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Hidden Away by Skyler315
Chapter 2 : Leaving
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                I let out a long sigh as I strolled down the long metal corridor. The luminescent lights lit everything up as if it was daytime, and reflected off the metal covered walls and ceilings. I made my way to one of many doors in the hallway and pressed my hand directly onto it. An electric keyboard slit out, and I pressed my thumb on it and let it scan my eye. Silently the metal door slid open and I stepped inside the room. I waved my hand and turned the lights on and smiled as I was once again met with the solitude and peace my room brought me. I stepped across the foyer and jump lightly onto my king-sized bed and looked around. 


                My room was very large and exactly how I wanted it. They had restored it perfectly after the attack six months ago, and it once again felt like home. To the right of my door, was my little sitting area with a large leather couch, a soft comfy chair, and my personal favorite, a bubble chair that hung from the ceiling. I also had a couple bean bags in the corner for the boys when we were having a movie night in my room. In front of the couch sat a large flat screen television on a glass table. My bed was placed in the center back part of my room, and was elevated on a platform about a foot off the ground. A large fireplace was on the other side of the room directly across from my bed, and to the left of the sitting area. Although I loved my room, my favorite part of it was the wall that was on the left side of my bed. It was made completely of bullet proof glass (although that didn’t seem to faze my attackers six months ago), and gave me an amazing view of the grounds. I also still loved by bookshelf wall and my drawing wall.  Once I had returned, I had to draw new things and find new quotes to put up because everything else had been burned in the fire. My bedroom also had a very large closet and a bathroom that branched off of my room. All in all, it was good to be back. This was my last thought before I fell asleep on my bed without even turning down the comforter or changing out of my clothes.




                The next morning I was awoken bright and early by a pounding on my door. I casually waved my hand and opened the door without even turning over in my bed. I kept my eyes shut and prayed that whoever it was would simply take my lack of response as a hint to go away. But of course, that never happens around here.


“Skyler, you need to wake up. I need to talk to you.” My brother’s voice spoke behind me as he climbed onto the bed next to me. I lazily turned over and looked at him sleepily.


“Can’t it wait?” I asked almost pleadingly. “I haven’t slept for more than four hours in two weeks!”


“I know that, neither have I.” He said while playing with my hair. Suddenly a look of disgust covered his features. “Have you showered yet? You’re still covered in blood!” He said as he took out his wand. He waved it over my and made the filth on my body disappear.


“Thanks.” I told him quietly. “I was a little tired last night, and in all honesty, I kind of forgot about it. It will be nice to be able to get clean again.” I said with a smile and a small laugh. Michael gave a small chuckle too and continued to play with my hair.


“Yeah, it will. That was a tough mission, I’m just glad you’re all right. I was a little worried when you had to accomplish the actual raid by yourself, but at least you got the missile codes, eh?” He said with a raised eyebrow. “Now, come up. You need to get up and showered and then we need to talk. Up you go!” He laughed as he roughly shoved me off the bed.



I gave him an exasperated look as I sat up and blew hair out of my face.  “Hardy har har, I’m going, no need to get so vicious!” I said waving me arms about as I made my way toward the bathroom.




After I was showered and smelling nice and fruity again, I made my way back into my room to see that Michael was no longer in my room. Taking this as a hint to make my down to breakfast, I quickly grabbed a jumper that was lying on the sofa and made my way out the door and down the hallway.



I quickly made my way to the elevator and scanned my finger and my eye. Then I reached into my back pocket and drew out my identification card and swiped it through the slot. Security was top-notch here because we had more secrets here than anywhere else on earth. I assume I should probably explain where here is exactly. Here would be the Head-quarters of the Wizarding Defense of Britain. This lovely facility was home to over 500 of the world’s best secret agents, and the world’s most deadly secrets. They also had over 300 training rooms, 275 dueling rooms, and anything else a top government facility that many people didn’t even know existed could contain. Because we wanted to keep the facility as secret as possible, it was all underground, 75 stories in all. Now I know what you’re thinking, how could my glass wall have a wonderful view of the grounds around us if we were underground. The best answer would be that it is simply charmed to look like the grounds above us. I live on the 10th story underground, along with the rest of my team.  I also know that you are now wondering how it is that those people were able to attack me all those months ago. To that question I will simply give the response, we’re wondering that too.



 I was grouped with 10 other people for all my missions that I went on. I was part of the Elite team, the Wizarding Defense of Britain’s best team of agents. We had the most aggressive training schedule, we were in the best shape, we had the best resources, and we were the best. The team was made up of me, Michael who was my brother, Ashton who was my best friend, Noah who was a complete douchebag and I hated, Nick who was our computer genius, Braiden who was extremely smart, Spencer who was pretty cool, Ethan who was extremely protective, Justin who was incredibly smart as well, Parker who was a pretty great fighter, and Carter who was extremely athletic. All of them were like my brothers even though Michael was my only real one. We were just all one big family.


I was the youngest out of everybody, being 16, then Michael who was twenty as well as Ashton, but we still got along extremely well despite the age difference. Like I said before, Ashton was my best friend. Noah was incredibly immature for his age but was twenty as well, almost twenty-one. Nick was twenty seven, Braiden was thirty, Spencer was thirty one, Ethan was twenty-five, Justin was twenty-nine, Parker was thirty-seven, and Carter was thirty-nine. We were all pretty young, but they needed the people in the best shape and the people who had the best abilities to do what our jobs required of us.


