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Illusions of a Perfect Marriage by alicia and anne
Chapter 15 : The morning after the night before.
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The front room of the adult’s house was in disarray, furniture had been moved around the room and people were seen lying around the floor. Snores filled the air and most of the occupants of the room had huddled together, the younger ones had all decided after Charlie had put Hugo in his bed and Harry had taken Ron and shoved him into his own room before going back to where he and Ginny were sleeping, that they were going off in search for more alcohol which was hidden in the front room of the adults house.

So after waking up Hugo they all made their way over to the house, as quietly as they could. They didn’t even notice that everyone had gone to sleep which meant that they had been down the pub for the entirety of the day and night, not that it bothered them in the slightest knowing this. But they never managed to find the alcohol in their drunken states and had just ended up falling asleep wherever they had fallen.

Amelia woke up slowly, her head feeling like a dragon had been stomping on it and her throat felt like she had breathed in fire. She let out a groan as she hugged whatever it was she had fallen asleep with tighter to her. She looked down and saw with much confusion that whatever it was had toes. She let go of it and sat up slowly, feeling sickness fill through her and her vision blurring slightly as the room felt like it was spinning slowly. She saw that the thing she had been hugging was Lucy’s feet.

She squinted at the light in the room letting her eyes get used to it as she looked around the room slowly, seeing where the others were.  She spotted James who was fast asleep laying on top of Fred’s back; Fred was passed out on the floor spread eagled.  Albus was lying on top of the coffee table, his shirt was off and Amelia spotted it in the fireplace half burnt. Hugo had somehow crawled under the coffee table and was holding onto the legs of it.

Louis and Molly had taken a sofa each and were sleeping on them soundly, Louis’s face still covered in make up only this time more smudged then before.  Dom was laying half on the chair and half on the floor as though she had fallen off of the chair during the night, Roxanne was sitting in the same chair crushing Dom’s feet, not that she had noticed, and Rose and Lily were curled up in front of the open door, completely in the way.  

It took Amelia all of her strength to stand up slowly from her place on the floor, her sickness filling through her as she rubbed her back, reminding herself to never fall asleep on the floor again.

“Ah one of them is awake.”

Amelia turned around to see Hermione was standing at the door with two cups of tea in her hand, Amelia knew that one of them was for Ron.

“Yeah,” Amelia groaned as she rubbed her head, still feeling like it was being trampled on, “How’s Uncle Ron doing?” she asked.

Hermione had a small smile on her lips as she answered, “Oh he’s ok, but I haven’t woken him up yet. That’s when the fun starts.”

Amelia nodded slowly before Hermione placed the cups on the side and grabbed for her wand, “Now I don’t think the others will be happy when they find out where everyone had passed out, so you all need to go back to your house. Cover your ears dear this is going to be loud.” Amelia done as she was told and covered her ears as she stared at Hermione slightly perplexed. Hermione waved her wand and a loud noise suddenly filled the room like a hundred bells were going off at the same time.

Everyone let out yells of shock and jumped from the positions, before groans were heard and mumbles of sickness. Hermione waved her wand again to stop the noise before she placed it back in her pocket and picked up the two cups again.

“I’ll leave you all to go back to your own rooms,” she said trying to hide her smile as she left the room.

“That woman is evil!” Louis groaned as he got up off of the sofa and stood up, covering his eyes as he slowly stumbled his way over to the door.

“Just like you,” Albus stated as he got off of the table and looked around the room for his shirt before spotting it in the fire and looking down at it in horror, “You burnt my favourite shirt!”

“It was hideous I was doing you a favour.” Louis told him, Albus glared at him before he too walked from the room. Amelia stayed where she was, not sure she had the strength or will power to move from where she was standing as everyone shuffled slowly passed her, each of them nursing their hangovers, all apart from Dominique who seemed quite happy for this time in the morning, she was either still drunk or unaffected by the alcohol.

