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One Big Colorful Mess by ilovegeorgeweasly101
Chapter 1 : Mess #1: The World cup Goes South
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There were millions of swirling colors. Red, green, blue, purple, yellow, pink, every color imaginable, merging and mixing like a kaleidoscope. In a way, it was beautiful, but after having the same dream every night since I was little makes it more soothing than awe inspiring.


Then the dream changed, morphed in a way that it never has before. It was like the colors were trying to show me something. They grew darker and instead of the relaxing swirls, the colors churned in bubbled in almost a sinister way. Then as abruptly as the change started, the colors stopped in the most disturbing image I’d ever seen.


It was a bald man with gray skin and a sick smile, as if he was thinking about world domination. The most disturbing thing wasn’t his smile or skin or even his disgusting red eyes; it was his nose. In place of a nose, there were two slits.


Like a snake.


I woke with a start, drenched in sweat. I looked around the familiar room and it eased my heart rate. I looked out the window, seeing only outlines of the Weasley’s yard in the dark, and the garden gnomes running back and forth. It must have been about one in the morning. Next to me, Ginny let out a great snore and rolled over. I sighed and got up.


I made my way in the dark to the bathroom and splashed water in my face (complete with drowning elephant sounds). I looked in the mirror scrunched up my nose and made a face.




Then I looked at my head covering. Light was pouring out of it, lighting up the entire bathroom. Suppressing some swears I began unwrapping it. The light grew brighter and brighter until the head covering fell away and my hair tumbled down my back. Every last piece of hair was luminescent with different colors shooting up and down different strands. It made me smile, seeing all the different colors. I concentrated on the one color I know the best, the one that comes to me like breathing. After a few seconds, my hair rippled and it was purple.


Maybe I should explain…


My Name is Gwendolyn Jones and I am a Metamorphmagus (be jealous).


Now I know what you’re thinking; If you’re a quidditch jock like me, your thinking




Believe me; I know.


OR if you’re a braniac *coughNERDcough* you’re thinking,


“Metamorphmagus’s don’t change like THAT.”


Believe me. I KNOW.


For some reason my powers are a (lot) more… advanced.


My skin changes colors, I produce fire when I get mad, I can make it rain, snow, lightning, thunder, you name it.


And I have no clue how. The only Metamorphmagus in my family I know of was my father and he… passed on.


No one knows about my powers except my mom, her team, Ginny and Professor McGonagall. Do you know what its like to hide your magic, a kind of magic that comes to you as effortlessly as breathing, one that you cant even always CONTROL, not only from a school full of nosy MAGICAL teenagers, but also the even nosier press that hounds my mother and I?


Yeah, it’s no cakewalk.


Its not that I’m ashamed of my powers. I just don’t want the wrong people finding out about the whole fireball/lightning scary lady type thing. I mean, my hair constantly shifts while I sleep; I’m not a typical Metamorph. People would have a field day. Not to mention that certain people would want to use my powers for bad things, and if I refused, they would kill me… Like they did my father.


With that dark thought in my mind, I rewrapped my hair and went back to Ginny’s room.




I hate waking up feeling like I’ve only slept for two hours.




And the worst part? I got awakened (rather RUDLEY I might add) by two crazy arse gingers.


Fred and George were bouncing on the bed Ginny and I share, wearing our bras and reading Ginny’s old diary!


“Harry's eyes are just SUCH a lovely shade of green-"

"Its like swimming in a pool of melted emeralds!" 

"Really Gin, the guys a bit lanky-"

"And he definitely does NOT deserve this kind of build up-"



It’s a lucky thing I sleep in a head covering to prevent night shifts, because I could feel my hair go red in anger. And embarrassment because a) head coverings are just so attractive and b) I was only wearing a skimpy cami and my harpy shorts.  

"FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU BOTH!" Ginny screamed. I threw my pillow at them and screamed obscenities about gingers as Ginny attacked her brothers. Fred was laughing and continued to read about ‘Harry’s adorable smile’. He was also wearing Ginny’s shamrock bra. Meanwhile, I was slapping George with a pillow, trying to unhook my quidditch bra from AROUND HIM!

