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My Marauder by Lunalove21
Chapter 2 : My Trip and pact on the Hogwarts Express
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“Hurry up, mum!” I yell looking at the clock; only thirty minutes till Hogwarts express leaves the station. I grab her by the wrist and pull her out the door. We sprint towards the car (me awkwardly, since I am pushing my trunk). After arriving at King’s Cross-Station, I look over my mum, she’s about five ft., five inches, had her short brown hair that’s neatly brushed, couldn’t 10 pounds more than me, and wore a nice shirt with jeans. I was pleased to call her my mum. I wore my hair down, some mascara, jeans, and a dark purple tee.



We swiftly make are way to the platform, pushing my trolley. I grab my mum’s hand nervously as we run through the barrier. “I told Alice I’d meet her, so I best be off. I don’t want to be late for the prefect meeting.” I say quickly as I hug my mum tightly and she kisses me on the cheek. “I’ll write” she cries. “I’ll write back.” I yell over the crowds as I make my way on to the train.



I find myself suddendly falling forward, but catch myself. i turn around to see some bloke sticks his foot out of his compartment. “Sorry.” He says as he sticks his head out too. “That’s alright.” I say truthfully. He looks, I don’t know… very elegant in an attractive, care free way. I begin my journey to my compartment, when he calls out to me “What’s your name?”


“Cora, Cora Rosewell” I reply.

“I’ll see you around Cora Rose.”



“It’s Rosewell.” I say deadpan.


He smiles. I smile back.



Then I see Lily heading towards the compartment I was just tripped at. “Hi, Lily” I say grinning.

“Hullo, I haven’t seen you in far too long, come back to my compartment after the meeting with me, okay?” 

“Yep, I’ll see you in a few minutes then?”


She nods in agreement. I quickly make my way to my compartment where I find Alice sitting on Frank's lap across from Christina Chang, Molly and Matt Edgecombe. I sit next to Alice and Frank after placing my luggage and owl above the seats. I only have time to greet them before I have to go rushing off to the prefect meeting.



I take a seat next to Lily and waved at Damocles- the other ravenclaw prefect, which I dated last year for most the year, things ended badly. The heads told us incredibly boring stuff I learned last year (I took all me strength not to fall asleep) and gave us are patrolling schedules. I and a sixth year Gryffindor name Remus are partners on Monday he seemed shy, but nice. Lily and I are partners on Thursday from 8-10.



“That was fun” said Lily in a very high pitched sarcastic voice, as we walk back to her compartment.


“Yep!” I play along. “How was your summer?” I ask sincerely.
“Well” Lily begins as we walk into her compartment. She was interrupted by the angry, yet humorous tones of James Potter, who must have just lost a game of exploding snaps with a familiarly handsome boy, which had tripped me earlier. “You cheated, probably….” Began James, but what Sirius did to cheat, the world will never know. The biggest, goofiest smile broke on to his face as he stared at Lily. Lily didn’t return the smile but looked at the other girl in the compartment, “Hi, Tonks!” Lily said, to younger looking girl “This is Cora.”

Cora smiled and waved friendly at the Gryffindor.

“Hi, I tripped you earlier!” Sirius greeted me all too proudly.

“I remember” I say in a mocking tone.

“Sirius” He said.

 “I know I was there.” I respond stupidly.

“No, that’s my name” he clarifies. 

“Siriusly” I respond, figuring this would annoy him, he deserved it after tripping.

“As they get, but not literally of course” He smiles

Damn, I mean really, that boy has a wicked smile, and that black t-shirt, it was so simple but outlined his abs. ‘oh,’ I melt inside my head ‘look at those abs.’ His messy, rich, ebony hair. It looks as soft as phoenix feathers. His eyes are a light, almost blue, almost clear- grey color. He notices what I am doing and smiles cockily. I think I blushed.

I turn quickly to find out what Lily did this summer. During her tale telling, Remus walks in and sits down next to the girl Lily addressed as Tonks.



Apparently Lily spent her summer trying to escape her horrid sister, and went on a trip to America with one of her muggle friends. After about 15 minutes of an enjoyable conversation with Lily and some entertaining banter between the four boys that sat in the compartment. During the next five minutes I learned not to eat the pudding at the feast, because of what I think will be a highly amusing prank, which I didn’t approve of (who am I kidding, I love the idea) and had impressed James by pointing out a flaw and solution in the prank (its trait most ravenclaws have). Maybe these where the pranksters Alice’s boyfriend had gone on about, I think to myself. Wait, I yell at myself in my head, didn’t Frank say one of them had a big head, and annoyed Lily, by always asking her out.

