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Expecting by SaritaMalfoy22
Chapter 4 : Chapter 3: Amortentia
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                                                             Chapter 3: Amortentia

"God, I wish Sarah would just realise that Jamie is still madly in love with her so they can live happily ever after and have perfect little babies. It's starting to make him look ill." Becky said grumpily on Monday morning, her mouth full of bacon as she stared across the hall at James, who was picking at his food, his unusually pale face contorted in a grimace.

"I don't think he's looking forward to Quidditch trials either you know." Dom says as she plopped heavily down next to us at the Slytherin table.

"I didn't realise James still had the hots for Sarah!" Scorpius said loudly. A few people near us turned to look at him while me, Becky and Dom stared. Even Albus looked at him incredulously from the seat beside him.

"You're as dense as teak, do you live under a rock at the bottom of a pond or something?" Dom asked sarcastically, wiping a bit of orange juice she had spilled on her robes.

"Didn't you see him staring at her undressing the other night like the peeping Tom he is?" Becky asked, frowning in disbelief.

"Well I just assumed…its Sarah for God's sake; he'd be gay if he wasn't watching her undress!" Scorpius smiled crookedly at Albus, who nodded in agreement.

I rolled my eyes, wondering why hearing Scorpius say that made me want to punch him in the teeth. Repeatedly. To music.

"Well you weren't watching her Scor, in fact I could've sworn you were eyeing up our Rosie" Becky snapped.

It seemed it wasn't just me who took insult in the fact that all the boys we know talk about Sarah like she's a piece of meat. And just maybe she was just a little bit jealous of the fact that our mate is, unfortunately for us, practically a goddess on earth.

Hang on… what did she just say? Scorpius was turning an attractive shade of pink, avoiding my eye contact. Albus looked horrified that his best mate was perving on his cousin, but also quite relieved. Relieved that maybe that perving on me proved his best friend wasn't completely thick and/or gay. Dom kicked Becky under the table, just as we both realised we hadn't told her yet that me and Scorpius had slept together. Sarah had worked it out for herself and Becky hadn't asked.

"Well I was checking out your goods, Becky." Albus said calmly buttering some toast. I thanked my lucky stars that Al would naturally do anything to prevent awkwardness. Becky spluttered and we all laughed to show he was joking.

My God that was close.




An hour later we were freezing our bollocks off on the Quidditch pitch. The fine, cold October rain was drizzling us with moisture. It was the type of the rain that you can't really notice falling, but that soaks you through and through.

"Right listen up because I want to have a shower and get some dry boxers on! James roared over the combined noise of students and rain.

"All those who aren't in Gryffindor, bugger off!" Sarah shouted from next to him, clutching her sleek black Comet 540 in her manicured, shivering hands.

A few younger kids slouched off, teeth chattering.

"Get in a line!" Danny (Sarah's squeeze) shouted after her.

Nobody moved. He's only been on the team for a year, unlike me, Dom, Sarah and James who have been on since the end of the First year.


Jeez Louise that girl has a pair of lungs on her.

A few lads who'd come down just to see her (there was usually a group of five or six different lads every day following her around and today was no exception) looked over at her with mesmerised expressions. Ah, love at first sight.

"Oh piss off you lot." Dom shouted carelessly at them and they skedaddled, sending her death glares. Sarah looked after them with eyebrows raised.

"What the hell is with lads these days?" She asked.

James chuckled softly and put a warm arm around her. She sank into his body while Danny sulked, kicking up clods of earth with his boots.

"I wouldn't worry kitty cat. Right, you first!" James yelled, pointing to one of Lily's friends. Lily herself stood behind the mousy haired girl and blew me a kiss, her eyes crossed. Someone once said she looks a little bit like Angelina Jolie. One of those muggles who abducts kids. Or is it adopts kids? What do I care? Besides, I think Lily's prettier.

Anyway, she smiled at Dom and waved at Sarah, who smiled brilliantly and waved back. Lily and Sarah are almost closer than James and Lily for Christ's sake; she was nearly as upset as him when they broke up.

Except nobody gets that upset. Or so I thought before Sarah involuntarily broke his heart... but I'm getting sidetracked.

But anyway, if Lily doesn't get on the team I'll eat my thinking hat because by Christ I've never seen any girl catch a Quaffle like she does. The first girl up sees the Bludger racing towards her and ducks, screaming.