“Come on lets go,” James said softly as he held onto his head, wincing with each step he took as it seemed to intensify the pounding in his head. He grabbed hold of Amelia’s hand with the other hand and pulled her out of the room and out of the house, making their way over to the other house and entering it. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, Amelia following feeling dead to the world and glad that James was leading her as she felt like dropping to the floor and sleeping wherever she landed.

 James shut the fridge back up and pulled Amelia up the stairs, he kicked his shoes off as she shut the door behind him, throwing the bottle over to the side where it landed on top of one of the suitcases. Amelia collapsed on the bed after kicking off her own shoes and James collapsed down next to her. Amelia felt him laying next to her but didn’t want to kick him out of the bed, it required too much energy, after that thought it wasn’t long before she fell into a deep sleep.


When she woke up the first thing she noticed was her sickness had gone as had her headache, the second was that they had been asleep for the best part of the day and it was nearly dinner time, she also noticed that James was still asleep next to her. She sat up slowly and ran her fingers through her hair as she noticed that she had slept in the clothes she was wearing, she stood up slowly with a loud yawn as she grabbed for a change of clothes and her toiletries and left the room so she could have a shower.

When she came back to the room she noticed that James had got up and was sitting on the edge of the bed his head in his hands. He looked up at her and Amelia could see that he was pale and clearly still hung-over.

“Do you remember anything of last night?” he asked her croakily as he looked up at her blearily. Amelia had to think for a moment before she admitted that she didn’t remember anything either.

“I remember turning up and beginning to drink and then waking up in the other house hugging Lucy’s feet.” Amelia admitted truthfully, as James stood up slowly and grabbed his stuff so he could go have a shower.

“Yeah same here, I remember waking up on Fred which was weird. Although I do vaguely remember Uncle Charlie turning up,” James said causing Amelia to frown slightly as she tried to recall Charlie being there, “He made us drink Firewhiskey shots.” James added, causing Amelia to let out a ‘oh,’ as she remembered.

“Yeah he’s the reason I feel like I do today,” James said with a groan as he opened the door and exited the room, Amelia watched James leave and wondered why her mind was trying to remember something that happened between them yesterday, she could vaguely remember arguing with James.

“Did something happen between us yesterday?” James asked Amelia as he poked his head back into the room; Amelia looked up at him as he spoke. “Because I think I remember us yelling at each other.”

Amelia shook her head at him as she tried to remember anything else that had happened between the two but her mind was drawing a blank. James seemed to look slightly sad before he gave a small sigh. “Maybe I dreamed it then.” He said before he walked away from the door and down towards the bathroom.

Amelia frowned to herself as she thought about the meaning behind James’s words, but couldn’t remember anything. She gave a shrug cursing the drink Firewhiskey in her head as she exited the room, shoving her wand into her jeans pocket as she left.


“Look who’s finally awake!” Charlie called as he smiled over at Amelia who walked into the kitchen to find Charlie, Fred and Albus sitting around the table, all had food in front of them.

“Where are the others?” Amelia asked with a yawn as she walked over to the fridge and took out a bottle of water, before she walked over to the table and took a seat between Charlie and Albus.

“They’re over at the other house. Your parents have all decided to celebrate Victoires pregnancy with a lot of wine, they’ve been drinking for a few hours now.” Charlie said looking down at his watch.

“Then how comes you’re over here and not over there with them?” She asked him as Charlie picked up his sandwich and ate it. Fred and Albus were looking a little queasy as they watched Charlie eat the food.

“I’m arriving fashionably late,” he told her with a shrug as he chewed his sandwich. “That and I don’t care for goblin made wine, no matter how nice it may be, or how much it cost.”

“Yeah I remember you plying us all with Firewhiskey,” Amelia stated, Fred and Albus let out groans next to her as they heaved slightly.

“Don’t ever mention that devils drink near me again.” Fred said his hand flying over his mouth as he took in deep breaths to try and get rid of the sick feeling that had risen in his throat.

