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Confessions of a Teenage Witch by Puygme puff gal
Chapter 5 : the invisibly cloak and detention
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beautiful CI by inexiplicable at TDA 

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Beta: Luvinpadfoot


The golden strand of hair hits the muddy colored mixture and the cauldron erupts in bubbles, completing the potion 

“Finally we’re ready,” Al smiles. He has been brewing the Polyjuice potion for at least a month now in secret.

The Quidditch storage room had become stuffy and humid. Dusty Quidditch equipment dating back to my father’s time at Hogwarts was piled up to the ceiling, leaving very little room for me and Al to brew the vile potion.

“It’s almost five o’clock, we should get going.” I stretch, thankful to be out of the cramped position I was crouched in. I reach for the brown, leather satchel that holds the invisibility cloak and Wildfire Whiz-Bangs.

Al holds up a vial of the murky liquid and tips it to his lips chugging it in an instant. He faces me cringing from the swill he just forced down his throat, “Let’s do this” smirks when his face begins to morph into Mark, a random Slytherin kid we tackled in the corridor.

The skin all over his body was bubbling, colors changed, limbs grew, and features shrank. From where I stood it didn’t look very enjoyable, probably wasn’t though.

Mischievous green eyes turned an icy blue shade and Al’s long, black, messy hair was pulled into his scalp, changing to a short military style, the little spikes of hair paled in comparison to his skin. Al’s Quidditch toned muscles shrank into non-existence and best of all he was just about arm rest height.

In a bottle he was an icy eyed midget…midgets fricken scare me.

Don’t ask, please…just don’t. I’d rather not relive the horrors.

I slip the silky material of the cloak over my head. The fabric hangs loosely from my body, blending perfectly into my surroundings. I have become the ultimate weapon.

“This is absolutely amazing!” I reach my hand out of hiding and gingerly pinch the fabric between my fingers.

The century old myth of the cloak had turned fairy tale into reality starting with the mischievous Marauders, then helping the terrific trio’s adventures, and now in the hands of James, Albus, and Lily Potter. This cloak had become legendary.

And I Rose Weasley am wearing it…

Jealous much?

“Yeah, I know,” Albus…Mark grins. “You ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” I gulp, a knot grows in my stomach, and the air becomes even thicker as I inhale deeply in an attempt to calm myself.

“Then let’s head out, Practice should be starting,” Al, um…Mark (I’m so not getting used to having my cousin be a creepy, little midget) says.  

I follow creepy midget Al up into the nearest stands, the ancient steps creak under my feet as I tip toe after him.

“Rose,” Al hisses “Quiet!”

I roll my eyes in Al’s direction, but not wanting someone to find him arguing with a disembodied voice, I keep my mouth shut.

Finally reaching the top of the tower, I plunk down on a bench grasping my cramping side and panting from the long track up here. My unmanageable hair sticks to my head with sweat.


Couldn’t they have made this bloody cloak breathable? I’m sweating to death in here.

I glance around the stand and only one other person is here. A Goth looking girl with a muggle contraption they call headphones stuck in her ears.

Al sits beside me his eyes focused on the starting practice, he seems unfazed, even in his midget body, by the long stair expedition.

Yes, I called it an expedition…because for me, it was.

I’m. Exhausted.

My brain is fried from school today, okay so Professor Lovegood assigned us an essay on WRACKSPURTS’… Does anyone even know what that is? Physically I’m pooped from that horrendous staircase… so yes, I am exhausted.

Eventually I stat to slip into my own little world…

My brain flips through memories and thoughts like channels on a Muggle telly. Then one suddenly catches my eye…

I remember the day perfectly, the smells, the sounds, everything. It was mid-morning and I had taken a walk in the overgrown field behind my house.

My family had moved into that home only months before. It was, in fact, built right alongside the Potter residence. Overall the entire Weasley clan hadn’t moved far from their childhood home. We were sprinkled along the outskirts of a muggle town. The field was full of skinny deer paths, thickens of bramble bushes, and littered with huge old hickory trees.


 At the time I was probably around six years old. That morning I hadn’t bothered to tell Mummy where I was going. I wasn’t going to risk waking her and Daddy up so early, it was quite dangerous.

I had chosen one of the many deer paths. I skipped along it, admiring every little flowerbed and investigating the tiny animal tracks. The grasses were high above my head, huge clumps of seeds on their tops waved a slight hello as I brushed past the skinny trail.

After a while of walking the grasses opened up to reveal a small clearing, with an old twisted hickory tree as its center, little dots of green sprinkled the ends of the branches the sign of a gusty spring turning into a scorching summer. I circled the tree, gazing up at its majestic beauty. A bed of moss covered one side of the trunk. It was almost as if nature had created its own easy chair. I had sat down and leaned my head against the rough bark, closing my eyes in the peaceful bliss of it all. A slight breeze ruffled my unruly hair, the scent of earth perked my senses.

