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That Gut Feeling by ravenclawprincess84
Chapter 1 : A noisy wake up call, porkey's and quiddtch.
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A little background on Bryony-Hannah: (Prenunciation-Bri-oh-nee)
She is best friends with Fred and George, her parents were killed when she was 15 and she went to live with the Weasley's becasue she didn't want to leave her friends. She dances and loves performing on her many instruments, like, flute, piano, guitar, and electric violin.


"Hannah wake up!!" I heard George say in my sleep. Only The twins called me Hannah. I groaned and rolled over so my face was buried in my pillow.
"come on Sparks this is not a drill!" I heard Fred say in a army general voice.
"why are you guys up? You're a bit early for Christmas." I said turning over
"Hannah Banana we're going to the quidditch world cup today!!!!!!" they both said.
"oh, right. Five more minutes" I said
"well Freddie, time to pull out the big gun" George said
"I agree Georgie" Fred said. I felt them grab hold of the end of my comforter.
"for the sake of our eyes you better be decent under here." Fred said
"THREE" they said at the same time as they pulled my comforter off my bed, leaving me in the cold of my tank top and shorts
"good lord it's cold!!" I said sitting up finally.
"here" George said throwing me my favorite dark blue hoodie that was the same colour as my eyes. I put in on and grabbed a pillow and chucked it at Fred
"what was that for" he said laughing and chucking it back at me.
"you woke me up at 4:30 in the bloody morning" I said picking up my beagle Jack who was still sleeping. "now, depart the premises, or say goodbye to your eyeballs" I said. They raised their hands in surrender and walked out the door. I placed Jack back in his bed and grabbed a pair of my jeans and put some eyeliner and mascara on and putting my hair in a half pony-tail. I grabbed Jack on my way out the door
I walked down all the stairs to the kitchen with Bill, Charlie, Hermione, and Ginny sitting at the kitchen table waiting for breakfast.
"morning Mr and Mrs Weasley" I said
"morning Bryony, sleep well?" Mr Weasley asked
"well, the two monkeys woke me up rather loudly, but otherwise, yes" I said sitting down next to Hermione. "by the way. Where are those monkeys?" I asked
"they went up to their room a few minutes ago." Bill said
"Harry and Ron better get up or we'll leave without them." Mrs Weasley said. I excused myself from the table to go find the boys when I ran into Percy.
"ugh, do you have to take that thing wherever you go?" he said in disgust. He never really liked Jack.
"he has a name you know!" I said walking past him and up to Fred and George's room. They both loved Jack.
"for the sake of my eyes I hope you're decent" I said quoting them and opening the door. I put Jack down on the floor and he ran over to Fred's bed and climbed on. I didn't notice that George was sitting on his bed with just a pair of orange jeans on.
"hey! I asked if you were decent!" I said
"knowing you since we've been 3, this is decent for you" he said
"true, very true. Where's Fred?" 
"he's putting a little special something in Percy's room."
"be-utiful" I said.

After breakfast when we all said our goodbyes and I handed Jack over to Mrs Weasley, we made our way to the portkey to meet the Diggory's.

When we got up the hill, I saw an old boot. I suspected that to be our portkey.
"come on, everyone grab on" Mr Diggory said. Everyone took hold of the boot except Harry.
"1,2- !" Mr Diggory shouted.
"Harry!" Mr Weasley shouted
"3!!" Mr Diggory said We spun around in the air until Mr Weasley shouted 'Let Go!' I thought he was crazy but I did anyway. I screamed the whole way down. I landed on my back beside George and I began to laugh. George held out his hand and I took it and he helped me up. I looked over the hill at all the tents and people. There must've been thousands.
"well kids, welcome to the Quidditch World Cup." Arthur said. 

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