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The Other Reality by FeltonLewis
Chapter 7 : Not That Baby
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Heylo (: Okay, so as it says on my author's page- for those who read Everything Happens For A Reason, Im currently putting the story on hold until the 21st of March so the next chapter will only be out later that week. This is because my final exams are starting on the 12th and ending on the 21st so I don't want to start writing the next chapter, even in my free time because the story's going to be entering the battle part where Draco, Hermione and the rest go to the Manor so it's basically entering a very important section and since its the last 7-8 chapters, I don't want to mess it up AT ALL, I want it to be perfect. So as much as it sucks to say so, you won't get another chapter till then :/ Im so sorry!

The Other Reality on the other hand, Ive got most parts typed out already so its saw for me to type the rest and put it together. That's why you're getting two chapters in a row without EHFOA in between- and if it turns out okay, then you'll be getting another chapter ( Chapter 8) later this week :D So good for you guys! But still, if not- It'll be out only after 21st otherwise.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused but please don't give up on my stories, I'm not abandoning them FOR SURE :)

Anyway, enjoy xx


Hermione awoke once again to the sound of crying. She looked at the watch beside her- 1:40 a.m . She first went to Aaron's room door and pressed her ear close to it. Nope, it wasn't him for sure. That left only one person in the house. Taking a deep breathe, she pushed open Draco's room door and watched as he thrashed around in his sleep, crying. Sighing, she went up to him and knelt down beside his bed and pushed his hair out of his face.

"Sssh, it's okay- no one's going to hurt you- you're okay!" She whispered, holding on to his hand tightly. He calmed down a little bit but his breathing was still ragged.

"You're okay", She said, rubbing the top of his hand soothingly with her thumb. Soon, his breathing went back to normal and he relaxed and fell into a deep sleep once again. She, just like the other day, rested her head down on the arm holding his hand and folded her legs under her as comfortably as she could. She drifted off into a light sleep, only to be awoken by Draco's whimpering again. She proceeded in calming him down and again, for the second time in two days, she barely got any sleep. She left his room early at five the next morning, making sure he never realized she was there at all.

Hermione was almost dozing off into her cereal bowl when the one voice she really didn't want to hear spoke up.

"It's called a bed, Granger", Draco said, pulling out a chair opposite her and sitting down, "Really, if you're going to be falling asleep anyway, you shouldn't bother waking up."

"Shut it, Malfoy", Hermione said, pushing her empty cereal bowl away and dropping her head into her hands.

"What's with you now days?" Draco asked, "You're so snappy all the time."

"Not all the time- just when you're around", Hermione said, pressing her palms against her eyes, "I don't particularly enjoy your company."

"Are you sure about that?" Draco asked, "Dammit. And here I was, thinking that we were the best of friends. I guess we can't always get what we want." He sighed dramatically and she lifted her head out of her hands and looked at him.

"Wow, did you get ANY sleep last night?" Draco asked, cringing at the dark circles around her eyes, "You look worse than yesterday morning."

" Awww, thank you", She said in a sickly sweet voice, "You always know how to make me feel better."

" And that is WHY I thought we were best friends- we seem to understand each other so easily", Draco said, sarcastically.

Hermione rolled her eyes and said, " Just to remind you, Malfoy, we actually DID end up best friends at one point."

"That, or I payed you into marrying me", He said, determined to win this argument or whatever it was they were having.

"Isn't that sweet- were you really that desperate for me? You had to pay me into it? " Hermione asked, smirking. Draco narrowed his eyes.

"It was probably for some absurd reason that I was completely against", He muttered, looking down at the table.

"Sure, Malfoy, if you say so", She said, "It's funny actually- seeing you ponder over how we ended up together when I have all the answers."

"What, how?" He asked, his head snapping up to look at her.

"I have my ways", Hermione said, standing up, "While you were out snogging senseless with bitch Mcenzee, I found out everything I needed to know about the seven years we missed."

"What-what... I mean, who told you, why haven't you told me yet?" He asked, stumbling over his words. Was it true? Did she really know?

" Didn't feel like", She answered, simply, "Anyway, Im off to take a shower. Help Aaron with breakfast if he gets up earlier than I come out."

"You can't just leave me here wanting answers!"

