the defeat of Voldemort.

Evans was not going to lie low. So things had ended between her and James, big deal. She’d get him back eventually, they were made for each other. Snape couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t just drop it. Actually he’d dumped her for her warped ways, he said it was like talking to a knock off version of Bellatrix. He told her to sort her life out before running back to him again. She didn’t care, she didn’t need Snape.

Oh it made her so mad to see Hermione and James wonder around with such love in their eyes. It wasn’t long ago that it was her eyes he was looking into but it irritated her even more that he’d never looked at her like that. Evans thought it was much better working by herself because it meant she didn’t have to look out for anyone else and ensured she would always get what she wanted and right now she wanted James.

Oh but getting him alone or her alone was hard enough. It was like they had stuck themselves together, she didn’t know how people stood to be around those two, it was like a barf fest – all their lovie dovieness was sickening. No, this time Evans would have to target Hermione head on, she’d take her down and then James would realize what a pathetic girl Hermione was and come running back to Evans seeking forgiveness, which of course she would grant.

Dumbledore was away executing the pickup and destroying of the horcrux that lay hidden in Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault. Hermione had given up asking Dumbledore for details of his missions with the horcruxes because between Hermione’s instructions and Dumbledore’s own personal power, he was so good that nothing ever went wrong and thus there was never anything to talk about. So instead all that happened now was that Hermione would either receive a note saying: It’s done followed by Dumbledore’s newest password for his office, or the words would be said in person. The removal and destroying of the diadem happened soon after the cup as it was already in Hogwarts and was easy to remove (quickly and efficiently as they say).

The last horcrux however, the snake, Nagini. That would take time and effort. It required a member of The Order of the Phoenix to enter the Death Eater ranks and spy back to the Order undetected. The destruction of Nagini would not be allowed to happen until the eve of Voldemort turning up at Godric’s Hollow otherwise Voldemort would – for sure – work out what was happening to his horcruxes.

Thus as March broke through into April it was announced time to induct the Marauder’s, Hermione and a choice few others (including Charlotte and Kate) into the Order of the Phoenix. Evans of course didn’t get this privilege but we’ll come to her later.

Some members of the Order were still against initiating students into the group feeling that it made them no better than Voldemort but the majority won out, silencing their claims. Both Dorea and Charlus Potter were there as members of the Order and to support their son, Sirius and the others. It also gave Dorea a chance to talk to Hermione some more. They had of course got to know each other quite well when Hermione had visited for Sunday lunch some weeks ago. She’d come without James that time as they weren’t yet together then and Hermione had thought it would be better to get to know each other without any interference. Needless to say the two women got on very well. Dorea thought Hermione a lovely girl with a loyal heart.

Now that they had all been initiated into the Order, they were allowed to attend meeting and would begin training with Moody. They wouldn’t start taking missions till they were out of school. Hermione often had separate meeting from the other new recruits. Dumbledore had decided that she would soon have to tell the other more senior members of the order of certain aspects of who she was, why she was there and what she was going to do. For at presence many people didn’t know what to think of her, thinking of her as just another toy that Dumbledore planned to use.

However, the Order and its business isn’t what is important here, what should be focused on is the dwindling state of Lily Evans. Dumbledore of course had his suspicions as had a couple of other people. Hermione knew something was wrong with the girl but couldn’t pinpoint it exactly – yet. Furthermore Dumbledore couldn’t act until something happened, it was a time of limbo for all.

Evans was losing her mind, it was a process that had been progressing for a long period of time. As time went on people saw less of the lovely little Lily Evans and more of the crazy psycho bitch. Dumbledore blamed himself a little but he mostly blamed the social etiquette of the Wizarding world. The pressures put against muggle-born’s were instrumental in creating muggle born witches and wizards with unusual complexes – appearing as a mechanism to adapt to the Wizarding world. For example you had muggle borns who were jealous of purer witches and wizards. Muggle-borns who used their intelligence to better fit in. Muggle-borns who used popularity to further themselves and Muggle- borns who did anything and everything to make themselves feel worthy of their magic. Thus you can see how Evans unfortunately, was all these things.

