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Finding Out About A Little Thing Called Love by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 8 : Marauders, Girlfriends and not going to Hogsmeade with HER.
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8) Marauders, Girlfriends and not going to Hogsmeade with HER.


The feeling was indescribable.


Mayfield had literally became a part of the Marauders- she fit in so easily. Of course she still had to study incredibly hard (I sometimes questioned her about her mum, and the odd time she replied with a deep answer, but most times avoided the topic) along with Quidditch practice getting even tougher as we were a month into the school term, October having arrived, and early November being the first Quidditch match- Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. But somehow she got time to help us with pranks- she was a pranking mastermind. Of course she had her flaws, but that’s what made her individual. Iris and Holly seemed a bit resentful, but to be honest, I couldn’t care less about what they thought.


Mayfield had become much closer with the rest of the Marauders as well, and I was glad to see her and Prongs got along splendidly. Couldn’t have both my best friends not getting along! You could say how was Mayfield my best friend so quickly, but it just seemed right. I mean it was as if we were meant to be best friends, along with Prongs of course and Moony and Wormtail.


The Missing Marauder.


We were right now relaxing in the Common Room, while Mayfield was looking over some Transfiguration extra credit.


“I can help, you know,” I offered. She nodded, so I began skimming it. Not too bad, but it was lacking the inference that meant McGonagall would love it.


I edited a bit, adding little points connecting the various different transformations.


“Must help with transfiguration skills because you’ve become animagi, so know all the processes about it and shit,” said Mayfield casually. I froze and the quill dropped out of my hand. Prongs sat up straight, Moony’s face paled considerably and Wormtail simply looked like he was off in la la land.


“I didn’t tell you guys, did I?” muttered Mayfield awkwardly as she looked at our reactions.


“No, you didn’t. What is it?” Prongs asked, I was silent.


“I kind of wanted to still know what was going on in Snuffles’ life, so I kind of stalked you guys. I know everything about you- made a book and everything! Before we left Hogwarts I was going to leave it here so you guys could have something to remember all your awesome memories. Like your first prank! Or first sip of Firewhisky!”


“Wait- we were in the Shrieking Shack then…”


“I know, Moony goes there to transform! No, don’t worry, I think you’re perfectly normal. Heck, you’re just like us, and you make our lives interesting!” joked Mayfield, when she saw Moony’s face go white and scared.


I jumped up and wrapped Mayfield in a huge bear hug.


“Thannnnkkkyooooouuu!” I screamed, doing a little dance. She snorted, and Prongs gave her a hug as well.


“Thanks Alex, you don’t how much this means to us. Could we see it?”


“Sure, I’ll just go get it. Ugh, but that means walking up the stairs,” she groaned, and I felt for her. Walking up stairs is a tough challenge.


“You know you can use Accio?” laughed Moony, and her eyes widened as she grinned.


“Obviously! Genius Moony!”


“Thanks, by the way. For not, judging me, you know…” mumbled Moony. Mayfield smiled.


“You’re my friend, and a good person. That’s who you are- you’re not the thing you become once a month.” Moony grinned, and muttered an ‘accio’ charm to the Marauder Book, as Mayfield had named it.




Mayfield was holy.


People should worship her.


Give her a fucking shrine.


This book was amazing. It had everything from the first time we met, our sorting, our first prank- just everything.


We were on fifth year roughly an hour later, and I spotted something odd. There was another dog just in front of the camera in front of us, with black hair that looked so much like my own animagi form, but with more feminine features and deep brown eyes instead of grey.


“T… that’s me,” said Mayfield sheepishly, scratching the back of her head, as we looked at her shocked. “It’s just when I discovered you guys were becoming animagi, I wanted to as well. You know, I felt bad for Moony, and thought at least if anything bad happened to you guys, then someone else would be there to help. Someone who had an animagi form. So I just followed exactly what you were doing, stealing some of the ingredients you got…”


“That’s where half our boomerang lace went!” gaped Prongs, and Mayfield snorted.