"You're right, I can't, what was I thinking", Hermione said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She then proceeded in grunting in a very un-ladylike fashion and saying, " I can't just leave you here, huh? Watch me." She smirked at him and turned on her heel and left the kitchen.

Draco remained where he was. He groaned and put his head in his hands like she had earlier. Why were they even here? Stupid Dumbledre... what was he thinking?! They didn't belong together. And what was the whole deal with Ritch? Sure, she was gorgeous and was amazing to talk to but somehow he didn't expect her to snap the way she did yesterday in front of Granger. What was that about? Of course, Granger deserved a little yelling at but he felt a little annoyed that she had stood up and snapped at her like that. He didn't know WHY he was annoyed, he just knew that he didn't like that side of her. And what was with Granger now days? He had always expected her to be the calm, practical one but what was up with all the snapping on her part?

Maybe she was always like that. He really didn't know what to think anymore. Everything was so different in this world. For Merlin's sake, he was supposedly pals with Potter and the Weasleys- as was Blaise and Pansy. And if he wasn't wrong, Pansy's sister was Weasley's girlfriend or something. The very thought revolted him. Why would Hayley, a smart pureblood beautiful girl, fall for something as... air headed and inarticulate as Ronald Weasley?

He sighed and stood up to fix himself some cereal and coffee. Actually, he cringed remembering yesterday morning, scratch that- just some cereal.

* * * *

Aaron woke up and looked to his right at the digital clock on his bedside table. It was just 5:20 in the morning yet he couldn't seem to go back to sleep. Sometimes it was difficult being different. He knew he was different, there was no denying it. He had heard them all say that he was and he had felt it too, he knew it. But it was hard. It wasn't all that fun when you were a three and a half year old yet you still had more or less a very good awareness of what was going on in your surroundings- a very good awareness of what was wrong and what was right. Knowing and feeling much much more than an average three year old could. No, it was definitely not something that was common among children. They said he was a prodigy. Yet, he felt like so much more than just a boy with an extra ordinary ability to do things someone of his age wasn't supposed to be able to do. He was not just that. They spoke as if they understood everything that happened with him- that he was simply just smarter and more capable than the rest. At times, he really didn't feel like being that person. It involved so much more than they thought.

Sure, he didn't have the same feeling as a teenager, but he still had more feeling that what was expected of him. No one would ever realize exactly how much. He suspected his mother had realized. She had often come into his room while he was working and sat beside him and told him that she knew that he was more than what everyone else thought and that she knew that he understood and felt more than the others and that he shouldn't be afraid to talk to her if he wanted to. Its like she knew something nobody else did about him. Perhaps it was because she was his mother or perhaps the doctors had told her something nobody else did. Even his father looked as if he knew sometimes. Maybe his mother had told his father... when they actually used to talk. No fights. He wished they would stop. But that was wishing for too much. They barely even spoke to each other and when they did, they would bicker. They would do it softly so that he couldn't hear. But he could. He thought, at first, that they would stop but they didn't. Then they began sleeping in separate rooms and it bothered him more than usual. Then that other lady began coming home with his father. He would often see his mother stomp away from the room and go to her own, locking the door. He remembered once going to his mother at night and when he got into bed with her, he saw that she was crying. And he just knew that it was getting worse.

At first he didn't know what was going wrong so suddenly but then that lady kept coming home more often, he once heard the word "divorce" being yelled and once heard his mother telling him to stop bringing her home. He was smart. He soon connected the dots in his head and realized what was going on. A normal three year old definitely wouldn't have been able to do so. But, again, he wasn't a normal three year old. He was far from normal.

He couldn't express his thoughts out and at times, he didn't want to. He didn't want to worry his parents more. He knew that their family was being held together by just a thread. A thread that could anytime snap into two halves and he would then either be dragged along by one half or shuttled back and forth. It was hurting him inside to think that his mother would never hold him close and have his father's arms around them both lovingly. It would either be his mother alone or that new lady and his father. He didn't want that. He wanted a normal family again.

He felt a weird painful feeling in his chest and he hugged himself tightly. This is what pain is. This is what teenagers and adults and old people felt. He wasn't what a muggle child prodigy was. He was much more capable of feeling than them. He was truly special, and he felt alone in that world. He felt a tear trickle down his cheek. It wasn't the tears that usually fell when he tripped in the garden and hurt his knee or fell off his broom and hurt his head. No, this was another pain. It was a pain that no normal kid was supposed to be feeling.

