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The Red Piano by TheCarrowChild
Chapter 1 : Picking Up the Pieces
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 I, Isabella Carrow had survived the final battle at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 6 years ago today. That day of the battle not only had I walked away from the only place I had left to call home, but I’d walked away from the only person I’d ever given a piece of myself to. To this day I haven’t received that piece back, no matter how many suitors I had. I left Draco Malfoy that day although to be honest when you find your “boyfriend” in the arms of another woman after a day of unimaginable horror, the decision to leave isn’t hard.

I don’t associate much with the wizarding world anymore minus the fact I was currently involved with two wizards from my Hogwart’s days. I have been seeing Theodore Nott, but to me it was more of a  casual fling. Something had always kept me from really settling on being with him, no matter how much time we spent together. He also works for the Ministry something which I wanted no part in. After having received my complimentary degree from Hogwart’s I didn’t want anything in the wizarding world associating itself with me. The ministry being a very big blemish on his record at least for me.

I don’t work in the wizarding world so you may be wondering what it is I do to pay the bills. Well I still live in the house I’d grown up in with Simone, and had plenty of money to live quite happily for a while but I wasn’t the type to live off of someone else’s money. I currently sing, in a coffee shop, for tips, every night. I must say as crap as it sounds I do enjoy it. One of the things Simone had pressured me to do with much argument from me was learn to play the piano. Currently I had the most beautiful  red piano I’d ever seen. Often when I was feeling most heartsick I could be found playing songs of love lost to my cat, Mystique. My owl Magnus had died a year ago and I hadn’t had the heart to replace him, so I bought a cat which usually just ignored me.

Currently I was playing Tragedy by Christina Perri with a glass of red wine in front of me. Theodore would be stopping by whilst I was playing later in the coffee shop down the street. So I sit hear and sing of the aching in my soul for the hole I had created to one day be filled again while I look out at the beautiful ocean with the moon’s reflection playing on its waves.

“If you could envision

The meaning of a tragedy..ooooh

You might be surprised to hear it’s you and me

When it comes down to it…

Never make the most of it….


So I cried, cried, cried

And now, I say goodbye….


Don’t be made of a fool of…

Don’t call this love-“

I sing until Mystique decides to dump the entire contents of my wine all over my piano and my white dress.

“Bloody cat!” I scold jumping up to find my wand locked away in my trunk. I finally feel the familiar wood and take it out, unsure how this will go as I haven’t been using it. I hear a knock on the door as I make my way back into my living room, “COME IN!!” I yell, knowing Theodore was due to arrive at any moment.

I grumble incoherently glaring at Mystique who just stares at me like the princess she is as I try and remember the spell to clean up spills when I hear, someone behind me.

“Theo can you just clean this up, the damn cat dumped my wine all over the place and I have to get changed before we go, and I can’t remember the damn---“ I say turning around frazzled to face someone I hadn’t expected, “M-M-Malfoy?” I can feel myself pale and suddenly feel dizzy.

“Scourgify!” is all he says as he points his wand at the mess on the piano and my dress. “You look nice Izzy.” He smiles at me as if this was an expected visit.

“Wha-Wha-What are you doing here?” Is all I manage as I crumble into one of my chairs afraid I’d fall over if I didn’t sit.

“Can’t an old friend stop by for a visit? Is that so peculiar?” He raises a perfectly manicured eyebrow at me an amused expression on his face.

“Not when said friend has a wife he should be attending to at this hour, and not dropping by his ex’s house for a friendly chat.” I say trying to regain some upper ground, he was after all in my house, “What do you want Malfoy?” I say practically spitting his name out as if it left a bad taste in my mouth, was currently making me feel like I would be sick at any moment so a bad taste wasn’t far off.

He sits down in the chair across from me a bemused expression on his face. Seeming to contemplate the words he would say next very carefully. I just kept glancing at the clock, surely Theo would be here soon as we were to go to the coffee shop together and I only had 30 minutes until showtime.

“You can stop checking the clock, Nott isn’t coming and they’ve found someone else to sing at the filthy muggle shop.” Draco says not breaking the gaze he currently had fixed on me, “I figured we needed to talk and that enough time had passed where you might give me some honest answers.”

“Like you deserve honest answers, why don’t you just go run back to your wife Malfoy, I’ve got nothing to say to you, seems this trip was wasted. I think you know your way I out.” I get up, angry he’d cancelled all my plans once again making decisions for me. I head to my room, hexing a house plant as I walk past suddenly remembering a hex, I smile as the pot breaks and soil falls all over the floor. I’d clean it up later for now it was the only anger relief I could get. When I reach my room I slam the door, locking it behind me, hoping he’d take the hint. I get changed out of my dress and into a pair of sweats and an old baggy shirt I’d had since Hogwarts that used to say something about  Slytherin Quidditch but now was mostly just black with little green flecks still clinging desperately to the fabric. I put my hair up in a messy bun, fully expecting to find my house empty except for my cat when I exited my room.