After connecting the dots I quickly realize the annoyed looks Lily gave James about twice every minute.

“Well, I really must be going, but I am looking forward to the feast I” I say mischievously.

“I’ll come with you” Lily says not trying to hide the fact that would really rather not be here. She grabs her Hogwarts robes from her

“Bye Ms. Rose, I’ll see you around” Said a very kind, gentle, yet deep voice.

“Yes, you will, Mr. Black and it’s Rosewell.” I say staring, perhaps a little too obviously into his dreamy grey eyes. I quickly turn around, and exit the compartment with Lily. I realize only after I’m in the hallway that my heart is beating extremely fast. 

Lily smiles knowingly. I feel me face become red, I guess by her widening smile that my face was now the color of her very pretty deep red hair.

“What?” I say trying to regain some dignity, and failing horribly.

“I have never seen you act that way around anyone, even when you dated and Merlin-knows-what-else with a guy.” She says slyly in hushed tone.

Thankfully we were out of ear shot from the compartment. “He got my name wrong! I don’t think I could ever date anyone, so... so I don’t know- annoying.” While I say this, all I can think about are his dreamy grey eyes. Bad Cora! I chastised myself inside my head- I have officially gone mental, for like the tenth time this week.

“Sure Mrs. Black.” She says playfully

“Well, I guess your right Mrs. Potter.” I say. I had clearly hit a nerve; Lily was now frowning and looking furious.

“You have no idea what that boy has done to me over the past years, he has asked me out, told me he loves me, said the most inappropriate, embarrassing, arrogant things to me. I only sat there because of Tonks. She fancies Remus, who always sits with the other marauders.” She quietly exploded, so she didn’t get any attention from the other Hogwarts express passengers.

“Your right, I didn’t know. Seriously (I smirk at the use of the word) it couldn’t have been that bad, to know that someone wanted you so much. No one has ever looked at me the way James looks at you- even when I was off doing Merlin-knows-what!” I say at the same volume.

“I don’t even think he is serious (we both smirk here), he just does it to annoy me, or something.” Lily began. “I guess you didn’t see the look on Sirius’ face.”

I blush again at the last part, and quickly choose to ignore it. “I don’t think so, Lily.”

“Let’s make a pact, NO MORE BOYS, for the rest of the year.” Lily says after a longish but not awkward silence.



I am utterly shocked; I feel my jaw drop. I stop walking. After I recover, it suddenly occurs to me –‘maybe she’s right. Are they worth the trouble? I think back to a pair grey eyes. I’m sure he has some other girl, that he probably shags and snogs and – Wait, why should I care!?!’

“I think that’s exactly what we need, besides it’s NEWTs this year (and for the same reason the school will never know my wicked quidditch skills) they’re just a distraction.” I say deadpan.    


She seems happy with my answer. “So, how was your summer?” Lily asks.

I didn’t really want to change the subject, but I tell her anyway.

“Mum and I spend most of the time up in Monte Carlo, at my grandma’s home. I had load of fun, met all different types of witches and wizard, and one unparticular wizard, which I  enjoyed doing Merlin-knows-what with.” I begin to tell her, as we both arrive at the compartment that is seating all of my favorite ravenclaws, wearing mischievous smiles.

We walk in, once again in the middle of an exploding snaps game. Alice is practical on Frank’s lap while he plays Matt. Christina and Molly are both pouring over a copy of Witch Weekly. No one seems too surprised by my or Lily presents, but they all smile at us as we take our seats.

“So, go on.” Lily says

“Right, he was a fun bloke, nothing serious. While I was there I went to one of 'The Who’s' concert!” I respond excitedly. I continue with my mildly interesting summer tales to Lily.

15 minutes later, I grab my Hogwarts' uniform and ask Molly and Alice if they want to come with us to change. They grab their robes and we turn down the offers (Alice hestitantly) made by Frank and Matt to help us with our changing. We do get a few good laughs out of it, but Frank still looks really disappointed, which makes me laugh harder


Lily and I come back proudly barring are prefect badges. They both were a freshly shining sliver.   


 The rest of the train ride goes by filled with tales of summer adventures and hope for the coming year at Hogwarts-filled in with a few jokes (Most naughty, but that goes without saying ;).



