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Songbirds and Sinatra by one_thousand_teardrops
Chapter 1 : In Which We Meet Addie and her Band of Merry (Wo)Men
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“Good Morning, Addie,” an oddly happy voice said. The voice was followed by a rush of sunlight. I groaned.

“Get rid of that light!” I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to shut the blinds.

Now, before you all start screaming “She’s a vampire! She’s a death eater! She’s something terrifying and violent, and ahh!” I’m not. I’m perfectly human (well, perfectly magical.) Five foot two, grey eyes, black hair, look, my skin even goes quite a bit red when I got in the sun. I’m normal, I promise!

“Addie, are you not hearing me?” the voice continued. Maybe if I ignore it it’ll go away...

“Ad-die!” Apparently not.

“Addie, Addie, Addie! Adhara! Adhara! Adhara-Isadora Sutton Finch!” I cracked one eyelid.

“Lily. Lily Luna Potter, what in the name of deep fried raspberry sauce drizzled cheesecake are you doing here?” I asked, opening my other eye. Lily smiled, and bounced some more on my bed.

“I flew. Then Julian let me in through his window.”

“You. Raging. Psychopath.” I threw a pillow at her with each word. She just kept bouncing.

“We go back to school in a week!” She was grinning and bouncing. I tried to bury myself in my blankets.


“What do you want, Lily?” I said, with exhaustion in my voice.

“Well, I’d love Lysander Scamander to fall madly in love with me for a start. Your brother to stop hitting on me. And world peace! That’s a big one. No more hunger, also. Umm...” She bit her lip, trying to think of more things she wanted. “And make Quidditch this year!” Lily Potter, ladies and gents, she goes from airhead to deep and smart faster than you can say ‘Mungo’s’.

“Afraid I can’t help you with any of that, love. Now, if you talk to me at 2 or later, I’ll have a word with Julian to see about that hitting on you issue.” I yawned very convincingly. It was 9 in the bloody morning and this was my last week of summer vacation.

“But there’s one more thing I want!” Lily went from deep thought back to bouncing.

“What’s that, Lil?” I asked, knowing full well I’d wish I hadn’t asked.

“I want my best friend in the whole world to wake up!”

“Then go talk to Lucia.”

“She’s not my best friend in the whole world.”

“Please tell me it’s Annalise.”



“Wrong again!” She sang. Actually sang. At nine in the bloody morning!

“Anybody but me?”

“Um, no.” She gave me a smile, as if that would make me forgive her.

“I hate your slimy guts.” I told her as I swung my legs out of my bed.

“Love you too, Addie.”


A half hour later, I was dressed in a bright red retro-style one-piece bathing suit with a pair of very short denim shorts on. Lily was dragging me by my left hand down the stairs, as I tried to pull on a pair of brown leather sandals.

“Morning, Julian!” I called to my brother as I was dragged past the kitchen. He was standing next to counter and staring into a Lucky Charms box.

“Adds, did you take all the marshmallows?” He asked me. No, of course I didn’t. I’m a mature young adult who doesn’t buy boxes of cereal just for the yummy parts.

“Don’t be silly, brother dearest!” I smiled, and gave my brother a kiss on the cheek.

“Adds, it’s not fair if you steal all the marshmallows. Then I’m stuck with the cereal, and then I go buy another box, and soon enough we’re left with 10 to 15 boxes and no marshmallows!”

“I like the cereal,” Lily put in mildly. She’s never mild about anything, it was quite surprising. She blinked at Julian. Julian blinked back.

“Marry me?” He asked. She gave me her Look-Addie-I-So-Told-You-He-Would-Do-This Look. I returned it with my He’s-My-Twin-Brother-What-Do-You-Expect-Me-To-Do look. She just grinned and winked at me.

“Please?” Julian asked again.

“Maybe some other day,” She said with a casually smile. This girl smiles way too much. It can’t be healthy. Her cheek muscles must be killer. Woah, I bet she could lift weights on her cheekbones. That’d be awesome! I digress.
“Come on, Addie!” Lily began dragging me again.

“Um, Lil? Where are we going? Because I look like a bleeding sla- Hi, Mrs. Oliverio!” I waved to the older woman across the street. She took a look at Lily pulling my hand towards her broom, which was lying on the front yard, to me, dressed like a complete and utter whore, as I began to flush scarlet.

“Hi, Mrs. Oliverio!” Lily also waved at my elderly neighbor.

“Okay, Lil, we can go wherever you want. As long as there are no elderly people to think I’m a prostitute,” I whispered in her ear.

“I promise you’ll like it!” She grinned back. She’s always so proud of herself when she gets her way. Which is nearly always.


“Lily, we’re at your house!” I gasped as I stumbled off my best friend’s broom. I’m not a huge fan of brooms.

“No really? ‘Cause I thought we were in Spain!” Lily deadpanned. I elbowed her. I’m the sarcastic bitch here, bitch.

“Lily, your brother lives here!” I began chewing on my lower lip. I know, it’s a horrible habit, but it’s my bad habit. I don’t bit my fingernails though!

“Have you thought about applying for the post of Captain Obvious?” Lily said in the exact same deadpan tone. I elbowed her again.

“Deja vu!” We both said at the same time, and then proceeded to fall over each other laughing. It’s a good thing we found each other, because if we hadn’t, then we’d both be crazy and a bit ridiculous. And alone. That’d be the sad part.

