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Lost In Magic by WildFlower
Chapter 28 : Chapter Twenty-Eight: When Things Go Wrong
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Hello everyone!!! Here is the next chapter! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the amazing reviews! So without further adieu!

Diclaimer: The same as it's always been, I own my plot, my OC's and really that's about it haha!





There was a beeping noise. A slow beeping noise like a beep pause beep pause. I lifted my head slightly, wondering where it was coming from.

Had Sirius set an alarm?

We didn’t end up going back to the party. And just stayed warm in each other’s arms, and ended up falling asleep.

I heard murmuring and I groggily rubbed my eyes and opened them to take a look around. Though my eyes were extremely blurry, I could see the morning sun shining through the window and straight onto the bed. I heard a scuffing noise, like a chair being pushed back on linoleum.

Burying my head back into my pillow, I guessed the noises were coming from the shack itself. Being so old and creaky and all. Letting out a yawn, I rubbed my eyes trying to get the sleep out and bring them out of the morning blurry state. When they finally came too, I stretched and looked over beside me.

A smile came to my lips when I saw Sirius sleeping peacefully, he was on his stomach, his arm outstretched and it was lying over me. I reached over and rubbed his cheek lightly with my thumb, before snuggling closer into him. I wanted to laugh at how many people were going to wake up with hangovers today. Staring at Sirius, a lump came into my throat – these were the moments I was going to miss, being here with Sirius, in his arms. Why did the portal have to be so cruel? Pushing the thoughts out of my mind, I wondered what the time was.

Gently moving Sirius’ arm off me, I grabbed his coat and put it on, and while buttoning it up I tip-toed towards the window and looked out. Then going over to my pile of clothes on the floor, and digging through, I pulled out my watch. It was eight-thirty. We had to be heading back very soon, not only for breakfast, but to avoid getting into trouble. Smiling, I turned around and stepping back I ran full speed and dived onto the bed and tackled Sirius awake.

“Snuffles, time to get up!” I yelled cheerfully.

Sirius groaned and I smacked his bottom like a drum. “Come on Snuffles, it’s time to get a move on!”

“Cookie!” Sirius groaned and wrapping his arms around me, I squealed as he tackled me down into a pile of kisses.

Once he was finally up, we got dressed and headed back to the castle.

“So, how was it?” Sirius asked, taking my hand as we walked through the grounds.

I blushed. “It was, nice…”

Sirius raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “Nice? Is that it?”

I giggled. “Okay, I liked it a lot, you – you knew what you were doing and damn when you touched me – OMG…”

My face was on fire, but Sirius looked smug. “Yeah, well what can I say, it was with the girl I love, I had to do my best.”

I wrapped my arm around his waist and snuggled closer as we entered the Entrance Hall. People were staring at us with amused knowing looks as we walked up to the Gryffindor tower and when we entered the common room, our crew was waiting for us with anticipation.

When James’ gaze landed on us, a smile came to his lips and he said, “Yup, you can totally tell they’ve done it.”

And everyone cheered.

Embarrassing much.

*** *** ***

“So tell us Sophie, tell us what it was like making lurrrve with the great Sirius Black!” Mary said, putting her head in her hands – her eyes twinkling sources.

When the boys decided to go hit the sack to recover from the party, in which I found out hadn’t ended until four-thirty in the morning. The girls immediately begged me to tell them about Sirius and my night together. They were circling around me in the common room, with anticipation and wide excited eyes.

And I was prepared to indulge them.

“Well, he was really gentle,” I began, “since he was experienced, he knew exactly where to touch, so I kinda mimicked his moves a little as I was a little nervous, but I didn’t want to lie there like a dead fish. But as time went on, I became more confident and well it got hot and … heavy.”

“Oh Merlin’s beard,” Lily said fanning her face. “What was his kiss like?”

“Passionate,” I replied without hesitation. “Everything within that moment was different, like something awakened … like …”

“A teen turning into an adult,” Heather said dreamily.

“Yes!” I said happily. “Like a teen love transcending into a mature adult love.”

“Just like mine and Darren’s,” Heather giggled. “He was so gentle, and his kisses were soft and lingering…”

“Sirius found places I never knew existed,” I said. “He just … ugh! He was amazing!”

“Wow, so the rumour’s of Sirius and his skills are obviously true,” Kim said. “I wish I had some of him.”

Everyone gasped, and my eyes widened.

“Before you came along…” Kim quickly added.

“So did he like the room?” Mary asked.

“His eyes were only on me,” I replied blushing.

Awww’s erupted from the girls in unison and we all giggled.

“So expect Sirius’ hands to be all over you for the next few days now,” Mary said, sitting up and giving a stretch. “Once you pop, you can’t stop as they say.”

