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Secrets Can't Be Secrets Forever by rainstormsatnighttime
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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Chapter Three

A/N: Nothing belongs to me =) Thanks for reading!


There was a knock on my door.

"COME IN!" I called, my mouth full of foamy toothpaste as I scrubbed my teeth so it sounded like, "CU IIIII!"


I rolled my eyes, spat and rinsed my mouth out quickly, before running back to the door to my bedroom and opened it.

"I was brushing my teeth, dipshit."

"No need to get feisty. Just checking if you're ready yet," Scorp said, shaking his messy blonde hair out of his face.

Girls adored him. He was tall and pretty muscular, with full, shiny, messy blonde hair and beautiful eyes. He had a handsome face and a brilliant personality.


I looked around the room. All my pictures, CDs, books (shut up) and my teddy (shut up), were gone. My closet was empty. I looked down. I was wearing pants. SCORE!

Sometimes I forget these things. Fortunately, I am reminded before I leave the house.

I really love my brother.

"Yup," I smiled at him. "You?"

"All done," he said, gesturing to his trunk. "Let's go then."

"Wait a minute!"

I ran out of the room and up the landing to Alice's room. She was tidying her room, her red hair (natural red hair, not almost blood red like mine) tied back in a pony tail so I could see her extremely pretty face. When I burst in, she looked up at me and smiled. "Ready to go?"

"I just wanted to say goodbye."

She laughed and wrapped her arms around me firmly. "Have fun, Love."

"Are you gonna be ok?"

"I'll be fine. Love you."

"Love you too."

She released me and I tiptoed over to the cot in the corner of the room. I looked down at the beautiful sleeping baby. "Bye, sweetie. I love you," I whispered, kissing her head before locking Alice in one last hug. "I'll miss you."

"You too. She loves you, you know," Alice said, gesturing to the cot.

"How could she not?" I winked. "See you at Christmas!"

"You too, baby."

I ran back to my room where Scorp was waiting, a small smile on his face.

I grabbed my trunk and his arm and we apparated to an alley not far from the station.

"So if you're seventeen this year, does that mean we're not breaking the law anymore?"

"Yup. But we still need to keep our arrangement on the down low."

I bit my lip, pondering whether I should ask him a question as we pulled our trunks along behind us as we headed for the King's Cross station, a couple of streets away.

"Em?" he said softly. "What is it?"

"Nothing, I-"

"What's the rule?"

I rolled my eyes. "I can tell you anything."


"You can tell me anything."


"We look out for each other and love each other no matter what."


"That's what brothers and sisters and best friends are for. That's what family is for. We're all we've got. We have one another through anything and that will never change."


"I love you.


"And you love me."

That's right, my friends. My teenaged, popular, mischevious, sexy (GROSS - THAT IS NOT MY OPINION. IT IS THE OPINION OF THE REST OF THE FEMALES ON THE PLANET AND ENTIRELY NOT MY FAULT!), stupid brother, can be very, very deep.

And I have that speech memerized. He's been saying it since before Dad left and Mum... died.

You wouldn't believe this if you saw the way he acted. Cocky, self assured, slightly big headed, arrogant, confident, always pulling pranks or hooking up with girls. But family and friends are everything.

Well, not as in blood-related family. Family as in the people you love and who love you. Albus, Danny, Alice, Louis and Dom are our family.

Our dad was never our real family. Our mum was. She loved us, but she didn't always protect us. She did most of the time, but she wouldn't fight with him, she'd just lock us in a closet or something.

My dad went around the bend when I was about six or seven, and Scorp was (obviously) seven or eight. Our dad used to lash out, cry, scream, but no matter what my mum wouldn't take him to get help. She made us fear the press, what they would say if they found out. What they would do to me and Scorp if our parents weren't stable. So we kept it to ourselves.

Sometimes, Mum would send us out if things went really bad. Even if it were the middle of the night. She'd send Scorp to the Potters and me to Dan's or Dom's, but mostly Dan's. Dan's Mum isn't really bothered about... anything, really.

But if I were really shook up, or Scorp was, then we would demand to stay with whoever was shaken up, because we were the only ones who could calm each other down really.

"So what it is?"

I sighed. "It's just, don't you think, if we reported it, then they could get Dad some help?"

"He doesn't deserve help," Scorp growled. "He ought to be thrown into Azkaban."

I winced. "But that won't happen if they don't catch him..."


I looked up guiltily from the ground I had been staring at, into my brother's green eyes with the pretty brown and grey flecks and swirls.

His eyes were the same as mine. They were our mother's, for the most part, but the grey hints came from our dad. I was proud to have my mother's eyes. I also was proud of the connection between me and Scorpious. Though his hair was blonde from our father and mine was originally brown, our eyes were definitely the same.

"Em," he said softly, stopping us. He put his had lightly on my chin to gently push my face back up. "I'm gonna protect you. I won't let anything touch you. I promise."

"What if he comes back?" I whispered.

"He won't."

"But if he does..."

"If he does, then I will lock you, Alice and Maisy somewhere safe, stun him and send a patronus to the Auror Department at The Ministry."

I studied him for a moment. "What if he brings them back?"

"I'll lock us all somewhere safe, send a patronus to the ministry and make sure no one comes near you."

"I get to protect you too, right?" I said quietly, smiling slightly.

"Nuh uh," he replied childishly, amusement glinting in his eyes as he straightened out proudly. "Cause I'm your big brother."

"And I'm the not stupid one."

"Oh, that's it," he growled, as his fingers flew forwards to tickle me.

I squealed and darted away, my trunk, which was weightless because of a spell Scorp used, dragging behind of me as I ran up to the station. I wove through the crowds of people on the bustling station, until I found the pillar that seperated me from the train which would take me home.

