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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 14 : Jatrina, Evil Warlocks and Panicked Mornings
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 Sopping wet, I walk down the seventh floor corridor. We’ve just had another Quidditch practice in the storm outside for three hours.

Three. Fucking. Hours.

Do you know what that is like? Flying around like a nobhead on a broomstick catching and throwing a Quaffle isn’t fun in the pouring rain. It’s irritating and really not fun.


Sure, it was better than last practice. We were all expecting the worse, so this time it felt like it was better than we first expected.

Plus, Al and I were getting along, to the surprise of the others. They didn’t know about our exchange two days back. Well, I say getting along, we greeted each other and smiled at each other during practice a few times. That time when I dropped the Quaffle, he whizzed down and caught it for me and chucked it back up.

So that made both Albus and I fly and play better. Albus caught the snitch several times today, which put James in a better mood. But the others were still cold towards Al - they’re waiting for a proper apology of some sorts.

So we played a little better, but not our best. It doesn’t help that every time Rose moved quickly, James would wince and fly a little closer to her.

He’s such a worrier.

That meant Rose got more frustrated and tense, and Fred and Owen started noticing it. They don’t know- at least not yet. Only Dom, Lily, Albus, James, Scorpius, Rose (duh) and I know.

Oh shit, Hugo doesn’t know!

Well, someone’s going to be furious when he finds out. He’s got both Hermione and Ron’s tempers- he’s a right hothead.

I doubt Scorpius will survive.

I start wondering about my friendship with Al. Of course, being friends with Albus again would mean having to see his girlfriend. Which is… problematic. How do I feel exactly about their relationship? Let’s see…

How about:

1)            Jealous

2)            Angry

3)            Betrayed

4)            Jealous

5)            Hurt

6)            Desperate

7)            Jealous


Sums it up really. But wait, you shouldn’t be thinking that! You’re not dating him!

You’re dating JAMES, Kat, JAMES. Not ALBUS. I know they’re brothers and are both incredibly sexy, but they are DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

JAMES: the guy you ARE dating.

ALBUS: the guy you are NOT dating.

Got it?

Think of that stupid couple nick-name Dom created for you: Kames or Jatrina. OKAY!

I mean, think of what it would be like being with Albus. It would be Katbus, or Alkat.

Katbus. That’s pretty good actually.

K-a-t-b-u-s. That’s quite cute. It’s sort of my nick-name, and his squished together. I like it. A-l-k-a-t is cute too…

Oh fuckwit. You’re NOT DATING ALBUS! There is no Katbus, only Jatrina! THINK JATRINA.

Okay, so I’m talking quite loudly to myself while walking down the corridor. Which is never good. I think I may have scared off several First Years and a Seventh Year (which is excellent, considering they’re two years older than me).


Come on Kat, you have a reputation to uphold!

Well, to be brutally honest, what reputation? I’m “Hurricane Katrina” the slightly crazy fifth year, who over-analyses your every word and talks to herself whilst muttering “Katbus” and “Jatrina” under her breath.

Which is the reputation EVERYONE wants to have.


I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t?

So, I’m walking down the seventh floor corridor with that tapestry of that Barnabas dude attempting to teach Trolls ballet.

That guy is even more messed up than I am!

I go to the wall opposite it and lean against it to get a better look.

“This guy needs a life…” I mutter to myself, giggling a little.

Suddenly, something opens behind me, where I’m leaning. I stumble backwards and fall into a dark room. The door that swung open, swings shut, trapping me into darkness.

Shit, shit, shit.

Oh Merlin, it’s going to be one of James’ fangirls! She’s really, really pissed that I’m dating him, and she’s plotted her revenge! She’s going to lure me into her lair and torture me for hours before killing me! Then, James will show up looking all sexy and angry and she’ll kill him too! Then all his family will turn up to avenge us, and she and her little fellow fangirls will kill them too!

SHIT, I’m hyperventilating.

“Who are you and what do you want?!” I scream, my voice seven octaves higher than usual. I hear a low chuckle coming from the darkness.


“It’s me! James! Now calm down!” the voice chuckles again. I hear a whisper and I can see I light from the tip of a wand. I stand up and look at the person who’s holding the wand. Thank Merlin: it is James.

“Merlin, James! You scared the shit out of me!” I cry, hitting him playfully. He chuckles and steps forward.

“I fancied a snog, and this was perfect.” He whispers in my ear. I giggle back, even though my mind stills roams to Al.

Jatrina, Kat, Jatrina.

I digress!


