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As Time Goes On by TheBrightestOfHerAge
Chapter 4 : Hormone Filled Memories (Part One)
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I take the small present from Draco and begin to open it. It was a small necklace, one almost similar from the muggle store Tiffany’s. I gasp and look at it.

“Draco!” I gasp. “This is beautiful!”

Draco pushes my hair to my right shoulder and put on the necklace on it.

“Astoria, you look absolutely beautiful!” Narcissa says smiling at us. “I can remember the first time that Draco came to us telling us about a beautiful girl he met at work.”

I look at Draco and laugh. “You really said that about me?”

Draco nods and laughs. “Yeah, yeah I did.”

I remember I was working that day at the front desk. I really hated my job, really hated. I would actually pretend to work but instead, I was trying to write a book.

“You’re late Draco!” The rather large Mr. Jones shouts at a man rushing through the door.
I get a quick glance at him and he does the same at me. I brush the look he gave me and continued to work.

I got a call from my mother that day. “Why can’t you get a boyfriend?” She whined at me. “I want some grandchildren! You’re good looks are going to waste with age! Find someone!” I roll my eyes as I hang up and continue to write.

The usual lunch bell sounded. I usually don’t eat lunch so I ignore the bell.

“Whatcha doing?” A voice says.

I turn around quickly to find a man smiling at me. The same man that was running late that morning.

“I’m working,” I say quickly. I turn around again and type.

“It’s lunch though,” He says.

“Thank you captain obvious,” I say coolly.

“Listen, I hate small talk,” He says nonchalantly. “I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch with me today, I have a Pb&J sandwich I can split.”

“What are we in first year at Hogwarts?” I ask. I roll my eyes and turn around. “Thanks, but I don’t eat lunch.” And that was the end of the first conversation.

Gradually, our conversations would be longer and more meaningful every day. He would always show up late and I would always catch him looking at me as he would walk in. And everyday he would offer me a Pb&J sandwich. And everyday I would politely decline.

“Let’s get down and dirty,” He says one day during lunch break.

I turn around and raise an eyebrow at him.

“Look, we’ve been playing these games all week, just tell me this,” He smiles as he holds a brown paper bag up. “Can you just have a damn Pb&J sandwich today?” It seems like he’s half joking and half serious.

I look at the bag and then at him. I stare back at my desk. I didn’t do any working nor did I do anything with my attempted story. I shrug. “What the hell,” I laugh as I stand up and follow him.

As it turns out, we had a great time! We had a lot more in common than I thought. I went to Beuxbaton while he went to Hogwarts. I was young year younger than him, so when the triwizard tournament happened, I was in my third year and didn’t even see him during that year!

“So you went to Beuxbatons,” I nod as he nods too. “Are you a veela?”

I look at him funny. I don’t meet any of the standards of a Veela. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and although my looks are great (according to my mother) I’m not drop dead beautiful.

“Are you serious?” I ask laughing. “Do I look like I’m Veela?”

“Well, you are very pretty. And I haven't been able to keep my eyes off you these past two weeks,” I laugh at myself. I can’t believe I fell for a cheesy pick up line.

“Well, thank you for that comment,” I say smiling.

“Listen, enough of this small chit chat,” He says seriously. “I like you. So here’s my number, and we can hang out sometime.” He winks at me.

I could easily just rush out of here and never see this man again. But there was something about him that made him so different from the other guys out there. He was goodlooking, I’ll give him that. But we instantly connected and almost seemed perfect. So I guess I’ll give him a chance. What the hell! It’ll make my Mother happy!


I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Or for the last two nights. Okay, so I haven’t gotten any sleep at all the past week.

Christmas went by like a blur. I had given the kids their presents out their rooms. They silently thanked me and opened their presents. You could tell they were wanting their father to be there. They could tell I was stressed about it and depressed. I try to hide our arguments from the kids, but they always seem to find out. This fight was definitely not hidden from them.

Days seemed to go by quickly with very little conversations. The kids could tell I was upset (though I tried to hide it) so they kept out of my way and out of my hair.

New Year’s Eve was creeping up on us. I didn’t even notice until Hugo pointed it out quietly yesterday. I nodded and began working again.

Since You know who (Not Voldemort silly!) left, I’ve been really focused on my work. I basically haven’t left my room for some time.

I yawn and put the papers away. Yet another night of not getting any sleep. I’m guessing this isn’t good for -

I haven’t been able to talk about the ‘thing’ since Ron left. I feel like I’m neglecting it. It’s about 11 o clock now so I decide to get some sleep.

