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What is love? by megthechef43
Chapter 12 : The Hole, Pt2
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Hermione wasn’t quite sure where they were. Actually she was quite she Draco, Harry or Ginny knew where they were. Somehow Draco had apparated her to this spot and Harry and Ginny arrived a few seconds later with a pop. Now Hermione watched as her three companions searched the alley way for something but she did not know what. Hermione saw all three of them start running their hands along the brick walls on either side of her. Draco was making his way back to where Hermione stood when she heard Ginny yell.



“I found it!” Hermione was didn’t like being so far out of the loop.



“Found what?” Hermione asked Draco. He didn’t answer her question but grabbed her hand to Ginny location in the alley way. They were all looking a white blob on a brick at the bottom of the wall. Hermione raised an eyebrow. She couldn’t understand what all the excitement was but then she narrowed her eyes and say it was a rabbit. A white rabbit. It seemed familiar but she could place her finger on it. Draco pushed Hermione forward.



“Newbies first. Watch your step.” Draco said. Hermione was so confused and frustrated. She wished one of them would make any sense. She stumbled to catch her balance but the floor disappeared from beneath her face and she pitched forward into the brick wall in front of her and a scream escaped her lips. She closed her eyes and prepared herself for impact but it never came she opened her eyes and realized she was still falling down. She could see the bottom but she just keep falling. She eventually got over her fear because it felt like her fall was never going to end. She was about to think her fall was never going to end when she saw a light. She fumbled to pull out her wand to slow her fall but she couldn’t get it out.



 Then she hit the marble floor but it didn’t hurt like she thought it would. She sat up to look around her when three more thuds landed around her. She looked at her fellow companions and was astonished at the changes they were going through. Harry’s body became thinner and thinner until he was no thicker than a deck of cards. Then she realized that he looked a bit like a card also and Ginny’s body was distorting in the same way. Draco grew a little taller and his clothes turned into an awful shade of purple and he a huge tattered neck cloth and to top it off his hair turned bright kinky curly red and was topped with an old time top hat that matched the color of his suit.



She wondered what she looked like when all the saddened she was slammed on to the ceiling which was actually floor as it turn out and she was previous sitting on the ceiling. Then it hit her where she had seen the white rabbit before. Draco grinned at her.



“Looks like our Alice has arrived.” Draco laughed at Hermione shocked expression as she looked at her own clothing. She was wearing a little blue dress with a white apron over it and in her peripheral vision she saw blonde hair hanging down on either side of her face.



“You ready?” Draco asked as he offered her his hand. She took it but was mentally numb for the moment. He led her to the only door in the circular room. She was shocked by the amount of noise that burst through the door when it was opened. She was surrounded by playing cards with faces. The lights were flashing in different colors and room had a smoky haze drifting over it. Everyone turned to look at her.



“EVERYONE!!! THE PARTY CAN BEGIN!!! ALICE HAS ARRIVED!!! I REPEAT, ALICE HAS ARRIVED.” An announcement came over the dance floor. Hermione felt the thunder of the crowds cheering that she was here. Draco whispered in her ear. “No one starts the party with out Alice.” She shivered at his closeness even in the tightly packed club. She was on high alert and he set her on edge. After everything that had happened tonight she was starting feel attracted to her husband.



She felt hands grab her arms and pull her to the bar. Where a shot is shoved into her hand. She had no time to think about what was happening. She heard an American rock song come on in the background.



“Your magic white rabbit


 Has left it's writing on the wall

We follow like Alice

And just keep diving down the hole”



“Alice, come and dance.” Hermione had no choice. She was being pulled. At first she tried to resist the hands that pushed her along. Hermione realized that everyone was happy to see her when if it was really Alice they wanted to be with it felt good to be wanted. Hermione allowed herself to be lost in the lyrics of the rock song and started dancing with the group of people that surrounded her.



“We're falling and we're losing control 


Your pulling us and dragging us down this dead end road

We follow like Alice

And just keep diving down the hole”


The songs changed and she continued to lose herself. She danced in a way that she reserved for the solitude for her bedroom when she was younger. As she moved she felt shots being shoved into her hand and she took them. The more shot she took the more it started to burn in her blood. Her head was spinning but she didn’t care. She was letting her inhibitions fly out the window for one night and let loose and forget the past few years. She slow let her mind go back to a time that was less burdened with the troubles of the war and death.



She had been dance for over two hours and she had enjoyed every minute people were jumping up and down and chanting certain songs. She was in the middle of a long chorus being sung when she felt a hand slide around waist as she was pulled close to a man. She continued to dance with the other person. Whoever it was dancing with her was a great dancer. He grabbed her hand and twirled her around to face him and she was shocked to see the face of the mad hatter. Her shock wore off pretty quickly and she found herself more comfortable dancing with the stanger after she knew his identity. She let herself go a step farther and let everything go and kissed him. She felt his hands cup both sides for her face and then he pulled away. She noted the brief flicker of confusion in his eyes and he almost said something when she pulled away. Her feet lead her to the bar as she pushed through the pressing crowd. She could hear him yelling after her as she walked away. She wished the music would drown the sound. She wished she hadn’t kissed him. She knew she had crossed that thin line that had appeared over the past three months. They had kissed a few months back and it had been once and it hadn’t happened again until this moment. Damn it! She thought to herself.