Charlie let out a chuckle, “You amateurs! You wait until I get you all Russian mead, that stuff will blow your socks off!”

“Don’t! I don’t think I can ever drink again,” Albus groaned his head on the table.

“If you feel like that then I won’t invite you over to celebrate with us,” Charlie told them simply as he finished his sandwich and stood up, waving his wand so the plate flew over to the sink and washed itself up before placing itself on the draining board to dry. “Although you may want to come over at some point, because if I know anything about your parents it’s that they know how to throw one hell of a party.” and with those words he left via the back door and made his way over to the other house.


“You know Uncle Ron,” Teddy said clapping Ron on the back as he threw his arm around him, “When I’m a dad I want to be as great as you.  You have raised your kids in such a well mannered and respectful way and I hope that I am as good a dad as you are.”

“Oh thanks Teddy,” Ron said beaming proudly as he puffed his chest out slightly. “You will be a great dad Teddy I just know it.”

“Only because I’ve had you to guide me, I really look up to you Uncle Ron,” Teddy told him before he looked around and spotted Harry standing alone in the corner pouring himself a drink. “I’ll talk to you later ok Uncle Ron?”

“Ok Teddy I’ll see you later.” Ron said the smile still on his face as he walked back over to his wife who was talking to Angelina and Fleur, a glass of red Goblin made wine in her hand.

“Hey Harry.” Teddy said walking over to his godfather and throwing his arm around him.

“Oh hello Teddy, how are you?” Harry asked taking his glass and handing it to Teddy who took it with thanks, before pouring himself another drink.

“I’m good thanks, just a bit nervous at the prospect of being a dad really.” Teddy admitted as he took a gulp of his drink.

“You’ll do fine Teddy, you were excellent with all of the kids when they were growing up and I know you’ll be just as good with your own child.” Harry told him honestly and confidently knowing that his godson would be great at being a dad.

“That’s because I’ve had you to guide me Harry, I look up to you, you know. When I’m a dad I want to be as great as you.  You have raised your kids in such a well mannered and respectful way and I hope that I am as good a dad as you are.”

Harry felt himself swell with pride at his comments, not realising that Teddy had just used the exact same speech on Ron a few moments earlier.

“Oh Teddy, I didn’t know you felt that way I’m honoured that I’ve been such a great role model for you and I will make sure to help you in any way that I can to help you be a better father.”

Teddy smiled thankfully at Harry before he patted him on the back and let go of him, “I really appreciate this Harry. Now I must go see Victoire, I’ll catch up with you later on ok?”

“Ok see you later on Teddy.” Harry said as Teddy walked away from his godfather a smirk on his face as he made his way over to his wife.

“There you are James,” Harry said seeing his son and his wife making their way into the room and looking around, Harry walked over to them as he took a sip of his drink, “How are you feeling this morning?” he asked them a hint of a smile on his face as he remembered just how much everyone had drunk.

James glared at his father slightly as Amelia told him that she was fine.

“I still feel like utter crap,” James admitted running his hand through his hair, which he hadn’t even bothered brushing today, “What about you and Uncle Ron? You both seem fine to me and yet you drank as much as us.”

“Yeah well Ron was still a little drunk before this party and I know how to handle my drink James.”

“Well we'll be seeing just how much in the morning dad.” James warned him, Harry raised his eyebrows at his son’s words.

“You will never catch me as drunk as you lot were yesterday.” Harry said with a laugh before he walked away from them and over to his wife.




A/N: Well James seems to remember what happened last night and Amelia doesn't so please don't hurt me haha :-D also Teddy is very smarmy in this I think haha.

Please let me know what you think :-D And a big shoutout to my lovely and wonderful reviewers who have reviewed from the start and have reviewed every chapter so far, You lot mean so much to me!! And I love you all!

And for all those who haven't reviewed from the start or have just read, I love you all too!!!!

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