I toss and turn in my bed, not getting a wink of sleep. Every time I would close my eyes, a memory would replay in my head.


That one night where Harry, Ron and I had to stay at Grimauld place. Since Sirius had left and the order stopped using it, it had a creepy, eerie feel to it. Like the light was gone when they left.

I couldn’t stand being here. All the security spells kept going off throughout the house. I got hit with the freezing charm when opening the dining room. I stayed there for a half and hour before Harry found me and did the counter charm.

The house if freezing too! We have almost all the fires lit and I can still see my breath when I talk!

We find all the blankets in the house and make our way into Sirius’s room. His was the only decent looking room. We push all the fallen books and papers out of our way and claim our spot. There was his bed and the couch. After minutes of fist fighting, Harry won the couch. Ron and I stare down the bed.

“You can take it,” Ron says to me.

“Ron, really,” I say. “You can take it,”

“Hermione, you deserve it,”

“Why is it because I’m the girl?” I hate it when the two give me special accomodations just because I’m a girl.

"No! I didn't mean it like that. I just-" 

“Ron, I can handle sleeping on the floor,” I argue.

“Hermione, come on just ple-”

I knew I wasn’t going to win this fight, “Fine!” I fume. “I’ll take it!”

Ron smiles at him winning the fight as I begin to dust off the bed and get the many layers of blankets.

“What are we going to do after this?” I ask as I lay down and stare at the ceiling. I’ve never seen so many cobwebs in my life.

“I don’t know,” Harry says. “Look for horcruxes, I guess.”

“Don’t you think we should search the house first?” I ask. “Some more at least,”

“We did miss some rooms,” Ron adds.

“Maybe Kreacher knows something,” I think.

Ron sits up and stares at me. “Kreacher is still here?”

“Why wouldn’t he be?” I say as I turn to my side so I can face Ron. “He can’t be set free,” I say grimly. “He knows too much.”

“Then he has to be still hiding around this house!” Harry says. “Hermione, did I ever tell you that you were a genius?”

“Once or twice, maybe,” I joke. The three of us all soon fall asleep.

We were running, I don’t know where or why, but we were running. Harry and Ron were beside me and I could soon see Bellatrix and Lucius were coming up behind us.

Bellatrix grabbed me and tackled me to the ground. I couldn’t get up after she ran off to get the others. I tried to make my legs move, but they weren’t listening.

“AVADA KADAVRA!” I spot Bellatrix as she points her wand at Ron. I see a green light come to him and he falls over, he’s motionless.

“Ron!” I cry as I sit up in my bed. I can’t help it, I instantly start sobbing quietly. The dream was so scary and life like.

“Hermione!” Ron says sitting up from the floor where he was sleeping and rushes towards me.

It was almost as if he was on auto pilot, he grabs me as he climbs into the bed and holds me close to him. “What’s wrong?” Ron asks.

“Horrible, horrible night mare,” I sob.

“About what?”

I can’t tell him the truth, I don’t want a possible love life to get in the way of fighting against Voldemort. So many things could get in the way or even get ruined. I stop and think. “H-he found the-them. M-my parents. He knew I changed th-their memory b-but he went f-for them an-anyway.” I sob. I know the dream wasn’t real, but I still haven’t recovered from the original dream.

Ron holds me closer. We don’t say much after that and I’m soon able to calm myself down. And we didn’t even notice what was happening soon.

Ron shifts where he’s sitting. “Oh, erm, sorry,” He says as he moves away from me. He moved so close to comfort me in such a swift movement that he didn’t even know what he was doing.

“It’s fine,” I reassure him as I put an arm across his chest. He seemed to relax more once I did that, it was if he knew that I was comfortable with him holding me. "Can you stay here?" I ask him. 

He nods. "Of course, er I mean, sure," I silently laugh at Ron's attempt at trying to be cool. He begins to get more comfortable. 

“It’s just, so scary,” I sniffle. “Aren’t you ever afraid that you’re doing this and you’re putting a risk to your family members and loved ones? I’m so scared that something’s going to happen to them.”

Ron nods and does a “Hmmm hmm,” In agreement.

The sniffling ceased on my part and I was soon calmed down. But I didn’t want him to move, it felt so comfortable and normal lying with him. I rest my head on his chest and close my eyes, his rhythymic heart beat made me feel safe as Ron casually put his hands around my waist. Call me desperate, but I pretended I fell asleep so it gave him a reason not to move and pretty soon I really did fall asleep. And pretty soon Ron fell asleep too.