Even though I was only sixteen, I was one of the best people on our team. I was born to fight. From the time I was one year old, they had me doing things to get into shape and to start with all the training required of an agent. By the time I was five, I was being taught magic and since we couldn’t find a wand that would work for me, I started to do wandless magic. Since then, I had never had a day off of training except for when we were on missions. Because of this, I was in amazing shape, and really toned. 


I got off of the elevator that had brought me down to the 26th level, and walked into the cafeteria area. At a table in the corner I spotted Michael and Ashton in a very deep conversation. Since neither of them, like me, didn’t really like serious conversations, I knew something had to be wrong right away. I quickly grabbed an apple and a yogurt granola cup and made my way over to them. As I neared, they both stopped talking and looked at my grimly.


“So…” I started awkwardly, staring into their solemn faces.


“Skyler,” Michael started out as he grabbed my hand. “There have been some complications. We are going to need to make some security changes and take some drastic measures. There have been a lot of direct threats toward you specifically, and we need to get you out of here before they find you. You need to lie low for a while, not go on any missions until things have cooled down a bit.” Michael said slowly and carefully, looking like he was really trying to carefully choose words.


“That’s fine. It’s not the first time it’s happened. Why are you two looking so freaked out about my reaction?” I questioned them with a raised eyebrow.


They quickly shared a glance before looking back at me.


“Well…the thing is, this is a little more serious than all those other times. You aren’t safe here. This isn’t just for a week or two; this is going to be a very long time, possibly permanently.” My eyes grew extremely wide as he was speaking. “We are deciding to send you to Hogwarts. You are going to complete sixth year there, as well as your seventh, and see if there is another career path you would enjoy taking…”


I gave him an incredulous look. “You have got to be kidding me! You can’t just take me away from my life!” I practically screamed at him. A pained look crosses over both Michael and Ashton’s faces.


“I really am sorry, Sky. But we’ve already packed everything up for you and you will be leaving today. You have already missed two weeks of school there.” Michael said with a pained expression before he let out a long sigh and started to leave the table. I turned all my attention to Ashton. He couldn’t meet my gaze, and I knew he felt incredibly guilty for not telling me about this before. Seeing him looking so defeated, my willpower to argue quickly deflated.


“There’s no way to get out of this, is there?” I asked quietly, already knowing and dreading what the answer would be.


“No, although I really wish there was.” He said before standing up and pulling me into a tight hug. We stood there for a few minutes before I slowly let go and looked up at him through my lashes with a mischievous smirk on my face.


“Well, since I won’t be back here for a while, let us pull one last catastrophe!” I said before I started to sprint away with Ashton hot on my heels. I’ll get the snakes and the fish nets, you get the toothpaste, pantyhose, and armadillos!” I shouted back before taking off in the direction of the elevator.   




It was late that evening when everything was set for me to leave. My scheduled departure had been five hours ago, but seeing as everyone was trying to delay it, and we had to fix the ruckus that Ashton and I had caused, I seemed to be running a little late. Ashton and Michael were with me in my room as we were saying our last goodbyes.


Michael dug around in his pocket for a second before pulling out a beautiful necklace and handing it to me. It was on a delicate silver chain and it was an amazing silver phoenix pendent. It was skillfully embroidered with rubies and diamonds, and it was the most amazing and beautiful thing that I had ever seen in my life. I launched myself at Michael giving him one of my famous bear-hugs. Okay, they aren’t famous, but they are around here.


“I love it so much. Thank you!” I mumbled into his shirt. He chuckled, but I’m pretty sure he still managed to understand me somehow.


“I’ve done some extensive spellwork on it, so now it is unbreakable, and it has a lot of tracking charms on it. Each gem has a different purpose that we can talk about later, but the main ones that you need to know about are the ruby on the head, middle one on the back, and the last one on the tail. The one on the head will let us know your location at any time, the one on the back has a tiny camera in it so we can see what is going on around you when you press it, and the one on the tail allows you to communicate with any of us if you press it and say our names. You have to promise me you will never take this off no matter what you are doing. If anything ever happens to you this will be a major key in us finding you, do you understand?” Michael asked before looking me directly in the eyes.


"One last thing," he said slowly, almost hesitantly, "now this really is only for emergencies. If you do happen to get captured again, I've put some pills in it. They will kill you in 5 seconds flat, and there is no chance of revival. But please, only if it is the only resort. You got out last time, I know you can get out again." He said as he looked at me with watering eyes.  I nodded and hugged him one last time as he clasped the necklace around my neck, before hugging Ashton again.

I looked back at Michael and nodded as he motioned for me to step in front of the mirror. He began waving his wand, and before my eyes, my chocolate brown hair changed to a golden blonde and grew to midway down my back. My hazel eyes turned to a aquamarine, glittering blue color that was absolutely beautiful. My skin tone darkened a few shades so I looked perfectly tan, not the creamy white color I was before. Then, the best part, I grew two inches! Now, I know you probably don’t think that it was that much, but before I was 5’1’’, and now I am a proud 5’3’’. Still pretty short, but much better than before!  

I turned around to face both of them and took a deep breath before grabbing my trunk and taking a deep breathe. As I held the floo power in my hand and said my destination, Michael pointed his wand at me one last time, but before I could see what he had done, I was whisked away to my new life at Hogwarts. 

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