We laughed together on Lily’s front lawn for a long time. I’m not entirely sure how long, but long enough for someone to come out. I was lying on the slightly damp grass, so I saw whoever emerged from the house’s shoes before I saw them. The person had a really lovely pair of nude sling-back wedges. I’m a bit of a shoe-addict myself, so as soon as I saw the shoes, I began to get an inferiority complex about my plain leather sandals.

“Um, Hi!” I giggled from the ground. “I’m not entirely sure who you are, but I adore your shoes!” Lily and I broke out into laughter again.

“Addie? Addie, Lily, are you drunk?” A musical voice came from about five and a half feet above us.

“Mum!” Lily launched herself off the ground and all but attacked her mother. “Mum, you’re home!”

“Hey, Ginny.” I said. She pulled me into a tight hug.

“Good to see you, Addie. I wish I could say the same for you, Lil,” She teased her daughter. Lily stuck her tongue out.

“Wow, real mature, Lil.” I told her.

“I know, I am. People bow before my maturity!” Lily announced.

“Is that so, Lily?” We all heard a dry male voice coming from the doorway. Not Al, was my only thought. Literally. That was it. That’s very unusual for me. Usually I have a couple of random ones running about up there, even when I’m concentrating. I’m ADHD. It’s super fun, I get to take a potion for concentration and get extra time on tests (That sentence is bleeding with sarcasm.) But, my point was, I really really really really want the bloke who that voice belonged to be Al Potter. And I was nearly 100 percent sure that that was Al’s voice. I bit my lower lip some more. Then I turned on my heel and walked strait up to Al.

“Hey, Al!” I said because it was an instant reaction. Saying hello = normal and cool. Confessing undying love = not so much. Because that’s how I felt about Al. All gooey and warm inside. Lil says it makes her sick. I try not to focus on that. Instead, I remind her that when Al and I get married, she and I will be sisters. She likes that angle much better than the my best friend wants to shag my brother angle. And then, like the clever girl I am, I looked up. And Al Potter was not standing in the door way. I turned pink faster than you can say ‘Albus Severus Potter’ (which, admittedly does take a bit of time, but my point stands.)

“Hey, Daddy!” Lily said brightly from behind me. Please, someone smite me right now. Right here! I’m the girl whose face is going the color of a strawberry!

“Well, I can’t say I’m not flattered you mistook me for a 17-year-old,” Harry Potter said.

“Well, you and Al, you know, look kind alike, and he has a voice like a bloke, and you do, and he and you and, you know...” I trailed off. My face was going steadily from strawberry to tomato colored.

“Yeah, it’s crazy how similar the two of them look. It’s like they’re father and son,” Ginny put in. I want to sink into the ground and never be looked at again.

“I’m going to go sink into the ground and never be looked at again now,” I said. I’m not so good at beating around the bush.

“Adds!” Lily giggled at me. I threw her a scathing look. She gave me a hug.

“I hate your slimy guts,” I muttered in her ear.

“I’m enjoying this too much to care,” she whispered back.

“So, Lily? Adhara? Gin? Want to come in and get a bite to eat?” Harry said. Okay, let’s pretend that that didn’t just happen. I’m down.

“Sure, Dad. Oh, and one little thing. It’s Addie, not Adhara.” Lily said as the screen door slammed behind us.


“Addie, do you want anything else on your salad?” Ginny asked me nervously. I laughed a little. She had already pushed tofu, blue berries, gorgonzola cheese and walnuts on me.

“Really, don’t worry! I’m fine, Ginny.” I said. Ginny opened her mouth to speak again, but Lily beat her to the punch.

“Really, Mum. She’s fine.”


“Ginny, I’m deathly allergic to everything but spinach, tofu, blue berries, gorgonzola cheese and walnuts. So if you don’t want me to die, you can’t force anymore food on me!” I said seriously. Lily fell off her chair laughing. There is something seriously wrong with that girl.

“Mum! Dad! Tell Lil to shut the hell up!” A voice roared from upstairs.

“Love you too, Jimmy-boy!” Lily yelled back. “Addie- I’m bored of eating.”

“Well, um, I’m sorry?” I wasn’t sure what the socially acceptable response was.

“Let’s go swimming!” I sighed as Lily began dragging me to her back door.


“Come in, Addie!” Lily called from the middle of the pond. I was sitting on the edge and just had my legs dangling in the water.

“I told you, Lil, I don’t swim,” I began humming. You have the cool, clear eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth- I began I Believe in You. Some might call my obsession with the past unhealthy (Lily does often), I call it appreciation of vintage.

“No, you said you didn’t know how. I’ll teach you!”

“Remember what happened when you tried to teach me to fly because I was sick and missed that week in first year?”

“But there are no cauldrons of love potion for me to spill here!”

“There certainly are windows to break!” I gestured towards her house. “And I’m sure that your brothers have some explosives for us to set off.” Lily laughed and did a backflip in the water. I grinned at her, standing up to stretch my legs, and returned to humming. But there’s that up turned chin, and the grin of impetuous youth-

“Morning, Lil.” Someone said from behind me. I turned around. Albus Potter stood there not wearing a shirt. I will not stare. I will not stare. I will not stare. I will not stare.

“Good to see you, Addie,” He smiled at me. My insides turned to goo. In a really sexy way.

“Hi, Al.” I said in a very high pitched voice that most defiantly did not belong to me. And then I took a step back, to sit down again. But unfortunately, there was no ground there. So I, who cannot swim to save my life, fell into the lake. In a really hot way.

A.N.: Hello! Welcome to my first story. Thanks for reading. Now if you could be a doll and leave a review, that’d be wonderful. Please? Can’t you feel the puppy dog eyes?

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