"Gordon Bennett, this is gonna be a long morning." James moaned, running wet fingers through wet hair and turning to me.




After the trials, James, Sarah, Dom and me trekked to the changing rooms, showered, and then made our way down to the cabin. Scorpius, Albus, Becky, Rich and Danny are already there and Lily was just behind us when we left. I'm starting to feel a bit sick, but I suppose I had quite a big breakfast and spent two hours zooming around on a broomstick. As soon as we plopped into seats and warmed up by the fire that Albus had already lit, Sarah sat between Danny's legs on the floor, while James dug his hands into his pockets, scowling at the flames.

"So, who do you think made it onto the team?" Albus asked, handing around a large packet of crisps.

"Well, me obviously, Rose, Lily, Dom, Steve, Danny. That's it I think." James says.

Oh, how cruel. We all know there are seven players on a team; he just wants to get back at Sarah. She looks fuming right now, and seeing as she's the best female beater Hogwarts has seen since Lauren Blarh, the part-troll beater of the 50s, I wouldn't want to be in James' position. She stood up, Danny looked irritated as hell behind her and I stepped out from in between her and James.

I may be mental but I'm not suicidal.

"Just kidding, you made the team. You always make the sodding team" He said quickly, winking as she laughed and hugged him. Danny's expression didn't change from irritation.

"Ahh James I love you!" She giggled happily and James' cheerful smile fell slightly as he looked down at her. Danny noticed the look and raised his thick eyebrows and Dom loudly asked who wanted a cup of tea before we shot off to our next lesson.




"Right, get into opposite sex pairs for this project and I'll put you together with another pair." Professor Middleton instructed, pushing her thick glasses higher up her nose and checking her tight bun is still in place. She's quite young (early thirties I suppose) but she dresses like an eighty year old.

Strange woman.

Anyway, she's our Potions teacher and as you can tell, she's asked us to get into pairs. Opposite sex pairs.

Bugger. It's a Gryffindor/Slytherin class…

Oh thank god, Scorpius is crossing the room towards me. Sarah is already with Danny, Becky has paired up with Albus, while Dom is marching purposefully across the room to Sean Finnegan before his girlfriend has a chance. James, who repeated the seventh year with us (for pissing around and moping because of Sarah instead of revising) can't escape his new girlfriend, Amy. Honestly, you should have heard Aunt Ginny when he told her he wanted to re-take the seventh year; I thought she was going to kill him with a meat cleaver.

"Hey Scorpius! Or should I have said 'Hi Potions Partner!'" A high pitched girly voice said from just in front of me. I turned to see five foot two of pure bitch with her back to me.

Chelsea Oxford.

Scorpius doesn't look best pleased; in fact he's peering over her head into my eyes apologetically. God, I hate that girl.

"Times up! Have you all got partners?" Professor Middleton called from the front.

"Rose Weasley, partner up with Freddie Bishop." She added. I swivelled my head and see my favourite person in the world (not), my ex boyfriend Freddie. Scorpius turned as well with pure hatred in his eyes. There stands six foot two of alpha male, sandy blonde hair cut choppily around his face, and darkest brown eyes. I swooned. Scorpius glared at me then at Freddie, who hugged me, ignoring Scorpius.

"There's my favourite ex-girlfriend!" He said loudly in his deep voice.

I'm kind of crushed against him, and although I'm tall at the height of 5 foot ten, he's still taller. He kissed my head affectionately and my knees started buckling. Deary me, why did I ever break up with this hunk? Then I saw Chelsea Oxford over his shoulder and I remembered why.

About four months ago, when I was already involved in a ten month relationship with Freddie, I smelled perfume on his shirt (how cliché) and confronted him about it. He couldn't tell me about it and he said he couldn't remember anything and then I found out that he'd drunk some pumpkin juice that had been spiked with Amortentia. Then I found out that one of Chelsea's friends had done it because she had something against me (probably Quidditch related) and wanted revenge. I still to this day don't know which of her friends did it, and she's in Slytherin so it could be anyone really, and I even have my suspicions about her for reasons I'll explain later, not to mention the fact that she's in Slytherin. Anyway, I found it hard to trust Freddie after that, although it wasn't his fault, and so I finished it with him. And that's my tragic story.

Sniff sniff.

