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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 25 : The Idea
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The next week and a half was tough for Melora, but she somehow made it through to Friday, when, after classes, she and Sirius traveled to St. Mungo’s for her checkup.

Healer Jacoby was just as bubbly as always, but Melora could tell she was walking on eggshells the entire appointment. Jacoby cheerfully announced the baby was in perfect health, as was Melora, but she rarely made eye contact and avoided any talk of the Wrights. It wasn’t until the very end that the healer finally brought up the question that had been on both Melora and Sirius’s mind for the past two weeks.

“So have you made any decisions about the baby since the Wrights,” Healer Jacoby paused as she considered her words, “Since the Wright’s passing?”

Melora shrugged, trying to keep her tears at bay. Lately it seemed she was turning into a human faucet. “We’d still like to find a couple to adopt,” she said softly.

Jacoby nodded. “Well we haven’t had any new couples come in since the Wrights. But you still have the folders of the other couples on the waiting list, right?”

“Yes, but,” Melora bit her lip, “None of those couples are exactly what we’re…looking for.”

Healer Jacoby sighed. “I know. The difficulty in adoption is that it isn’t as common in the Wizarding World as in the muggle world. To be honest, if none of the couples available suit you, the next best option would to be to try and find an interested muggle couple.”

“We could do that?” Melora asked surprised.

“Oh yes,” the healer nodded again, “It’s rare but I had another young woman go through the process a few years ago. You’ll need to get in touch with someone at the Ministry to make sure the Statue of Secrecy remains in place, but it’s perfectly doable.”

Melora considered this and looked over at Sirius to see what he thought of this idea, but the Gryffindor stared determinedly at the bookcase behind Jacoby’s desk.

“We’ll think about it,” Melora said.

“Do,” Jacoby smiled, “But give those other folders another look as well. I’ll see you in two weeks Melora.”

The journey back to Hogwarts was silent and tense. Whenever Melora attempted to engage Sirius in conversation, he brushed her off quickly. By the time they reached the castle, Melora was at her wits end.

“What’s wrong with you?” she huffed as they headed past the Great Hall up the stairs.

“Nothing,” he insisted, “I’m fine.”

“You’re obviously not,” Melora scoffed, “You haven’t been this quiet since I told you I was pregnant and you fainted.”

“It’s just,” Sirius seemed to struggle with his words for a moment, “I can’t believe you’re actually considering it.”

“Considering what?”

“Letting muggles adopt our baby!”

Melora stopped dead on the staircase landing, taken aback by her boyfriend’s words. “I thought you didn’t believe in blood supremacy,” she said slowly.

“I don’t!” he exclaimed, “I just…if muggles adopt our baby, she’ll grow-up believing she’s a muggle and then when her Hogwarts letter comes, she’ll think she’s a muggleborn witch and—”

“And what? What’s wrong with that? Lily’s a muggleborn. My mum’s a muggleborn. Mary’s muggleborn! Beatrice’s dad is a muggle. There’s nothing wrong with that!” Melora argued.

Sirius was always preaching how wrong the pureblood ideals were and how much he despised his family for buying into them. She couldn’t believe he could say all that and then turn around and say he didn’t want their daughter to grow-up muggleborn.

“I know there’s nothing wrong with being muggleborn!” Sirius rubbed the bridge of his nose, “But how many times have you heard Lily talk about how much her and her sister don’t get along? Or Bea complain about how her and her dad have nothing to talk about? For Merlin’s sake, even you’re always telling me how awkward it is when you go to your muggle grandparents’ house for the holidays. I just don’t want that for our daughter. I want her to know who she is. I want her to not have to worry about fitting in two different worlds. To know that she belongs here, in the Wizarding world with us.”

Melora took a sharp breath as she realized what Sirius was saying. “Sirius, do you-do you want to keep the baby?”

Sirius’s face turned red and he shook his head quickly. “No, no! I just, I just think she should go to a Wizarding home, that’s all. I mean, I wouldn’t want to keep the baby unless, maybe you wanted to too?”

Melora looked away, trying to organize her thoughts. “I don’t know, I mean, I haven’t really thought about it.”

“Me neither!” Sirius exclaimed a little too loudly, “But if you wanted to,” he paused, “I might want to too.”

Melora didn’t respond, still staring at a suit of armor down the corridor.

“I should go,” Sirius said, his face still flushed, “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay,” Melora said softly. Sirius gave her a light kiss on the cheek before heading towards the Gryffindor common room. Melora remained on the landing, Sirius’s words swimming in her head.

It was true that it might not be fair to give their daughter to a muggle couple. Unless their daughter was a squib, which Melora doubted (call it a mother’s instinct) she would receive a letter to Hogwarts when she turned eleven. And it was rare to find a muggleborn witch or wizard whose relationship with someone in their family hadn’t been damaged by getting that letter.

She couldn’t knowingly put her daughter through that.

Which left two options. Go back through the magic couples, or…keep the baby.

Melora had largely been against keeping the baby to begin with because, not only was she only 18, but she had believed herself to be alone in this mess. But if Sirius was not only willing to be there, but actually wanted to, well that left Melora wondering if keeping the baby was such a bad idea after all.   

Oh Merlin, she was actually considering, wasn’t she?

It would be hard, yes, but Sirius had his own flat already so she and the baby could move in with him. And he had mentioned something about inheriting money from an uncle, so that could take care of expenses until they both got jobs. Her mother didn’t work and Melora was fairly sure the Potters were retired, so perhaps they could watch the baby when she and Sirius were working.

They could do this.

A giddiness rose up in Melora as she hurried down the corridor towards the Ravenclaw Common Room.

She wouldn’t tell anyone yet, not until she was sure, but Melora just knew.

She was keeping her baby.

A/N- A very short chapter, but I'm guessing it's a very satisfing one for many of you ;) For those of you who really want this story to be as close to canon as possible, I'm hoping you'll stick around. There's still a lot more to come for Sirius and Melora.

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