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In My Blood by GingerGenower
Chapter 5 : Fighting All The Way
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A/N hellooo! Just a reminder- all this ain’t mine, la de dah, JK Rowling comes into it somewhere... OH YEAH, she owns it.

Also, forgive me- I’ve never written a Quidditch scene before.


Chapter 4

Fighting All The Way


The two weeks passed in a blur of lessons and practice, so it was a bit of shock to find myself getting ready for the match.


Ruth Quinn was a sixth year Quidditch-enthusiast who had no balance whatsoever, and was so popular that it was decided she had to be the commentator last year. She was fantastic at getting the crowd riled up, and Lily was bouncing around the changing rooms, clearly affected too.

“Come on guys, come on!” she said loudly, poking James as he pulled his shirt on.

“I’m moving, I’m moving,” he said, shoving her away. “Go bug Al.”

“I think Riley wants a hug,” Al said quickly, and Lily flung herself at him before he could defend himself.

“Argh, little girl alert!” he growled, trying to pry her off.

“You’re fit, I hug you,” Lily told him bluntly. He lightly blushed, so James yanked her off.

“Annoy me again, go on, I dare you.”

Lily didn’t look bothered by his feeble attempt at a challenge and perched on Riley’s lap, as he had just sat down. He seemed to have thought he was free of her.

Yeah, right.

Al took me to one side, and said quietly. “I stand by what I said before, Ellie. You try that move and you’re off the team.”

We hadn’t talked since then, except to relay messages about practice and he occasionally instructed me in Quidditch, so I shrugged him off and strolled to James.

“Are you ready?” I grinned at him.

He wielded his broom, smirking. “Oh yeah, kiddo. I’m all good to go.”


“And for Gryffindor it’s... J Potter! A Potter! L Potter! Cole! Rowd! Malfoy! Annnnnnd... WOOD!”

Hands shaking slightly, I shot up into the air, ignoring the screams of happiness and jeering coming from different ends of the pitch, from the audience.

Al and their captain, Medea Ahli, shook hands briefly. I had never liked her; there was something unnerving in the way that her eyes darted from person to person, as though seeking a target.

I glanced at my own competition. He was a decidedly larger seventh year, and for a moment I thought I recognised him- then I realised. He was the boy that tried to force me to dance with him at the party.

He caught my eye, and leered at me.

James had been eying him up, and I could see him share a dark look with Al. Al’s lips with tightly pursed, but did not say anything. Lily, who didn’t know anything, shot me a questioning look, but I just shook my head slightly.

“WHO’S GOING TO WIN?!” bellowed Quinn.

There was enormous yelling from the crowd, supporting their team which became a wall of sound from all sides.

I watched as the Quaffle soared gracefully in the air, momentarily the only thing I could think of- then James snatched it.


I whipped directly upwards, dodging the other players quickly as they sped after James.

“J.P passes to L.P, to J.P, A.P, J.P- I can’t keep up! Bloody hell, the Gryffindor team have really- SCORE! Ten nil to Gryffindor!”

I grinned, and steadied myself to a good height, and began to search for the glint of gold.

“Alright, sexy?”

Shocked, I spun around to see the seventh year. I didn’t even know his name.

“Fuck off,” I snapped, turning away and dipping down slightly, getting distance between us.

He appeared at my right shoulder, nearly jolting me off my broom he was so close.

“Go away!” I yelled at him, circling lower and trying to catch Lou’s searching gaze. Perhaps a bludger to the head might deter him.

“You’re so gorgeous, baby,” he smiled, at my left this time. I jumped again. “I could show you such a good time.”

He leant closer. I tried to lurch away, but I realised too late he had a tight hold of my broom. I tried lean as far as possible away as he whispered in my ear.

“I could make you scream, if you know what I mean.”

Pulling my broom upwards with all my might, I managed to escape him and speed to Lou.

“Get their seeker!” I yelled at her.

“I can’t right now!” she said back, powerfully whacking one at their keeper, which met its target with a deafening crunch.

“The next one, then!” I said desperately, and turned to find the Snitch. I needed a short game, I needed to keep my cool and find it.


