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The World According to Us. by xXJamesandLilyXx
Chapter 9 : And What Happened After.
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This chapter is dedicated to LilyPotter111, who reminded me that I should keep writing, so I sat down and wrote this all in one go in 2 hours, so if it's awful tell me in a review! If not, leave a review anyway!



The past few weeks have passed without incident, since I found that pregnancy test in the bathroom. I’ve been observing Molly and Victoire to see if it’s them, but I haven’t had anything to tip me off either way yet. And if I do get a hint of something, it’s immediately countered by the other. It’s so frustrating.

Although, to be honest, even if they had walked up to me and told me they were both pregnant with the baby of a Crumple-Horned Snorkack, I wouldn’t have noticed because I’ve been so busy with the planning for the ball.

McGonagall decided that the amount of students staying over Christmas would not be sufficient to have a ball, so decided to make it at Halloween instead. Still a masquerade theme, but my ideas for ice sculptures and huge Christmas trees have been ruined and Victoire and I have to go back to the drawing board.

It’s now three weeks until the ball, and Thomas and I are required to go together as dates. I’ll tell you how that conversation went.

Thomas: So, um, I guess we should, erm, go together to this ball thing, if you want?

Molly-who-is-an-idiot: Oh, I guess, yeah, um, okay?

Thomas: If you have other plans, that’s okay, I mean, if you were going with someone else...

Molly-who-is-now-hyperventilating: No, um, I’m not, um, so I guess, yeah, err...

Thomas: I should meet you, um, there, at like, seven, you think? Is that okay? Because if that’s not okay, that’s okay, I mean-

Molly-who-has-recovered-the-power-of-breathing: That’s fine, I’ll see you there, I guess

*insert facepalm here*

Smooth. Really smooth, Molly.

But I don’t care because we’re going together, even if it is school rules!


I love my life sometimes.

Now, back to my original issue. Victoire and Roxanne, who have just walked into the room carrying Tim between them.

It’s a trick we figured out in third year, that if the boy’s feet don’t touch the ground they can technically get into the dormitory without the spell being activated. This has been getting steadily more difficult as Tim grows into the tallest person we know and Victoire and I remain an obstinate five foot six (which, I will have you know, is average height for a female of our age group!)

Getting away from the point.

Roxanne and Victoire have paused at the top of the stairs to push Tim into the room and take a breath, and he has bounded over to me and sat down firmly on my bed.

‘Do you know what they’re calling a meeting for?’ he asks, his head bent close to mine so they don’t hear.

‘A few weeks ago I found a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom.’ I look at him and his eyes widen.

‘A what? Molly, why didn’t you tell me? You know I can get information out of anyone! We would have known weeks ago if you had just told me straight away!’

‘Yeah sure Sherlock, even you couldn’t figure it out.’ I reply, and he looks indignant.

‘Just from looking at them right now, I can tell. It’s...’ he appraises both of them, as they have a whispered conversation at the top of the stairs.

‘Roxanne.’ He decides firmly, and I shake my head.

‘No way. It’s Victoire.’ I don’t know if I’m insisting this simply because it’s my gut feeling, or because I, in a twisted way, would rather it was Victoire.

See, if Victoire is pregnant, it’s Teddy’s, and everyone knows they’re getting married as soon as she’s out of Hogwarts anyway.

But if it’s Roxanne, then the father is Damien.

We don’t even say that name in this dorm.

They got together over the summer but in September, when he went back to Durmstrang, she was crushed. Then he sent her a letter asking her not to tell anyone about their summer thing because he didn’t want his girlfriend to find out.

We all formulated a nice Howler for him (with a few interesting pieces of information from Roxanne about his... private life that we were sure his entire school would love to hear.), and he didn’t reply. Shocker that.

‘You’re on. Five galleons.’ I say, hoping that whatever higher power there is out there will take my hint and understand: it has to be Victoire.

He agrees, and we shake hands as they walk towards us and sit down at the end of my bed.