I guess I must have fallen asleep because I wake up with a huge puddle of snot and tears on my pillow, I must have cried through my dream. I close my eyes and roll over.

“Ouch watch it!”


“You shh! You were the one that bloody stepped on my foot!”

“Guys! The both of you shhh! Lumos!”

“Where do you think she is?”

“Who knows! Poor thing.”

“Ron doesn’t know what he’s thinking! When we find him he’s going to bloody get it that arse!”


“Well he is! That prat!”

“There has to be a light around here somewhere.”

“Bloody hell their house is big.”

“What are you talking about money bags Potter! You’re house is humongous!”

“What room is their room?”

“You should know Ginny! You’re at their house all the time spoiling Hugo and Rose!”

“Am not George!”

“Quiet both of you! Ginny, take your light over here this might be their room.”  

“No it’s not that one. No Harry! That’s Hugo’s room don’t wake him!”

My door opens quietly.

“Shh! It’s this one.”

The three figures step in.

“Oh thank Merlin she’s here. Poor thing.”

I squint my eyes open and in on swift movement, turn on the light beside me and point my wand at the intruders.

The three figures jump. I take a sigh of relief that it was Harry, Ginny, and George and weren’t robbers.  They all look at me like I was crazy. It partially was because I was in my penguin pajamas and smeared makeup.

“Put your wand down Captain America!” George scoffs. “No need to be the hero here,” He flashes a dashing smile. “One’s already here.”

I quietly laugh. Even at the darkest of times, George is always able to crack a joke here and there.

My smile fads. “What are you guys doing here at 2 A.M?” I puzzle.

“Here to rescue the fair maiden!” George says heroically. “And your kids too.”

Ginny could tell by my confused look that it was time for her to butt in to explain why they were here more easily. “We knew you were down in the dumps since -” She pauses and looks at the others.

“Just say his name,” I say. “It’s not a taboo don’t worry!” I laugh at the small joke I made. No one else laughed back.

“Well since Ron,” Her voice squeaks up when she said his name. “Um, left. We didn’t want you to put up with this any longer.”

“That arse has no idea what’s up with him.” George says as he sits down on the opposite side of the bed. I laugh, partially because I was confused with what George just said. A small indent where Ron would sleep was made in the bed. It looked as if he was trying to cover it up from me. “So we’re going to help you!”

“Help me with what?” I ask. At this point, I am super confused.

“Help you help Ron know that he’s crazy about you!” George explains.

“He’s not crazy about me.” I say as I sigh. “If he was, he would obviously still be here."

I knew a comment like that would make things awkward. Harry finally speaks up. “Why did he leave anyway?”

I completely forgot that I didn’t tell my best friends my news. “We got in a fight.” I say quickly.

“About what?” Ginny says.

“About meeingpregnant,” I say quickly and inaudible.

They lean closer. I say it again and I could tell they couldn’t understand what I was saying.

I sigh. “He left because he found out I was pregnant before I told him.”

“WHAT?!” They all say in unison.

I cringe. I smile then and do jazz hands. “I’m pregnant!” I say in an attempt to make things better.

“He left you while you’re with child?” Ginny says.

“Well technically it’s still a blob but-”

“Oh he’s going to get it now!” George says cracking his knuckles.

“Wait, what?” I could tell Harry was confused.

I explain to the others the story of the huge fight between me and Ron in vivid details. After I was finish the three of them stare at me with their mouths hanging open.

“What an arse!” Ginny says. “I mean he’s my brother so I already think he’s an arse because he’s annoying, but MAN, who leaves their wife when she’s pregnant?”

I shrug and could feel a lump in my throat. Harry could tell too. “Oh no, you’re not staying her by yourself. It’s obviously hurting you to be here. Everything reminds you of Ron,” He knows me so well, it’s scary. Maybe that’s why we’re best friends. “Come on pack your things you’re staying at the Burrow with us. Get Hugo and Rose.”

I laugh. “Oh no. There is no way you are going to get those two snoozers up. Trust me,” I sigh and look around. “I’ll set up the guest rooms. You guys can camp here ‘til the morning,” I begin to get up.

“Don’t get up,” Harry says politely. “We’ll take care of it.”
“Gosh no!” I object. “You’re the guests anyways! Let me, it’ll be easy!” I flick my wand and two beds are quickly made in the room next to mine. I flop back down on the bed. I look away from their eyes.

