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Teach thy Parents by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 14 : Memories of the Future
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Harry stepped out of the main doors of Hogwarts and started down the path towards the gate to the outside world. Everything looked quiet at the school. It was rather deceiving to think this huge castle was actually quiet. Inside of it were probably twenty students planning some type of prank on other students. There were young men and women falling in and out of love with each other. There were even two people who didn’t realize that their lives were dangling by a thread.

The attack by the NDEs was brilliantly conceived and executed. It may have seemed like a huge thing to plan, but it was probably very simple. The NDE who had the Dark Mark would incite the new recruits into action. The new recruits didn’t have any idea that their master would be most displeased. The other NDE who was posing as Barty Crouch would swoop in after one of his parents were dead and wipe away everyone’s memories of the incident.

If Teddy, Ray, and he hadn’t been at The Three Broomsticks at the exact time Death Eaters entered town, then the NDE’s might have succeeded. The next plan they devise will probably factor the three of them into the equation. If there has been one thing that has impressed him about his opponents, it was their cunning. If they had succeeded, they could have walked away from everything and returned home to a world of their choosing.

“Sir, do you have any idea where Teddy might have gone?” asked Ray.

Harry snapped out of his thoughts. They were far enough away from the castle that students shouldn’t hear them, but he was still nervous about speaking out loud. He knows that there could be students lurking about to hear their conversation.

“I can think of three possible places to look for him,” he answered with a low voice.

“Lovely night for a stroll,” said Ray.

Harry looked at her, and she smiled back at him. He realized that she was being cautious about what they said. “Yes, it is. It isn’t home, but it is rather nice. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, it most certainly is,” she said smiling.

Harry looked at Ray under the pale moonlight. The black lipstick on her lips highlighted her pearly white teeth and porcelain skin when she smiled. She was very pretty when she smiled, but she rarely did. He was always concerned about asking personal questions of the Aurors. Being in his position, he was afraid that they may think he was prying into their lives illegally. He had always wanted to ask Ray if she had a boyfriend, but always avoided the question because it might be considered too personal.

They continued to walk until they reached the main gate. All Harry had to do was tap his wand four times on the gate for it to open. They stepped through the gate and closed and locked it behind them. Harry held out his hand to Ray.

She looked at the hand extended towards her. “Side-along?” She questioned him. “Where are we going?”

“Godrics Hollow, we should side-along so we land in the same place.”

“All right let’s get this over with,” she said while grabbing his forearm.

They turned together and felt the squeeze of Apparation. When they appeared again it was in the middle of a meadow. There was a church a distance away and a small cemetery between them. Harry felt a chill as he looked at their location.

“Why did you land us out here,” whispered Ray. Behind them were several small houses, but they were standing in the middle of a meadow.

Harry looked around to get his bearings. He looked back at the nearest headstone. It must be close to fifty yards away from them. He checked their location with the houses behind them. He had landed exactly where he intended.

“I didn’t land us so far away. This is where Remus and Dora’s graves are in the future.”

He watched as Ray glanced around them. The Godrics Hollow cemetery from their time has head stones all the way from the church on their left to several feet to their right.

“Are all the graves because of him?” Ray asked. Her voice was faint as she looked around her.

“Some are natural Deaths, but many are because of the war,” answered Harry.

He was feeling strange. Realizing how many people would die in the future. Would it be his fault, if he didn’t change the future? He could track down Voldemort’s Horcuxes and kill him now so many would not need to die. Would they anyway, would Bellatrix or another member of the inner circle take over for their master?

“I don’t see Teddy,” whispered Ray.

“Oh. I forgot about him,” said Harry as he snapped out of his muddled thoughts. He saw her laugh silently at him.

“Let’s find out if he is here,” she said as she pulled her wand. “Homonum Revelio.”

Harry watched as the spell spread out. It didn’t bounce back at them so no one was in the meadow, even invisible.

“Well, he isn’t here,” stated Ray. “Where do we go now?”

“His grandmother’s house,” said Harry as he extended his arm for her to grab. He waited until she had a good grip on his arm to Apparate. They appeared at a spot not far from the Tonks’house. They lived in a small community. It had one road through it and the houses were only one deep on both sides of the road. The Tonks’ house was a thatched roof two story home, like so many others in the town. Harry pointed it out to Ray.