Then, breaking the silence, a twig snapped. My eyes flew open and I was on my feet in seconds.

“Who goes there?” I yelled…silence

Seconds passed, then minutes.

Maybe just a passing animal, I thought.

Then not five feet from where I was standing, a good sized rock hit the ground, causing me once again to start,  

“Who are you?” I questioned warily, my voice slightly shaking.

At the sound of footsteps, I whirled around… and yet again nothing.


“Where are you?” I whispered.

If only I was older, if only I had a wand, if only someone had come with me, if only…

The sound of dry grasses being pushed aside came from here, there, it seemed like everywhere.

Then silence…


“I’m right here,” said a vaguely familiar voice from behind me.


I turned, running straight into a wall of nothingness, sending me to the ground.

I screamed, my fear was realized

I was not alone…

Laughter filled the air.

I looked over from my place on the ground and there was Al. Well, parts of him, lying on the ground. Laughing.

“Albus Severus Potter!” I yelled. He was such a git sometimes. 


“I’m,” laughter, “sorry,” laughter, “Rose,” more laughter, “couldn’t help myself.”

“Al, what’s that?” I pointed my eyebrows furrowed, foot tapping angry on the ground.

“This?” he questioned holding up the mysterious invisible thing, I nodded “It’s my Dad’s invisibility cloak,” he explained.

“And what in Merlin’s name are you doing with it?” I asked had ever actually seen the cloak, but I’d heard plenty of interesting stories about it from Mummy and Daddy and Uncle Harry.

“I found it in the Attic, was fooling around with it then saw you run into the field, decided to have some fun,” he shrugged, as if it were no big deal that he almost scared the pants off me.

“Well you better take it back,” I said authoritatively, Uncle Harry wouldn’t like it if he found out Al was messing with one of his prized possessions.

You’re right, come on I’ll race you,” he grinned and we took off, one behind the other. The sun rose over the hills and it was bliss…almost.






“ROSE!” Al yell whispers at me


“Watch the seeker, he’s got good moves,” Al whispers to me without turning his head.

“He was right, the Slytherin seeker dives to the ground at a almost vertical angle then at the last second he pulls hard on his broom handle sending him towards the bright blue sky.

Malfoy is out there too, barking  orders (he was the captain) swooping out of the sky, he takes a speeding lap around the pitch, flashing his stupid grin at the other stupid Slytherin fans out to cheer him on…stupidly.

As his broomstick passes our tower, Malfoy stops his broom, screwing up his sweaty face in confusion. His eyes narrow into a glare as he continues on, whooping back at his devoted fans.


Al’s face drains of blood leaving it pale as his midget hair.

My stomach clenches and I shift nervously on the cold hard bench beneath me.

“Let’s go,” Al hisses to me, his tone panicked.

“No,” I whisper under my breath. “We have worked way too hard for this.” I refuse.

“But Rose did you see him?” Al persists.

“I don’t care. I’m not scared of a ferret, Potter. Unlike you,” I whisper tauntingly. Maybe getting him to man up would cure his case of fraidy cat.

“Fine,” he glares at me, huffing and crossing his arms. “We’ll say a while longer, but if anything happens it’s your fault, Weasley.”

The rest of the practice was uneventful.

As soon as the Slytherins slink into their locker rooms, Al and I dash down the steps like children on Christmas morning.

After we finish tripping over each other’s feet in an attempt to get down the bloody stairs, Al positions me in front of the door  to the Quidditch storage room with instructions to hex anyone that with instructions to hex anyone that tries to “Invade H.Q.” His words not mine.

Seconds pass…

Then minutes…

Come on Al, where are you?

I should have heard the soft foot falls behind me, I should have seen the long shadow fall accost the rocky path the sun set a fiery gold. I should have smelt the sweat that lingered on the clothing, I should have listened for the ragged breathing of the intruder…

But I don’t …

And then it happens…

And I scream…

“Holy Merlin’s Bloody Knickers,” yells the boy.

I fall to the ground the rocks from the path dig into my head, pinned beneath a wall of muscle, I squint through the sheer fabric to see the confused  face of the person who ran into a invisible body.


Just my bloody fucking luck.

“What the-.” His freshly showed mane flips out of his eyes to see the pickle he was in.

Yes, I said pickle. Because that’s what this is, a pickle. Don’t judge my flamboyant choice of words.

“Just who do you think you are?” I wiggle under his weight. “You can’t just go around crushing people when ever you feel like it, Malfoy,” I growl.