“You crying?” George asks.

“No,” I sniffle. I always hate crying in public or even worse, in front of my friends, but it always ends up that I do. I wipe away the tears quickly before anyone notices.

George gives me an awkward hug as he sits on the bed. He’s trying to help so I give him credit. “If only he can see what he’s doing to you,” He says as he rubs my arm.

I try to laugh it off, but it isn’t working. I sigh and look at the four people standing beside my bed. “Thanks guys,” I say quietly.

Harry shrugs. “No big deal. You would do the same for us.” He smiles. He begins to push the two of them out of the room. “Come on, Hermione needs her sleep. See you tomorrow.” He smiles as he walks out of the room and closes the door.

I’m alone again. I instantly begin crying as I look to my nightstand and see a picture of me and Ron on our wedding day. I feel pathetic. I cry myself to sleep that night, boogers and all.


“To Ron!” A drunk man in Hogshead raises his glass. “The brave bloke who left his wife!”

“To Ron!” The rest of the pub says in unison.

I smile weakly and I drink the rest of my firewisky. It tastes bloody awful, but I continue to drink it. It’ll take more than firewisky to get rid of the pain though.

“Can I get you another firewisky?” The bartender says smiling. Her name tag read “HI I’M ROXIE”

I nod as I pass her my cup. She studies my face. “It’s going to take more than firweisky to get rid of that,” She says as she cleans out the glass. “How ‘bout I get you a muggle beer. That’ll do the trick.”

I nod again as she heads down the cellar and gets me a beer. I begin to reach for my wallet. “On the house,” She smiles.

I take a swig. Not as bad as the firewisky, but still bloody disgusting. “I take it something’s wrong?”

I nod. This lady was spot on. “How could you tell,”

“I have never seen a bloke swig down his firewhisky like you,” She says smiling. “Firewisky does nothing to the heart. It just makes it feel worse. That’s why I got you a beer. Muggles may be dumb, but they’re geniuses when it comes to drinking,” I laugh as she quietly giggles. “So, what happened,”

“Too much to explain in one sitting,” I say taking another sip.

“I get off at two,” She explains. “You can start talking now and we’ll finish later.”

“Don’t you have other people to tend to?” I ask looking around th bar.

She looks to the side. “Nah, Bennie and Jake are usually done drinking by this hour. They’re flat out drunk so they’ll get out soon. It’s just you. Now shoot,” She begins to clean a mug.

I explain to her the fight between me and Hermione in every detail I can remember. How she lied to me about the greatest gift in the world, another child. How scared I was finacially about how we were going to get by with three kids. How angry she looked when we fought. How sad she looked when I walked out on her and the kids. How concerned the kids faces were when they found out Hermione was pregnant and how scared they were at me and her yelling.

Roxie was a good listener. She wouldn’t interrupt me and was able to put in the occasional “Uh huh.” and “What happened next?” at appropiate times. I finished the whole spiel with a sigh.

“You poor man,” She says to me. It was past 2 now and we were still sitting at the bar. Roxie hanging on to my every word. We silently sit there for a while. “What are you going to do?”

I shrug.

“You have to go back to her!” She says standing up from her seat.

“I can’t,” I say. “If I do, it’ll never be the same between us. This was one of the worse fights I ever had with her.”

“Can’t you just apoligize and hug and kiss and make up?” She asks.

“It’s not that easy,” I explain putting my mug down. “I know her too well and I know she’s going to stand her ground on this one for a long time. It’s not going to be easy. Besides, what if I don’t want to go back with her,” I contemplate.

Roxie stares at me with big eyes. “You’re not just leaving her like that?” She gasps.

At this point I realize that I’m talking to a bartender about my life problems, I probably look so pathetic. I shake my head and grab my coat. “I should go. I need to find a hotel to stay at anyways.”

“Wait,” Roxie says grabbing my arm and making me stop in my tracks. She pauses and looks at me. “There’s an extra room above the pub where I live. You can stay there.”

I stare at Roxie, a stranger I just met. “You mean it?”

“Sure,” She smiles as she shows me to the steps. She unlocks the door and it swings open to a well furnished flat. She points to the left. “That’s the spare room where you can stay,” She takes off her apron and rests it on the chair beside her in the living room.

“I cannot thank you enough,” I say. I sigh and look to the floor. I used to remember saying that to Hermione when she would come up with an excuse whenever I was late for a class at Hogwarts. She was quite the actress in her days.

