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Reputations Expectations by countrymusicfanatic
Chapter 1 : Wild One: Prologue
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Summary: She was Hogwarts' Bad Girl. He was Hogwarts' Golden Boy. All of her teacher's complained about her. All of his teacher's loved him. She stayed stayed away from the limelight as much as possible. He smiled for all the cameras. They're both stubborn, have a knack for trouble, and are training to become Aurors. Has the Ministry met it's new Auror power couple or will their differences lead to the destruction of their lives as they know it?

They said, "Change your clothes"

She said, "No I won't"

They said, "Comb your hair"

She said, "Some kids don't"

Faith Hill, "Wild One"

Disclaimer: Lyrics belong to Faith Hill and whoever else was involved with this song/album. All the characters mentioned in the story belong to JK Rowling and other people who aren't me.


Reputations are very powerful things. They are hard to control, nearly impossible to change, and easy to shatter. If you want to keep your reputation intact (whether it’s the peppy Hufflepuff, scary Slytherin, perfect Gryffindor, or shy Ravenclaw) there are certain rules that have to be followed.


Reputations are a work of art, created by many different people, impacted by multiple factors, and ultimately turning out to be either a masterpiece or a complete mess.


I never tried to control my reputation. I was taught at a young age that people will say and believe what they want to. Sometimes reputations are earned, sometimes they are purposefully created, and sometimes they just happen. Things happen, people assume, everyone talks, and reputations are made.




I grew up on a farm. I learned how to ride horses, milk cows, count eggs, clean stalls, and take care of all the animals. My mum worked as a waitress when I was little and she had some crazy shift times so I would stay with the Davenports, running around on the farm and getting dirty. My mum didn’t want to be a waitress, of course, and when I was twelve she had finally saved enough to open her own robe shop that took off within a year.


Just like every other Witch and Wizard in the UK, I got my Hogwarts letter on my eleventh birthday. It wasn’t a surprise as my mum was a witch but Hogwarts itself was a bit of a culture shock for me.


I was always extremely independent. I had my own way of doing things and little rules like ‘girls never go to the bathroom by themselves’ were foreign to me. Why did it matter if I walked the thirty feet to the loo on my own? Mrs. Davenport’s old sheep dog had been my best friend growing up so I was a bit behind on the rules of conduct regarding eleven-year-old girls.


Natasha Nott was one of my two dorm mates at Hogwarts. It took us a few months to warm up to each other but once I got passed the fact that she acted stuck up and she stopped thinking that I was depressed we became something that resembled friends.


In our third year we performed the ultimate betrayal for any Gryffindor under fifth year: we befriended a Slytherin. Add in the fact that we weren’t exactly friendly, I wasn’t your typical happy-go-lucky third year, and Natasha could be a bit of a bitch and I am sure you can guess the kinds of rumors that were going around about us.


Tyler, our new Slytherin friend, came as a package deal with his cousin, Scorpius Malfoy. Despite being a year below us Scorpius was already notorious. The students who had veteran parents from the Second War considered the name ‘Malfoy’ to be taboo and it didn’t take long for weariness to spread. His quiet demeanor and seemingly uncaring attitude added to our unintentional image nicely.


When we started skipping class consistently in our third and fourth year all four of our names became notorious in the thicket of Hogwarts’ rumors but people who saw us in the halls rarely acknowledged the connection between our faces and the things they were talking about. There was a sense of mystery around us and all the things we had supposedly done. Most of the students preferred to whisper our names in secret than to ruin the intrigue by actually finding out who we were. Our teacher’s eventually gave up and stopped bothering with detention when we skipped class. It took about a year but eventually we were able to perfect a system that allowed us to do just enough to pass finals and move on to the next year:


Natasha stayed on top of the schedule for our classes so that we knew what was going on when we decided to show up. Tyler had a photographic memory so he could read over our textbooks and tutor Natasha and me when we were hanging out on the grounds with nothing to do. I was in charge of mastering all the practical applications and making sure that Tyler and Natasha were able to perform the spells and produce the potions they would need to. Scorpius, despite his issues with the student population, was well-liked by all of his teacher’s and even though we teased him about being a suck-up, his reputation helped get us out of many sticky situations.