“Do you think he will be in there?” asked Ray.

“No, Merlin, I hope not,” sighed Harry. “I think he will be outside watching the house. Let us go for a walk.” They slowly walked a wide circle around the Tonks’ home. Harry kept scanning the area for any sign of Teddy. There was a distinct possibility that he was under the Disillusionment Charm.

They continued to walk in wide arc around the Tonks’ home. They had been walking on the street, now they had no choice but to move away from the homes. It made Harry nervous, because they had no way of covering the fact they were looking for someone. They walked between two houses and into their backyards. They both moved as quietly as possible, but one of the neighbor’s dogs started barking at them. Harry silently cursed to himself. Something like that could give them away.

They reached the farmland behind the village. There was a long sloping hill behind the village. Harry and Ray took a path that would have them walking along the lower third of the hill. They hadn’t walked very far, when Ray tapped his arm.

“2 o’clock, there is someone under a Disillusionment Charm. The stars are bending around them,” she whispered.

“All right, let’s walk a little more to get an exact location,” Harry replied quietly.

They continued walking the same direction, while looking up the hill. Harry could see a fluctuation in the stars. They seemed to change location at one point. They hadn’t walked very far, before Harry had the exact location of the person. He pulled his wand and changed direction towards the person. He thought it might be Teddy, but he didn’t want to take any chances. The person never moved as they approached them. They had to be within a few feet of the person when they stopped.

“How did you find me? I never moved,” asked Teddy.

“The stars revealed you. As we walked, they would change at your location,” replied Harry.

“I see,” said Teddy. He let the Disillusionement Charm fall. “It would in effect act as if I had a moving background, much like standing in front of a train or traffic.”


“You are always the teacher, Harry,” laughed Teddy. He sounded tired. “I supposed you are going to lecture me now. And when I get back, you will probably demote me.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because?” Teddy snapped. “I broke while on a mission. I was going to kill Bellatrix, and then I took off leaving you and Ray in an extremely dangerous situation. I don’t deserve to be an Auror.”

“Why did you want to kill Bellatrix?”

“Because I wanted to save my mother,” retorted Teddy. “I was looking for Dolohov, but I didn’t know that much about him to pick him out.”

Harry sat down on the grass beside Teddy. Ray also took a seat beside Harry. The three of them sat there staring at the Tonks’ house. They sat in silence for several minutes before Harry spoke again.

“There is a rule in our department that prevents us from assigning people to cases where they have personal attachments,” Harry said to Teddy, even though he was still staring at the house. Harry could see movement inside of the house. “If this was back in our time, you wouldn’t have been assigned to it, because of the deaths of your parents.”

“But you didn’t break from the assignment.”

“Not in that fashion, but I have been fighting this feeling that maybe we should change the future,” stated Harry. “I am wondering if I shouldn’t kill Tom now, and not in the future, would be so terrible to let my parents live and of course yours also.”

Harry could feel their eyes turn and look at him. He kept staring straight forward. “Who knows what would happen in the future. People today still believe that Tom has a point about keeping magic for the purebloods. That was something that will change in the future. The Remus Lupin Wolfsbane project wouldn’t exist in the future. The Death Eaters might still be active in the future. We brought down most of the Death Eaters at the Battle of Hogwarts.

“So many things would be different, and I am not sure if it would be any better. The things that have always kept me from changing the future are Ginny and my children. Who knows if we would be together in this different future?”

Harry stopped talking and they again sat in silence for several minutes. There was a light in the upper bedroom of the Tonks’ house. He watched as Andromeda Tonks held a two year-old Nymphadora as she rocked her to sleep. He understood why Teddy was sitting up here on the hill watching the house.

“Have you been here the entire time you were gone?” he asked Teddy.

“Yeah, she was playing outside today,” replied Teddy. “She really had a good life when she was young.” He sniggered at something. “She was also a terrible clutz she fell over at least four times on things in the yard.”

Harry laughed at that aspect of Dora’s personality. He remembered her always knocking things over in the past.

“I am happy you had a chance to see your mum, Teddy. I was wondering, what stopped you from killing Bellatrix?”

