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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 9 : Chapter Nine
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 “There you are! Where did you two run off to?” Lucy asks as we cautiously (seriously these shoes are going to kill me) walk down the stairs towards the great hall.



“I had to go to the loo.” I lie quickly, at the exact time Andi says, “I forgot my purse in the dorm.”



Don’t ask me why I didn’t just say we stopped to talk for a second. I guess it just seemed like that was a personal moment I didn’t want to share with anyone else. Apparently Andi feels the same way.



“So which is it?” Lysander asks grumpily.



Oh yes, I forgot to mention the latest topic of mine and Lysander’s fights. Andi and I are getting too close. I shit you not, we seriously fought about this. As if I am not allowed to make new friends. Ever since Andi came along I haven’t been quite as dedicated to Lysander. These are his words not mine.



“Both are true actually.” Andi replies calmly, “What’s got your wand in a knot Lysander?”



“Yeah mate, let them take all the time they want. It definitely paid off, you ladies are looking lovely.” Frank says smiling at Andi.



Andi blushes and the rest of us girls laugh. Frank is such a kiss ass. Most girls call it charming. Us Wotters call it ass kissing.



I notice that all the guys have outfits that match us girls. Somebody put a lot of thought into this. I might add that they also put a lot more fabric on the guy’s costumes. No surprise there.



I’m thrilled that everyone was able to find a date. Although I was a little worried about Lily’s motives to bring Holden, I’ve got to admit they look adorable together. This fact didn’t go unnoticed by Stephanie and Lorcan, who seem to be scowling at the happy couple. Funny how things work out.



“Well we better get out of here quick before a teacher comes by and asks what eight students and two prefects are doing in the great hall in the middle of the night,” Lysander remarks. I love how he set himself and Lucy apart from the rest of us. As if being a prefect makes them any less of a student.



“Yeah good idea Lysander, we wouldn’t want to get a detention to ruin our squeaky clean records or anything,” I joke.



“To true Roxy, my parents would fly me straight home if they heard I was doing any rule breaking.” Andi says.



“Yes we better hurry! Professor Longbottom will most likely expel me if I am caught out after curfew,” Frank joins in.



“You think you guys have it bad, my grandfather would roll over in his grave if he heard about me sneaking off to a party. Rule breaking is absolutely forbidden in the Potter household!” Lily exclaims making us all laugh.



“Oi! Shut it and let’s get out of here. You all might be fine with living in detention but I have much better things to do in my free time,” Stephanie snaps.



“Oh Stephi, do you always have to be such a kill joy. Seriously, lighten up.” Lily tells her.



Before Stephanie has any time to say something hateful back I take Lysander’s hand and lead the way to the Room of Requirement, hollering at everyone to follow us.



By the time we arrive the room is already full of students. Lucy wanted to arrive at least an hour before everyone seeing how we are throwing the party, but we were running behind because someone who will not be named thought her costume was a little over the top. 



I don’t think it matters though. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves even with our delayed entrance. I’ve got to admit, the place looks amazing. Orange and black streamers are thrown about the room in a decorative fashion, there is an extremely large dance floor in the middle of the room which actually drops confetti on the dancers, pumpkin shaped chairs are roped off in a VIP section, an open bar is in the far corner, and music is blaring from the massive speakers located all around the room. It looks to me like a muggle dance club with a Halloween theme.



“Do you want to dance?” I hear Holden ask Lily.



“I would love too.” She replies enthusiastically and takes his hand as he leads her to the dance floor.



“Well they have the right idea,” I remark after noticing our group is awkwardly silent. “Let’s dance!”



I drag Lysander to the middle of the floor and immediately my body melts to his. We move to the beat of the music in sync with each other for the first time in months. All of our little petty fights are pushed to the back of my mind as his hands find their way to my hips and he rocks back and forth against my body. Lysander and I dance together for an hour before I admit defeat and tell him I need to get a drink.



“I could use a break too,” Lysander tells me breathlessly.



We make our way over to the bar and I grab the closest bottle to me and take a long drink. I feel the liquid burn all the way down my throat and quickly realize it was firewhiskey. I have a feeling someone is going to need to help me back to my dorm room tonight.