But then again,

Another tear trickled down his cheek,

He wasn't a normal kid.

Another fell, and then another.

Though, if it was what would take the pain away,

How he wished he was.

* * * *

That evening, one again, Ritch came over and Hermione felt like either ripping her own head off or the head of the gorgeous blonde woman in front of her. She chose to do neither and went upstairs quietly. She sat on the bed and hugged her knees close to her. Was this really how her life turned out?

The door opened a little and Aaron stepped inside quietly.

"Hey, Hun", She smiled at him sadly.

Aaron smiled and sat on the bed beside his mother, or who he thought was his mother. Well she was, but for her- it was in a very twisted way.

" Nothing's going to be the same, is it?" He asked, sadly.

Hermione looked at him and felt tears well up in her eyes. Even he knew it. He could feel as much as they could, being who he was. Ginny had called her earlier that day and told her to be careful around Aaron and that he understood and felt much more than normal kids are capable of.

"No, sweety", She said softly, "It isn't."

"Is that lady going to take dad away?" He asked, looking up at her.

"I don't know", She said, "I don't know what to think anymore."

"I wish I could help", Was his reply. She hastily wiped the tear that slipped out to her cheek.

"You've done so much already", She said, trying to smile, "You've given us so much happiness. You made us a family."

"And yet, I can't keep you together. Im not reason enough", He said. He winced a little. That tightening feeling in his chest was back and it was as if it was squeezing his lungs tightly.

"Don't say that!" Hermione said sitting straight and facing him. "Look at me", She said, softly. He looked up and she continued, "Aaron, this isn't your fault, alright? This is in NO WAY your fault. If anything, you did keep us together. Ritch came along, but that isn't your fault. I don't know how everything just fell apart like this, but... there's nothing you can do about it. There's nothing I can do about it anymore."

"I know but..." He said. He trailed off as the tightening in his chest went down to his stomach and he winced again," Mom, it hurts".

"What does, sweety?" She asked, a little confused.

"There's a tightening feeling inside me- it's hurting me. Its not normal pain", He said, his eyes filling up with tears. Hermione was completely taken aback, especially at the tears.

"What is it then? When does it come?" Hermione asked, moving closer to her son and pulling him onto her lap.

"It comes when Im sad and think sad things and its not the pain that I get when I fall down. It can't be helped by a doctor", He said, choking on his words. He began crying and she pulled him into a tight hug.

"I know what you mean", She said, quietly, "It's going to be difficult, alright? Everything's going to be hard. But I'm always going to be here for you and no matter who comes, Im always going to be your mum."

"Promise?" He asked, between sobs.

"I promise", She said, tears sliding down her cheeks. She didn't know how long she'd be in this other reality and she really didn't want to get attached to the little boy but there was no way she'd let him hurt like this... he was her son. It was her duty as his mother to love him with everything she had.

"Why is dad so different?" Aaron asked after a few seconds, his voice still shaky.

"Circumstances have changed, love", She said, trying to hold back her tears , "Things are much more different than we can imagine. I wish it wasn't though."

"Do you love him?" He asked in a whisper.

Hermione closed her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks as she was unable to hold them back. What was she supposed to say? Her future self definitely loved him still but her? No way. But was saying yes the truth or lies? Was she lying to her child in that case? No, she would act as her future self. The one that loved Draco Malfoy. She would act like her own self, she wouldn't hurt her little son.

"I do, Aaron", She said, burying her face into his soft, pale hair, "I do."

"But he doesn't love you back..." He said softly, sobbing again.

She couldn't hold it in anymore. She began crying. She held her son tightly and his little hands came around her stomach and hugged her back. They sat there, just crying. Draco Malfoy didn't understand her. But her three year old son did. she didn't know whether to be happy or sad about it...

"Aaron?" She asked, pulling away after what felt like fifteen minutes. He looked up at her with red, puffy eyes and she guessed she looked the same. "Can I tell you something? But you have to promise not to tell anybody. I haven't told anybody- not even Aunty Ginny."

Aaron nodded. She leaned over and whispered into his ear. His eyes immediately widened and he gave her a watery smile.

"Even if that won't fix things, Im so happy", He said, hugging her tightly again. She wrapped her arms around him and held him again.