Today was a day Hermione thought that was going to end badly. She’d been down near the edge of the forbidden forest picking some ingredients for potions. She could feel waves of contentment rolling off James, though he was nowhere near her. They had Care of Magical Creatures together in half an hour, so Hermione had said she’d meet him there. It was unusual for Hermione to be by herself, between Voldemort trying to recruit her and her bonding with James, people like Dumbledore had deemed it unsafe for her to remain alone.

“Granger, turn around”.

Hermione knew this was going to be a bad day, those words just confirmed it. She turned slowly to face Lily Evans. Hermione wondered how long Evans had been hiding her crazy for. Hermione could tell her magic was acting out around her.

“I have waited so long to do this” cackled Evans.

“Do what? Fight me?” mocked Hermione.

“You should be scared Granger, I used to be the best in the school” she sneered.

“Yeah the key word there being used to” replied Hermione.

“I’m better than you Granger. Didn’t you realize I was following you around the school. Didn’t you realize I was listening in on all your conversations. Poor pathetic Peter, he would have been my pet if you hadn’t taken him! And what about that ugly scar you have, ha. I spied that when I was watching your room, my thanks to whoever gave it to you. You deserve it all”

She began to feel slightly worried, she could see magic radiating from Evans. Her soul was damaged, the residual that hung around Evans was dark. Somewhere along the way Evans had given into her dark side.

‘James’ Hermione silently whispered in her mind.

‘Hermione?’ replied James.

‘I think you better get Dumbledore, maybe McGonagall’ said Hermione.

‘Why where are you?’

‘The edge of the forest with Evans. She’s gone dark!’ replied Hermione. She heard James growl deep into her mind as response.

“Shall we play Granger. I’m more powerful than you now” cackled Evans.

“Dark magic doesn’t make you powerful it makes you weak” said Hermione.

“You’re wrong. My Lord knows my power”.

Hermione blanched, “You joined with Voldemort?”

“You dare speak his name?!” It was like speaking to a young Bellatrix Lestrange.

“He’ll kill you” whispered Hermione.

“No, he needs me” Evans attacked and Hermione barely had enough time to pull up a shield charm.

Thus the duel began with Evans firing hexes and Hermione firing defensive spells. So far the fighting seemed PG. Evan’s showed no signs of knowing any dark spells.

Hexes, charms and defensive spells flew every which way. Hermione managed to hit Evans with a well placed Bat-Bogey hex, a slicing charm and a stinging hex while Evans hadn’t succeeded in hitting Hermione with anything other than a Tarantallegra hex.

“That all you got Evans?” taunted Hermione. As Evans face turned red in response, Hermione took a leaf out of the Marauder’s book using levicorpus against Evans. Again hitting her mark accurately. She let her float in the air for a couple of minutes before letting her crash back to the ground.

“You haven’t seen anything yet” said Evans.

Quick as lightning Evans managed to hit Hermione with Incarcerous binding ropes around Hermione. Hermione struggled against her bonds, her wand in a too awkward position for her to cast the counter spell. ‘Hurry James’ she silently prayed.

“How do you like pleasure and pain?” asked Evans, throwing a Rictusempra spell at Hermione. Hermione fell to the ground in laughter, fortunately her wriggling around had caused her wand to move into a better position, now she was able to remove the ropes that bound her. She raised her wand to strike back but wasn’t fast enough. At the same time she heard James shout her name, she also heard Evan’s utter the unthinkable.

“Crucio” screamed Evans, her wand pointed at Hermione, evil glinting in her eyes. Hermione fell to the floor in pain, a thousand memories rushed to the front of her mind, days from the war, memories of her torture, and memories of death. She couldn’t see clearly as the Crucio placed on her didn’t end but lingered continually. Hermione faintly heard the outraged cry of Evans as the Cruciatus curse was finally lifted from Hermione. She could faintly see the outline of figures in front of her. She closed her eyes briefly and blinked through the haziness.