“Yeah, sorry about that…”


“It’s okay, continue.”


“Well, so ever since that I’ve came to most transformations with you…” She deserved her own temple now.


“You are a god Mayfield,” I exclaimed, voicing my thoughts. She winked at me.


“Obviously. I mean I’m Alex fucking Mayfield,” she smirked, and I nudged her in the stomach.


“Go fuck yourself,” I muttered.


“Not in the mood,” she grinned, and I shook my head smiling. That girl will be the death of me.




I was on my own for once. Mayfield had gone upstairs to study because apparently I was ‘distracting’ (psssh, as if), Prongs was making Quidditch plays there as well as he somehow agreed with Mayfield, Moony was on Prefect rounds and Wormtail was god knows where.


It felt lonely. That’s why I was super delighted when Iris came my way!


“Iris, come sit, I’m soooo bored,” I whined, and she giggled. I hadn’t heard a giggle in while…


She came and sat down, pretty close if I said myself, but I didn’t mind. Iris was hot, and she was wearing a mini-skirt that fanned out till mid-thigh, with a thin tank top. Sheesh, don’t judge me- I’m a seventeen year old guy!


I stretched my right arm out across the sofa, and it seems Iris took the chance to lean into me. She felt surprisingly cold- in the nights when Mayfield would come she was quite warm. Hmm. Anyways…


“So how are you? Where’s Holly?”


“Holly’s with her boyfriend, you know Matt Johnson, 7th year, in Hufflepuff?”


I nodded.


“I’m left quite alone now...” she mumbled.


“That’s not good, you’re awesome! Someone must hang out with you other than Holly?”


“Yeah, but none of them are true friends. Are you my true friend?”




“Sirius… Do you care about me?”


“Yes,” I replied, where was she going with this?


“Do you like who I am?”




“Do you think I’m funny and have a good personality?”


“Yes!” What is this? Fucking 20 questions?


“Do you think I’m hot?”


I looked her up and down. “Definitely.”


She stood up and bent down to face me, revealing quite a bit of cleavage, but she made me look at her eyes. She bit her red lips, and came closer.


“So you wouldn’t mind if I did this?” And she kissed me lightly, sucking on my lower lip.


She was fucking good.


She let go, and I easily replied, “Not at all.”


“So would you ask me out?”


Now I should’ve thought about this more, but she was looking amazing, and heck she was a cool person to hang around.


“Iris, will you go out with me?” I asked. She smiled, obviously delighted, and leant in to kiss me again.


I wrapped my arms round her waist to bring her closer to me, so she was straddled across me as the kiss deepened. She stuck her hands in my hair, and pressed herself closer to me. I trailed light kisses down her neck, as my hands slid beneath her top and roamed her bare back. She brang my lips back to hers and let me tell you one thing, it was a fucking good kiss.


I groaned as she bit down on my neck, and I couldn’t hear the steps coming down from the boys dormitory steps. But I did hear when Prongs went “Woah. Right then…”


Iris and I broke apart. She looked an absolute mess, and you could easily tell we hadn’t been at it lightly.


“Em, right. So you two together then?” asked Mayfield awkwardly. Oh dear, she won’t like this, will she?


“Yup, guess so,” I replied, and Iris smiled.


“It’ll be great!” she said enthusiastically, and Mayfield grimaced.




“Can’t wait for Hogsmeade! Prongs and Moony said they had Prefect duties to patrol Hogsmeade because of those new warnings from Dumbledore about those Death Eaters and Wormtail’s going out with someone so it’ll just be us! First Hogsmeade together!” grinned Mayfield, both of us were in the kitchens.


“Oh, about that. Iris and I have made plans already, sorry,” I mumbled. It was going to be Mayfield and I’s first trip and I completely forgot about it…. “I could cancel her! I mean after so long-“


“It’s okay,” she shrugged. “I know Iris will get hurt if you cancel, especially since you just began dating, so have a fun time! I’ll tag along with someone, no worries.”