“I HATE GINGERS!!” I screamed, lunging at George. “TAKE OFF MY BRA THIS SECOND OR I SWEAR NO HEALER TEAM ON EARTH WILL BE ABLE TO TELL YOU WERE ONCE A MALE!” He just smiled and unhooked the bra (with one hand…) threw it on the floor and did a little bow.


“Whatever you ask milady, I shall grant it.” With that he kissed me on the cheek.


Cue annoying but ever shining blush.


“Oh and mum says breakfast is ready, so hurry it along ladies. We have a Quidditch world cup to get to!” Fred said.


OUT!” We both yelled, aiming one last pillow at them, but the door closed before it hit.


“I wish I was an only child.” Ginny moaned, collapsing on the bed. I pat her back in a comforting manor.

“So do I Gin, so do I.”

After Ginny and I got dressed in our world cup gear (Ginny’s wearing a green shamrock sundress with a jean jacket and sandals in support of Ireland, while I wore a green sweater with skinny jeans, my slightly scuffed combat boots and a green headscarf. I also painted a little shamrock on my cheek.), we headed downstairs for breakfast with the rest of the group.


Fred and George were snickering over their breakfast as we sat down.


“I hate you for eternity you gits.” Ginny said while buttering a piece of toast. Ron gave a dignified (yeah right) snort.


“What did they do this time?” He asked with a mouth full of bangers.


Ginny froze, remembering what they were doing in our room.


“Like pools of emeralds”


She threw a quick glance at Harry, the boy who ate like a pig, and murmured something about it not being a big deal.


“That’s what I thought.” George said, throwing an arm around me.


It took all of my control not to break out into a hair-blush.


If George is going to keep inducing this weird reaction from me, I’m going to have a problem…



Traipsing through the woods at five thirty in the morning with a bunch of yawning Weasley’s, a bleary eyed wizarding savior and a way to awake bushy haired nerd was definitely NOT my idea.

“Dad how much farther is the bloody portkey?” Ron groaned while lagging in the back. Harry looked up hopefully which made me snort.


“Nearly there son, keep up!” Mr. Weasley said as he trudged along.


Ginny Fred George and I were behind Mr. Weasley, with Hermione Granger right next to me.


And she was staring…


“Do you, um, want to ask me something Hermione?” I asked scratching my neck.


“Oh, sorry! I didn’t realize I was staring! I just was curious…” She trailed off, looking for permission to continue.


“Yes?” I said, smiling a little. Ginny elbowed Fred as he snorted.


“ I was wondering, if maybe we could hang out sometime. You me and Ginny.” She said slowly.


I was a little shocked. I always thought of Hermione as Ron’s friend (and someday girlfriend, because they are definitely made for each other), not really mine. Yeah sure as fellow fourth years, Ginny Hermione and I all live together in the dorms, but she always treated me like…


Well like a dumb jock.


“Um yeah, I’d love that.” I said, trying out a friendly smile.


“Great!” Hermione said, and then dropped back to walk with Harry and Ron.


“What in bloody hell was that?” George asked.


“I have no clue. She usually looks like she wants to slap me with a book.” I said.


“Maybe she feels bad.” Ginny said shrugging.


“Maybe. Although Granger is an evil genius…” Fred said. I snorted and whacked him in the stomach just as someone shouted: “Arthur! Its about time son!”


A man came out of the early morning fog, raising a hand in greeting. Next to him was a familiar, very handsome teenage boy.


“Oh my god Ginny, that’s-“


“Cedric Diggory” George said in a rather menacing tone.


“Bollux” Fred finished. They then proceeded to fold their arms across their chests and glare.


“Hey guys? Unknot your wands, and try not to kill him with your eyes.” Ginny said to her brothers. They’ve had a grudge against him since a dementor attacked Harry and we lost. TO HUFFLEPUFF.