We were a well-oiled machine, each doing our part to ensure our safe passage from year to year.


Spending so little time in the classroom did have its downside though. Without the homework and the hours normally spent inside the sweltering classes there were times when we had nothing to do while everyone else was at the Quidditch game or drowning in their tidal wave of homework. By the time fourth year ended we had started venturing into Hogsmeade and half-way through fifth year we had a system for how to survive outside the castle as well:


Anyone who knows Natasha, no matter how much they love her, will back me up in saying that her sense of danger is non-existent. The same ‘bravery’ that got her sorted into Gryffindor can turn into foolishness easily but because her sense of danger is so screwed up she has no problem standing up to people. When she wants something, she gets it. And even though it can turn her into a bitch or make her seem snobby it really comes in handy because she is a great actress and can talk in circles until the person she is talking to has no idea what’s going on.


If there was one thing my mum taught me it was how to realize when a guy is bad news and I found out quickly that the same strategy she used when she went out on a date could be used in other situations as well. It was my job to realize when it was time to get out of a club, who we needed to hide from, which people were undercover patrollers, and who was just bad news. Trouble was inevitable when it came to us but it was my job to make sure that danger always remained two steps behind.


Tyler helped us out after we were already in trouble. His dueling skills are pretty much non-existent but he can fist fight like no other and when you are surrounded by drunk people it’s usually safer to stay away from wands. He also helped after we got caught. His mum, despite her many, many faults, has a lot of connections and he was always able to call in a few favors to make sure we never dug a hole that was too big for us to jump out of.


Scorpius was our baby. When we got detentions at Hogwarts it was usually because we had hexed some kid giving him a hard time or had been ‘disrespectful’ to one of the prefects abusing their power over him, but Scorpius was equally loyal to us. He was sorted into Slytherin but he was smart enough to give any Ravenclaw a run for their money. Like me he was pretty good at sensing trouble, but he was more levelheaded than I was. When I was ready to hex the professor chasing after us it was Scorpius who kept his head enough to use his knowledge of the castle and pull us all into a passageway where we could hide until the path was clear for us to get back to our dormitories.


The four of us were best friends for a reason, though what that reason was we rarely discussed. We all got each other. We weren’t your traditional click that never went anywhere without the others but we were a sort of gang. We always had each other’s backs, we understood when the others needed space, and we never tried to change each other. Each of us need our independence but it is always nice knowing that you have people who you can trust and go to whenever for whatever. We weren’t just friends. We were a really dysfunctional family that added to each of our dysfunctional blood families nicely.





A/N: So this is just a prologue for the rest of the story but let me know what you think and whether or not I should continue posting. What was good, what was bad? Criticism will only make it better. In the mean time here's a preview into next chpater:

“The redhead…hold up,” I said suddenly, literally holding my right hand up in front of Natasha’s face. “The redhead. Doesn’t she look familiar?”


“I guess,” Natasha said slowly. “I mean, she’s here with Dominique. We probably saw her around—”


“No,” I cut her off again. “She looks really familiar. Like I’ve seen her more than just in passing.”


“Well maybe she was a Gryffindor and she was in the—oh my Merlin!” Natasha whisper screamed.


“What?” I demanded, impatiently tapping her arm.


“Weasley. Dominique Weasley and her cousin—”


“Rose Weasley. Gryffindor and--”


“Dating Scorpius!” We finished in a whispered scream to each other.


“Oh, this is gonna be good,” I grinned. “Scorpius is so dead. On vacation my wand.”


“They didn’t break-up did they?” Natasha asked, frowning.


“I doubt it. Tyler would know and he didn’t say anything,” I said unconcerned.


“Then let’s have some fun with this,” Natasha grinned and we high-fived as the girls started making their way to the counter.



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