“I love you, Lexander,” I grinned, and wrapped her in a bear hug.


“I know you do, I’m just a loveable person,” sung Mayfield.


“Oh, and so modest!”






We headed out for Hogsmeade. It was mine and Iris’ first date, and she looked stunning. She had a skirt, similar to the one she had before, fanning out till mid thigh, a light pink shade. She wore a tube top that hugged her curves, and some high heels so she was only a bit shorter than me.


“I’m really excited for today,” whispered Iris as she snuggled into my neck. It felt great, and I knew I’d have fun because Iris wouldn’t take me into somewhere like Puddifoot’s Tea Shop. Scary place. Yet, I still couldn’t help but wonder where Mayfield was…




“So, we were sprinting away like mad from Professor McGonagall- who looked ridiculously angry-“ laughed Iris, but she was interrupted.


“Padfoot!” hollered a voice I knew so well.


“What’s wrong?” I asked, a bit annoyed he came and interrupted my date. I had never been on a date with someone with a personality before, it was quite interesting.


“Wait. Huh? I thought you and Mayfield were going round Hogsmeade today? You know, you’re first trip ever, together?” questioned Prongs, obviously confused. See, he and Mayfield had become quite close friends so he was not going to react well.


“I talked to Lexander- she was cool with me going with Iris, you know since we’re dating,” I shrugged. I didn’t see what was the problem. Prongs eyes widened.


“You absolute dumbshit,” he deadpanned and I was shocked. Jees, thanks Prongs. “I’ll explain later, have fun on your date- see you later Iris.” And with. that, he was gone.




“I had a great time,” smiled Iris, shyly


“Me too,” I grinned, and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips before heading up the boys dormitory stairs.


I went in to find Mayfield, Prongs and Moony. Wormtail was absent, but I didn’t think much of it.


“Lexander, are you staying here then?” I asked, sounding a bit more blunt than I meant. I would be quite excited if she stayed here.


“Yeah, I am. You know, I do have friends in this dorm apart from you,” she snapped. Prongs raised an eyebrow at her, and she sighed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. Yes, if it’s okay with you.”


I looked at her oddly. “Of course it’s okay with me! I mean, come on, Lexander- I want to spend as much time with you as I possibly can! Every moment of my whole life! Stay with me forever! Never leave me! Ever!” I exclaimed melodramatically, kneeling in front of her extending my hand.


“Oh, I would never! Now I have finally found you, I will never leave your side!” replied Mayfield, in a similar manner taking my hands in between my own.


“So we shall forever bond you in the unison of friendship, brothership and Maraudership!” declared Prongs, playing along. I couldn’t take it anymore- I began pissing myself laughing. Literally.


Moony seemed to disgusted for words, whereas Prongs and Mayfield were laughing so hard at me that they might have pissed themselves too. Oh what good friends I have. No sympathy when someone wet themselves (we don’t need to be reminded of the fact I’m seventeen). Mayfield had let go of my hands to wrap them around her stomach in pain from laughing so much. Yup, they were definitely warmer than Iris’.




We’re so proud of you.


Oh whoop-dee- doo, it’s the voice couple of century! Wait, make that millennium! Capsy and Voice-Mayfield!




You know we’re not a couple though?




Don’t you ‘mon senorita’ me. I do not believe in relationships. Full Stop.


Oh dear. I have a desperate voice going for a refusing voice. I’ve finally gone mad.


“You went mad a long time ago,” laughed Mayfield. Wait- did she know what was going on in my head? That girl will be the death of me.


“So you weren’t wearing your diapers then?” sniggered Prongs, and even Moony let out a snort.


“Diapers, ey? I need to hear about this one…” smirked Mayfield, and my eyes widened, before I jumped on Prongs (not in that way!) and made us fall to the ground, my hand over his mouth.


