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Smeared Lip Gloss and Pretty Lies by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 9 : Epilogue
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I’m nervous. Incredibly so. I talked to my parents over the summer and they agreed to let me go back to Hogwarts for my final year. I’m still not sure what the year will be like. Teddy was my only real friend and now he’s gone. I almost stayed home to be closer to him, but he’s been really pushing for me to go back.

The platform isn’t crowded yet, but I still take in a deep breath when I see the train. Teddy notices and places a comforting hand on my shoulder. “You’ll be fine.” I nod in agreement, but my heart isn’t in it. I have to spend the next year sleeping in the same room as Yvette. I might not be fine.

I’ve got more family at Hogwarts this year too. Rose, Albus, and Freddy are all going to be there, in addition to James and Dom. I should be happy that my family’s going to be there, but it’s hard when they’re all so much younger. I’m really going to miss having Teddy to lean on this year.

I stand in the throng of family members, six aunts and uncles, my parents, and about a dozen cousins. Dom’s already gone off to find her friends, no doubt wanting to distance herself from me as much as possible.

There are too many conversations for me to follow so I just end up nodding my head in agreement with everything everyone says. A few queries are directed at Teddy about his recent internship at the ministry, but other than that no one says anything directly to us teenagers. The younger kids are all chatting excitedly, Rose and Albus looking especially thrilled. Rose has already changed into her robes, as precocious as she is.

Teddy notices how uncomfortable I am with the rest of the family and takes me by the arm. “Come on,” he says, too quiet for anyone else to hear. I let him lead me to a secluded area of the platform. There are still people bustling around, but the noise seems almost muted where we are.

“You need to relax,” Teddy says. “Relax and focus on your studies.”

He’s been drilling that into me since I told him I was considering going back. He knows I won’t have many friends, so he thinks giving me something to focus on will help get me through the months. He’s probably right.

“I know,” I tell him. It’s a bit embarrassing to be absolutely terrified of going back to school. He wasn’t his last year, but I guess our situations are different. “It’s just everyone knew I was gone last year and-” I cut myself off before I say anymore. I never told Teddy, or anyone for that matter, about meeting Yvette on the platform last year. It would only make him worry more.

“Vic.” He sighs as he says my name. Then he leans in closer to me and gives me a light kiss.

It takes me by such surprise that for a moment I don’t even kiss back. He pulls away after a long moment. We hadn’t talked about the possibility of getting together since I told him we should take it slow last summer. I had assumed his interest has waned, but now-

“I’m not pushing you, am I?” Teddy asks, looking very concerned.

As an answer I stand on my tiptoes and kiss him back. We only stop when a voice interrupts us, rudely might I add. “Ew! What are you doing?”

Teddy pulls away from me and stares at James, Uncle Harry’s oldest kid. My face is burning, even though we’ve only been caught by a twelve year old. That shouldn’t be this embarrassing.

“I came to see Vic off.” James stares at the both of us wide eyed for another moment before Teddy sighs. “Go away, James.” He scurries off, presumably to tell the entire family that Teddy and I were snogging. At least Uncle Harry and I have been getting along better.

“What are you thinking about?” Teddy asks with a slight smile.

“Just how much I’m going to miss you this year.” I plant another kiss on his lips and smile. “So do you think we should go talk to the family before the train leaves?”

Teddy considers this and shrugs. “I’m good saying goodbye here. Unless of course you want to see them.” I shake my head and we keep kissing until the Hogwarts express blows its whistle, signaling eleven o’clock.

I sigh unhappily and regret deciding to go back. It would have been better last year because at least I had a friend I could rely on. Now it’s just me against the world. “You’re fretting again,” Teddy says as he levitates my trunk onto the train. “Stop fretting.”

I smile at him, as though it would be that easy. “I’m alright.”

He rolls his eyes at me, just like he always does when I lie to him. “Everything’s going be fine. Just think, in a few months you’ll come back for Christmas and I’ll be here, waiting for you.” Then he kisses me in the most swoon worthy way I’ve ever experienced. I’m still stand there stunned when he gives me a little push onto the train.

The doors shut behind me before I even have a chance to respond to Teddy’s kiss and I end up staring at him through the glass window. The only other students around me are first years frantically waving goodbye to the parents, but it doesn’t bother me like it used to. Instead I feel a sense of peace, as though the knot in my stomach has finally been released.

No matter what happens this year, Teddy will be waiting for me. Everything’s going to be alright, just like he promised.

A/N: I’m so sorry this chapter took me ages to update! I’ve been completely overloaded with stuff and didn’t have time to write the last few hundred words. (I know it’s no excuse, but I felt like I should beg for forgiveness anyway.) I’m also sorry that there was no epic showdown with Yvette. Some of you probably wanted one, but it didn’t feel right with the story.

So this is the end. Did you like it? Hate it? Leave a review and let me know!

And I want to thank everyone who’s been reviewing, especially Miss Muggle. You guys are all awesome!


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