"Sarah and Daniel, pair up with Amy and James. Margaret and Cliff partner with Rebecca and Albus, Rose and Frederick partner with Scorpius and Chelsea." The professor read out. I cringed, as did most people in the class. She has an annoying habit of refusing to shorten our names. And an even more annoying habit is for her to pair us with the most awkward people. Scorpius (who's getting weirder by the second) and Chelsea Oxford (don't even get me re-started.)

"Hi Rose!" Chelsea said to me as we claimed a four-sided table. She's opposite me of course, with the lads sat opposite each other. I know she hates my guts because I'm closer to Scorpius and Freddie than she'll ever be, but she's super-bitch because she's nice as Nana Molly's cherry pie to my face.

Grrrr. God I hate women. And men. And children actually. I hate everything. Except cats… I like cats.

"Hey Chelsea!" I said even more enthusiastically after letting my brain take a little wander off by itself. Take that, bitch. Her smile dropped a few degrees but she hitched it back on her face, cheerier than ever.

I know I shouldn't hate a girl who's about half my size (she's dress size 6, five foot 2. Not that I stalk her or anything) but I loathe her. She's got bottle blonde hair and emerald green eyes and absolutely perfectly pale skin, like the kind you get on facial scrub adverts (no spots, no blemishes, and no imperfections.)

And I hate her for it.

Well actually I also hate her because she hates Sarah. The two of them used to be best friends in Forth year, but when Sarah started to get a lot more male attention and Chelsea was overlooked, she started to up her game and openly flirt with Sarah's boyfriends. So obviously the two of them fell out. And when they did, Chelsea began trying to spread rumours about Sarah. So no one looked her way for all of two days (vicious rumours couldn't keep the infatuated lads of Hogwarts at bay for long apparently), at which point James put a stop to the rumours by asking Sarah out. Because if theJames Potter was going out with anyone she was bound to be completely flawless in every way, since he's so damn picky. And somehow after that, every lad in the whole school forgot about the rumours and Sarah now has the entire male population of Hogwarts (seriously, you should see the Gryffindor table at Valentines Day) after her.

And here I am, with heartbreak behind me and a dysfunctional friendship with Scorpius about to get worse.

Such is life.

"Right, now I've explained what you have to do, you can get on with it!" Professor Middleton said from the front of the room. I snapped back to reality and realised that I haven't been listening to a word she's just said. Freddie is looking at me. Scorpius is looking at me. And Chelsea was scowling at me but quickly turned that frown upside down now she's realised I'm looking straight back into her eyes.

"I'm sorry I wasn't listening to a word she's just said. What potion are we making?" I asked brightly. Freddie laughed heartily.

"Amortentia." Scorpius said quietly as he cracked frozen Ashwinder eggs over the side of our joint cauldron.

Now really, what are the chances of having that potion, with this potions group?

Steam is soon rising up in characteristic spirals from our potion (which Chelsea added nothing to by the way) and my nostrils were filled with the smell of the woody scent of the cabin and the forbidden forest – the place in school I am happiest. I went to get some dried basil to add to the potion and when I got back I could distinguish the scent that is home underneath the earthy smell. The smell of the hot embers of fire mingled with my mother's perfume and the unmistakable smell of the roses she plants in the garden. There's another smell in there that I can't quite place but I know well; a masculine smell that makes my knees weak. The same dazed look has come across the face of Scorpius that I know must be reflected on my own, and looking around the room I see the same look on James' face, Sarah's face, Danny's face, Becky's and Dom's...well everyone's.

"Very good you lot!" Professor Middleton said, carrying a clipboard as she looks over our potion and inhales.

"Very good indeed. What can you all smell?" She asked.

Did I forget to mention that she asks the most embarrassing questions?

"I can smell coconut hair conditioner, mint chewing gum and the new GucciWitch perfume" Chelsea said quickly, inhaling deeply. The teacher noted this down (I have no idea why, perhaps she's writing a book titled 'How to Make Your Students Squirm in 5 Easy Steps!') and looked at Freddie.

"Erm, I can smell the grass after rain, the treacle tart we get here and chlorine." He said uncomfortably. I looked at him. Chlorine?

Strange manchild.

Then I realised the professor was now looking at me. Oh hells bells.

"The smell of the forbidden forest, the smell of my home, and an aftershave I think. But that might be someone that has it on too strongly." I said shrugging. Middleton smiled but Chelsea looked at me snottily.