“Hey. It’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this,” Roxie says giving me a warm hug. She looks into my eyes and kisses me.

What was going on? I can’t be kissing a girl while I’m still married to Hermione? Well, if we are still married. This doesn’t feel right. My thoughts are running through my head as I just stand there and continue to kiss Roxie back.

A memory comes into my mind, it’s Hermione on our wedding day. She doesn’t have small dark bags under her eyes and her hair isn’t up in it’s usual ponytail. She isn’t multitasking and telling the kids what to do. She’s smiling. Her dress flows all the way down to her feet and trailing behind it, a train that is sprinkled with sparkles. Her hair elegantly in a twist as she looks up at me and smiles. Her mouth forms the sentence that I love hear come out of her mouth: “I Love You.”

This is wrong. Fight or not, I’m married to Hermione. I push away quickly wiping the taste of blueberry chapstick off my lips. “What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?!” I say to Roxie.

“Making you feel better,” She flirts as she begins to lean in for another kiss. I push her away. “What’s wrong?” She pouts.

“What’s wrong? I’m married!” I say.

“You said you were thinking of leaving her though,” She says.

“Yeah. Thinking,” I begin to grab my jacket. “I think I should go.”

“Why?” She pouts. “You just got here,”

“I-uh think I left something down in the bar,” I say trying to get away from her.

“You can get it in the morning,” She says as begins to touch my shoulders in a flirting way. “Look, how about you go into that room,” She points to what is probably is her room. “And I’ll slip into something more comfortable,” She smiles at me. “And we’ll, ah, talk,”

I knew she wanted to more than just talk. I was already out the door. She comes into the doorway as I storm down the steps. “I did everything for you!” I don’t even thinks she knows my name. “I listened to your family problems, gave you high class drinks and gave you a place to stay!”

“Thanks,” I say awkwardly. “But I think it’s time for me to leave.”   


“3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!” The people of Hogsmeade chant. I’m standing beside Astoria and Scorpius who are cheering and screaming as Wizards come flying through on brooms and sprinkling the people below with confetti that have different pictures on them. Scorpius picks up a piece that has a pug smiling on it with a party hat saying “Happy New Year!” He gives it to his mother as she laughs and smiles at the picture.

I kiss Astoria on the lips. I spot Scorpius doing a sick face when he sees this. “Happy New Year, love,” I say smiling.

She giggles as she grabs Scorpius and brings him in for a big hug. “Come here!” She says laughing as Scorpius tries to get away.

Scorpius laughs along as fireworks go on above us. “This is the best New Years ever!” Scorpius says laughing. People are going crazy around us as more and more dazzling fireworks go off. My glass of firewhisky refills itself.

I begin to take a sip but Astoria stops me. “We should get going soon,” Astoria whispers to me as she puts down her glass (don’t worry, it was just butterbeer). “I’m getting tired and Scorpius looks as if he’s going to fall over any minute.”

She grabs Scorpius from running off with his friends. “Hey prefect!” She laughs. “We need to get you home to get some rest. You need to catch up on your sleep for when you leave for Hogwarts in two days.”

Scorpius sighs. “Okay. Let’s go.”

We get home at around 2:30 thanks to Floo traffic. Astora slumps onto the couch. “I could just sleep here!” She sighs.

Scorpius slowly walks up to his room. “G’night, love,” Astoria says sleepily. “See you tomorrow.”

“Nugh,” Scorpius grunts.

I nudge Astoria. “Come on. You don’t want to sleep on the couch. You’ll get horrible cricks in your neck.”

“I know what I want to do though,” She says slyly as she leans in to kiss me.

‘Oh no,’ I say to myself. ‘Not this again!’

I back away from her. “Not tonight, Astoria,”

She pouts, “Why not?”

“You get this way ever time you’re pregnant!” I say laughing at her. “And didn’t you just say you were tired?”

She yawns and sits up. “You’re right. Let’s go.” She gets up and walks to the bedroom where she gets on her nightgown and slides into bed.

I slide in next to her and think. If raising Scorpius was hard, imagine going through it again! I’ve survived raising a boy, so I’m guessing a girl shouldn’t be any harder. At least, I think so. 

A/N - I wrote too much for this chapter! hahah So you'll just have to wait for the kids point of views until later! Thank you so much for reading this! Drop a review on this chapter if you like! Leave me comments, suggestions, and predictions on what's going to happen next! I really enjoy reading them and I answer all of them! I hopy you enjoyed reading it! 

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