I ran through without hesitation and had to gasp, coming to an abrupt stop, as the magical atmosphere hit me again. I smiled as I breathed in a long breath of air, revelling in the feeling of this station. My sixth time, and this never get's old.

That beautiful scarlett engine was gleaming next to the packed platform. People were crying and laughing and embracing, ready to let their family go or ready to leave themselves.

"This is the last time I get to do this."

The soft voice made me jump. "Are you gonna miss it?"

"Merlin yes."

"Well," I smiled slightly, turning to the beautiful guy stood next to me. "You get to come back after Christmas. And Easter."

"True. But... this vibe. The first day back is different than coming back after the holidays. Coming back after the holidays is like coming back to school. Coming back after summer is like coming back home, you know what I mean?" Al murmured.

"Yeah," I said softly. "I really do."

Suddenly I cried out as something lightly brushed my waist, making me tickle instantly.


I caught sight of the messy brown mop of hair that was so high up it could only be Dan, and ran towards him.

"What are doing?" he laughed as I ran at him. I hugged him quickly, before jumping behind him.

"Hey, Dan! How are you? Exited? Where's your mum? She said bye to you yet?" I breathed quickly.

"Em, what are you doing?" he repeated, glancing over his shoulder at me, his eyebrow raised.

"Scorp's trying to kill me!" I said in my most innocent voice. Lucky for me, my voice is pretty innocent.

"Did you snog someone? Did you, dare I say it, talk to a non-gay male?"

"Oi, clever closet. These people go to our school. Unless you've decided you don't wanna be Clever Closet anymore, and you'd rather be, like... gay giggles, or something..."

"Who gave you smarties?" he deadpanned.

I rolled my eyes. "Hilarious. Whatever, Danny. It doesn't matter. Just let the whole school find out that you're g-"

"Giving you piano lessons? I'm not, Em. You really shouldn't eat smarties. They're no good for your brain," he improvised quickly.

"You're the one who said "Were you talking to a non-gay male,"" I did the worst Dan impression ever. "When I am talking to you right now."

He looked confused before he seemed to work out what I was talking about and colour flooded his cheeks.

I giggled. "It's alright, darlin'. No one was listening."

He sighed. I hate seeing that sad tint in his eyes.

I'm Danny's protector. Ok, so he's taller than me. A lot taller than me. He's more confident than me. He's quicker to an insult than me.

But underneath height, confidence and wit, there's pain, low self esteem, vulnerability, suffering and fear. That's something that only I am allowed to know about. Because he trusts me with it. It's my job to make it ok again, and if I can't it's my job to let him know that I'm here for him, no matter what. The big sister.

Yet at the same time, he's done the same for me. If Scorp was really mad about something, and I felt like I couldn't talk to him, I could talk to Dan. He could make it ok the way I could for him and for Scorp and the way Scorp can for me.

I hate seeing him sad. It's infectious. It makes me feel broken, destroyed, if I see him that way.

So I gave him a hug around the middle. He hugged me back immediately. No one can resist the power of my awesome midget hugs.

I released Dan and, turning round, realised that Scorp was stood back, speculating us.

"What?" I asked, cocking my head slightly. "How come you haven't attacked me?"

Scorpious is very enthusiastic about revenge. I have been pulled out of hugs backwards so that Scorp can pin me on the floor and tickle me.

He shrugged. I gave him a suspicious glance, but the train whistle blew before I could ask any questions the whistle blew to signal fifteen minutes before it left and people began to head towards the train.

"Have you said goodbye to your mum?"

"Yeah. She already left. Told me to give you this."

He kissed my cheek.

"Woah, bro, Dan just not only touched, but kissed your sister, and you didn't punch him yet."

Al was wearing a bewildered expression as he joined us.

"It's from his mum," Scorp said simply.

"That's what he says..."

"They're like brother and sister."

"That's what they say..."

"Fine," Scorp huffed, and slapped the back of Dan's head. "I refuse to punish him further without multiple cases of valid evidence. Evidence shall be classed as valid or none valid by Emerald Malfoy-"

"Don't call me that ever again or I will punch you."

"-and her desicion will therefore decide the fate of Daniel Stork."

"Don't you think her opinion would be a bit biased?"


Al and Scorp blinked at me.

Dan grinned. "That's my girl," he said lightly, kissing the top of my head.

"Right there," Al pointed accusingly.


Way to go Emmy. Shout at the guy you fancy the pants off. Then he'll want you. Obviously.

Whatever, he's being a tit.

I mean, why does he care so much anyway? What is with his need for Dan to get beaten up? Or for Scorp to beat someone up? Or for me not to have any physical contact with the male species? Git. As if it has anything to do with him.

Wow, I'm being a bitch. You see, this is what happens when you mess with someone I love. I go super phsyco midget. And then you better be scared. Al looks scared. Good. And sexy. He looks sexy too-


I sent Scorp and Al (who both looked close to shitting their pants) an innocent smile, before climbing on the train. Dan was right behind me. He walked by me as we travelled down the train looking for a compartment.

"You know I love you, right?" he said suddenly.

I sent him a smug look. "How could you not?"

"Right. Of course," he said, rolling his eyes.


"Uh huh?"

I took his hand briefly. "I love you too. More than anything. Except Scorp. And possibly Dom and Lu. They might tie with you."


"Nah. You're the best. Don't tell anyone."

He grinned. "Glad to know we're on the same page."


A/N: I don't own anything. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR REVIEWS! If you want to know who Alice and this baby are, you have to keep reading =) Please review! Thanks! xx

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