I knew she wasn’t wrong, actually thinking about it, it was a pity he was asleep, I’d rather be an in broom cupboard now, just to feel his touch on my skin again. I was melting just thinking about it!

“Although I could listen to this over and over, my bed is beckoning me,” Lily said, stifling a yawn.

Everyone agreed and so we spent the rest of the Sunday afternoon catching Z’s.


Everyone was in high-spirits the next day, talking about how successful the party had been and we were all laughing as we were going down to breakfast.

Well except for me and Sirius.

As Mary had said, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. So we spent breakfast in a broom cupboard – classy, I know. 

The morning started off like every other one, though I regretted skipping breakfast immediately during second period.

The rest of the day was rather weird. Now and again the blurriness in my eyes that I had experienced yesterday morning would come back at random intervals. And when I was holding an object, like a quill, my body wouldn’t want to grasp it; it would just fly out of my hand or not pick it up all together. 

And I couldn’t fathom the random moments of fatigue I felt. I would just zone out, only to be brought back by someone asking me a question.

I just put it down to being over-tired.

However, when I closed my eyes, for a moment in Transfiguration, a pounding came into my head. It was slight at first, but then it grew and soon it was painful. I tried to open my eyes, but they refused to do so. The darkness refused to go. I pushed and pushed and finally I managed to open my eyes, only to find.

I couldn’t move my body.

Just like the time when I was trapped in The Room of Requirement.

I began panicking, what the hell was happening to me? When I finally, after much force, gained control of my body and dizzily got up out of my seat, my head still pounding.

“Miss Adams, are you alright?” Professor McGonagall asked me after class.

I nodded. “Yeah, just a slight headache, I think I’m over-tired.”

McGonagall nodded and rubbed my shoulder slightly. “Alright, just try not to push yourself, maybe go down to Madam Pomfrey for some tension-easing potion.”

That didn’t sound like a bad idea, and although I knew I was going to be late to my next class, I made my way down to the Hospital Wing.

“Hmmm, nothing seems out of the ordinary,” Madam Pomfrey said as she finished checking me over. “Are you sure you’re not just hung over, I’ve had quite a few students coming in here for an anti-hangover potion.”

I shook my head weakly. “No, it’s a pounding in my head and I am losing control of my body and my eyes are blurry, perhaps the headache is causing that?”

“Perhaps … I don’t have sympathy toward those who bring self-inflicting headaches upon them, however I will give you something to help, and if you can, would you please stay so I can keep an eye on you. I’ll send a note to your class to explain your absence.”

I nodded, and lay down on the small uncomfortable cot. “I swear Madam Pomfrey, this isn’t self-inflicted.”

She just nodded as she went over to a shelf full of bottles and took one down and grabbed a goblet. When I saw it was orange in colour, I knew this wasn’t going to taste nice.

And it didn’t, but it helped and once I was feeling much better and Madam Pomfrey was sure of it, I was dismissed. I decided to skip Divination completely and just wait out the bell for next period.

When I got to the common room, it was occupied by a few students studying in their free time. It was silent, so I sat down and twiddled my thumbs. Then my mind drifted again, this time I was wondering what my family was up too. I couldn’t believe I’d been here for nearly two and a half months … missing from my world for nearly two and a half months.

I slid back into the couch in complete disbelief. A weird feeling swirling at the pit of my stomach, it was realization that I really missed my family – like, a lot.

Mumbling voices snapped me out of thought, but when I looked up, no one was speaking. Looking at my watch, I decided to go freshen up for my next class which was Potions. So I slumped up to the girls’ dorm and into the bathroom.

And looking in the mirror, I was shocked at what I saw.

I looked sick.

Like really sick.

Though I had been feeling much better as of late, and I had been eating normally. My face was still pale and the dark circles were still ringed my eyes. Why hadn’t Madam Pomfrey questioned this? I looked horrible! I think she was convinced it was self-inflicted.

I heard the voices again, so thinking Lily or one of the girls had come back for something, I went back into the room … to find it completely empty!

I was going crazy!

The bell finally rang signaling that it was time to go, so straightening myself up; I didn’t give it a second thought.

*** *** ***

Potions class was going relatively well, so I thought that the potion Madam Pomfrey had given me was finally taking some affect, until it came to actually doing the practical. I started feeling really dizzy, but I took deep breaths and tried to remain in control.

“Umm, we need mucus from the Flubberworm to thicken the potion, go get it,” Avery said to me without even looking up from his book.

I nodded and began walking over to the ingredients table, my legs felt heavy, but I dragged on, catching Sirius’ eyes on the way passed. I returned his smile and he mouthed ‘I love you.’ I went to reply, but my mouth wouldn’t open, so I went to nod, but I couldn’t move my head.