Suddenly, James lips are on mine, gentle at first. I fist my hand into his messy brown hair, and let my free hand lay slung around his neck. I kiss him back, gentle too. He caresses my face with his free hand.

Then, it’s more forceful- passionate. He moves his hand and puts it flat against the wall, pinning me between him and the broom cupboard wall.

I whack my head against the wall.

Fucking ow.

Actually, who’s to complain? Dude, James Potter is snogging me senseless inside a broom cupboard. How can my day get any better?

Our kiss becomes even fiercer and I lose track of time. Two minutes? Ten minutes? Two hundred and ten minutes? His hands roam lower, until one is on my butt. I have about three seconds to think, “OHMYGOD JAMES POTTER’S HAND IS ON MY BUM!” before I’m hoisted into the air. Automatically, I wrap my legs round his waist, my back still pinned against the wall.

We carry on kissing for a while, and our hands roam elsewhere. Gently, he puts me down and stops kissing, and I get a good look at him. His hair is considerably more ruffled than before, as is his shirt. I can only imagine what sort of trollish creature I resemble at this moment.

He gives me a cheeky grin and kisses me lightly again.

“You know what? It’s the Hogsmeade trip tomorrow right?” he smiles at me, and I nod to confirm, “Well, I’m going to take you.”

“As a d-date?” I stutter back, suddenly nervous.

Merlin Kat, you just snogged the bloke in a broom cupboard and you’re worried about a date?

“Yep!” James smirks at me happily. I find myself grinning back.

“Cool.” I say, cheerfully.

With one last kiss, James straightens his top and bounds out of the cupboard, with a spring in his step.

I wonder if Al is going with Sarah?

Someone is prodding me.

Stop prodding me. Now.

I mean it.

I am comfy. I am warm. I am in my wonderful cocoon of duvets and blankets Nana Molly sent me (I like to be warm), wearing my teletubby pajamas (DON’T JUDGE ME).

 Leave me be.

“Go away!” I murmur, swatting the prodding hand away. Yet the prodding persists. I roll over, pulling the duvets with me and stuffing them over my head. The prodder heaves a huge sighs that can only mean it it’s…

“Rosie Pose…?”

“Yes, Kat. It’s me. Now wake up.” The voice replies.

Grudingly and slowly, I unwrap myself from my covers. After about five minutes of throwing off the seventeen different layers binding me tightly, I look up at Rose with bleary eyes.

“What?” I moan, loudly, shoving my glasses onto my face, watching as the world becomes less hazy.

“I’m off, Kat!” she grins at me ecstatically.

I blink at her. “Off where?”

She rolls her eyes at my bewildered face. “The scan, dipshit.”

“Oh…” I murmur, realisation flooding me. “You’re going on your own then?”

She shakes her head, smiling happily. “Scorpius is meeting me by the passage-way.”

For some reason, I can barely smile. Another emotion floods me: jealousy.

Holy shit. Katrina Parker, you’re jealous of Scorpius! You’re jealous of a ferrety blonde haired Malfoy git. Never expected that.

“That’s cool! H-have fun!” I smile at her in a false cheery voice. Rose frowns at me, but doesn’t bother asking why I have a cheesy grin plastered across my face. After throwing me another suspicious look, she leaves to meet Scorpius and her destiny…

Okay, too cheesy?

I flop back onto my bed, not bothering to draw the curtains once more and pulling the covers back over me.

I’m jealous, I admit it. I want to be the one taking Rose to her first scan. I’m her best friend.

He’s the father… I little voice in my head hisses.

Yes, well I’m the best friend aren’t I? I think heatedly.

And he’s the boyfriend... That little voice persists.

And she’s just meant to dump me for him is she? Even when I was there for her from the beginning, unlike him! I argue back.

He’s still the father… That stupid little voice insists.

I’m still her best friend… I moan back.

Look, do you want to be the bloody father or something? The little voice snaps. I shake my head and the voice quietens, satisfied.

I moan loudly and turn over again, thinking of getting a few extra hours of sleep before meeting James. I close my eyes slowly.


Did I just argue with myself?

“DOM!” I wail loudly as I run into the Gryffindor common room. There’s barely anyone there- the little ones are already at Hogsmeade, and the older ones, like me, have only woken up. Just like I thought, Dom is sat in an armchair by the fire, looking like a model as per usual.

She often hangs at our common room. She claims it’s warmer.

Dom looks up, taking me in. “Um, hey.”


“With what?”


“I can see that…” she murmurs dryly before standing up. Dom heaves a huge sigh, takes me arm and leads me upstairs to my dorm.

I have a date. In an hour and a half. It’s half-twelve. I’ve not even showered.