“Well I think you, whoever you are, should answer the first question yourself, love,” he smirks. “And I did not crush you on purpose, you’re the one that’s invisible.”


“Let me up you git,” I hiss.

“No, not until I find out who my stalker is.” His hands manhandle my head until he finds the slit in the hood. He lifts the invisible material until my face is revealed. “Weasley, I should have known.”

“Let me up, Malfoy. This isn’t what it looks like,” I insist.

He tsks me, “Oh Weasley, I think I know exactly what you’re doing outside the Quidditch Pitch, after my Team’s practice, wearing an invisibly cloak.” he cocks his head at me, waiting for an answer.

I feel my cheeks warm, he has found me out, and I avoid his gaze as much as possible.

“You cheeky little spy, Weasley!” he gasped at me, like he was surprised I would do such a thing. He should know better when I have a family like mine.

“Whatcha’ going to do about it? Drag me to the headmistress’s office for rule breaking?” I taunt, but his smirk only gets bigger. He wouldn’t dare!

“Well, now that you mention it…”

Oh, crap. Think Rose! Think! What would James do to get out of this mess? “Think about it Malfoy, is that what you really want? I’ll fight you the whole way because if I’m going down, you’re coming with me. You can say goodbye to Quidditch. ” the anger in my voice increases.  

At the threat of being stripped of our privileges, Quidditch included, he caves. “Fine, you win.” Yesssss, in your face, Malfoy!

“Can you get off me now?” I plead.

“In a minute, Weasley I just wanted to let you know that-.” The slamming of a door, followed by loud joking voices fills the hall and interrupts him, causing us both to jolt in surprise. Oh no, his team mates must be coming. Malfoy’s face fills with concern, probably wishing he wasn’t about to be caught on the ground with a half invisible female Weasley. Trust me, that’s not good for the Malfoy image.

“Weasley, go!” He’ rolls off me, “Hurry before they catch you.” I don’t need to be told twice. I sprint around the nearest corner, tripping over the cloak and falling flat on my face.


Scrambling up, I press myself against a wall, eavesdropping on Malfoy and his Quidditch mates.


“Oi Malfoy, that you?” Questions a deep voice that could only belong to the Slytherin beater, Archie Goyle.

“Yeah, it’s me Arch,” replies Malfoy.

“We heard you talking to someone out here, didn’t we boys?” Goyle continues and the other Slytherin’s grumble in response.

“Nope just me mates,” Malfoy persists.

“You sure?” Goyle sounds suspicious.

I peak around the corner and the last bits of sunlight reflect off their faces.

“Yep, I haven’t seen anyone, anyway it’s almost curfew we better be getting back to the castle,” Malfoy changes the subject, turning on his heel. heading back up the rock path to Hogwarts. I breathe a deep sigh of relief when the rest start to follow. Sliding down the rough wood of the pitch till my bottom touches the prickly grass,  I pull down the hood of the cloak and run my hands through my damp, messy curls.

The realization hits me like a pile of dragon dung, figuratively not literally, that would just be gross.

Scorpious Hyperion Malfoy just saved me. Not only from McGonagall’s wrath but from his mates. He had every chance to turn me in or rat me out, but instead he let me go. And may I remind you he is a goddamned Malfoy for Merlin’s sake.


What the hell am I going to do?



“Wait, he did what?” Dom asks for the umpteenth time.

“Please don’t make me repeat it, I think I’ll be sick,” I plead.

By this time, all the Weasleys at Hogwarts  knew about Al and mine’s excursion and about what happened between Malfoy and me.

“Excuse me, Dominique and Rose Weasley, do you have something to share with the class?” Professor Bell taps her little pointy foot, looking very annoyed.

Hey, you can’t blame me! Muggle Studies is a particularly boring class. If you have a grandpa like mine then you know everything there is to know about Muggles.


“No Professor,” I say in my sweetest voice. “We were just going over our notes.”

Bell raises a manicured eyebrow and turns back to the chalkboard, writing quite violently. We finish our notes on Muggle family life and Bell dismisses us.

As we walk outside the classroom Dom turns to me. “Will you come with me to the library and help me with the essay Lovegood assigned us?” she pouts and blinks her bright blue eyes at me.

“Sorry, I have detention,” I sigh dramatically.

“Have fun, see you later,’ she gives me a grim smile, flips her golden hair over her shoulder, and dances off.


I stalk towards the greenhouse. Great, now I have to spend the entire night chained to Malfoy doing some weird punishment Longbottom had thought up for us.

I push over the steamy glass door. The air is thick with humidity. Malfoy and Longbottom are already there, not that I can see them with the hundreds of magical plants covering every open surface and hanging from hundreds for hooks. I can just hear their voices, well Malfoy whining about something and Longbottom droning on about plants.

