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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 8 : Let Go; Pretenses.....
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~8~ Chapter 8

                                     Hermione didn’t know why she had even come. She hated parties like this. It was only because Ginny begged her, that she was willing to chance a night being groped by strangers. She looked through the sea of faceless strangers to find Ginny. She ducked and weaved through many intoxicated people, before seeing Ginny leaving a roped off area. A slight wonder ran through Hermione’s head about who was behind the ropes, but the thought was knocked out of her literally.  She hit the floor way harder then she thought she could. From her hands and knees she saw a familiar man looking down at her and holding his hand out for her. She took it quickly, wanting to get off the dirty and dank floors as fast as possible.

“Granger, is that you down there. How the hell are you? Damn Girl you have blossomed. Not so much book worm anymore?”

                                     Hermione was in shock of her fall, by then the man was twirling her around to get a good look at her. She was glad she looked alright and chose to wear her new dark pink carpi pants and a black pink top. “Mr. Zambini, what do I owe the pleasure?”

                                     Hermione was taken aback. Blaise was more handsome than she had remembered. He had a nice man fill going on and gentle look to his face. His eyes seemed less harsh than before and his smile made her heart beat quicken slightly. Ginny rushed to find the two of them standing face to face with her hand still in his.

“This wasn’t my plan, but this could work too?” Ginny said under her breath as she grabbed Hermione’s hand out of Blasie’s. “Sorry we’ll be right back. Let me borrow her… You know, to get her freshen up.”

                                     Hermione looked down to see her new outfit stained and her heels scuffed, but was pulled away by Ginny before she could say or think anything else. Ginny pulled her through the swaying crowd with swagger like it was a choreographed dance among friends. The two of them ducked and twirled in and out of people dancing and prancing until with a loud thud Ginny swung open the ladies room door. The harsh white light was a shock from the dimmed one outside. The two girls settled in front of two open mirrors. Hermione immediately went for some paper towels to salvage her shirt, but as soon as a random girl exited the bathroom Ginny pulled out her wand, waved it over Hermione’s shirt, and in a moment she was a good as new. She continued to wave it over Hermione’s hair. The curls tightened up and a sleek sheen washed over her head.

                                      Back into the mirror they both added the last touches of any touch up session. Hermione was distracted by her odd ‘run in’ with Blaise, it took Ginny a swift elbow in the ribs in order for Hermione to come back into the moment.

With her arms on her hips and a half smile on her face Ginny couldn’t help herself, but to ask. “So, do I detect a bit of lust at first sight?

When Hermione’s face turned beet red and she received no answer, Ginny squealed like a pig to slaughter.

“Gin, calm down” Hermione almost had to put her hand over the mouth of her best friend. “I don’t think they heard you across the street.”

                                     A second later Ginny was quiet and calm. “Would you, though???”

Hermione looked at her for a minute to pounder the situation for a moment. “You know what I think I would.”

“Perfect! Let’s do it. I have always wondered if you had this side to you. Glad that I am finally seeing it. Plus, he’s fit. Really fit. If I wasn’t……” But, Ginny was cut off by a playful backhand to her chest. She knew when to keep her words short and this was the time to shut it. Ginny continued to drag Hermione along. Ginny was a freight train just barging her way through the crowd of dancing people. Hermione was taking in the seen as she was pulled across the room. Many dancing couples littered the floor, some were happier than others. Hermione started to think what it would be like to be one of these random girls looking for love in a place like this. What kind of men do you find in a place like this?

                                     It was then that she saw a familiar pale blonde haired figure being pull into a door way hidden in the wall by an equally blonde haired girl. “That’s what kind of guy you find in a place like this.” She said out loud, but it was drowned out by the banging bass of the club. But, as soon as those words left her lips she felt a pang in her stomach. Hermione didn’t know why her stomach dropped. It was like her body was catching up with her head. She hated to admit it to herself, but she would have liked to see Draco. Ever since her birthday she had thought about their conversation. She had to shake herself from these thoughts. Hermione didn’t take her eyes off of him though. They lingered on his dashing form till he vanished from her sight.