Okay yeah I’m still a little pissed. But it isn’t Cedric’s fault. He tried for a re-match!


“Hey girls!” Cedric said, loping over. He gave Ginny a hug, which she returned, and as he went to hug me, George’s fist’s tightened, making an audible cracking sound so Cedric ended up shaking my hand.


“Hey guys.” Cedric said awkwardly. They just nodded.


“Well, I’m just going to go help my dad… bye” Cedric said. Poor boy almost ran.


“That was so unbelievably rude!” I said, smacking George on the arm repeatedly. He flinched and fended me off.


“Yeah, George, even Fred wasn’t that much of a wanker!” Ginny said. Fred just rose an eyebrow at his twin.


“I… he’s a… he was going to… just okay?” He said, and stalked off. Fred started after him.


“No, man I’ll go.” I said, patting Fred on the shoulder as I walked to where George was kicking a tree.


“You know pretty soon that tree will start fighting back.” I said smirking, crossing my arms.


“I have a wand. I can totally take this bitch.” George said.


“George, what’s wrong?” I asked.


“Can’t a guy just totally jerk off to a puffer and kick a tree stump without all these questions?” George asked. I laughed and punched his arm.


“Seriously.” I said. He sighed.


“Look, I’m not ready to tell you exactly why I jerked out on Diggory. Yes he’s a cheating duffer, but I promise I’ll tell you the full story when I’m ready.” George said. I gave him a look.


“Obviously that tree addled your brains, but alright I’m game.” I said. He snorted and shook his head.


“I am so out of my mind.” George muttered.


“Yes indeed. Now lets go put our hands on a wonky magical object.”



Ron popped the tab on his soda as he reclined in his chair.


“Gwen, I love your mother’s job.” Ron said. I rolled my eyes.


My mother offered up the Harpies box to the Weasley’s and me since she was boycotting the cup this year.


“Yeah well, Mom said, and I quote ‘Yes, the Weasley’s are welcome to our box! The commission gave the team a box to try and make up for their bloody underhanded referee calls.’” George let out a snort form the seat next to me.


“Yeah, how is Mia?” Ginny asked.


“Still on the bloody crutches. If Krum ever gets within a five foot radius of me, I  will leap at him like he’s the newest firebolt.” I said darkly.


I should explain.


So the Harpies were a game away from the cup. The faced the Bulgarians a week earlier and we were up by nearly a hundred points (because the Bulgarians are horrible players). Then Mia, our seeker, went after the snitch and Krum grabbed her leg and flipped her off her broom. He broke her left leg and the other one broke on impact.


He’s a mega wanker.


“It’s okay. With any luck, he’ll get fouled tonight.” Harry said grinning at me. I lifted my glass to him.


“Here here mate!” I took a sip of butterbeer.


“Hey! Krum is a good player.” Ron said defensively.


I threw my shoe at him.


“Well you’re not getting this back!” Ron said huffily. I chuckled.

“Morgan Maran Morgan SCORE IRELAND!” proclaimed. The Ireland Supporters jumped up and screamed.


“Ludo is totally going to owe us money!” Fred said. George laughed and slapped him a high five.


“I still can’t believe you guys.” I said shaking my head. George smirked and grabbed my hand, making me blush.


“What can I say?” he said as he kissed my hand.


“I live on the edge.”



After the game, everyone but Ron was elated.


“IRELAND WINS! IN YOUR FACE KRUM, YOU CHEATING WAKER!” I yelled, skipping into the tent. Ginny and Hermione laughed while Ron just glared.


“Yes skip, we know. Settle down.” Fred said laughing. Yea he calls me skip. He’s quite addled.


“No way! I am so happy right now!” I said, swatting him with my programme.


“Yeah yeah we get it Gwen. But Krum is still amazing.” Ron said huffing. Before I could respond, Mr. Weasley came running into the tent with an expression that made the words die on my lips.

Suddenly the sounds coming from down the way didnt sound like fireworks and happy Ireland supporters; It sounded like explosions and terrified screams.