I winced as we sped for our fourth time out. We were three hours into the game, and were six hundred and twenty points ahead. The Potters were a seamless team.

“Why can’t you find the Snitch?” Al roared at me. “We need this game over!”

“I know!” I shrieked back helplessly.

Scorpius was working with one arm- an illegal bludger had twisted his shoulder to a strange angle- and Lily had a bleeding lip from being elbowed. Neither offence had been caught by the referee.

“It’s that damn Slytherin,” James cursed, practically spitting at Al. “He keeps saying stuff to her, I heard him-“

“What’s he saying?” Al demanded, turning to him.

“It doesn’t matter!” I yelled at them as James opened his mouth. “Just aim all your fucking bludgers at him, got it?”

Lou and Riley nodded determinedly, Riley swinging his bat as if to make a point.

“If not,” he said brightly, “I’ll just hit him over the head with this.”

I high-fived him, then the referee signalled the restart of the game.

James and Al confused their keeper, and for a moment I stared at the keeper who was glaring at Lily.

His forehead was oddly yellow.

Suddenly, my eyes refocused and I saw the yellow was actually the snitch, directly between the two of us. I glanced around, then let out a great spurt of speed towards it-

I screamed in agony as something large slammed into the side of me, and I could hear the crack of my ribs. I bent double over the broom, barely able to breathe.

“Foul, that was definitely a foul!” Quinn announced, and it was first I had heard from her in a long time, so intent on avoiding the seeker that I hadn’t paid attention. I tried to focus on her voice, but not her words. “Gryffindor seeker Wood is slammed in the stomach with a bat from O’Hare, and yes, a penalty is given. Blimey, she doesn’t look healthy, does she? Come on, Ellie, kick some Slytherin butt!”

A hand sat me upright on my broom, but my legs were shaking with the shock and I couldn’t steady myself easily as my arms were still clutching my stomach.

“Ellie? Ellie, can you play?”

Lily was looking frantically at me.

“Make them pay,” I told her through gritted teeth, forcing my hands to clutch the broom instead, but I couldn’t help but lean forward oddly. Trying to relieve the pain wasn’t easy whilst flying in a straight line, I soon found.

“Aww, did that hurt?” the Slytherin asked, grinning.

“Fuck. You,” I told him, speeding to the other side of the pitch. The snitch had long gone.


Twenty minutes later, I found myself diving for the ground, but not in a hurry for Quidditch. It was purely selfish.

“HAS WOOD SEEN THE SNITCH? Oh, bollocks, no, she shouldn’t be flying, she just threw up-“

I heaved at the side of the pitch, and suddenly Madam Patil was at my side.

“Hospital wing,” she said crisply.

“Something for the pain,” I begged, allowing her to lead me away. “Please, I can’t walk.”

Sighing, she handed over a reddish brown liquid, which was revolting but I downed in one. I no longer felt my ribs.

“Thanks, Miss,” I said brightly, and before she could stop me, I snatched up my broom and sped back into the air.

I could hear her yelling at me, but I soon left her far behind.

“Go back!” hollered Al. “Go to the hospital wing now, Ellie!”

“This game needs ending!” I told him defiantly.

“You’re not fit to play if you’re throwing up-“

“If you would do the same thing, tell me to leave.”

He glanced at me, then dived to snatch the Quaffle from Ollerton.

I couldn’t stop shivering, for some odd reason. It wasn’t all that cold, but I felt freezing.

“I want my basilisk in your chamber of secrets.”

Now he was just being sleazy.

“You know what?” I yelled at the seeker. “You catch that snitch, and I might consider you!”

I don’t know what made me say it, but it certainly stopped him in his tracks. It wasn’t the smartest or coolest thing I’d done, but I’d bought myself some time, even if only a few moments, to feel safe, and that was all I needed.

I searched around for a moment, and again, I got the glint of gold. I knew where it was.

“But good luck!” I finished, and began a long dive to the floor.

Speeding up... speeding up... wow, it feels like I’m falling... the ground is close... I’m much faster than I was... pull up- oh shit, now!