Victoire starts, and the knot of tension in my stomach begins to loosen.

‘Um, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys about this before, but I only just found out and-‘

‘I’m pregnant.’ Roxanne breaks in. ‘Knocked up. Bun in the oven. Reactions please.’

I’m stunned. I don’t know what to say. Somewhere to my left, I hear Tim’s voice as if a million miles away,

‘Don’t worry about the five galleons.’


It’s the day of the first Hogsmeade visit, as the last one was cancelled and we had to put the Master plan on hold.

Carly spends four hours on Friday night trying to decide what to wear, and another three on Saturday changing her mind before settling for blue jeans and a long sleeved shirt with a trench coat and red beanie. Almost identical to the twelve others she was contemplating.

She then eats her now customary breakfast of chocolate cake (I reckon she has an Undetectable Enlargement Charm on her stomach), and gets to the statue at five to eleven, where Albus has already been for five minutes.

‘Hi’ he starts nervously.

‘Slick’ I mutter from the other side of the statue, which is currently concealing Jen and myself (otherwise known as Action Team 1).

‘Hey’ she replies, smiling as he says the password and the statue moves to reveal a door.

James and Darren (Action Team 2) then walk past and, as James is directing Albus on the best way to get through Honeydukes without recognition, Darren swipes the Cloak from his bag and slides it under his jacket.

‘Ladies first’ he ushers her through and follows a step behind, and we rush to grab the door before it shuts. Keeping them in sight is vital to our plan. Darren hands the cloak to me with a wink, and he and James proceed to Hogsmeade by the regular route.

Jen and I get under the cloak and walk after Carly and Al, keeping a few steps behind them at all times, and wearing extra soft shoes (upon Oliver’s recommendation) so that they can’t hear our footsteps on the stone floor.

When the tunnel widens out and a ladder appears into the Honeydukes storeroom, Albus helps Carly out and then follows. Thankfully, idiot that he is, she opens the trapdoor fully, slamming it on the tiles and he is too busy checking if she’s okay and asking her to be quieter to notice the racket Jen and I are making trying to get up the ladder with two of us. The trapdoor catches slightly on my heel as Albus tries to shut it, but I don’t think he notices.

They walk up the stairs into the main shop and make straight for Madam Puddifoot’s. Bleurgh.

I’m a hopeless romantic, don’t get me wrong, but the thought of Madam Puddifoot’s makes me want to puke a rainbow. Jen, on the other hand, a complete cynic, refuses point-blank to enter anywhere, where, and I am quoting the Madam Puddifoot’s menu outside now-

‘Tiny cherubs can sprinkle you with their confetti, each of which is rose scented (yummy!) and inscribed with a message for you and your one true love to share!’

Kill me now.

Fortunately for Jen, James also refuses to enter, so it’s left to Darren and me to complete Phase 2: Observation. James quickly turns my hair black (temporarily, I’m assured), and Darren’s blonde, so we’re not quite as recognisable. I put on a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and Darren charms his facial hair into a sandy blonde moustache and beard. I hold back laughter as he inspects himself in the mirror, but stop laughing when he announces that if we’re going to Madam Puddifoot’s, we’re going to have to play the part.

We will have to pretend to be in love.

I grasp his hand tightly and he looks to James for approval, who nods curtly and looks away. He and Jen disappear under the Cloak to go alert Oliver and Fred about the approaching of Phase 3.

We walk into the shop and are seated near to Al and Carly by an annoyingly perky waitress whose eyes linger on Darren for longer than I deem appropriate. No, I’m not jealous, but he’s fourteen years old! And that waitress must have been at least twenty... five.

We pretend to make small talk for a few minutes, all the time listening in on Al and Carly and checking our watches.

‘I love this place! It’s adorable!’ Carly gushes.

Two minutes to go.

‘You have a piece of...’ Albus picks one of the rose-scented pieces of confetti out of her hair and smiles as he reads, ‘Be Mine’

One minute.