"I can't smell any aftershave" She said, looking at me with an evil, smug glint in her eyes.

"Well maybe my senses are better than yours." I said, staring right back. She folded her arms, dropping all fake smiles, and looked at Scorpius, who looked uncomfortable.

"I can smell…" He leant over the potion, eyes closed. "…the smell of pine trees and the smell of roses. And a kind of warm cooking-y smell that I associate with my friend's grandmother's house." He said, looking confused. I knew that smell; it's the smell of the Burrow. "Oh, and my father's aftershave." He added in a tiny voice.

"Roses?" The professor asked quizzically.

"Yeah" He said blushing. Oh dear God. This teacher is like hell on legs.

"Rose smells of roses - how cliché - maybe you can smell her instead of the potion?" Chelsea asked maliciously, enjoying watching Scorpius and me squirm.

"You usually do Rosie. But not today as much." Freddie commented casually. Scorpius turned a darker shade and leaned into smell me.

"Yeah she doesn't smell of anything today." He replied before leaning into the potion again.

"Must be the roses in the potion you can smell then" Chelsea said, smiling deviously.

Scorpius nodded. I was blushing too.

"Ok, well I'll leave you guys to it. Divide your potion into phials and label them clearly! We don't want anyone drinking this thinking it's an antidote do we!" She said laughing and tottering off to see James and Sarah.

"Nutter, that one." Freddie said, looking incredulously at our retreating teacher. I nodded fervently and began pouring out potion.

"Rosie I've been meaning to talk to you for a while now. There's a Hogsmeade trip this weekend. I wondered if you wanted to come out with me for a few hours. It doesn't have to mean anything if you don't want it to..." Freddie said would-be nonchalantly. Chelsea gaped unflatteringly and Scorpius, who was holding the phial that I was pouring liquid into, dropped it on the floor. It smashed and Amortentia bubbled steadily across the flagstones.

"Scorpius!" I chastised, mainly to avoid answering Freddie, who looked genuinely anxious to hear my answer. I bent to help him clear everything up.

"What should I say?" I whispered desperately, staring at Scorpius with wide blue eyes.

"Why do you want to know what I think, Rose? I'm not your best friend anymore to you, just a bloke you shagged and then ignored." He hissed. Just as I straightened up numbly, the bell went.

"Yes. I'd love to go into town with you on Saturday." I said, stiffening my spine as I felt Scorpius straighten up behind me.

"Great!" He said eagerly. "It's a date!" He said more casually before packing his bags up and leaving me and Scorpius alone. Sarah, Becky, Dom, James, Al and everyone else would grab enough food for all of us and meet us down at the cabin.

"Another wise decision from the amazing Rosie." Scorpius said mockingly. I grabbed my handbag and waited for him to grab his rucksack.

"Look, Scor. I don't really understand what you want me to do." I hissed as we walked to the cabin together, slowly.

"We had drunken sex when I wasn't thinking straight. I'm not going to lie to you; I didn't know what I was doing. But it doesn't mean we can't forget all about it and be best friends like we were before!" I argued pleadingly when he didn't reply. He looked at me searchingly as we exited the entrance hall and made our meandering way down around the lake to our cabin. He hadn't said anything for the last ten minutes and I was starting to worry before he opened his mouth...

"I know Rosie." He sighed finally. "I'm sorry I've been a bit funny with you the past few weeks." He said apologetically. I nodded.

"It's fine. I just want us to forget all about it."

"Did it mean anything to you?" He spluttered after a few minutes silence, sounding like a long mental battle had ensued before he had asked it. I stopped beside the lake and looked at him, wrapping my scarf tightly around my neck to avoid the chilly breeze that was whipping my hair around my face. His hands were deep in his pockets and he was looking at his feet, cheeks pink from cold.

"Oh, Scor... Of course it meant something. I count you as one of my best friends, but best friends shouldn't share something like that." I said carefully, hoping to word it just right.

He nodded slowly, looking out over the lake thoughtfully and after a few minutes he cleared his throat in a masculine way and we continued on our way to the cabin, his arm intertwined with mine.




Come on guys, it only takes a second to tell me what you think so far. It would really help me out a lot :) This story is also on hpff if you want to see photos to go with the story! I had a great response to the animagus idea, thanks to everyone who has reviewed so far, please keep them coming :D

-Sarita x

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Expecting: Chapter 3: Amortentia


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