“The death eaters are here! They are attacking the camp grounds!” Mr. Weasley said, grabbing Ginny and Ron by the arms, bringing us all outside.


All I could see was fire.


People were running towards the woods, screaming. A group of people in black robes were causing most of the chaos; They held torches of fire that they used to set fire to tents. But that wasn’t even the worst part of it;


They had taken all the muggle caretakers from the campgrounds earlier and put them in the air. We saw different jets of light shooting at the poor muggles as they screamed.


“Stay together and get back to the portkey everyone and stay together! I’m going to go help the ministry.” He said.


“Dad, be careful!” Ron said. Mr. Weasley nodded and set off at a run. Ginny Fred George and I grabbed hands and set off. We all agreed all seven of us couldn’t stay together so we split up. We shoved through streams of people trying to stay together. People were screaming and yelling, all heading against us as we tried to make it to the woods.


“Ginny!” I yelled as I felt her hand slip out of mine. I screamed, clinging to George as I screamed for Ginny and Fred.


“Gwen, we have to go! They’ll be fine!” George said, yanking my arm, trying to get me to the woods. Finally I accepted and ran with George to the woods.

As we reached the woods, we stopped running long enough to hear a little kid crying.


“George, there’s a little kid in here!” I said.


I was so terrified I couldn’t feel anything. The usual flow of magic that pumped through my body was completely gone to me. All I could think was Ron Harry Hermione Ginny Fred Mr.Weasley and that little kid in the bushes.


I let go of George’s hand (as he was frozen is shock or something) and went to the bushes.

A little boy, no older than maybe five, was sitting behind some bushes crying. When he saw me he started scrambling away from me, no doubt scared that I was a death eater or something.


“Hey, it’s okay!  I wont hurt you! I’m Gwen. Are you lost?” I asked.


The little boy nodded.


“We’ll help you find your parents.” I said. I gave the boy my hand and he took it and stood up.


“George, we need to find this little boy’s parents.” I said.


But all he could do was stare at me.


“George what the hell!” I said. I was holding the little boy now, and he was rubbing his nose on my shirt. He was also squinting, like there was a bright light in his face. What...


“You’re… Gwen you’re glowing.” George said.


Then I realized. The magic. I couldn’t feel my magic! It usually is thrumming within my veins, waiting to be used. I couldnt feel the comforting swish, and that almost made me black out in fear.

I couldn’t control anything. I looked down at my hands and my hair. I was glowing, with different colors shooting up the strands of my hair. It was even more brilliant than when I sleep.


“George I can explain. But right now, we need to move.” I said. I was near tears, the way he was staring at me.


Like I was a freak.


“But you… your like, made of different colors and… Gwen what the bloody hell are you?”


That nearly broke my heart.


“I’m a witch George. I’m a born and raised witch and I swear if you ever ask me that again I will burst into tears and if you think this glowing is bad, you do not want to see what happens when I cry. So get moving and HELP ME SO WE DON’T GET FOUND BY DEATH EATERS!” I said freaking out. I could still see the fire from those bastards, and the green mark in the sky.


'Fine! But you owe me answers." George said, his eyes unreadable. I nodded.


“Hey buddy, what’s your name? How old are you?” George asked, looking towards the boy.


“Michael. I’m four.”


“Well Michael, we’re going to go find your parents okay?”


Michael nodded. George swallowed hard and took my hand again. We set off to find the boy’s parents.

We ran through the woods, looking for people when we stumbled across a clearing full of people.


“Gwen, his parents are probably in there.”  George said, panting a little from the run.


“Okay, you go in and find the parents, I’ll work on controlling… this.” I said gesturing on my slightly less luminescent hair and skin. I started to hand Michael to him, but he backed up.


“No, no way in hell, I am not leaving you.” George said. I sighed.


“George, I can’t go in there with a glowing head!” I said. He took off his Ireland scarf and tied it around my head.