They organise the pieces of confetti into adorable little sentences, like ‘Be Mine, My Love, You Are Cute!’ How nauseating.

Thirty seconds.

‘This place is ridiculous, I’m so sorry I brought you here.’ Albus apologises to Carly after they make the sentence ‘I Love You, Sweetie, My Boyfriend’

‘Just a bit’ Carly admits. ‘I mean, it’s cute for a while, but it’s a bit of...’

‘An overload?’ Albus suggests. ‘We should leave.’

‘We probably should. Where do you want to go next?’ Carly replies, and a knot of anxiety forms in my stomach.

‘Erm, Zonko’s?’ Albus suggests.

Fifteen seconds. They’re going to be out the door before Phase Three starts!

Darren grabs my hand and, with a gleam of madness in his eye, walks past Carly and bumps into her back, knocking her hot chocolate all down the front of her shirt. We practically sprint out of the door amongst insults from Albus and join James and Jen just outside as they send in Fred and Oliver, nodding grimly.

‘How did it go? Why did you have to leave?’ James asks, and I can see his brain recalculating everything from this point onwards.

‘They realised how much Puddifoot’s sucks.’ I say, resignedly.

‘Then they passed the first test.’ says Jen, and Darren nods.

‘You can let go now Darren.’ James looks meaningfully at our hands, which are still glued together, and I release him, rubbing my sweaty palm on my coat.

Darren clears his throat. ‘If Lily and I do surveillance under the cloak from this window, you guys can wait until Phase 4.’

James and Jen walk off towards Zonko’s, to check for new supplies, no doubt, but Darren and I get under the cloak, and he Transfigures our faces back to normal.

We look through the window to see Fred and Oliver, adorned in tutus and pink leotards, begin the song that we composed last week in honour of this special occasion.

‘Albus, I love you
Albus I doooooooo
When we’re apart my heart beats only for youuuuuuuu!’

They are cut off by Madam Puddifoot ushering them from the shop (unfortunate, there were six verses that we slaved over with a rhyming dictionary), while Carly, bewildered, asks Al what just happened.

He storms out, and she follows, exasperated.

‘What’s the problem?’

‘Now everyone’s seen us! You’re not legally allowed to be here and I’m not allowed to be taking you! Do you know what magazines would pay for pictures of me out on a date with a first year?’

She stutters. We hadn’t thought of that either.

‘And I can’t find the bloody Cloak!’ I make a move to take it off, to hand it to him, because I was the one who thought Carly wasn’t trustworthy even though she’s my friend, it’s my fault, but Darren stops me. I shake him off and walk over to them, pulling the Cloak off as I do and giving the paparazzi a beautiful shot of Albus Potter on a date, and a lovely public row between him and his sister.

‘Lily! Why are you here?’

‘I was coming into Hogsmeade! I don’t need your permission!’

‘No, but you do need the permission of a guardian!’

‘Oh please, like you’re one to talk!’ I shoot back, but I can already tell he’s put two and two together.

‘Those people in Puddifoot’s, that was you and Darren! And the singers were Oliver and Fred!’

‘Maybe.’ I say. That was smooth.

‘Yes it was! Why would you do this though, are you actually trying to ruin my life?’

‘No, I just wanted-‘ I break off, unsure of how to proceed ‘I just wanted to make sure you guys could handle whatever came your way.’

‘So you took the Cloak, drew as much attention towards us as possible, and then set the paparazzi on us? Have you any idea what you’ve done?’

‘I didn’t mean for the paparazzi to show up! And anyway, you’ve proven that you can take it, haven’t you?’

Albus shakes his head, and, giving Carly the Cloak, stalks off in the direction of the mountains.

Carly looks at me and shakes her head as tears fall down her perfect face


I start to answer and realise I sound stupid.

She walks away and I try to follow her, but she puts on the Cloak and she’s lost.

This master plan has gone horribly wrong.


You glad I updated? Or want me to go die for making Roxanne pregnant? Are you sick of pregnant girls in fanfic? Tell me in a review!

Olli xx

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