“Memories of my grandmother,” he stated. “When I was young she would show me all of her picture albums and tell me stories related to the picture. She had pictures of her and her sisters in the album. I asked her why she had pictures of mum’s murderer in the album. She told me that before Aunt Bella killed my mum, she was her sister, and she loved her as a sister. It didn’t matter about their different ideology. Bella was still my grandmother’s sister.

“She told me if Aunt Bella hadn’t killed Mum that day, then she would have felt compelled to avenge the death of her sister. I couldn’t imagine my Grandmum fighting Aunt Molly to the death. Even though her family had rejected her, she still felt compelled to defend them. She said that it was a stupid feeling that way, because of the way they treated her and Mum, but that was the way she was, or is.

“If I would have killed Aunt Bella, Grandmum would have felt compelled to find me and avenge her death. Who knows what would have happened to my mum. Grandmum could have turned dark, and Mum could have turned out the polar opposite of what she was. Who knows what their future would hold.”

Harry could feel the pain and uncertainty in Teddy. He was almost a son to him. He reached out and placed a hand on Teddy’s shoulder and squeezed it gently. Teddy looked at him. It was a pained stare, but one that told Harry that he appreciated the gesture.

“I suppose our covers are blown. What are we going to do now?” asked Teddy.

“Actually the situation isn’t as bad you may think,” replied Harry. “We located one NDE and think we know where another is at. We may have the second NDE soon. The students don’t remember a thing about the Death Eaters attacking.”

“Did you and Ray Obliviate all of them?” Teddy asked sardonically.

“We didn’t. The Ministry did. They were there within minutes ready to clean up and Obliviate everyone. We also discovered why those buildings by the Carrows aren’t in our future. They were burnt to the ground today.”

“What? How did they burn to the ground and no one noticed?” questioned Teddy. He turned to look at them.

“Fiendfyre, a NDE started it to trap my mum inside. He revealed himself to me and Ray…”

“Your father was there too,” added Ray.

“I went in and rescued her, but the houses were gone. The Ministry swooped in and took control of the town. They started repairing damage and Obliviating everyone that witnessed the battle. None of the students will remember that Death Eaters attacked Hogsmeade today. So I am also assuming that they can’t remember you not being a sixth year student from France.”

Teddy let out a low whistle. “That doesn’t make any sense, why would the Ministry do that?”

“The Head of the Magical Law Enforcement Department is actually a NDE,” said Harry. He almost laughed at Teddy’s expression. His eyes looked to bulge out. “I should say that we think he is one of the NDE’s. I am guessing Gordon Ridgebit himself. He is probably using Polyjuice to pose as Barty Crouch Sr.”

Teddy let out a laugh. “Isn’t that bloody ironic.”

“Yeah, it is. However, it would be a perfect cover for the death of my parents. No one would even remember that they existed. The future would be changed and they could return to the future. The only problem they didn’t kill either of my parents, but the NDE that set the Fiendfyre was consumed by it.”

“So one is dead, and we know where another one is, but where is the last one,” questioned Teddy.

“I am guessing in the Ministry somewhere,” said Harry. “The NDE that died was wearing Hit-Wizard Robes. He was a…,” Harry had to think what to call him. He was dead so that would make him a former Death Eater, but he was from the future. “…former future Death Eater.”

Both Teddy and Ray laughed at his description of the dead NDE.

“Anyway, whatever we call him, we are closer to completing the mission. Teddy, if you want to return as your old cover that would be fine. The students won’t know anything different. Ray, you don’t have a choice. You are coming into Hogwarts. I don’t want you outside all alone. Death Eaters and the last NDEs know who you really are. I want you safe.”

Ray stared at him. In the pale moonlight, Harry couldn’t tell what she was thinking. He wasn’t sure if she was angry at him or happy that he was thinking of her safety. After a few seconds, she turned to look at the house.

“I’ll get my things before we return to the castle,” she said quietly.

“You do know Teddy that you will be getting about a month’s worth of detention for not returning from a Hogsmeade weekend,” said Harry.

“Your dad is right. You are sadistic and live to hand out detentions,” retorted Teddy.