                                     As the world began to refocus she saw she was being pulled by Ginny in a roped off area filled with little square tables with red square seats circled around them. The roped off area was only slightly less crowded than the dance floor outside. Hermione followed suit and pushed herself into and in-between the people scrunched together until Ginny and she found free seats.  The table that Ginny choose had a few guys in suits whispering in to each other ears. Ginny got a waitress to bring two very strong cocktails, before disappearing on Hermione to say hi to some work friends. Hermione sat by herself surrounded by a sea of faceless strangers. She played with her drink and silently made a promise to herself that as soon as she was done her it she would say goodbye and go home.

                                     Her focus was on her drink and the ice cubes that temporally made its home in the rocks glass, not on the fellow that took the seat next to her. Hermione was dazed by the shimmer on the glossy ice cubes, she saw the light reflect and bounced into different patterns. Her thoughts drifted to the place where she was lost in a feeling she only knew from a dream. 

                                     Hermione looked so intent and peaceful that he didn’t want to break her from whatever she was thinking about. He liked the fact that even in a place as posh as this she was still herself. Blaise looked upon Hermione as someone does a rare flower. He wanted to reach out and it her but was afraid that he would damage it. It wasn’t until he finished his drink and placed it on the ebony square table that she notice that someone was sitting next to her. She didn’t meet the eyes of her new acquaintance. She just began to gather her stuff. Before, she could get any further then reaching for her purse, he leaned into her. It caught Hermione by surprise and she stiffened up. For a moment she was scared about who would cross into her personal space. She almost wished she could pull out her wand, but she knew better. She looked into their eyes and her cinnamon eyes met coffee colored ones.

“Blaise…..oh?” she mouthed or it seemed to him, because he could hear nothing over the music. Hermione instantly calmed down, when she realized that she knew the person. Ginny caught her eye, she was smiled at Hermione and gave a sly thumbs up. Hermione giggled and she notice Blaise looking at her. She realized that she had to say something. She racked her brain; what could she say. Oh yeah, how’s not being a Deatheater. Or how have you changes since school. Lucky for her Blaise took charge of the situation he leaned into her. She could feel his warm breath next to her ear. Each of his words filled a void that she didn’t even know she had been feeling.

“Hey, this really isn’t my scene. Wanna find somewhere more quitter?”

Hermione nodded. She wasn’t sure about going anywhere with Blaise, but also she didn’t really want to be at the club. So, she gave a slight nod that Blaise took as a yes. They passed Ginny on the way out of the front door. Ginny gave an approving look before turning back to her conversation. Blaise held Hermione’s hand and led her down the street and around the corner.

“This place has a nice piano bar. You game?” Blaise asked

“Looks perfect” she answered.

                                     The ducked into the lavish hotel’s lobby and into the bar off the side of the foyer. It was a classic hotel bar, dark wood surrounded by low tables with  tea lights on each in a glass vase. Blaise led Hermione to a table next to the baby grand piano on the little stage.

Hermione sat down and said “Yeah, this is much more my style. Humm, good choice. How did you know about this place?”

Blaise laughed “There’s the Hermione I knew. Always’s with the questions. Take a breath. I’ll be right back with drinks.”

                                     Just as he left, the piano player began to play as if it was on clue. He played a haunting melody the chilled the air. It had a bluesy feel, hit Hermione in the right spot. She was lost in the music when Blaise came back with a bottle of red wine. She was surprised that Blaise had chosen red wine. Hermione thought boys didn’t drink wine. They drink beer and harder things, but not wine. Blaise poured her a taste and when she agreed it was ‘suitable’ he poured her a generous goblet of the Spanish wine.  Blaise raised his glass and with a smile purposed a toast.

“To starts!”

Hermione couldn’t find anything wrong with his statement, so she raised her glass too. A blush crept on her face as the warming feeling of the wine hit her belly.