My breath caught in my throat as I felt the grass jolt my feet slightly, but I grinned as I heard a deafening crack, and saw a crumpled mess that was the Slytherin seeker next to me.

I took off from the ground as Madam Patil approached us, and I looked at Al.

He was ashen, trembling, and glaring at me.

Unfortunately, I was little preoccupied with his foot, where the snitch was hovering feet below him.

I charged at him, and for an instant he looked terrified, then, for the second time, something slammed into me. Unluckily, it was from behind and was my head, causing me to crash into the handle of my broom and spin out of control, dizzyingly holding onto it.

Miraculously, I steadied, then I heard Al’s voice.

“Hospital wing,” he ordered.

“No,” I whispered, and I heard us touch the ground.

“We’re going to win, whoever gets the Snitch,” he assured me as he picked me up, but it wasn’t what I was bothered about. What bothered me was what I’d said to the nameless Slytherin who I’d possibly landed in the hospital wing for a few weeks.

“No, I need to catch it,” I told him desperately, trying to get out of his grip. “Al, please listen, ask James what he said, I told him I’d consider him if he caught it, please don’t-“

“I think she’s a bit hysterical,” I heard him tell Madam Patil.

I tried to kick out, escape the grasp of Al, but someone pinched my nose and forced my mouth open. A potion was poured down my throat, and I fell asleep.


“She’s perfectly fine. As soon as she wakes up, she can leave,” Patil said. “I daresay that will be soon.”

“What the hell?” I mumbled.

“I told you, right as rain,” she said briskly. “The damage she managed to inflict on our friend here, however, will require several week’s rest. Try not to sound too pleased when you tell her.”

“Did he catch the snitch, in the end?” I moaned, blinking and sitting up.

Lily, Fred and James were all sitting around my bedside, and Fred grinned.

“Nah, the git tried for three more hours before he passed out. Absolutely hilarious.”

“Are you a Slytherin, or what?” Lily demanded.

“Very loosely,” Fred grinned. “But your dive... wow, Ellie, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Am I off the team?”

They all paused, and glanced at each other.

“What?” Lily finally asked.

“Al told me if I did that dive I’d be off the team. Am I off?”

“He did look pissed...” James said slowly. “I didn’t know why, though, because after he passed out Professor Dean decided it as the end of the game and we won nine hundred and seventy points to four hundred and twenty. It was a great game,” he enthused.

Looking at him, I realised they were all still in their Quidditch gear.

“How long have you been here?”

“The game finished twenty minutes ago,” Lily told me, “but like we said, it took another three hours to take that damn Seeker out.”

“What finished him?”

“A bludger,” Fred said helpfully. “I was bored, knew we wouldn’t win, and it was a clean shot to the head, so I just gave Louise on your team the credit.”

“Nice one,” I approved. “What damage did the Feint do?”

“According to Patil, it was a fractured arm, two broken legs, bruising on his head and the possible inability to ever have children.”


“Well, I made that last one up, but we can all dream, right? Fred’s bludger managed to crack his skull and break the other arm, so we successfully beat him up,” Lily finished brightly.

James put a hand on mine. “Do you want me to talk to Al about the Feint?”

“I imagine he’ll find me,” I sighed. “Can I go?” I called to Patil.

“Go ahead,” she called back, so I slipped out of bed and yanked my shoes on.

“Good to go?” Lily asked, and we all began to traipse back to the common room, although I didn’t rush it at all.

I had a sinking feeling that Al would stick to his word.


“Eliana,” Al growled, “I need a word with you.”

“Oh, hello, Albus!” I greeted sarcastically as he dragged me to the side as soon as I came through the portrait home. “Nice to see you too!”

“I warned you that you’d be off the team if you did that move.”

“I know you did.”

He paused, trying (and failing) to glare me down.

“Are you not even a little bit sorry?”

“No, I’m not,” I told him honestly. “If you hadn’t suggested the move, I never would have thought of it in the game, but I felt it was necessary.”

Necessary? What the hell could be necessary about it?”

“Ask James what he heard,” I told him coldly. “Go on, I dare you.”

For a moment, he didn’t move, then he yanked James away from Fred and Dom.