I couldn’t believe that this would be one of the last times I was going to be able to ride the carriages, and the train, and see all my friends every day, and Hogwarts- my second home, where I grow up, my comforter, my library, my almost everything. I can’t believe that I only have two more years of this.


"I remember first year.” I tell Lily. “I was so scared. I almost missed the train and ended up sitting with Hawksworth and Gambol. They both scared the hell out of me. They were talking about quidditch, and Gambol was going on about his great uncle that was the minister in the 1930’s trying to impress the rest of the people in the compartment. Adrian was in the group too and Xeno. Xeno freaked me out the most, he seemed deranged. I talked to Lilac most the ride, we were both really nervous.”


“Your first ride sounds better than my ride. It was the day I met James Potter, and ended all future chances of happiness for the next six years.” Lily vents wearily. ”I was real good friends with Severus, he was so nice back then, I miss him sometimes.” She says, but she doesn’t really seem aware that she talking out loud, engulfed in her own memories.


“I should talk to Lilac it’s been so long since we’ve talked.” I add even though neither one of us were listening to the other. “It’s so beautiful, every year I always forget just how serene it is here.”


As Lily and I board the carriage we realize that we had the misfortune of falling behind my group of friends and into a group of Gryffindor imbeciles.

Sirius smirks as he sit in the same carriage as Lily and I, in the seat directly to my right. James, practically falls over me as he excitedly tries to sit beside Lily, by not-all-to-gently pushing her over, causing my robes and skirts to fly up for a moments as I land on Sirius’ lap.-Just my luck.



My bare thigh made brief contact with Sirius’ hand (accidently) before I jumped up almost knocking Remus off the carriage. The carriage was now seating one too many people so I try to squeeze my bum between James and Lily (I am such a good friend).
James looks at me through eyes of pure disgust- way to make a girl feel welcomed. While Sirius and Remus are holding back laughs.


Peter, Tonks, and Remus are all talking about some strange singing group; at least I think that’s what it is. But I never heard of anything name Moony or Wormtail. Sirius seems lost in his own world. James is looking at Lily, who is doing everything she can to not make eye contact.


I can’t help but laugh at the sight. They have to be the craziest, but most wonderful group of misfits (yes, even more so than my ravenclaws) I have ever met. They all look at me for my random giggle, but none of them question it. I look around taking the familiar background. We pass the cross-roads to Hogwarts and Hogmeade. Then the forbidden forest, it radiates a mysterious beauty, I have always wanted to take a walk through the forest, but as the name so kindly points out- it’s forbidden. I can hear a little puppy by the name of Fang barking inside of Hagrid’s hut. I love the little creature, I love going to tea with Hagrid. I make a mental note to visit Hagrid as soon as I can. He was one of the few people that actually sent me a letter over holiday.

“Did I tell you?” Lily interrupts my day dream. “I got a dog, it’s a terrier. My sister despises it. She wanted one, but since she almost got expelled from her colleague, and is still living with Mum and Dad she, for some strange reason, of which i can not understand,didn’t get one. She’ll probably torture my poor dog.” She adds the last part as if a horrible after thought.

“That’s horrible!” I remark as we make are way off the carriage.

“You get use to her.” Lily says in a disgusted tone of voice.

“She can’t be that horrid, after all she’s related to you.”

“Petunia is just horrid to me, and anything magic.” She smirks. "we were close before i got my letter to Hogwarts, i miss it back than some times."

 I wasn’t sure what to say next, but it didn’t matter because my amazing ravenclaw nerds were at my rescue.

“Sorry Lils, but I got to go. We’ll meet up soon?”

“Yep!” She says as she goes over to Tonks.

“Hey Christina” I say as I tackle me friend to the ground in a bear hug.”

“Get of me.” She yells playfully.

Molly walks up to me and locks elbows, I do the same with Chris. Before you know it we all are skipping merrily to the ravenclaw table singing a friendly tune from the muggle movie The Wizard of OZ.




Disclaimer: To my great saddness, i have a not-so-shocking anouncement: I am not J.K. Rowling and there for own nothing. :( Tear drop.

This chapter was just my quirky way of kicking of a few relationships. I really hope you liked it. Another chapter should be coming your way, so stay tuned. By the way this isn't going to be all about relationships, reality is about to hit hard. I know I got Tonks' age wrong, but it's for the greater good of the chapter. Sorry if there are any confusing grammar mistakes, I make them a lot. :(

So, what did you think? Any ideas? What would like to see? Tell me I absolutely would love to hear from you- good or bad- just click the little review button, thank you some much. i love you guys  :)

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