I notice Lily, Holden, Andi, Frank, Lorcan, Stephanie, Lucy, our cousin Hugo, and a few other people sitting in a circle on the pumpkin chairs. Curious as to what they are doing I take Lysander’s hand and forge a path to where everyone is at.



“What’s going on over here without me?” I ask pretending to pout.



“There you are! We sent Zander to find you. We’re going to play truth or dare, are you in?” Lucy asks me.



“Of course,” I reply smugly and take a seat next to Andi.



Lucy waits for Zander to return and quickly casts a spell around the circle. It’s a simple spell our cousin Rose invented that doesn’t allow the people playing to lie when they choose the truth option. It is actually pretty clever because everyone knows choosing truth is the easy way out. Or at least was.



“Who wants to go first?” Stephanie asks.



 “I will!” Lily says. She is sitting on Holden’s lap and he has his arms around her waist. I take it they are getting along nicely.



 “Okay Lily, truth or dare”



“Truth..” Lily replies cautiously.



“Have you ever snogged anyone is this circle?” Stephanie asks her.



I get what she is doing. Obviously she thinks Lily will say no. It is like a subtle reminder that Stephanie has Lorcan and Lily doesn’t. Only problem is that Lily has in fact snogged someone in the circle. Actually she has done a lot more than snog, and it looks to me like Stephanie just might find that out now.



Lorcan’s body stiffens and I notice out of the corner of my eye he shakes his head at Lily, pleading with her to not say what he thinks she is about to say.



Lily looks taken aback for a split second then a wide smile plays across her face. She turns around on Holden’s lap so she is facing him, grabs his face with both hands and kisses him sweetly on his lips. Frank wolf whistles, Hugo objects loudly and everyone else stares in disbelief at Lily’s nerves.



After a few seconds Lily breaks the kiss, turns back to Stephanie and replies kindly, “Yes Stephanie, I have truthfully snogged someone in this circle.”



Lorcan looks fit to murder. Stephanie looks like she is on the verge of tears. Lily and Holden, however, look like they are on cloud nine and are now holding hands. Wonderful.



“Lorcan, truth or dare.” Lysander says breaking the tension between the two couples.



“Dare,” he replies through gritted teeth.



“I dare you to handcuff yourself you Lily for the rest of the night!” Hugo blurts out.



“What the fuck Hu?” Holden snaps at him.



I wondered what Hugo thought about his best friend taking his cousin to the party. I am going out on a limb here and guessing he is against it.



 “We’re just having fun.” Hugo replies nonchalantly handing Lorcan a set of Weasley Wizard Wheezes handcuffs.



Remind me to yell at my dad for selling those to him. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a funny dare. But considering how much tension has been building up between those two I think the night could end in murder if they are forced to stay by each other’s side all night.



Not wanting to back out of a dare, Lily and Lorcan reluctantly allow Hugo to handcuff them together. He sets the spell to break at midnight. Hopefully the party lasts that long or they are in for an awkward night together.



“Okay Hugo, truth or dare?” Lucy asks.



“Dare,” he announces proudly with a cocky smiles playing across his face.



Oh bad idea cousin. It’s common knowledge in the Weasley household that you cannot mess with one of us Weasley/Potter girls and not get retaliation ten times worse from the rest of us. Hugo really should spend more time around us.



“I dare you to spend the rest of the night wearing Lavender’s knickers, and only her knickers.” I say. Oh did I forget to mention that we are absolutely ruthless when it comes to revenge as well?



Hugo’s smile instantly fades. “You’re joking right?” he asks.



“Not at all. Now run along to the loo and change your outfit.” I tell him and motion to the bathrooms I saw earlier.



Lavender laughs and easily slides her undergarments off her body from under her skirt and tosses them to Hugo. (As much as I love my cousin, he really never has had the best luck with girlfriends. They are all a little to sleazy and a bit dim witted to say the least.) He turns a crimson shade of red and sulks off toward the loo but not before I hear him mumble something about payback.



 “Good one Roxy!” Andi giggles, “Someone do me now.”



“Gladly,” Frank mumbles causing us all to laugh and Andi to playfully wink at him.