Instead when I opened my door I almost had a heartattack as Draco Malfoy was leaning against my wall, blocking my bedroom doorway. He just smirked at me as he saw me jump to which I glare at him and punch him in the stomach as I saunter passed him.

“What part of leave didn’t you understand? I know Malfoy’s don’t like being told what to do and all but that wasn’t really an option.” I yell over my shoulder as I enter my kitchen to make tea and get something to eat. As I put the kettle on I hear the kitchen door behind me open up and see Malfoy glaring at me, to which I smirk. “Why after all this time do you insist on controlling my life still!? I’m not yours in anyway, you have no claim to me yet you cancel my date and my job for the night. You’re incorrigible.” I scold turning my back to him searching for the flavor of tea I wanted and settling on the chamomile which is apparently the only flavor I had left in my cupboard.

I hear him laugh, “You…on a date with Nott!?” He continues to laugh as if it was the funniest thing ever said.

Confused I just stare at him thinking he’d gone mental right here in my kitchen. “There’s a nut house only a town over, I’m sure they could find a room for you Malfoy. I don’t see why it’s so funny the thought of me dating Nott.” I say angrily, crossing my arms over my chest and ignoring the whistling of the kettle behind me.

“He’s hardly your type is all Izzy.” Draco says calmly, a glint of something in his eyes as he composes himself.

I roll my eyes and continue making my tea, searching to no avail for my honey. Frustrated I start opening every cupboard thinking I misplaced it, I had just bought the bloody thing yesterday. I hear Draco clear his throat from behind me. Aggravated I turn around to face him, “WHAT!?” I yell, annoyed to no end at his presence.

He just points at the honey beside him on the counter. I put my hand out angrily for him to place it in my hand but he just shakes his head and motions for me to come get it. Frustrated I sigh, and walk over towards him to grab the honey so that I could maybe regain some sanity with my cup of tea, if he was going to insist on talking. As I get within an inch of the honey he grabs my wrists and pulls me towards him. Staring up into his eyes pressed firmly against his chest I try desperately to ignore the butterflies in my stomach, and can feel the breath in my throat catch. I knew what was going to happen but felt powerless against him, I always had been. Right before our lips touch I manage to whisper, “You have a wife and I’m not her.” I can feel the anger in his grip on my wrists, as he releases me and runs his hands through his hair anxiously as he had always done. I smile at the familiarity of the scene in front of me, I’d always had a special way of frustrating the Slytherin prince.

“Why are you bloody smiling?” He snaps as his eyes meet mine. I just giggle which turns into a full blown laugh, I couldn’t tell if I’d had a mental break or if I was  just so nervous I could no longer contain my emotions.

“You. You still do the same things you’ve always done, I still frustrate you so you end up raking your hands through your hair in frustration. I’m just smiling as I’ve seen this play out several hundred times.” I say honestly staring directly into the eyes of the man before me.

“Why did you leave me?” Draco says quietly leaning against the counter across from me.

I frown at the question and sigh as I push myself away from the counter I had been leaning on, grabbing the honey as I head back to my now somewhat cold cup of tea. I feel him standing behind me and it takes everything in my power not to turn around to face him and to continue to stare at the black void that is my cup of tea.

“I asked why you left me.” He says directly behind me.

“I heard you the first time, I’m just choosing not to answer. I can keep that to myself thanks. I think it’s time you left.” My voice sounding stronger than I feel inside.

He doesn’t leave, he doesn’t even move away from me, instead he places his hands on my hips and spins me around to face him and just stares into my eyes.

“I swear to Merlin Malfoy if you use Legilimens on me I will hex you to oblivion.” I say glaring up at him. He just smirks down at me not removing his hands from my hips, the closeness of him causing my heart to race.

He leans down to whisper in my ear, “You can’t even remember scourgify, what makes you think you can remember any hex that will hex me to oblivion love?”

His warm breath causes me to shiver involuntarily and I know he’s smirking at me, pleased with himself to have this affect on me.

“Need I remind you again of your wife? If memory serves me correctly you just recently celebrated your third anniversary.” I say, hearing him growl slightly in my ear.

“Why are you so infuriating? Why do you keep bringing her up?” He says shoving himself away from me and kicking my cupboard. “She left me!” He shouts rounding about on me.

“Do you know why she left me Izzy!?” He yells angrily at me, “Because I don’t look at her the way she always saw me look at you. Because I kept a picture of you and I and always have it with me and she doesn’t want to be second best anymore! She knew from the beginning that she was second choice and that she’d always be second choice. I’m surprised it took her this long to be honest, she told me she wants to be someone’s first choice, not their second option. She left me because I’m still in love with you and I can’t ever love her the way I do you.” As he finishes he storms out of the room and I hear him slam my front door and the vase that was on my end table fall on the floor.

Not exactly how I planned this entire conversation going…so much for my quiet life free of magical worries.

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The Red Piano: Picking Up the Pieces


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