Dom looks me up and down and sighs.  “You’re hair looks like your fallen through a bush. Twice.”

“I kno-ow!” I cry, annoyed. My hair does absolutely nothing usually, it just sort of lays there. Then the one day I need it, BAM it looks like I’ve been electrocuted. I am not prepared for this. I have no special hair stuff! I’ve never used it before…

Dom sniffs the air. “And you stink.”

“Thanks…” I mutter, looking at my feet.

She pulls out her wand and murmurs, “Accio hair products!” In a matter of seconds, several bottles zoom through the door. I catch them and peer at them closely. One seems to be shampoo, the other conditioner and the rest are various hair potions, promising to make my hair extra sleek and shiny, with “bounce-ability”.

“Go. Shower. Now.” Dom says, giving me a little shove to do the bathroom door. “Use all of them. You need them. I’ll get your outfit together!”

I stumble into the bathroom and lock the door behind me. Then, I yank the shower curtains apart and strip off. I step into the shower and let the warm water soak me, drenching my hair. I close my eyes and attempt to run my hands through my knotty hair. They become lodged in a particularly huge knot. I unravel it and apply the various shampoos and concoctions Dom gave me.

The warm water and pattern of applying the products is soothing- routine. It calms my previously radically beating heart.


My first official date with James Potter.

The worries begin to flood me.

What if they are people from the papers there? From Witch Weekly? They’re still awful… And obsessed with James! Oh Merlin, we’re going to step into Hogsmeade and be swarmed by paparazzi, who’ll snap pictures of me, James Potter’s frumpy new plaything! Then we’ll run away, and try to get to a deserted pub or something, but while we’re running something awful will happen like my pants or skirt falling down. I’ll have to hop to wherever James is taking me while the paps take pictures of my rainbow and unicorn patterned knickers!

Then we’ll have a really awkward date, we won’t talk at all because he’s still got the image of my knickers in his head... And then-

“OI! KAT! GET A BLOODY MOVE ON! WE NEED PLENTY OF TIME TO GET YOU READY!” Dom calls loudly through the door, banging on it repeatedly. That wakes me up from my daydream.

Taking a deep breath, I rinse the rest of the potions out of my hair, wash my body and step out of the shower. I grab a towel and dry off, rubbing my hair which is now sleek and brushable. I slip on some underwear Dom must have laid out while I was in the shower and then step out of the bathroom.

Dom is sat on my bed, taping her foot impatiently with an outfit on her left.

“Come on now!” she cries, leaping up.  I glance at the outfit quickly: it’ a pea-green, tight fitting and short dress. It’s not too formal- the style is casual, almost like a dress-top. But it’s not what I would have chosen.

My idea would have been a skirt, or a pair of jeans and a nice top. Not this.

“Dom, can’t I go a little more, you know, casual?” I say quietly, still eyeing the outfit with some distaste. It’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. Just not me.

Dom shrugs. “James hates it when girls don’t make an effort. He likes to pose for the paps as well, so he’ll want you to look the part.”


“You know, the glamorous new girlfriend with the amazing boobs and great style. Both you and he would be embarrassed if they got pictures of you wearing casual clothes,” Dom tells me absentmindedly. My heart plummets into the pit of my stomach.

“Oh.” Is all I can manage. Dom doesn’t seem to notice my face, or voice, and instead busies herself with dressing me, and drying my hair.

Half an hour later I’m dressed and ready to go. I look stunning- not a hair out of place. My make-up is perfect, and my outfit lovely.

But I feel all wrong.

I feel fake.

I hide it well though and smile at Dom in thanks. She beams back. Before I leave, she hands me a huge, very thick coat.

“Why do I need this?” I frown, putting it on.

Dom laughs and pulls open the previously closed curtain to reveal completely white grounds.


Coat on, with a thick scarf around my neck, I head downstairs to meet James in the Entrance Hall. He looks smart too, wearing a shirt the same colour as my dress underneath his warm jacket.

I feel a little twinge of anger. Did he ask Dom to dress me like this?

I greet him with a smile and take his hand.

I wonder how Rose is.

I wonder if Al is with Sarah.

Then I feel the slight tug on my arm and follow James out past grumpy old Filch and into a crowd of flashing lights and shouts.


How you doing? Anyway, just a quick question. I was thinking of figuring out how to make an Author’s Page… Would anyone actually be interested in me creating one or would it be lonely with no questions? Answer in a review!

Anyways, thank you very much for reading and being so supportive! Please keep reading and reviewing!


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The Abundance of Potters: Jatrina, Evil Warlocks and Panicked Mornings


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