Harry laughed at Teddy’s comment. “I may be, but I figured you could help with the repairs to the Time Turner. I do want to return to my wife and children,” said Harry with a sigh.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Lily Evans sat crossed legged on her bed in the Hogwarts infirmary drinking a large mug of cream soup. It was warm and filling which made her feel better. She hadn’t realized how hungry she was until after she took the first sip of it. There were also sandwiches for her, but eating them with her hands bandaged like guaze covered mittens would be rather difficult. The soup was filling enough for her and she could easily hold the large mug with her heavily bandaged hands.

Madam Pomfrey was working in her office. Occasionally, the nurse would look out to see how she was getting along, before going back to whatever it was she did in there.

Lily had the distinct impression that the nurse didn’t believe how she got her hands burnt. It was so strange that one minute the nurse was well aware of the attack and the Fiendfyre, the next she was completely oblivious.

The doors to the infirmary opened and in walked the Headmaster. He closed the doors behind him then proceeded to walk directly towards her. She looked up to see Madam Pomfrey smiling out at the Headmaster from the window in her office.

Lily braced herself for what was sure to be an interrogation by the Headmaster.

He walked over to the side of her bed and sat down on a hard backed chair, without saying a word to her. She just sat there sipping on her soup. He smiled at her before speaking. Lily felt her insides twist up with nerves at what he might say to her.

“How are you feeling Miss, Evans?”

“Oh, decent,” she said nervously. “I am enjoying the soup.”

“Is it the cream of potato?”

“Yes, it is.”

“That is one of the kitchen’s best soups,” he said smiling at her.

She was caught off guard by his casual nature. She was expecting him to actually interrogate her, not make light dinner conversation. She took another sip of the warm creamy soup.

“How are your hands?” he asked her. “I understand that they may be fine by tomorrow.”

“Yes, if everything goes well, Madam Pomfrey said that I should be able to go without bandages tomorrow.”

“I am glad to hear that,” said the Headmaster with a warm smile. “You are very lucky that you weren’t burnt worse by the Fiendfyre. Their flames cause damage that cannot be fixed.”

Lily almost dropped her mug of soup when he mentioned the Fiendfyre. “You – you know about that?”

His smile faded and he stared at her with those intense blue eyes. “I take it you still have your memories also.”

“Yes,” she answered. She thought about how he phrased the question. “What do you mean, ‘I still have my memories’? Has someone been Obliviating people’s memories?”

“Yes, they have indeed. I am curious. How did you escape having your memories erased, and Poppy didn’t?”

“I was in the loo. When I came back out, Madam Pomfrey didn’t remember anything from before I went in,” she said to him. Lily suddenly realized what she had told the Headmaster. Her face got warm as she thought about confessing that she was relieving herself.

“What do you remember about today in Hogsmeade?” asked the Headmaster.

Lily took a sip of the soup and thought about everything. Could she remember everything? She can’t remember a more confusing day than today.

“I went to town expecting to have a meeting with Mr. Ipacac concerning an internship at St. Mungo’s. I had met Professor James on the way to Honeydukes. We went to The Three Broomsticks. We were there when about thirty Death Eaters came.

“Professor James, Theodore Lefevre, and the waitress, Ray Apparated out and defeated the thirty Death Eaters in about five minutes. I have never seen anything like them. They are a team. They worked together and communicated like no three people I have ever seen.

“Theodore isn’t a sixth year student from France. That waitress isn’t a waitress. They are members of some elite team of Aurors. Why are they in Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore?”

“That is a very complicated answer, Miss Evans. Let us say it is in the best interest of the students, to have them here.”

Lily almost blurted out that they seemed to be protecting her, but she held her tongue. “All right, where were we? After Professor James’ team defeated the first group of Death Eaters, several more of them appeared up High Street towards Hogwarts. Professor James’ team went to confront them. While they were up there, Vol – Vol …, oh you know Professor, appeared with more of his followers up that street that intersects with High Street at the pub. Potter, Black, Lupin, and Pettigrew all went to confront ‘him’ and his followers. Black said something about it being his inner circle.

“I don’t know why, except I felt compelled to help Professor James, I followed them out to confront ‘him’.” The Headmaster seemed to gasp at her comment. His eyes seemed to widen when she told him they went to confront Voldemort.

“We were tossed aside, by him. We really didn’t offer him any resistance.” She shivered as she thought of the next part. “He left five of his followers behind to teach us a lesson. One of them tortured me while the other four Death Eaters fought with Potter and his gang.