“So, Hermione fate’s funny like that, huh?”

                                     Hermione held the glass of wine in front of her face. It felt like enough of a mask for her to be able speak freely. She wasn’t sure why she felt the filter come off, but for tonight as far as she was concerned it was a one night thing. An adventure with in itself. For one night she didn’t feel like being what she was supposed to be, she was going to be herself and not care about it for once.

“You have no idea. If someone would have said that I would be sharing a bottle of wine with you I would have thought they were talking in tongues or something. It’s weird though. It feels like it should be wrong; sitting here with you. But, it doesn’t.” She said still hiding behind her glass. The wine warmed her belly and calmed her nerves.

                                      Their conversations went back and forth from politics and remising of their shared school days. Hermione was deeply enthralled with have an intellectually stimulating debates she didn’t realize the piano bar was empting out around them. The bartender came up to Blaise to ask for them to leave. But, with a few choice words, the next thing Hermione knew bartender was telling Blaise how to lock up by the time they were finished. Moments later Blaise was walking towards the door with the single key alone on its key ring jingling slightly in his hand.

                                     The idea of being locked in somewhere with Blaise slightly un-nerved her, but the wine was making it easy for her to forget any outside thoughts. She was definitely feeling the wine and knew it was probable a good time to stop drinking, but she was having a such a good time. She again ignore the tiny voice in the back of her head. The glass was still in her hand as Blaise the gentleman that he was refilled it, before taking a seat at the piano. Hermione watched transfixed as he effortlessly caressed the ivory keys.

                                      At first Blaise toyed with her by playing simple melodies, he then went into a sharp dramatic iterating of Mozart. Hermione was shocked by his talent. She gingerly took a seat next to him at the bench. He stopped for a second and looked at her chocolate meeting cinnamon.

“I didn’t you could play?” came out in an almost whisper from her lips unknowingly.

                                     Blaise answered by continuing to playing but what he said brought Hermione back to reality. “By product of being brought up to be a perfect pure blood.” 

                                     There was no way for Blaise to know how his words affected Hermione. Normally, she wouldn’t have said anything, but the wine had weakened her walls of defenses. “Oh” slipped out, but it was enough for Blaise to stop in mid key. “I think you need to know that those were never my beliefs.” Blasie’s words came out a little more harshly than he would have wanted. He looked up Hermione who was at a loss for words as she brought the crimson liquid to her lip in avoidance to say anything more. “There was no other choice for us.”

Hermione thought for a second if ‘us’ could mean Draco too. But, it was interrupted by Blaise waving his hand over the piano and standing up leaving Hermione on the bench. In a moment the piano began to play a sweet waltz like tune and Blaise held out a hand for Hermione to take. He interlaced his fingers with hers, and pulled her into him.

                                     Her hips followed his by a gentle guiding of his palm on the small of her back as they were graced with blissful note of the piano. His steps were graceful yet powerful. Hermione felt the moment was unreal, something more from a bad TV movie and not her life. To her it felt like the air was electric with possibilities, it wasn’t until she felt the warms soft lips of his against hers that any of it felt real.

 “Why did you do that? She asked in a small voice, unsure on why she had even said it.

But, Blaise just looked at her and smiled. He continued his dance with a smile on his face.

“Sometimes you don’t need an answer.” He said blankly.

                                     The words meant more than she even realized. She knew he was right and more importantly she wanted him to be right.  His words made it alright for her to doing what she was doing right now. Hermione needed someone to tell what she was doing was right and not wrong. In that moment she felt as if what she was doing was the right thing and for right now she was going to do something that she would never do, Hermione let go and went the night. She didn’t plan, or to think to control. She decided to let go and just let fate do the playing.


A/N: I know grammar suck. I hope the story line doesn't, lol. Hope you enoyed the read. Thank you for your time. You rock! If you feel like it tell me what you think. So, I can make the story better. Lot's of love!!!!!!!!!








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SXRXRR: Let Go; Pretenses.....


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