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Nobody by badgernymphadora
Chapter 3 : The Hogwarts Express
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Glorious chapter image by nostalgia. @TDA!


The room was bright and sunny. The walls were white and the furniture in the room looked expensive and antique. There was a blue, velvet chair with a gold metal creating intricate designs along the legs. A mirror adorned one wall, with an exquisite gold frame and reflected inside was a balcony.

Turning my head slightly, I saw sheer, white curtains blowing in the gentle breeze coming through the open balcony door, white, with glass windows. I was in a bed. With a fluffy white comforter on me and I was wearing nothing but a long, green t-shirt over my knickers and bringing it to my nose, I smelled a lovely spicy scent.

A muscular arm, which I had not noticed before, tightened around my waist and I sighed contentedly.

“Morning, beautiful,” a deep, husky voice said into my hair, his warm breath on my bare neck making me shudder.

“Morning, love. How’d you sleep?” I asked, snuggling deeper into his arms.

“Better than usual with you here.” I smiled and he kissed my temple, softly and gently.  Wanting to see him, I turned around to face him…


“Rose…Rosie,” I could hear someone calling my name.

“ROSE!” That woke me up. Opening my sleepy eyes, I saw Willow looking at me. Her brown hair was full of tight ringlets that reached to her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes, surprising on such a dark face, were full of concern.

“I’m up! Sorry, I just fell asleep.” I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window of the Hogwarts Express we couldn’t be too far out of  London.

Willow relaxed and flashed her signature smile.

“Good! It was weird though. We were just talking and you fell asleep. Then you started mumbling while you slept. It was actually quite entertaining,” Willow remarked.

I groaned. “What did I say?” I asked. I’m not quite sure I wanted to know. My dream had been lovely.

I was curious who the man was, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted Willow to know what I had been dreaming about since we both had vowed loneliness in fifth year after both our boyfriends had cheated on us. It was sort of a turning point in our lives: Willow decided she was going to wait for someone worth her time who would treat her well, I was just not waiting at all, vowing to give my life to my future cats.

Willow giggled. “You were smiling. It was actually kind of creepy since you were sleeping,” she paused a moment to think about it, furrowed her brow and continued on. “At one point you said the word delicious and something about curtains. That was the only thing I could make out.”

I breathed out a sigh of relief. “Good!”

Willow looked quizzically at me. “Good? What did you dream about?”

“Nothing, Willow!” I smiled at her.

She frowned. “You’re not getting away with this! I will find out! You know how determined I can be!”

I laughed. She could be pretty persuasive when she wanted to be.

“I am immune to your puppy dog face, Will!”

“We’ll see about that!” She grinned mischeviously.


We spent the next hour of the train ride eating mounds and mounds of sweets we had bought from the trolley. Licorice wands and pumpkin pasties and Droobles and Bertie Botts and Chocolate Frog and so much more littered our compartment. I had FINALLY gotten my mom’s chocolate frog card! That thing has taken years to track down.

After a while, Al had come in with his new girlfriend. She was tall, though not as tall as me, with straight, light brown hair that reached to her waist. Her eyes were the colour of mud. She was a pretty girl, but wore way too much make-up, so the whole effect was really fake. I knew that this girl was a Slytherin, I had caught her many a time in some broom cupboard with some guy on my patrols. She didn’t seem like the type to go for commitment.

If she just wanted to mess around with my Al, so help me Merlin I would tie her to rocks and throw her in the Black Lake myself. Maybe not. I could never really go through with these evil plans I plotted in my head.

The pair waltzed into our compartment with their fingers intertwined. Al was beaming but this girl’s face seemed to be frozen in a permanent frown.

“Hey Rosie!” My favourite cousin greeted me. “Willow,” he said nodding at her. I could’ve sworn she blushed for half a second and then looked on sadly.

“This is my girlfriend, Felicity,” Al turned to her and smiled at her. He seemed to be waiting for someone to say something. After an awkward silence, I said something.

“Nice to meet you Felicity,” I choked out. I extended my hand in greeting. I wasn’t particularly fond of these types of girls, but the supportive cousin I am, I bit back my insults and threats.

She looked down at my hand, disgustedly. She didn’t shake it. “Pleasure.” Her face did not read that meeting me was a pleasure.That was the only thing this girl said to me the entire half hour she and Al remained in our compartment.

I decided to just ignore her icy stares and continue with my normal conversation with Al.

“So how long have you two been together?” I asked.

Al looked at Felicity. “How long, sweet? One month?” He counted on his fingers. “Yes. Two days after my birthday.”

“I have to go,” Willow said suddenly. She stood up suddenly and exited the compartment. I wasn’t sure exactly what was up with her. She was usually so bubbly and cheery and kind. She definitely had been when I first saw her today. I would figure out what her problem was later.

We all watched her leave and unfortunately the tension did not leave with her. This whole “Al-has-this-awful-girlfriend-who-I-am-feigning-happiness-for-when-I-really-just-want-to-knock-some-sense-into-him-and-punch-the-lights-out-of-her” was not making my last train ride to Hogwarts very enjoyable.

To make matters worse my best friend had run out and I had no idea where she was so I had no one to gossip of the ridiculousness of the couple that was Albus and Felicity with. Could this train ride get any worse?


We (as in Al and I; Felicity had no intention of joining in the conversation) continued to chat about Quidditch, NEWTs and when Teddy was going to man up and propose to Victoire. I was actually beginning to enjoy the conversation when Felicity pouted.

“Allllllyyy! You said we could go and see MY friends too,” she complained.

“We still have a few hours on the train ride, love. Can’t we just stay and talk to Rose for a little longer?” Al pleaded with her.

She put on a puppy dog face.

“But, I don’t want to talk to Daisy!”

“It’s Rose, actually,” I corrected her. She returned my smile with a grimace.

Felicity collected herself, pasted on that ridiculous pouty face and turned to Al.

“Ally,” she leaned in to kiss him. He leaned in too.

“AHHH!!!” I screamed, covering my eyes with my hands. I did NOT need to see my cousin snog his tramp of a girlfriend. “I don’t need to see that! My innocent eyes!”

Al pulled away blushing and ruffled his hair with one hand.

“Sorry, Rosie,” Al apologized. “We should probably get going anyways. See you cuz!” He ruffled my hair and then strode out of the compartment, hand in hand with Felicity, leaving me alone.

I wondered where Willow had disappeared to. I was considering going out to look for her when someone came into my compartment.

“Hey, Rosie.” I would know that voice anywhere.


A/N: Soooo...You met Willow and Felicity! Any thoughts on these two? Predictions? Suggestions? Other fun stuff? Because you knwo that the little white box down there thrives on words...for every word that is typed, a sparkly unicorn is born. So write a review! Then we could populate the world with adorableness and life would be good! FACT.

But actually. I WOULD LESS THAN THREE (<3) REVIEWS!!!!!

Chapter 4 is already written so it will be up in a jiffy. I was actually considering combining it with this chapter but then I decided that this chapter would be way too long. So you must wait darling readers!

Alrighty then. Read! Review! Enjoy! 

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