Evans stood motionless as a very angry Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and several members of the school council stood in front of Evans. Her wand lay disregarded a few feet from her, Hermione reached for it and without thinking snapped it in half.

Hermione was oblivious to what was going on around her. She didn’t seen Evan’s expulsion from Hogwarts, she didn’t see Evan’s exploding rage and she didn’t see Evan’s disappear into the forest and apparate away.

From the lingering effects of her ordeal the only thing she was aware of was James rushing to her side and picking her up in his arms. He whispered in her ear and growled at anyone who came near his Hermione.

Time was in limbo. People were running around in chaos. How does someone who started off so pure and innocent turn into the broken image of a dark witch. What had happened to make her turn dark or was that thinking too hard. Was it just her obsession with power and popularity that lured the poor girl towards Voldemort. No one was certain how it had happened only the best could hide who they were. Leading the investigation into Evan’s demise, they only had Charlotte and Kate to go on. They were able to shed some light on the changes of Evans. Explaining how she’d behaved away from authority figures and what she’d done. There were sudden black spots of course, either because they weren’t there or because their minds were filled with fuzzy blank spots. The aurors suspected foul play.

Dumbledore was shocked by what Lily had become and what she’d done. He prided himself on being all knowing and all doing and he was angry with himself for not seeing the truth earlier. He had no doubt however that Voldemort was not aware of Evan’s blood status nor he suspected would he be very happy that Evan’s had tortured one he was so eager to get on his side. No, Evan’s would be dead in the morning, a terrible fate but not one that could be avoided. At present the investigation was handed to the aurors, but most likely this investigation would be left unresolved.

In more pressing matters Hermione was currently lying in the Hospital Wing unmoving. James stood over her, protective and alert, growling at everyone who came near, unless it was Madame Pomfrey. Somewhere in his primal mind he knew he could trust her. Hermione wasn’t a stranger to torture, her time during the war had taught her that much but perhaps since she was caught unawares it had affected her more.

Hermione wasn’t used to failure or being caught unawares, especially after keeping her guard up so high during the war, however no one in this timeline knew that. Madame Pomfrey had concluded that Hermione’s body had shut down to save her magic and her soul. She would awaken when her body had healed.

This did nothing to reassure James or Peter who were currently feeling as empty as a black hole. They’d both had to focus really hard to find the strand of Hermione they were joined to. The emptiness Peter felt was akin to an extreme lingering melancholy feeling, whereas, James, who was bounded to her soul felt the emptiness in the place where she should be. She was so deep in her unconscious state that her soul was unable to reach out and reassure her mate.

Most of the people involved were huddled around in groups – much like people were after the war – seeking comfort and safety in numbers, just in case the nightmare that had become Evan’s returned.

James was inconsolable refusing to leave Hermione’s bedside for anything. Dumbledore thought it wise to move Hermione’s healing self back to her bedroom, so that it would be more comfortable for all. James had been excused from classes for the time being and Charlus and Dorea Potter were frequent visitors to Hermione’s bedside. As March moved into April lessons were coming to a close and revision for N.E.W.Ts was becoming a dominant feature to most students.

Hermione was still unconscious but her skin seemed healthier, her body warmer and her breathing more prominent. Though waiting was a horrid process, everyone was sure she would wake up soon. Sensing her son’s emotions Dorea sensed what was happening. Of course Dumbledore had informed the Senior Potter’s of the soul binding between James and Hermione, Dorea and Charlus had been ecstatic to find out.

Soulmates or Animus Materia as what the original Latin name was, is a concept told to pureblood children as a bedtime story. Soulmates are part of the old magic and are incredibly rare. To have a soulmate pairing within your family is considered the upmost honor. It was something that didn’t play by the blood rules of society and simply matched those most compatible together. It was seen as a great sign of powerful magic to pureblood society.

Knowing this, Dorea also knew that Hermione was all that James needed and regardless of their soul bond, James would want to do things correctly and propose to his intended –regardless to the fact that strictly speaking they were already married. It was for this cause that Dorea handed over her Grandmother’s engagement ring to her son, knowing it would look splendid on Hermione’s finger.