After a few seconds of intense discussion, Al looked angry. Fortunately, it didn’t seem directed at me.

He ran back over. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me?” he demanded, shaking me slightly. “That’s harassment, Ellie, you shouldn’t have-“

“Had we started an enquiry we would have been forced to forfeit the match, so I took one for the team,” I said stubbornly.

“Take one for the team? Ellie, that’s stupid-“

“Look, the point is that our chance to take him on is over. Deal with it. Am I still on the team or not?”

He looked at James, back at me, then James.

“Yeah,” he said quietly. “Yeah, you... you did it to protect yourself. I get it.”

Smiling, I hugged him, and pulled him into the celebrations.


A Gryffindor celebration usually consisted of three things: Butterbeer, pyjamas, and a whole lot of talking. At parties like these, there were no slutty outfits or getting drunk or even too much of a late night; we sat around, discussing every victory we’d ever had, and giggled until the Head Boy (Neil Francis) said it was too late for the first years to be up, and that they had to go to bed. We followed soon after them.

“Where’s Nyx, Al?” James called over. “She should be here, shouldn’t she?”

Al had just been discussing the Quidditch spying with Fred (who had no idea) and Scorpius, and was a little thrown off by it. Lily and I had been listening idly, lying tops and tails on the sofa above them.

“Erm, yeah, I guess so,” he said, frowning. “I’ll go and look for her.”

He disappeared through the portrait hole.

Dom and James immediately joined us.

“Do you like Nyx?” Dom asked us.

“Yeah, she’s cool,” shrugged Lily. “Why?”

“No reason. What about you, Ellie?”

“Mmm, she seems nice.”


He sat back, and his dark hair was right by my face, so I mussed it up affectionately.

“She’s a bit bitchy, I don’t think her and Al will last, but I don’t hate her. Seriously, why?”

“I don’t like her,” Dom said simply, “that’s all.”

“Why not?” I asked curiously. Dom was usually an excellent judge of character, as well as being academically flawless and extremely kind, but also sharp and blunt.

She flicked her cropped blonde hair out of her face and thought. “She’s too perfect.”


“She does everything he says, doesn’t ever pester him and hasn’t even asked him about past girlfriends.”

“You think she’s in for our name?” Fred asked disgustedly.

It was common that people would try and befriend them more for who their parents are than who they are, resulting in them being suspicious of anyone too charming.

“No, I think she’s... well, I’ll need proof first,” Dom shrugged. “It’s nine, I’d better go.”

She kissed us all quickly on the cheek, and darted through the portrait hole.

“I’m off too,” James yawned. “A six hour game is not my idea of easy. See you girlies later,” he said, waving at us and Fred followed him up to James’ dorm.

“He’ll probably stay there tonight,” Lily said softly. “Wanna go up?”

I nodded faintly, but it took us at least an hour to actually move.


As we crawled into bed, I pulled out the map from Lily’s trunk.

“I solemnly swear I’m up to no good,” I told it quietly.

“Night, Ellie,” Lily said sleepily.

“Night, Lily,” I answered quietly.

Al wasn’t in his dorm.

Why wasn’t he there yet?

I scanned the area around the Slytherin common room, but Nyx was in her dorm and Al was nowhere near. Slowly, I unfolded the map and followed the spidery lines, until his name leapt out at me.

What the hell was he doing in the kitchens?

Looking for Lily, I realised she was already fast asleep, so I pulled on a jacket and trainers and slipped out of the dorm.


“Al?” I hissed, staring around. “Al, where are you-“

“ELLIE!” he yelled happily. “Ellie-Belly, Ellie-Belly-Bum!”

Oh dear Merlin, he’s drunk.

“Hi, sweetie,” I calmly said, much more so than I felt. “How are you?”

“I’m not drunk!” he slurred.

That’s always what they say.

“You know, I think we’ll have to go back to our common room now,” I said slowly, pulling the Firewhiskey bottle out of his grip.

“Do we?!” he gasped dramatically. At least he’s a good drunk, this was quite entertaining. “WHY?”