Hermione finally reached the bar and ordered a shot. As she waited on the bartender she finally got a good look at her surroundings. This hazy smoke was clearly magical as it changed colors by fading in and out. Her eyes traveled to the raised booths that surrounded the dance floor. The round couches look terribly comfortable and varied in otherworldly colors. In the middle of all the couches sat a small table with a hookah pipe in between all of them. That explained where all of the smoke came from. She heard a thump behind signaling the bartender was back. She turned to face a turquoise and gray cat smiling at her. She saw that he was standing over her shot. Damn! She smiled at the cat and reached for her drink when he moved his paw and cut off her access. Before her the strips began to unwind from the body of the cat and revealed a very handsome man in its wake.



“It’s not good to drink alone. Especially since you are Alice.” The cat man told her in an overly confident voice that reminded her of someone else. His hand reached out and stroked her blonde hair. “You are truly too beautiful to be drinking alone.” He smiled at her. Her head buzzed and she almost giggled like a school girl but was able to stop herself and parried.



“Then drink with me.” She challenged. Her eyes travelled over his blond spiky locks and light blue eyes.



“Very well, As you wish.” He picked up two shot glasses and tilted his towards her in a toast before tossing it back and she followed his lead. “How about we take this party up there.” He pointed with a pale slim finger to an empty booth. She nodded eagerly and he grabbed her hand and lead her up the thin stair to a purple colored couch. He sat and pulled Hermione down on the couch close to him. He pointed his wand to the coals of the hookah and started the process of getting it ready. Once it was ready for smoking he pass her the long pipe. She had never used one of these but she didn’t want to look like a fool in front of this gorgeous man next to her. She inhaled deeply and started coughing violently. Cat man laughed at her and patted her on the back.



“Slow down there skipper. It will be there all night.” He told her as he raised the curved mouth piece to his lips and took a small inhale and blew out a smoke ring.



“You know.” She said in her most flirty voice. “My name isn’t Skipper.”



“”Really? Well how about Alice?” He asked as her as his arm stretched around her shoulders. She shook her head slightly. “Hmm… What is it then?”



“If I tell you that I might have to kill you.” She joked but was mentally kicking herself at the stupid line.



“Well, being in your company I might just die happy.” She rolled her eyes at his cheesy line but she had started it.



“I guess if that is the case. It’s Hermione.” She smiled. “What’s yours?”



“Well, since I’m going to die. I guess I can tell you. It’s…” But they were interrupted. Hermione jumped back like she had been shocked.



“Seth! Did she tell you her last name?” Draco stated as jealousy burned intensely in his eyes. “It’s Malfoy in case you were wondering.” Hermione didn’t understand his reaction. Sure, she should be flirting with another man in public but he semi rejected her after she kissed him. They were married but she didn’t believe that he thought of her as his.



“Malfoy? Huh? Well I guess you should know mine. Seth Black. And I guess cousins by marriage.” Hermione almost gagged at what she almost did. Draco walked around the couch and sat down next to Hermione and pulled her on to his lap.



“Seth, I see you have met my lovely wife. When did you get in to town?” Draco asked and put a possessive arm around Hermione. Hermione actually sank in to his arms. She felt she owed him one. She was ashamed of herself and the thoughts she had been think about this man. She felt horrible that she had flaunted it in front of the whole club. She hope desperately that Harry and Ginny hadn’t seen her horrible display. Luckily her save grace was the fact that she didn’t really look like herself.  She tuned out the conversation between the two gentlemen. Her stomach was starting to churn from the alcohol eating at her system. She leaned into Draco and rested her head on his shoulder.



“Will you take me home? I’m not felling so well.” She whispered to him. He turned and kissed her on the lips and even though she knew it was for theatrics she savored the contact from him.



“Of course. Seth it looks like our reunion will have to be postponed. I’m going to take her home.  Please come by for tea sometime soon.“ Draco told him but they could all tell he didn’t really mean it.  



“I will Draco.” Seth shook Draco’s hand and then grabbed Hermione’s hand and kissed the back of it. “It was nice to meet you Lady Malfoy.” She swore she heard Draco growl at the contact. He guided her to the main entrance of the club and as she stood in the marble room she let Draco Apparate them home. She asked about Harry and Ginny and Draco assured her they had already left because Ginny was tired. She felt him lift her bridal style and carrier her through the house and into their room. The last thing she remembered was Draco tucking her into the bad they shared.











A/N: So who thinks there should be punishment for Hermione’s actions in the next few chapters?? Well, I know this was a little off the wall and out of my range of comfort but I thought it would be fun and a great way to introduce.. duh, duh,duh, duuuh… Seth! The evil cousin from his mothers side. J



Please, Please, Please tell me what you think about this off the wall chapter. If anyone could tell I got my inspiration from “White Rabbit” by Egypt Central (which I do not own).



Please R&R!!! Love to all my readers!

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What is love?: The Hole, Pt2


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