"Surprisingly, so am I, honey", She said quietly, "So am I."

* * * *

The week dragged on from that day, Sunday, all the way to the next Saturday. Hermione would go with Ginny everyday to drop Aaron to school and she soon knew whatever she was supposed to know about her surroundings. Draco went to work on new designs everyday and when the company called in for Hermione, she said she needed leave for a week or two due to personal family problems and as she was an important part of their company who they couldn't afford to lose, they granted her the leave. Ginny would stay with her often, showing around her house and telling her where the basic necessities were, the ones that Hermione hadn't already found. But along with Ginny being around more often, Ritch's appearance at home began increasing as well.

Hermione grew annoyed and for some reason, upset, every time that woman stepped into the house. At first Aaron would play with her and sit with her and Draco whenever necessary but towards the end of the week, he would stay in his room or sit with Hermione in her room and read with her and stay with her all the way until Ritch left and even when Draco called him down, he refused to leave his mother's side.

Hermione felt movement beside her and squeezed Draco's hand, rubbing her thumb across his wrist soothingly.

"It's okay, Draco, it's just a dream", She mumbled, not lifting her head. When she felt him move about more, she held tight to his hand and said, "It's okay, Draco-"

She lifted her head and her jaw dropped open. Draco was sitting up,an utterly shocked and confused expression etched on to his face.

"I can-I can explain-" Hermione stammered, sitting up straight.

"I sincerely hope you can", Draco said.

"Well, I-I mean-you-", She stammered.She took a deep breathe and said softly, "You were having nightmares and I couldn't bare listening to you suffer in your sleep."

It was Draco's turn for his jaw to drop open,"When-How long have you been here?"

"Since twelve", She said in an almost inaudible whisper.

"It's 5 30", He stuttered, looking at the watch on his bedside table, "You're saying you've been here for the past five and a half hours?"

She nodded. He looked down at their connected hands and realized just then that now coming to think of it,his nightmares weren't as bad as they used to be...for the past few days in fact.

She followed his gaze to their hands and quickly withdrew her hand but just as their fingers lost contact and she stood up, he grabbed her wrist and her head snapped down to look at him.

"How many days have you been here?" He asked, but it didn't have the normal tone of annoyance in it this time.

"I-I-" She stammered, "I have to go...Aaron would be waking up soon." She tried shaking his hand off but he kept holding on.

"He doesn't wake up now", Draco shook his head, "Granger,how many days?"

She looked away and he tugged at her hand,making her look at him.

"Is that why you've been looking like a mess every breakfast? Because you haven't been sleeping at night properly? Do you stay here all the way till morning?" She didn't answer and he took that as a silent confirmation. "How many days, Granger?"

"This is the ninth night", She said softly.

His hand dropped her wrist in shock.

"You've been staying here for five nights...helping me?" Draco asked, "Why?"

"Because I know how it is to get nightmares...every night", Hermione said, "It's like being chased in a place where you're completely helpless. Just because you hate me doesn't mean I'll let you go through what I do if I can help it...And also, when I'm here-I don't get nightmares because I end up sleeping so I can wake up if I hear you in...well discomfort."

"You haven't slept properly in days...for me" He said,looking at her. He couldn't believe that she did something so...sweet for him.

"It doesn't matter", she shrugged it off, "It gave me a chance to escape the nightmares. This way, both of us didn't get chased by them...both of us win", She offered him a small smile.

He looked at her for a few seconds and suddenly she yawned. He grinned in amusement ," Yeah, of course it doesn't matter."

He reached forward,grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him. He quickly got off his bed, still holding her wrist and sat her down on the edge.

"Dra-Malfoy, it's fine...Aaron-"

"I'll take care of Aaron today morning. Just get some sleep okay?" Draco said. She nodded and lay down. Before she could say anything, she felt her eyes droop shut and in a matter of a few seconds she was asleep.

Draco, without thinking, took the covers from where he had pushed them off and placed it over her sleeping form.

* * * *

But that was probably the only civil exchange that the two had for that week and things just got worse in the next two days. They yelled at each other after putting silencing charms on the kitchen door so that Aaron couldn't hear them and they would fight and scream at each other every opportunity that they got. When Ritch came home on Wednesday evening after dinner, Hermione basically lost it and screamed so much that she stormed away, leaving an extremely angry Draco and an even more infuriated Hermione alone in the kitchen.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" He snapped, slamming his palms down against the kitchen table, angrily.