“Because if you get caught you’ll be done for,” I told him, still in a soft voice. “Let’s go, now.”

It was quite easy to avoid the patrolling teachers and prefects with the map in hand, and I managed to get him through the portrait hole. He had been talking all the way there, but I’d learned long ago to ignore what drunk people say. It usually falls into one of two categories: complete and utter nonsense or stuff they wish they hadn’t said when they’re sober again.

I followed him, but when I did he was already standing up. His eyes were hazy with alcohol, but still shined with the beautiful green glow that was always there.

He really was stunning.

“Ellie-Belly!” he cheered, standing but swaying unsteadily and clumsily dropping on me, so I began to take him back to his dorm.

“Nyx is a cow, you know,” he told me. “She- she... I’m pretty sure she did something... OH YEAH!” he said loudly, pushing me away without even noticing. “She- she- she- sha-“

“Time for bed, Al,” I smiled as we reached his door. “Nighty night.”

He put a hand clumsily on my shoulder. “You’re really pretty, you know.”

“Thank you.” I kissed him on the cheek lightly, not believing him. He was drunk; he could say these things and not even remember it the next day. “Hope you feel better tomorrow.”

I had begun to turn away when I felt the hand on my shoulder became inexplicably forceful, and he yanked me back. Before I’d even cleared the feeling of dizziness, I felt lips crush against mine and a hand snake around my waist tightly.

I jumped in surprise, but he kept a tight hold, pushing me backwards and against the cold stone wall.

For a moment, I was shocked. Al Potter... was kissing me? It felt strange. Good strange, but strange. Why was he kissing me? He was drunk, and if I hadn’t already known I would definitely know by the taste of him. I could tell he’d had a lot of Firewhiskey in a short space of time, it was nearly overpoweringly strong.

His lips were strong and forceful, moving against mine in all sorts of amazing ways, and I didn’t know when my mouth parted slightly but his tongue deliciously ran across my bottom lip and I shuddered, suddenly gripping him too.

He was drunk; he didn’t care or know what he was doing. I threw away all my inhibitions, and despite being the sober one I couldn’t help but feel like the more reckless of the two of us. I had no idea what a strong, intoxicated man would do to me, but I shoved the thoughts away and concentrated on his lips.

It felt good and I was determined to prove I wasn’t a prude.

A hand ran through my loose hair, the curls still shimmering slightly from the potion Lily had put on it. The hand traced shapes on the back of my neck, turning to my collarbone, and then down to my waist. I moaned as his lips met my neck, gripping his shoulder with my hand as he elicited incredible feelings I’d never experienced before, writhing against the wall and trying to pull him closer and push him away at the same time. I was panting and trembling when he left a trail of burning kisses down my jaw and to my chest, beginning to take off my jacket- bloody hell, when had he undone my shirt?

I tried to push him away.

His lips left my exposed skin at the warning and captured my mouth again, but I had been brought to my senses, mostly. I couldn’t communicate it, however, because he was both too strong and too drunk to pick up on my hints, and kept me firmly pressed against the wall, a hand on my stomach and the other on my cheek. His entire body was moulded to mine, legs touching the wall on either side of me, refusing to let me move. My resolve to stop it began to fade when he found the spot below my ear with his lips, making me moan and tense. His legs loosened slightly, and I yanked mine from between his and wrapped them around his waist. I didn’t know why, but it felt right.

Al caught them, holding me there, running hands up and down them before turning to the dorm, roughly opening the door, and we barely acknowledged the other sleeping roommates as he stumbled to the bed, before dropping me on it and crawling after me. I giggled when he slowly tried to pry my top off, but I slapped him away and he growled, pulling me up and finding my lips again.

I wasn’t sure when we stopped, but I know I fell asleep in his arms.


A/N I know I’ve dived straight into the plot. I have a habit of hanging around for ages, trying to extend the story too much and making it crap. Well, this is pretty straight forward, and I’m hoping in the previous two chapters you learnt enough about the dynamics between the characters to understand this will mess everything up. :D Well, maybe not everything. Depends if I’m feeling nice or not.

Who do you reckon Ellie’s going to end up with, then?

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