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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 1 : Flashbacks and Families
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Dear Hermione,

We want you to know how much we love you, but if you are reading this then we are no longer with you. We have something important to tell you, that we were going to wait until around your 17th birthday to tell you. As much as you are our daughter, and as much as we love you, you were adopted at birth, by a couple named Zabbini. They were wizards. And they begged us to take you and keep you safe. They told us that if you stayed with them that your life would be in danger, but that before your 17th birthday, they would return to take you home with them. As we are no longer here to protect you, they will return now rather you are close to 17 or not. Please, forgive us for the pain we know you feel right now and never forget, we do love you.

John and Jane Granger

*End Flashback*

I had re read that letter at least 5 times before the numbness set in. I found it in some old junk in the attic when I had been going through some stuff. I knew that the war was not going to end anytime soon, and I knew that each minute that passed my chances at finding my parents diminished. I had never expected news like that though. I was still 5 months from 17, my birthday at the end of August. I had not known what to do, so I took it to Professor Dumbledore, well at least, I took it to his portrait, for some answers.

All he had told me was that he had been aware of my true parentage, but that he was not at liberty to tell me, but now that I had found the letter he had best let the Zabbini’s know so that they could retrieve me from the Kings cross station in a week after the end of the school term. Not that it had been much of a term, Harry and I spent the first half of it searching for Horocruxes. Then the war broke out, but of course when things got dangerous, Voldermort returned to hiding, the war pausing, until he regained strength. Harry stopped his quest to search for him and we returned to Hogwarts for 2 months until summer. I had received leave to return to my parents home and search through things to make sure the house was ready to sell, there was not much, besides junk and the letter.

The next day I had received a letter from my parents

Dear Hermione.

We are so sorry to have to break the news to you this way, and that we have had to at all. We want you to know that we did no want to give you up, but that we had to. We will explain everything to you soon. We will pick you up, along with your twin brother Blaise at the train station upon your return from school.

Your parents

I had not told anybody after I got the letters, especially Harry and Ron. I didn’t know what to make of this whole situation. I knew that they were purebloods my family and that it could mean that they had taken the dark mark, but until I knew for certain, I did not need my two best friends telling me that my family was death eaters. I especially did not tell anybody when I got a note from Blaise asking to meet me in the room of requirements. I went of course, out of curiosity and well because after all he was my brother, I would like to meet him.

It was nice seeing him, and just him, although it was awkward as well. Here we were the Twin Zabbini’s that nobody knew about. Blaise had told me that he had known he had a twin sister, but that she had been adopted for her own safety, and under a glamour charm so that she would be safe until her 17th birthday.

So instead of telling anybody. I went and I met my parents after term and returned to their Manor for the summer. They told me that after I settled in, they would answer all my questions.

“Hermione?” My brother asked, poking his head inside my door, to my new bedroom.


“Are you alright?”

“Its just all so knew. So different. So unexpected. But yes, I’m alright. I’m a big girl.”

“Yeah, but I’m your big brother and I’m here for you if you need me.”

“Your my twin brother Blaise, we are the same age. But thanks.”

“I was born first.” He said and we both laughed. It seemed impossible that in such a short time I could really start to love this family. I guess there had been parts of me missing my entire life. It surprised me that in just a week of knowing my brother, and only a day of living with him, that I really liked him to. I guess that house rivalry really made it difficult to really know anything about the person behind the insults. I started to think about Draco Malfoy. I knew that he was Blaise’s best friend and I should get used to seeing him, and I was going to try and see a different side to him.

“Malfoy is coming over tomorrow, he was going to spend a week here this summer, but I don’t know now.”

“Cool.” I said my voice neutral.

“He isn’t that bad you know. I know he has been an arse to you this whole time, but it is really just reputation. His father is really hard on him about the whole death eater thing. I’m sure he didn’t really mean any of those insults.”

“I’m not innocent either Blaise. I called him a fair share of names as well.”

“Well, will you at least meet him, and talk to him a little?”

“I will try my best.”


“Superb? Really? Did you seriously just say that?” I taunted him and he began to tickle me.

“Children, Behave yourselves.” My mother, Avery Zabbini called from down the hall.

“Yes Mother.” We said in unison. I already felt like I was finally home.

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The dark side of love: Flashbacks and Families


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