It seems like Andi’s nerves have calmed down about being on a date with Frank. I still can’t imagine who else she likes but after tonight, I’m sure they won’t matter. Andi and Frank have been flirting up a storm all night. I did notice that she drank a few to many firewhiskies, but I’m sure that’s not the only reason she is being extra friendly.



‘Truth or dare Andi?” Lily asks.






“I dare you to tattoo somebody’s name on your body right now,” Lavender offers.



“Does anyone know the spell?” she asks mischievously.



Lucy replies that she does (that really shocked us all) and assures Andi that she hasn’t drank anything tonight (yet) so she won’t mess it up.



“Whose name am I doing?” Lucy asks Lavender since she was the one who came up with the idea.



“Umm how about Roxanne? You guys are basically attached at the hip anyways, what better way of showing off your friendship than a tattoo of her name?



“Well that isn’t much of a friendship thing if I am the only one doing it. Make Roxy do it too.” Andi pouts.



“Hey it wasn’t my dare!” I joke. I actually love the idea. I’ve wanted a tattoo since last year ever since Freddie and James got one. I asked my mum if I could have one too but she told me that as long as I lived under her roof I was not to destroy my body. I don’t see this as destroying my body though, just simply improving it.



“Roxanne truth or dare,” Lily asks me sounding slightly annoyed. She is only asking me because she knows I will pick dare. I always pick dare. I don’t like the idea of having to share my deepest secrets with everyone if I were to pick truth.



“Dare.” I say, sounding defeated.



“Well we dare you to tattoo Andi’s name on your body as well.” Lucy says laughing.



“Okay, where are we getting these things Andi?” I ask.



“How about on your wrists since you joke about holding hands so much, it will be like your little inside joke?” Frank suggests.



We both agree and allow Lucy to perform the spell on us. It didn’t hurt like I expected it too. Just a slight uncomfortable burning feeling for a few seconds. But seeing how I’ve broken all my bones in my right arm playing quidditch before, a tiny tattoo is nothing on the pain scale to me.



They look great though. Lucy was able to write our names in perfect cursive on my right wrist and Andi’s left. I did notice Lysander roll his eyes when I was showing it off to Hugo when he came back from the loo (dressed in a pair of pink lacy panties). I guess I didn’t think about how he would feel about it.



We all continue playing for several more turns, each time the dares are more ridiculous and the participants more intoxicated. Lucy has to give Zander a lap dance and then proceeds to snog the life out of him, disgusting us all. Stephanie pierces her nose (and cries like a baby). Frank goes streaking through the castle. I have to serenade Lorcan (talk about awkward). Andi admits to never have kissed anyone before. Lysander dyes his hair Weasley red. Hugo shaves his head. Lily sings karaoke to the whole party (with Lorcan still attached to her via handcuffs). Holden has to kiss Hugo (which we all laughed hysterically at). Unfortunately, Hugo ended the game after that and everyone quickly left the circle to dance and mingle with friends the rest of the night.



After a while everyone started to clear out. Lucy snuck off to Zander’s dorm room, Lysander left earlier than everyone else due to an early morning of homework tomorrow, Holden escorted his younger sisters back to their rooms (and wasn’t too happy about it), Stephanie crashed out on one of the pumpkin chairs but luckily Frank offered to carry her back to the Gryffindor common room, and surprisingly Lorcan and Lily are nowhere to be seen.



Andi and I decided to stay the night here because we both drank a little too much firewhiskey to attempt the walk back to our common room. The room morphed into a more comfortable atmosphere as the last party goers made their exits. We found ourselves in a replica of our dorm room. However, instead of having five beds, it only had one rather large bed.



We shrugged off the little mistake and climbed into bed together after changing into pajamas that the room provided for us. At four in the morning I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open so I said good night to Andi and snuggled into the blankets next to her in the bed.



Andi laced her fingers in mine and laid her head on my shoulder. For a second I thought about asking her to back off some after what happened earlier today, but I know I didn’t really want her to.



 “Good night Roxy.” She whispered. In seconds I could hear her deep breathing, letting me know she was encased in a peaceful sleep.



It might have been the firewhiskey, or maybe just my lack of sleep but I could have sworn that my new tattoo pricked the entire time I had Andi’s hand that night.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I had a hard time writting it. But let me know what you think in a review. They really make my day! :)

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