Oh no.

Sirius raised an eyebrow and his expression filling with worry.

Come on Sophie, you can’t be like this – you’ve caused enough worry as it is! Move!

I managed to move a step, and heard Sirius crying out my name, before it all went black.

When I came too, it was extremely blurry; I could only see outlines of the people in front of me. I let out a groan and the voices stopped.

“Sophie, are you awake?” it was Lily’s voice.

“Oh Cookie, you had us worried!” Sirius’ voice echoed feeling his arms go around me.

“What’s happening?” I heard myself murmur.

“You fainted, you are in the hospital wing,” – James’ voice.

“My eyes are blurry, I can’t see you guys properly,” I whispered.

“Just don’t push yourself Cookie, I’m right here,” Sirius said, stroking my hair lightly.

What on planet earth was happening to me?

“I’m sorry I turned out like this after having such a great night on Saturday.”

“No, don’t be sorry, this isn’t your fault Cookie,” Sirius assured.

“Yeah, don’t be ridiculous Soph, you are allowed to be sick,” – Remus’ voice.

“Yeah, but I feel like such a burden…” I mumbled. “You guys mean everything to me; I don’t want you to be sick of me.”

I let out a cough when my throat tried to close over and I panicked a little.

“We could never be sick of you Sophie, you’re special,” Peter’s squeaky voice said.

Why did he have to become evil?

I heard someone hyperventilating. Lily? “Lily is that you?” I choked.

“Something is wrong here, something is wrong with Sophie,” she said, her voice raising. “S-something i-is wrong, M-Madam P-Pomfrey, fix h-her right n-now!”

Smiling, I murmured, “Lily, you’re so beautiful.”

“I can’t find any explanation to what is wrong with her…” Madam Pomfrey said this was the first time she sounded so … defeated.

Lily let out a sob, and before I knew it she was crying.

“H-hey, I’m the one who is supposed to be crying here!” Sirius stammered, trying to keep his voice light and happy. I could see right through him, he was extremely worried.

“S-Sophie, I am so sorry I wasn’t n-nice to y-you until recently,” Lily said in between sobbing breaths.

“Lily, calm down,” I told her weakly. “I’ll be fine by tomorrow.”

I sounded assuring, but deep down I knew - I knew it may not be true.

“Sophie, you are amazing, you’re one of my closet friends…” Lily said her voice turning soft.

“Duh, you’re one of mine too, you’re one of my girls’,” I said happily.

“Get your arm off me Potter,” she said in between her breathing hic cups.

“Sorry.” James muttered.

I didn’t have to see to be able to picture what happened and I couldn’t help but to let out a chuckle.

“SOPHIEEE!” I heard a cry and I heard all the boys jump out of their skins.


I heard her rush over and come to a halt beside my cot, the force of the wind from her run blowing in my face. “I heard what happened, oh my merlin! Are you okay?”

I nodded. “I can’t see, but I’m sure I’d be fine.”

I just had to be.

Hearing a little sniffle, I slowly turned my head into the direction. “Is that you Heather?”

“It’s me and Kim,” her little voice said.

They were beside me until Madam Pomfrey shooed them off for dinner, but she allowed Sirius to stay, only because he refused to move.

My eyes became clearer enough for me to see him. He smiled widely when I smiled and he resumed stroking my hair, and I found his other hand and held onto it tightly.

“Sirius, can I tell you something,” I said.

He nodded. “Anything.”

“Promise you won’t get mad at me saying this Snuffles?”

“I promise Cookie.”

I took a deep breath. “I want to go home…”

Sirius looked at me, and then without warning, he broke down and cried. To my surprise, my body allowed me to move my arm to stroke his hair. “I’m so sorry Snuffles, I’m so sorry. I just want to be with my family, I want to talk to them, tell them goodbye if I have too, just so I can stay here and be with you forever.”

Sirius just nodded in response as he took a deep breath and wiped away his tears.

“And Snuffles,” I whispered.

Sirius leant in closer and I kissed his lips and trying to hold back my tears, I said, “I love you. Please don't forget that.”

He broke down and cried again, and this time I did too, and pulling Sirius to me, I hugged him tightly. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I just wanted him to kiss me, make love to me, assure me that everything was going to be alright and tell me the future was going to be a happy one.

The last couple of months since I arrived here had been the best of my entire life. I’d experienced an adventure that people could only imagine. I’d been through up’s and downs; I’d made friends, and fell completely in love.

But I felt it now, I felt it all coming to an end. It made me sick, sick both mentally and physically.

I didn’t want to believe it, but it seemed like the only logical explanation to what was happening…

…I think that the portal was coming back.


DUN DUN DUNNNNN! See you all with the next chapter!


XOXO WildFlower!

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