“Professor James appeared out of thin air, and stopped Horace from torturing me.” Lily snapped her head up and stared at the Headmaster. “Is he still stuck in the chimney?”

“Who is stuck in a chimney?”

“Horace Travers, he was torturing me with the Cruciatus Curse. Professor James appeared and stopped him and sent the four Death Eaters running for their leader. Professor James told me to get into the pub where it would be safe, before he returned to the fighting. He stopped on a neighboring rooftop and stuck Horace in the chimney upside down.

“Headmaster, Horace might still be stuck up there,” said Lily. She realized that she was concerned for the safety of someone who had tortured her earlier. The Headmaster seemed to be trying to keep from laughing. She even chuckled as she remembered watching his legs flailing wildly from the top of the chimney.

“Do not worry, Miss Evans, I will make sure he is not still stuck up there. Is this when you noticed the fire?”

“Not yet, a set of twins appeared and we talked to them. Potter and his friends went to battle the Death Eaters with the twins. I sat there trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I was saved by a Professor. I smelled smoke, and then noticed several houses burning. I was able to get everyone out of the way of the fire, when I met him.”


“The man who set the fire, he ran out of the fire and a wall of flames closed behind him trapping me. I called on every trick that I could think of to survive in that hellish inferno. I had given into my panic thinking I was going to die, when I realized that I was outside and safe. Professor James saved me again.

“Professor Dumbledore, Professor James isn’t here for all of the students, is he? He is here to protect me.”

She stared at the Headmaster for several seconds. The man seemed to be debating with himself on what to say. His expression changed to one of pain, as his nose started to bleed. He cleaned up his moustache and staunched the bleeding with two waves of his wand. He looked at her again, with a tired expression.

“Yes, they are here to protect you.”

“Why? Why me and not someone else?”

“These people who are out to harm you believe in a prophecy from Australia that says a red headed Muggle born will bring down the purebloods in magical societies everywhere.”

Lily laughed out loud. “Me, that can’t be about me, how can I bring down the purebloods?”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Teddy appeared in Hogsmeade beside Harry and Ray. They were to go to The Three Broomsticks, before going up to the castle. He looked around at the lack of damage. They walked past houses that earlier had the facades blasted off them. This was an operation of huge magnitude. It must have involved close to half the Ministry.

A thought occurred to him, were the other two NDEs Obliviating the Ministry workers right now?

“I’ll go in and tell Madam Rosmerta,” said Ray.

They were standing outside of the main entrance to The Three Broomsticks. It did show damage to the side facing High Street.

“I wonder how they will cover that up?” asked Harry. He started walking around the building after Ray had entered the front door.

Teddy followed him for no reason except he had nothing else to do while Ray was resigning from her waitress job. They walked up the other street to when the houses stopped. Just earlier today, there had been houses beyond the point they were standing. Now they are gone, not only physically, but also from everyone’s memories.

Harry stood and stared at the emptiness. He was saying something under his breath that Teddy couldn’t hear.

Harry suddenly turned and looked up at the rooftops. “Where’s Travers?” he asked as though Teddy should know the answer.

“How should I know,” snapped Teddy. “Imagine he is back in the Slytherin Common room admiring his Dark Mark.”

“He was stuck upside down in that Chimney when I saw him last.” Harry pointed at chimney several houses away. The chimney was unevenly broken at the top.

“How did he get up there?”

Harry looked slightly sheepishly at him. “I stuck him up there after I stopped him from torturing my mother.”

Teddy started laughing at the thought of Travers legs sticking out and flailing around in the air from the chimney. He was now gone. When Harry gave him a serious look, he decided that he needed to clarify why he was laughing.

“I wasn’t laughing at your mother being tortured, Harry. The thought of the slimy git stuck upside down in a chimney, now that is funny.”

“Yeah, it was an inspiration,” sighed Harry. “I still want to know where he is. I hope his memories have been wiped with everyone else’s.”

Teddy didn’t say anything, but he hoped the foul Slytherin was being interrogated by his master. Harry doesn’t realize how he had tormented his mum in the halls. What Harry saw in class was nothing compared to the abuse his mum received in the hallways. He had heard James say that it had been going on for several years as the Slytherins became bolder with hatred towards Muggle born students.