"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?" Hermione screamed.


"You have no right to bring her into this house at any time you want to!" Hermione argued.

"Hell,YES I DO!" Draco retorted,"She HAPPENS to be my girlfriend!"

"I HAPPEN TO BE YOUR WIFE!" Hermione screamed.

"No,not really", Draco said, "Youre nothing to me."

"I am the mother of your son!" Hermione yelled, "He's started bonding more with Ritch than with me!"

"Maybe that's better!" Draco spat," Maybe she's just better than you are or will ever be!"

Tears welled up in her eyes at hearing those words but she furiously blinked them back, "You have no right to say that! I am his MOTHER, Malfoy! You cannot snatch my own son away from me!"

"Maybe he WANTS to be with her, thought about that?" He asked, anger boiling through his veins.

"Have you spoken to your son AT ALL, Malfoy?" Hermione asked, "Have you had a single conversation with him about things? Have you found out how he feels about her and how he feels about his family falling apart? How he practically blames himself for not being able to hold us together? Do you know your son at ALL? He is your son, Malfoy! How can you be so freaking selfish?!"

"Listen, Granger, I can do what I please!" Draco snarled.


"I WILL", He screamed back.

"GOOD. You can go be happy with your dear bitch and I'll live my own life. WITHOUT YOU!" Hermione yelled and then said in a softer but still dangerous voice, "Im sure Ginny will help me take care of the baby."

"If it has'nt occured to you yet, Granger, Aaron is no longer a baby!" Draco said," And you wont get to keep him all the time! I'm still his father and-"

"I was'nt talking about that baby..." Hermione said softly, feeling her eyes well up again.

Draco was about to ask her what the hell she was on about when he noticed that she had placed her hands protectively around her stomach. His eyes widened in realization. Not Aaron...Not that baby...

"What...How-When?" He spluttered.

"If you had just gotten your head out of your arse you would have noticed how I got sick every morning, how I was more emotional than usual, how I couldnt stand strong smells any longer, how, unless you passed it off as me getting fat, my stomach was beginning to have a bump and I tried to cover up by wearing loose dresses and when I didn't, the bump was pretty visible. But of course, you were to busy with other matters- like Ritch - to notice anything- so I dont blame you for your olivious-ness", Hermione said, gritting her teeth together.

"Oh Merlin...I-I-" He was truly lost for words as he stared helplessly at her, not knowing at all what to do.

"Save it,Malfoy", Hermione shook her head. She turned away from him and felt a tear escape her eye.

She took a few steps away from him towards the staircase and just before she went on she stopped and said, "Nice wish you asked for back then. Looks like you got what you wanted."

She ran away to her own room, tears silently streaming down her cheeks.

Draco stood, shocked, rooted to his spot . It was impossible..another baby?! One was weird enough! And to top it off, another baby with GRANGER?


Oooooh Hermione's preggers! It wasn't that unexpected actually :P A lot of you guessed it already as I've seen in the reviews. SPEAKING OF REVIEWS, The number of them I've been receiving is AMAZING :) Thank you so so so much you all, really it makes my day! Sorry that this chapter was a bit short, the previous one was wayyyy longer, Im sure you'll agree! But I didn't have as much time and there's much more in the next chapter. For those who were asking for more Dramione moments, you can be SURE to see them coming soon. More importantly, what do you think will be Draco's reaction to another kid with mudblood Granger? D:

You'll find out in the next chapter, Newfound Determination :) I don't want to spoil anything for you, but just something to keep you guys holding on till the next chapter-


"Holy-did it just-" Draco said,shocked.

"It just kicked", Hermione said,sitting up straight. The baby suddenly kicked again and she grinned.

"How does it feel?"Draco asked,looking at her.

"Like butterflies fluttering about in there", She said," this is the first time that the baby kicked properly-usually its just lurching. It's only a month or so old though-it shouldn't have matured to the kicking stage yet."

"It's probably special like Aaron", Draco said. And then....


Yepp, no way Im telling you what he does after that. Sorry :P You're just going to have to wait! Wish me luck for my finals!

Till next time,
FeltonLewis xx

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