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The Astronomy Tower by MissLizet
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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The next morning Hermione slept in. She usually was a morning person, but didn’t cope well without sleep. Around 10 o’clock she heard the shower go on. Ah I guess Terry’s up. Checking her watch, Hermione thought she could as well get up. Yelling a good morning to Terry when she heard him shut of the shower, she went to decide for the perfect outfit. The war had made Hermione realise there was more to life than knowing things and she wanted to show she had changed and without the restrictions of a school uniform, she was finally able to do so. Of course she still loved to read stuff, but she had invested some time in developing her own clothing style and made more work of her hair. During weekdays she put her hair up so it wouldn’t bother her during classes, but today she left it down. Smooth curls, she found a charm to get rid of the frizz in her beloved book “Useful spells for every occasion” , fell down her bare back and walked over to her wardrobe in her underwear.

Suddenly there was a knock on her door.

‘Hermione. You want to get breakfast together?’ She heard Terry ask. She decided she wasn’t at all hungry yet and replied: ‘No I’m not hungry Terry, but thanks for the invite.’

‘You’re welcome. Well I’ll be gone than, bye!’

Humming to herself, Hermione decided to wear a green summer dress and changed the colour of her favourite flats to a slightly darker green. Grabbing her purse with a new novel and the Marauders map, she left the Head dorms. She had two hours to go until lunch and decided to walk around the lake and maybe read a bit on the way. Secretly she was proud that people were staring after her in awe, but she had known such a dress was simply not what they would expect from know-it-all Granger.


Draco was outside by the lake with Blaise. Blaise had persuaded him to go swim, nagging Draco until he gave up and came along. They were having a water fight when Blaise suddenly froze.

‘Blaise? Hey Zabini what’s up?’ Draco wove his hand before Blaise’ eyes.

‘Draco. Could you ever imagine such a thing?’ Blaise said, coming back to life again and indicated for Draco to look to the shore. Draco followed his gaze and almost immediately his jar dropped open. Sitting in the grass was Hermione Granger, but not how you would expect her. She looked absolutely stunning. Wearing a dress that clearly showed she did in fact possess womanly curves and her hair waving around her in beautiful shining curls. Blaise started laughing when he saw Draco’s face. Hearing this, Draco snapped his mouth shut and proceeded to pull Blaise under water. Blaise was the only one who knew Draco had a soft spot for Granger, having guessed so a few years before when Draco had ignited more confrontations between them and the girl in question, which had led to her slapping him across the face.


They were making so much noise, that Hermione looked up from her book and noticed Blaise and Draco having fun in the water. Slowly a smile crept on her face. She was relieved to see Draco smile for once. Wait, why was she relieved by such a thing? Surely she didn’t care how he felt? She was just investigating what made him so sad, since it had disastrous consequences last time. Right?

She was disturbed in her thoughts when someone called her name.

‘Hey Hermione!’ It was Ginny. When she was closer, Ginny continued speaking; ‘How come we didn’t see you at breakfast?’

‘Oh I wasn’t very hungry and slept in for a bit.’ Hermione replied.

‘Well that’s unusual for you.’ Ginny remarked. ‘But anyhow you look pretty today.’

‘Thanks, but it’s nothing.’ Hermione replied, seeing Ginny’s contemplating stare.

‘Still you must have noticed the reactions of certain male students. For example, did you notice that every once in a while either Malfoy or Zabini turns to take a peek at you?’

‘What!?’ Hermione almost yelled while looking in their direction. Surprisingly Draco was indeed looking at her, but when he noticed she had seen him looking, he looked away instantly. Uncomfortable, Hermione urged Ginny to go back inside with her. Luckily it was almost time for lunch and they walked to the great hall together. 


After lunch with their friends, Hermione and Ginny returned to the Head dorms to enjoy the afternoon inside. Hermione relished in the fact that Ginny had barely changed during the war. Sure, none of them were the same, but Ginny seemed just as untroubled as before. Hermione still had nightmares and kept even more to herself, but Ginny was still open to the world. They were sitting in the common room, when Terry and Michael came in.

‘Hey girls!’ Terry exclaimed. He and Michael looked flushed, like they had been exercising, and they had wet hair.

‘Hey’ Hermione and Ginny replied in unison.

‘What have you been doing?’ Hermione wondered aloud.

‘Well ehm, you see.’ Terry stuttered for a bit.

‘We dared Malfoy and Zabini into a swimming game.’ Michael said. Hermione looked shocked, while Ginny fell into a fit of giggles when she saw her face. When she could breathe again, Ginny asked: ‘How did that happen?’ The boys looked at each other sheepishly.

‘Oh forget it already Ginny.’ Hermione said, before either of the boys could react. She continued in a whisper to Ginny: ‘I really do not want to know why they would engage in anything involving those two.’ Ginny started to laugh again and the boys went into Terry’s room. Ginny continued to remind Hermione of her shocked face all though the afternoon. During dinner, she even started to explain it to Harry, Neville and Dean. Hermione tried to stop her, but failed miserably and eventually just got a bright red head.


On the other side of the great hall, Draco Malfoy was watching her flush and wondered what happened. He just couldn’t get over the fact that she was suddenly wearing dresses and just looked so much more beautiful. He had always though she was beautiful of course, but now others might get interested as well. He certainly noticed the looks Terry was giving her. Jealous, Draco left dinner early and marched up to the Astronomy Towe.


So this was another chapter. I decided to have some of Draco's perspective to make the story a bit more interesting, but my main focus is still Hemione ;)
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The Astronomy Tower: Chapter 8


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