I run my hand through my volumizing hair, this bloody humidity is going to make me look like one of those muggle troll dolls.  

I enter the jungle, pushing my way through the green, leafy madness. In a dark corner a viney twisted plant grows. I turn away heading for Longbottom and Malfoy’s voices, then I’m jerked backwards into the dark corner. Leafy tendrils grab my wrists, ankles, and waist. I freeze in shock being pulled closer to the twisted, thorn riddled trunk. Like rope the plant mummifies my legs and arms, my wand is pulled from my reach.


By this time I’m screaming my head off. “Help, help! Goddamn it! Let me go you insufferable shrubbery!” even my Quidditch strengthened muscles wont break the vines.

“Miss Weasley?” questions Longbottom panicked.

“Over here!” I screech the vines squeezing tighter until I’ve lost circulation in my hands and feet.

“Weasley!” I hear Malfoy yell. “Where are you?”

“I’m over here, help me! Ahhhhh!” I kick my feet, wriggling trying to get free, but only makes the plant grip tighter.

“Oh no, the Devils Snare!” I hear Longbottom gasp.

Devils Snare…really? This would only happen to me…

“Lumos Maxima!” Malfoy shouts, a blinding light penetrates the cave of vines, causing the plant to let me go, shriveling into its dark corner once again.

And I fall flat on my face for the second time in less than 24 hours.

“Miss Weasley, are you okay?” Longbottom kneels down, offering me his hand. Which I take graciously.


“No I’m not! Did you even see that thing?” I gape at their clam expressions.

“Merlin, Weasley the things you get into,” Malfoy chuckles. My face flushes probably as red as my hair, I bite me lip in embarrassment. Unfortunately my Quidditch skills have failed me I’m not usually a clumsy person, just recently…

“Come on you two, we’ve got detention,” Longbottom rubs his hands together, walking into the jungle. I shrug and push past Malfoy, following Longbottom.


“So why did you do it?” I ask Malfoy later, my arms crossed over my chest, my gaze fixed on his sharp face.

“Because,” he shrugs, turning away from me to water a plant behind him.

Longbottom left us an hour ago with the instructions to water every plant in the bloody sauna! But not before he confiscated our wands and charmed the plants to allow us to water them with out attacking us.

“Because why?” I counter, climbing into a ladder to start watering the hundreds of hanging pants.

“Just get back to work, Weasley,” he sneers, disappearing behind a giant fern plant.

“Fine,” I growl.

“Good,” he murmurs.

This boy is driving me insane, my pulse is increasing. Blood pressure rising. No wonder my doctor wanted to increase my anger management pill dosage.

We work in silence, the only sounds coming from water tricking into the thirsty plants or the leaves rustling from the fans that were places around the room to keep air circulating around the sticky room. 

I stand on my tip toes trying to water a particularly high plant. My fingers slip off the watering can, causing it to explode at my feet. Since I’m on the top step, I teeter back and forth trying to regain my balance. Seeing that the ‘water’ is Longbottoms special slimy egg-shell filed water I slip off the twenty foot ladder, plunging towards the concrete floor.



Legs and arms flailing I crash thought the branches of a tall plant.

Fortunately instead of hitting the bone-breaking cement, I land in someone’s arms.

There is only one other person in this room.



Why does he have to act like bloody Harry Potter whenever I’m in peril?

I look up and stormy gray eyes meet sky blue. The clash of Snake and Lion, Smoke and Sky, Evil and Good, Tornado and Hurricane.

We stay this way staring into each other’s eyes for the longest time until I gather the courage to break the silence.

“You called me Rose,” I whisper, he blinks as if woken from a dream and loudly clears his throat.

“Well that’s your name, isn’t it Weasley?” he replies huskily.

“Yeah, I guess so, Malfoy.” So we’re back to surnames now.


As though he just realized what position we were in, he half drops on the concrete floor shuffling backwards avoiding my gaze.

I look up at him inquisitively “Why?” I leave the question vague because he knows exactly what I mean.

“Because I’m not completely heartless, Weasley,” he smirks slipping out of the foggy glass door.




A/N: Hey everyone! before you cast a unforivable curse at your computer screen. i apologise for the long wait, this chapter was very hard to write especially with the whole Rose and Scorp scene.

i love you all for reading! im up to 750 reades! and please please plaese review. it makes me happy to know you guys care enough about my story to let me know. and if you dont want to take the time out of your very busy sceduals to let me know what you think. click the faveorites only takes a second and lets me know you care! 

VIQ (very important question)

Do you think Rose (after reading this chapter) is truning into a mary sue?


who would you like to hear more about?

who is the coupple you want to see most together?  

now i will let you guys go. hope you like everything. 

you guys ROCK! 












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