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Lost In Magic by WildFlower
Chapter 29 : Chapter Twenty-Nine: Life's Precious Gifts
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So this is the second to last chapter everyone! Then Lost in Magic will be completed!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to me except those who belong to J.K.




Life’s precious gifts, where could I begin?

I never really thought about what I'd say to everyone on my death bed. That was something I thought I wouldn't have to think about until years to come.

“Miss Adams,” Dumbledore said gently, sitting by my bedside. “I wasn’t entirely honest with you and Miss Austin the first time the portal brought you here.”

I just stared at him, a grim smile on my dry lips. Heather most desperately tried to keep them moist for me, applying gloss every ten minutes, but she failed miserably all the time.

“I will be honest and straight forward in saying that, when the portal comes and takes you back to your time, nobody here will remember you and life at Hogwarts would continue as if you were never here.”

So Sirius, James, Remus and Peter, Lily, Heather, Kimberly, Mary, Matthew, Christy, Regulus, and the entire student body at Hogwarts, would forget about me.

I felt slightly happier about this. They didn’t have to face the pain of what was to come; only I had too. Fucking brilliant! I wasted my time here, I went through heartache and pain and I was the only one to be suffering when it was all over.


“But please do not feel as if you haven’t lived, remember your happiest times, they are the light in which clears the darkness.”

Yeah, whatever, I was tired and Merlin I just wanted to die already.

Life’s precious gifts, where could I begin?

By Wednesday of the next week, I still wasn’t better; in fact I was feeling much worse. Sirius never left my side, even missing classes and dinner just to be with me. I couldn’t tell him to stop worrying, because by now I had lost my voice, and completely lost movement and the only thing I could fight off was the blurriness.

I was a lost cause and by now I’d given up fighting.

Balloons and ‘Get Well!’ cards surrounded me, including flowers, ugly ones, ones that made me want to puke. Yellow ones were the ones I hated most, because they reminded me of death.

When she did manage to get Sirius out last night, Madam Pomfrey told me the news.

“Miss Adams, I’ve spoken to Dumbledore, and I’m afraid I have some bad news…”

I just lay there and waited, there was nothing else I could do.

“I am afraid I’ve tried everything, and no potion is working.” She paused to catch her breath and continued, “Miss Adams…I’m so sorry to say, but, you’re dying…” and she scurried into her office to cry.

I wanted to kick, scream and cry that it wasn’t true. But everyone else did that for me when Dumbledore informed them. Madam Pomfrey didn’t want to break the news to them, as she couldn’t stand to see the looks on their faces.

“This is just cruel!” Lily cried. “No, this just can’t happen!”

Dumbledore was there for me too. He and Professor McGonagall came to visit most nights, they just stayed in the background watching me as the others joked about the day, trying to stay light and happy. I didn’t like them faking for me, they knew the news; they all knew I was going to die – the whole school knew! It made me angry because it was frightening, because their reactions meant that I was actually dying.

It scared the living daylights out of me, what about the portal? Would it come before I died, would it ever come or had that been a lie too? I couldn’t die without saying goodbye to my family, and I couldn’t die without my voice, how could I thank everyone for just simply loving me.

I cried inside when Sirius didn’t hold back his emotions upon finding out the news; he cried and cried and cried. He kept mumbling about the things we’d done, and the things we could be doing. Mumbling that we should be getting married and inside my head I said:

Yes. Sirius Black, I’ll marry you.

But of course, he couldn’t hear my thoughts. And he wouldn’t remember me anyway, when I was gone. Everyone single person would continue to their eventual fate. James would finally win over Lily next year and they’d go on to get married and have Harry. Sirius might find love again before he too, loses everything because of Peter Pettigrew. I knew eventually he and Mary would break up, and so would Remus and Dawn. People will take their own direction in life. Then people would lose their lives because of Voldemort, people I cared for, like Regulus.

I wish I could tell them. But my words would mean nothing.

Merlin, it hurt so, so bad. Why was this happening to me?

Life’s precious gifts, where could I begin?

Days just kept passing, flowers replaced the dying ones; everyone was talking about the Christmas holidays coming up and what their plans were. I just wanted to tell everyone to go, just go and enjoy your lives, because I knew this was going to be the end, whether I died, or whether the portal came back. There was no point of mourning over someone you’d eventually forget.

Things were going to go back to normal, as if I were never here.

I couldn’t change that.

Something happened while Lily was reading, my voice came back.

“Lily,” I murmured.

Lily stopped reading immediately, and she gasped. “Sophie! Merlin, Sophie!”

She burst into tears and wrapped me up in a hug. I couldn’t hold her back, but I savored the moment, I took in her scent. Lily Evans smelt like apples.

She pulled away and kissed both of my cheeks, her tears were thick. “Wait until Sirius gets back from the bathroom! He’s not going to believe this!”

“L-Lily,” I said slowly. “Go and get the others please.”

She nodded and rushed off in a heartbeat and I sat there and prayed that my voice stuck around long enough so I could get the words out. Sirius rushed in not long after, and he must have bumped into Lily on the way and she’d told him I was speaking. He rushed over and pulled me into a tight hug.

“I love you, Sophie.”

“I love you, too Sirius,” I replied.

He lay me back down and said, “My life is going to be nothing without you…”

“My life is you,” I said, and I truly, truly meant it.

Sirius’ eyes sparkled from the tears, but he managed a small chuckle, like he was so grateful to have me love someone like him. It wasn’t my duty to love him, it was my purpose.

“Are you scared?” he whispered.

I nodded. “I’m scared; I’m scared to leave you.”

He was about to reply, but was cut off when everyone rushed in and I managed to smile when I saw all their beautiful faces. I didn’t want to hold back, I needed to tell them now.

Life’s precious gifts, where could I begin?

“Everyone,” I whispered. “You are my life’s precious gifts.”

They were right in front of me, each and everyone in this room was my precious gift.

"Thank you, thank you for all being an important part of my life ... I hope that I was an important part for you too."

"You were our special gift Sophie..." Remus said softly, for everyone else were an uncontrolable sobbing mess.

So when it was time for me to go to sleep, something happened.

Regulus and Dom came into the room.

Dominique Austin, my best friend, who was one of my most precious gifts, stood before me.

She looked absolutely breathtaking, and she floated over with a wide smile on her face.

No one seemed to notice her; Sirius just held my hand and everyone else sobbed around me. But I couldn’t hear them, my eyes were only on Dom, who took my hand and said in a crystal clear voice.

“Sophie, it’s okay to go now, you’ll be fine. You are strong, and you are such a beautiful person. You don’t have to hold back, you can survive without me, you can wake up Sophie and live your life to the fullest.”

Dom! I wanted to cry out. Dom! I love you.

She smiled as if she could hear my thoughts. “Let go now Sophie, I’ll always be here with you.”

I smiled, I knew she would.

“NO!” Sirius’ voice cried in the distance. “SOPHIE, DON’T GO! SOPHIE DON’T GO-"

Nothing mattered and so I closed my eyes.




Everyone, I'll see you with the next and final chapter.

XOXO WildFlower!

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