As the days rounded the two week mark of Hermione’s unconsciousness James had become a mass of nerves. Taking to holding Hermione’s hand and whispering sweet nothings in her ears, - some higher power must have been listening to his pleas because the hand he held began to twitch and her body shift. As Hermione regained her consciousness she began to fret about where she was, was she still in danger? And why did she ache so much? She knew she wasn’t in the Hospital Wing as there were no blinding bright lights. Rather she noticed a light summer breeze floating in through an open window and felt the hot rays of sun on her face.

‘James’ she whispered into her mind unsure if she would receive an answer.

Sensing her anxiety he replied calmly, “It’s ok love, you’re safe. She’s gone and you’ve been out a long while”.

She panicked further at the thought of being out for so long.

“Shh don’t worry baby” whispered James.

Hermione had been unconscious for two weeks but that hadn’t hindered her relationship with James. James knew exactly how Hermione was feeling she was scared, hurt and relieved. He wanted to banish those feeling from her mind. He wanted Hermione to feel happy and safe.

“Where is she?” croaked Hermione.

James face darkened, “She left, disapparated when the aurors arrived” he said.

“Oh no” whispered Hermione realizing what that meant for Evans.

Should she tell James what had most likely happened for Evans. They were soulbound and that would never change. Was it foolish to still feel insecure about Evan’s?

“Tell me what’s making you so guilty” murmured James.

A tear slid down her cheek, as she prepared her speech, “James” she whispered, “Evan’s was a muggle born” she panicked, “You know what Voldemort does to muggle borns” she faltered slightly.

“She’s dead isn’t she” finished James. He seemed nonplused.

Inside an old discarded Mansion stood the most evil person since Lilith

“You did what?” asked the voice – if you could call it such.

“I crucio’d her” replied the withering form on the floor.

“And why pray tell, did you do this” asked the voice heavy with venom.

“She deserved it, always meddling. She thought she was better than me” said the weak form.

“Better than you” sneered the voice, “Of course she’s better than you. You are nothing”

“I’m sorry My Lord, I thought you’d be pleased” she whimpered.

“Pleased that you almost killed an incredibly gifted witch that I wish to join my side” he barked.

She whimpered under his gaze. Now she understood what it was truly like to fear the Dark Lord.

“Do you think I don’t know who you are Evans, what you are” he sneered.

“I-I don’t understand My Lord”.

“You try to stand among my ranks as an equal but you are not equal and never will be”.

“My Lord?”

“What? Did you think I wouldn’t know your blood type. You’ve been naughty Miss Evans” he cackled, if you could call it that.

There was an audience, a few members of his inner circle gathered at the sides of the hall, desperate to watch the coming events.


“You’re a Mudblood” he hissed.

“I serve you” she whimpered.

“You’re a Mudblood! Mudblood’s don’t belong in this world. Their only purpose is to be eradicated” he hissed.

Evan’s fell to her knees as Voldemort spoke, his Death Eaters bursting with anticipation in the corners of her vision. A snake, an impossibly large one slithered towards her. She backed away in fear, this was his snake. The snakes eyes gleamed bright yellow, its skin a mixture of coloured scales. It uncoiled itself as it made its way towards her. Her Lord was talking to the snake, a sort of hissing noise. Evan’s was scared, his wasn’t good.

“What do you want Mudblood?” mocked Voldemort.

She couldn’t speak, she was paralyzed with fear.

“Do you want power Mudblood? Money? Revenge?”

The Death Eaters laughed.

“Those ideas aren’t fit for Mudbloods. You aren’t fit for life” he shouted, reveling in his own words.

“Nagini” he whispered, “Kill”.

Evans heard none of what he said, she only heard a series of hisses. The snake lunged at her, her vision blurred. Silence. Nothing. Darkness. 

Enjoy lovelies.

The next chapter is part one of two and jumps three years into the future but it explains everything that has happened as will happen 


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My Gorgeous Boy: Chapter Nine


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