He didn’t doubt that Travers was behind the planning of the raid on Hogsmeade. It didn’t start until he got into the village. The entire morning he worked like a crazed House Elf to get the cleaning all finished. Too many things were pointing to him being directly involved in this for him to be innocent.

“Let’s go see if Ray is ready to go to Hogwarts,” stated Harry.

They walked towards the pub. Teddy saw Ray walking down the steps leading to her apartment at the back of the pub. She was carrying a bag over her shoulder. She saw them and waited at the bottom of the steps for them to reach her.

“All ready?” asked Harry.

“Yeah, I guess,” she replied weakly.

“Things get messy with you quitting like this?” questioned Harry of her sad demeanor.

“No, she didn’t need two of us now that Hogwarts weekend was over. The Ministry wiped her memories. She thinks it was a prankster who blew up the front of her pub.”

“Is that why you are so sad?” Harry seemed to be very concerned about her.

“No, actually I really liked working there.”

“Oh,” replied Harry. He suddenly smiled at Ray. “After we get back, you can put several years of work in, marry a wealthy wizard, and have him buy the pub for you, when you retire to raise your family.”

Teddy couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t imagine Ray being nice enough to any bloke to want them to marry her. He also never saw her as the matronly type. She seemed to agree as she stared tight-lipped at Harry.

“You might be my boss, but at times you’re a real cheeky arse,” she said, as she laughed at the comment. They all started walking towards the castle.

“If you think that was cheeky, wait until the next request I have for you,” stated Harry.

“I am afraid to ask, but what is it?”

“Tomorrow, I want you to go to Zonko’s and buy every type of love potion they sell. After that you will need to brew up an antidote for them.”

“You expecting people to be spiking your food with love potions?” she asked.

“Actually, you will be the one needing the antidote,” laughed Harry.

Harry and Teddy kept walking as Ray stopped and stared at him.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

James Potter was slumped into his favorite sofa in the Gryffindor common room. He had a pile of books beside him and he was leafing through the pages of another. It was getting late. Curfew was in effect, but he didn’t want to go out breaking rules tonight. He was studying to learn how he could develop a map of Hogawarts. Not just any map, but a map that will let him know where everyone was in the entire school.

He wanted to create this at first so that he could reach new levels of pranking, but now he wanted it to watch over Lily. He didn’t trust Professor James. He wasn’t from Australia, and he wasn’t here to escape from the memories of a war. He was an Auror on a mission, and that mission included Lily Evans.

James was going to make it his mission to protect her from this new Professor.

“James,”said Sirius, as he grabbed the book away from James. “I need a favor. I need your Cloak, mate.”

James pulled the book away from Sirius. “I was studying, Padfoot.”

“You can go back to studying after you give me the Cloak. Don’t make me beg.”

“But can you roll over and play dead?” laughed James.

“Oh very funny, mate. I need to go see that new waitress. Please mate, I will be eternally grateful.”

James looked at his friend. He had never seen Sirius so taken by a bird before in his life. “You know where I keep it,” he said with a sigh.

“Thank you, you are the best friend in the entire world,” said Sirius.

James smiled at his friend as he ran for the stairs. He went back to his studies of various location Charms. He was just locating his spot in the book when the portrait opened. He looked up to see who would be moving around this time of night.

Theodore and Professor McGonagall walked into the common room. Minnie had a look on her face that could freeze water. She said a few sharp words to him, before walking back out the portrait hole.

James was a jumble of emotions. What was this man doing here? He wasn’t a student. He was some type of a high level Auror. He was some type of a spy.

“Theofrank!” shouted Sirius.

James sat there fuming over his friends not remembering the events of just this afternoon. He watched as Sirius, Remus, and Peter all wlked over the liar. They talked to him before Sirius let out with a loud barking laugh. He grabbed Theodore’s shoulders and pulled him towards James.

“James, you won‘t believe this bloke,” laughed Sirius. “He has been in Hogsmeade this entire time. He now has detention until Christmas break.”

James wasn’t impressed. He stared at the liar. “I supposed you will be having your detention with Professor James.” James smiled as the liar seemed to pale slightly at his comment.

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