“I will not let you! I do not another person constantly going on about it!” I declared, shooting an accusing glare at Prongs. He glared back, but then a mischievous twinkle entered his eye. He wouldn’t…


Oh shit. He did.




“Save me Alex!” begged Prongs. Serves him right, licking my hand! I looked at him smugly before something came crashing onto me behind me, making me fall onto Prongs.




“Yeouch! I said save me, not hurt me more!”


“Eh,” shrugged Mayfield. We ended up doing some sort of brawl and then tackle as a threesome.


Good choice of wording.


Oh. Right. Riiiight. That did not sound good.




Anyways, back out of my head and into the land of voices with bodies attached to them.








We finally finished the brawl, Moony somehow ending up in it as well, and we were all sprawled on the floor, aching, but still laughing our heads off. It hurt, but I didn’t mind- it was worth it.


Wormtail entered the room and looked at us oddly, then Mayfield, and then sat on his bed quietly, smiling weakly.


“Wormy, where have you been? Till this late?” asked Prongs curiously. The question had been on my mind a lot lately as well, but then again, Prongs and I tended to think exactly the same ideas which made pranks a whole lot easier to coordinate and organize.


Yes, pranks require coordination and organization, and yes, I take part in the organizing and coordinating section.


But my favourite stage is the ‘Execution Stage’, as I like to call it. Or the ‘See-the-Reaction Stage’- that’s always hilarious. And don’t forget the ‘Get-Chased-Around-By-Minnie-Looking-For-Us Stage.’


Even the ‘Detention Stage’ can sometimes be fun, and I bet it would be super fun with Mayfield around. But her ‘mum’? I think it would be best if we made sure she was included in the pranking, but not in the punishment.


“Oi, Snuffs, where you gone off to?” asked Mayfield. She had taken to calling me Snuffs, after she decided Snuffles was a terribly girly name, and even though I was girly (which I disagree with!) she was not.


“Narnia Lexander, Narnia!”


“Wait, you’ve read Narnia? The Muggle book series?” asked Mayfield, in shock, and Prongs laughed at her reaction. Git.


“Yeah, got it in fourth year and read it out loud to irritate the Black woman,” I laughed, and by that I was referring to my mother.


“What punishment did you get from that? The whip? Or the box?”


I cringed. “The box.” The box was literally a box a metre wide, high and deep which had medium length spikes implanted in the wall. It had just enough space for a fourteen year old me to fit in without getting spiked, but I couldn’t move a muscle. I had water in a little bowl to stop me dying from dehydration, but not nearly enough to satisfy my thirst. Same with the food- stale pieces of bread usually, or sometimes leftovers if I was lucky. It was placed in the cellar, to make sure no light arrived.


I hated that damn box, and I was so glad I would never have to step foot in it ever again in my life.


“I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you know so much about Padfoot? I mean I know you knew a lot about us because you took a trail on us, but some of this stuff was told in places no one else could’ve got to, including you. Like the Room of Requirement with a private request on.


Mayfield grimaced. Of course we had told Prongs the basic gist of what we knew, but he didn’t know everything. “A lot of problems with Snuffs’ parents had started from an early age. Also he had seen some of his relatives who were doing something those Blacks classed as ‘wrong’- basically anything right- or if they were showing bad manners or attitude being put in their. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was a common use of punishment for Snuffs, because from a young age, he was never one to put up with their horrendous actions.”


“You know what I’m glad about?” mused Prongs. “That even though you missed out on a few years, you fit perfectly back in and know all there is to know about us. I’m glad I can call you an honorary Marauder. Maybe with a few more pranks and secrets known, you may become one official Marauder.”


“One can only hope,” sighed Mayfield wistfully, hiding her grin. “But, thanks,” she said sincerely, “it means a lot.”


“Don’t mention it.”


This was the life. My four best friends all together, happily, with me, safe and sound.



And that was it! What are your opinions? Next chapters a bit more serious  (Sirius XD). Drop a review in that box below- it makes my dayJ

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