“You’re mostly covered. Your skin isn’t showing except your face, and you just look pale.” George said. I nodded, feeling a little of the magic coming back to me, just barely starting to stir in my viens.


“Michael, we’re going to go in there now and find your parents okay?” George said, smiling. Michael gave him a watery smile.


George and I wandered through the crowds looking for people that might resemble the little boy. Finally we heard a woman and a guy yelling Michael’s name.


“Ma’am we have your son!” I yelled, seeing the woman. She ran to me, grabbing Michael from my arms, closely followed by a boy with light brown hair who looked my age.


“Oh my sweet boy, are you okay?” The mother said, checking her son for injury. The older boy looked at his brother and let out a sigh of relief.


“Thank you both so much!” The woman said.


“Oh it was no problem. I just am so glad we found you! I’m Gwen and this is George.” I said. She smiled.


“I’m Glinda, Glinda Starborn.” She said.


“And I’m Jack Starborn.” The guy said, giving me a weird look. George and I noticed and stiffened. I nervously ran my hand along the scarf.


After a few more exchanges we left. George and I dashed for the woods, me trying not to flip out. I felt my magic coming back even stronger and faster with every step.


We reached cover and I whipped off the scarf, relieved to see my purple curls coming back full power. George stared at my hair, with an unreadable face.


“Start talking Jones.” He said crossing his arms.


“Okay I am REALLY SORRY I didn’t tell you but I’m… I’m a metamorphmagus. I got the powers from my dad and I’ve had them from birth. My mother and I hid them from almost everyone because we didn’t want people to hound me, like the press.” I said. I was holding his arms, pleading with him to forgive me with my eyes.


“If you’re a metamorph, then why did you go all… super nova?” George asked.


“Well my powers are a little bit… more powerful.” I said blushing. My magic was still a little wonky so my hair kind of erupted violently into red curls, making george do a double take.


“How?” George asked, staring at my hair.


I sighed and held out my hand. With a pop, a ball of fire burst into life in my hands.


George let out a very undignified squawking noise and fell back.


“Gwen… How the hell did you keep this a secret?” He asked, staring at the fire.


I put it out.


“I don’t know. It’s hard to control the shifts, but I can feel the magic in me. It pounds through my body, and I can control its flow. SO when I feel myself about to shift, I redirect the flow away and stabilize it. Please just don’t be mad.” I said.


George hesitated. I felt tears spring into my eyes.


Pretty soon I’m going to make it rain for Merlin’s sake.


He then crushed me into a hug, wrapping his arms around my waist.


“Of course I’m not mad. I’m just really shocked, but it doesn’t matter. I’m sorry I freaked out and yelled at you.” He said. I sighed.


“Its okay. I’m sorry I yelled back.” I said.


Just then, two people came crashing through the brush. George and I whipped out our wands and faced them.


“Identify yourselves!” I yelled, nearly growling.


“Gwen it’s us! Ginny and Fred!” Fred yelled. I put down my wand and ran over to them both.

“Oh thank god! I was freaking out when we lost you!” I said. George and His brother embraced, making sure the other was okay.


“Have you found Harry Ron or Hermione? Or dad?” Ginny asked.


“No but we found a clearing with a bunch of people a little ways from here. We can camp out and wait for morning to find them all” George said.


We all wearily nodded and set off for the camp.


As we walked I looked at George, for some conformation that everything was okay.


He walked over and put his arm around me. And I felt a lot better.

We finally trudged into the clearing and conjured up some sleeping bags, trace be damned. I was inbetween Ginny and George, staring up at the sky.


"Gwennie?" George whispered. I turned to look at him.


"Yeah Georgie?" I said.


"You're secret is safe with me." He said. I smiled and took his hand.




And we fell asleep.



 Author's note: Hi! I am reediting this story! This is the first chapter, and its different but the story is the same plot line. I cant BELIEVE how long it took me to get to this, but Marching band jsut ended so I am back on schedule! I'll be re-editing the second chapter really soon:)  Read and review please!

Clea ;)



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